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Best Kitchen Renovation Part 2 "build your own kitchen cabinets"

Published on Jun 4, 2017 158,148 views

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Ask for Haley Mitchell and tell him Craig Heffernan sent you. This video starts out with cutting 3/4" maple plywood to size using a Delta table saw with a uni-fence. I cut all the cabinet base ends to 23 9/16" wide x 34 1/2" tall. The plywood then gets a series of dados to hold the bottom shelf, back, and the two top nailers. The cabinet that i am showing get built is a 26" wide base ( B26 ) the bottom shelf along with the two top spreaders are cut to 24 5/8". This measurement is always 1 3/8" smaller than the overall cabinet width. The cabinet is assembled using glue, nails, and finish screws. The bottom shelf is placed inside the bottom dado and fastened. The two spreaders or balers are then applied along with the 1/4" maple plywood back.
I continue with the front face frame. It is made of 3/4" x 1 1/2" poplar styles and styx. The frame is held together with glue and screws. A special jig is used to guide the screws. The cabinet face frames are then painted with a white vinyl primer. They are then sprayed with two coats of green conversion varnish. A "quiver tan" glaze is then applied with a soft cloth. And finally the last coat is a clear conversion varnish with a dull rubbed effect.
And in closing the cabinet face frame is fastened into place with crews and glue.