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UFC 216: Inside the Octagon: Ferguson vs Lee

Published on Oct 2, 2017 287,147 views

Dan Hardy and John Gooden discuss the main event at UFC 216 between Tony Ferguson and Kevin Lee.

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  • MelancholyReign
    MelancholyReign 1 year ago Ferguson’s fighting style is art to me.
  • MelancholyReign
    MelancholyReign 1 year ago Rulo Turati that’s subjective my friend.
    ARCHCOMPO 1 year ago Rulo Turati lets all return here after the fight. U gonna see the levels to this game Kevin's needs more time. Tony knows this.
  • KILLER9783
    KILLER9783 1 year ago Magical . I DONT GET HOW PEOPLE DONT LIKE TONY. His fights are always awesome
  • Tupac Shakur
    Tupac Shakur 1 year ago MelancholyReign its not affective
  • Hunter Bidness
    Hunter Bidness 1 year ago His style is full of gaps, his stance is unawary, his defence is full of holes.
  • laosboy75
    laosboy75 1 year ago Rulo Turati really? Lolololol
  • Ryan Q
    Ryan Q 1 year ago Rulo Turati what happened to your predictions? Maybe you should.leave your mouth closed, cause you couldn't be more wrong
  • Nick d.
    Nick d. 1 year ago Rulo Turati hahaha he got out classed this was a total mismatch ..doesnt matter thought because the fight already happened and Kevin lost so my point is 100 percent true and yours is invalid so that's that you can't really say shit because you got proven wrong lil guy so now go watch wrestling or something because you are no longer an mma fan nor should post any comments about mma ever again ...this isn't your sport no more
  • Nick d.
    Nick d. 1 year ago Rulo Turati nope get out your not allowed here anymore
  • John Mangala
    John Mangala 1 year ago This is such high quality content. Thank you.
  • John Mangala
    John Mangala 1 year ago Mad Munchie Thank you too
  • Enraptured Goose
    Enraptured Goose 1 year ago Apart from the video's description haha
  • Late Night Smoker
    Late Night Smoker 1 year ago John Mangala too bad your face isnt
  • John Mangala
    John Mangala 1 year ago Lord of the mmahole flies Thanks bud
  • L.Z.
    L.Z. 1 year ago wtf is with this negstivity... Btw yeah its really good quality
  • John Mangala
    John Mangala 1 year ago I wish. Your comment makes me feel better. Thank you.
  • Jamrock K
    Jamrock K 1 year ago LMFAOO
  • Alex Herrera
    Alex Herrera 1 year ago Yeah man totally agree. Dan Hardy is legit.
  • Kyron James
    Kyron James 1 year ago In the famous words of floyd mayweather 'Yeeeeeaaaaaaaaaahhhhh'
  • ryan p
    ryan p 1 year ago Kyron James fuck up!
  • Ali Al Kayyali
    Ali Al Kayyali 1 year ago 50-0
  • Raza Kazama
    Raza Kazama 1 year ago Kyron James That's only one word...
  • A Sub
    A Sub 1 year ago (edited) mr troll hunter esq yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh
  • ryan p
    ryan p 1 year ago A Sub why the fuck would u edit that shit comment?
  • Brock McClain
    Brock McClain 1 year ago Ferguson is a home meal, Lee is a microwave meal!
  • The Hole in Dans Sock
    The Hole in Dans Sock 1 year ago So....... Basically. Lee is gonna use his bread and butter and try to choke out Eddie Bravos Top picked Students. Ill wait.........
  • Bobby Bush
    Bobby Bush 1 year ago The Hole In Dan Miragliottas Sock Exactly tho
  • Big chocolatemma
    Big chocolatemma 1 year ago Loooool this made me laugh so true tho
  • Fony Terguson
    Fony Terguson 8 months ago W
  • MunchthatCrunch
    MunchthatCrunch 1 year ago Wtf kind of reach is that for a 5' 9" person.
  • Matt Maynard
    Matt Maynard 1 year ago MunchthatCrunch a long one.
  • Hass Moo
    Hass Moo 1 year ago MunchthatCrunch black people genetics
  • Ray Purchase
    Ray Purchase 1 year ago It's the same height/reach difference that Jones has (8 inches) but on a smaller scale so the ratio is even more ridiculous relatively.
  • Chris Crux
    Chris Crux 1 year ago Too bad his boxing is atrocious. Dude would be a massive problem for Conor if he got his shit together in the boxing department.
  • FiRe24710
    FiRe24710 1 year ago Crux Carlo I think his boxing isn’t great because of his reach if you think about it. Long fighters are normally terrible on the inside.
  • AbsoluteMMA101
    AbsoluteMMA101 1 year ago Its called gorrilla genetics, Conor has the same thing.
  • Charles Graham
    Charles Graham 1 year ago Gotta love Dan Hardys as a analyst. Love hearing hes side. Met him in Vegas 8 years ago. And he was a really nice guy. We talked for about 5 mins.
  • Art Vandelay
    Art Vandelay 1 year ago Charles Graham suuuure buddy
  • TXG: T a c c o
    TXG: T a c c o 1 year ago KFC Warrior <---and still, the undisputed keyboard warrior on youtube..KFC "shitkid" warrior!!!!
  • Clairdup Pie
    Clairdup Pie 1 year ago One of them is definitely winning this fight.
  • Bob Biggle
    Bob Biggle 1 year ago 100%
  • Anton Oroz
    Anton Oroz 1 year ago Clairdup Pie draw, no contest, someone getting injured?
  • Eman Legends
    Eman Legends 1 year ago meow
  • Nodnarb
    Nodnarb 1 year ago Clairdup Pie good one
  • The .Guyzer
    The .Guyzer 1 year ago gee, you don't say?
  • Neurolicious
    Neurolicious 1 year ago (edited) winner is my dick
  • Roman Ayala
    Roman Ayala 1 year ago Very observant. I like your thinking.
  • Raza Kazama
    Raza Kazama 1 year ago Clairdup Pie You're very intelligent 😒
  • Dave bro
    Dave bro 1 year ago Great observation...
  • Dave bro
    Dave bro 1 year ago You lack Common sense whatever shit stain
  • TheDogod
    TheDogod 1 year ago skadoosh
  • david groves
    david groves 1 year ago love you x
  • LowkeyTv Ent.
    LowkeyTv Ent. 1 year ago Clairdup Pie if there's one thing we know for sure, it's that we don't know anything for sure
  • 8.7.8ŮŚÇH
    8.7.8ŮŚÇH 1 year ago I see U on many utube mma sites, do U jus go on em so wierdos will sexually harass u?
  • shane medlin
    shane medlin 1 year ago I should make a sock account so I could say "me luv u loong time"
  • RamenLover
    RamenLover 1 year ago Cant wait till Kelvin lose and u will cry in a corner
  • lowlowseesee
    lowlowseesee 1 year ago Mad Munchie is like fourteen ahahahah newbs
  • mrtjcombo7
    mrtjcombo7 1 year ago (edited) Clairdup Pie Really?? I thought Justin Gaethje was going to win!
  • Brock McClain
    Brock McClain 1 year ago +Mr Wong don't speak ill of McGOAT.
  • Theron Nelson
    Theron Nelson 1 year ago Ok guy
  • kam Murphy
    kam Murphy 1 year ago Mad Munchie lmao calm down ffs making yourself, out to be a ball hugger lol
  • kam Murphy
    kam Murphy 1 year ago Clairdup Pie lmao no shit Sherlock course one of them is,gona win ffs ....well unless its a draw ..bleeding clever alright
  • Shogun San
    Shogun San 1 year ago Let me smell your Booty
  • The Internet
    The Internet 1 year ago I don't want to ruin the joke for you casuals, but draws do happen.
  • kam Murphy
    kam Murphy 1 year ago ProfessorSuccesor no!! Really ffs course ,that's what was said,for sure one is,gona win ffs,but of course there can be a draw, I don't think you have,to be a mma no it all, to know it can be a draw or even a NC !?ffs
  • The Internet
    The Internet 1 year ago So if you accept and acknowledge that, the joke isn't funny. Only a person that thinks this is true would find it funny. That's the "joke", that it's true. Hahahaha so funny because one will definitely win, NO.
  • kam Murphy
    kam Murphy 1 year ago (edited) ProfessorSuccesor pol ye alright if that's the case,but you still commented to casuals that it could be a draw!? I said in my comment ,it could be a draw !? Plus I didn't find it,funny in a haha way but in a dumb fkn way
  • K D
    K D 1 year ago Great observation by a women 👏👏👏👏👏👏
  • Sean Lee
    Sean Lee 1 year ago Ferguson by TKO in the 3rd round
  • Tony Fergusonxt
    Tony Fergusonxt 2 months ago ferguson by triangle in the third round
    AWAKENING ON A PLANE 1 year ago Lol Khabib landed more takedowns in one fight, than Lee in his whole career :)
  • Drew
    Drew 1 year ago ANd Tony had been preparing to fight Khabib,a better version of Lee. Tony is more prepared than Lee, that's for sure
  • Clax MMA
    Clax MMA 1 year ago Kirill Albertovic all that means is he couldn't keep him down
  • EVO6
    EVO6 1 year ago Stipe MiGOATic lol if you watched that Trujillo match he wasn't having trouble with anything
  • Drew
    Drew 1 year ago Go away^
  • Blane Ries
    Blane Ries 1 year ago Yeah that wouldn't be a good fight for Kevin lee
  • Noisey Stooges
    Noisey Stooges 1 year ago Drew i never thought about that. You got a good point. Hope Tony fucks him. Literally.......
  • Aaron Bryant
    Aaron Bryant 1 year ago That statistic doesn't necessarily mean what you're implying. A fighter with good enough top control wouldn't need more than a couple of take downs in any given fight. Khabib may indeed be the better wrestler, but you can't determine that from one stat.
  • Ms Dainty Panda
    Ms Dainty Panda 1 year ago salmonfaky why y’all always gotta be racist? Fucking liberals.
  • john luongo
    john luongo 1 year ago EVO6 Ferguson got worked in the first round of that fight
  • Edward Rodriguez
    Edward Rodriguez 1 year ago Kirill Albertovic yeah on bums but he never finishes
  • marioslrzn
    marioslrzn 1 year ago Kirill Albertovic where’s Khabib at? Oh that’s right he couldn’t make weight, yeah let’s cheer for Khabib so he can fight every 2 years
  • MrRichard2418
    MrRichard2418 1 year ago Kirill Albertovic only takes Kevin one
  • Michael Toland
    Michael Toland 1 year ago Kirill Albertovic if he could only land weight once in awhile
  • MSM Zombie Killer
    MSM Zombie Killer 1 year ago Kirill Albertovic wtf?
  • Devin V
    Devin V 1 year ago Kirill Albertovic that just means he let the guy get up to many times
  • Robert Jacques
    Robert Jacques 1 year ago Kirill Albertovic yeah against my grandma 👵
  • Mh yh92
    Mh yh92 1 year ago (edited) lower tier fighters ? lees biggest fight is against rank 8. khabib fought dos anjos on 5 fights winning streak and 5 fights winning streak afterwards, he fought mj who was ranked 6, and pat healy who was on an 6 fight winning streak or something.
  • Mh yh92
    Mh yh92 1 year ago kevin lee has literally only fought people ranked 15+ except for one fight. he got wooped by iaquinta and koed by a bjj fighter. his resume is more padded than artemij sitenkov who tapped conor or jamey tony and karen darabedyan who beat tony. they all lost to cans difference is khabib never did. nate diaz has more losses vs people u never heard of than khabib has wins in the ufc LOL.
  • Dontdoittoyoself
    Dontdoittoyoself 1 year ago Kirill Albertovic That's because Khabib is one dimension.
  • Meat Stapler
    Meat Stapler 1 year ago Not only did he not make weight, he blatantly turned down the chance at a second shot against El Cucuy. Said something about wanting more tiramisu or some shit.
  • Dillon Young
    Dillon Young 1 year ago thts not good thing means he cant keep them down lol
  • Kirk Landau
    Kirk Landau 1 year ago +Drew No, just no. Khabib is NOT a "better version of Lee". At certain things, sure, but their styles are different and Lee is better at certain thing too. Khabib tends to get his takedowns from the clinch whereas Lee tends to time explosive single or double leg shots. Their ground game is different. Lee is a better guard passer and back taker. Khabib is better at controlling/riding the opponent for constantly relentless ground and pound. Lee's ground and pound is more powerful/vicious, though lesser in volume. The most important difference though is in the standup. Lee has evolved into a solid striker, better than Khabib. Dangerous head kicks, brutal body kicks, and solid boxing fundamentals (accentuated by his long reach and his training at Mayweather's gym).
  • Karl Marx
    Karl Marx 1 year ago Tony by 2nd round homicide
  • Art Vandelay
    Art Vandelay 1 year ago Karl Marx nice fantasy
  • ishan o.o
    ishan o.o 1 year ago Kevin Lee does have abnormally long reach lol. Its more than half of Light Heavyweight roster
  • Gerard03
    Gerard03 1 year ago (edited) you haven't met Miguel Torres. He's got the same reach as Kevin, but he's a bantamweight. Longer reach than Jon Jones, proportionally for his division
  • 12InchesUnBuffed
    12InchesUnBuffed 1 year ago well he a BBC
  • coyote starrk
    coyote starrk 4 months ago @Gerard03 how tall is he? Because that's what makes it special
  • Gerard03
    Gerard03 4 months ago 5 9 @coyote starrk
  • coyote starrk
    coyote starrk 4 months ago @Gerard03 it's the same as Kevin Lee, but the dude is lucky to be in a way lower weight class
  • Gerard03
    Gerard03 4 months ago he already retired. And he never used his reach as he might should've, he fought with Mexican style, for the most part@coyote starrk
  • clive ramsbotty
    clive ramsbotty 1 year ago love me some ferg dude is a magician
  • pinktulip
    pinktulip 1 year ago I met Dan hardy, Nice man
  • Bradley Tucker
    Bradley Tucker 1 year ago Ferguson is going to destroy Lee
  • Larry David
    Larry David 1 year ago Bradley Tucker amen.
  • Aidan
    Aidan 1 year ago (edited) Jon Gooden must love these lessons in MMA from Dan Hardy! Best seat in the house!
  • JN Woodard
    JN Woodard 1 year ago Kevin Lee is a great fighter, but he’s just not on Tony Ferguson’s level.
  • Tom Smith
    Tom Smith 1 year ago Can we just take a minute to appreciate dan hardy, and the UFC for realising the fans love and want these deep in depth breakdowns. Good job
  • Eduardo Flores
    Eduardo Flores 1 year ago I will always root for El Cucuy so I'm rooting for him in this fight. Let's make it 10 in a row and destroy McTapo next
  • Eduardo Flores
    Eduardo Flores 1 year ago Rulo Turati Lol 😂
  • Eduardo Flores
    Eduardo Flores 1 year ago Rulo Turati Lol cry me a river bitch
  • prophet D
    prophet D 1 year ago Kevin on steroids 💉💊
  • Filipe Silva
    Filipe Silva 1 year ago You dumb mate, dont talk if you have no idea..
  • Neo Gaming Channel
    Neo Gaming Channel 1 year ago These Alexa Bliss trolls are so random but make me chuckle