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Non-KPOP Fans Try KPOP Diets For A Week

Published on Mar 8, 2019 241,522 views

Korean celebrities are known to go through very severe diets through their careers in order to maintain their image. Even though some can be pretty drastic, are they all that bad?

We are not professionals, neither are we experts in the field of Kpop. Please forgive us if we get some facts wrong.

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  • Yazzline Hawkins
    Yazzline Hawkins 1 month ago Me:* reads title * *IU HAS ENTERED THE CHAT*
  • Go go Girls
    Go go Girls 3 weeks ago Haha
  • Tae Tae
    Tae Tae 3 weeks ago XD
  • Sana Life never ends
    Sana Life never ends 2 weeks ago Yazzline Hawkins ya yeet
  • NV_ Edits
    NV_ Edits 1 week ago Yazzline Hawkins - I’m trying the IU diet , it’s like 300 calories which is extreme
  • Yazzline Hawkins
    Yazzline Hawkins 1 week ago @NV_ Edits oof good luck
  • April Dayandante
    April Dayandante 1 month ago I really did the IU diet too.(before) The good news is I lost 3 kg in three days but the bad news is I stop it the next day because my stomach really hurts.😞
  • Fatima
    Fatima 4 weeks ago Did you workout in the three days??
  • Keira - Home
    Keira - Home 1 month ago KPOP fan = like Non KPOP fan = comment
  • Timothy Peng
    Timothy Peng 2 days ago I’m aware of it, not a big fan, but I won’t hate if you love it.
  • Jessica Cai
    Jessica Cai 7 hours ago Timothy Peng same
  • Night Shadow
    Night Shadow 1 hour ago they r ok.
  • Yeoh Jingsi YT
    Yeoh Jingsi YT 1 month ago Jasmine: I am a rice monster. Me : GURLLLLLLL ME TOO, I eat rice almost EVERYDAY
  • arpith setty
    arpith setty 1 month ago She is not jasmine
  • 지민의 아내
    지민의 아내 3 weeks ago arpith setty She is... whatchu talking about?
  • Sarah's Crafty corner
    Sarah's Crafty corner 3 weeks ago I can’t live without rice
  • BaNgTanie TraSH
    BaNgTanie TraSH 4 days ago I eat rice every day too lol bc I'm Chinese and it's like a Chinese culture
  • Yeoh Jingsi YT
    Yeoh Jingsi YT 4 days ago BaNgTanie TraSH Omg me too XDDD I am also Chinese
  • Cyndi Kook
    Cyndi Kook 4 days ago Ikr. Rice is the best
  • YukiCandy Koh
    YukiCandy Koh 15 hours ago Yeoh Jingsi YT I eat rice everyday
  • black bts pink sasha mk
    black bts pink sasha mk 2 months ago She does not like chicken Me : wtf.....????? Seriously 😒😱
  • PH Ang
    PH Ang 2 months ago I mean my friend is allergic to chicken
  • its. shije_
    its. shije_ 2 months ago She might be a vegetarian 😑
  • black bts pink sasha mk
    black bts pink sasha mk 2 months ago @its. shije_ 😂😂 then how can she ate meat ???🤔
  • LOLeveryDAY
    LOLeveryDAY 2 months ago I don't like chicken as well,I prefer fish and pork.
  • Lau Valencia
    Lau Valencia 1 month ago Maybe she eats beef? I think she's a red meat person
  • jiminie pabo
    jiminie pabo 1 month ago I'm vegetarian and I have not tried chicken before
  • DK12
    DK12 1 month ago Hmm i think you a fan of jisoo in blackpink chikin
  • Sarah Apriliana
    Sarah Apriliana 1 month ago I don't like chicken too 😭
  • Sara Wonka
    Sara Wonka 3 weeks ago black bts pink sasha mk chicken sucks what r u on about
  • Ratu Ain
    Ratu Ain 3 weeks ago I don’t either haha
  • You Jinxed It!
    You Jinxed It! 2 weeks ago (edited) @black bts pink sasha mk thats vegan 😒 also i love chicken but its not healthy
  • Hectiic Gaming
    Hectiic Gaming 2 weeks ago HAHAHAH i hate chicken i love beef
  • its. shije_
    its. shije_ 2 weeks ago @black bts pink sasha mk well she was force to maybe,when my friend saw me eating chicken,shes like oh nono get away or else i vomit on u
  • Babby X
    Babby X 2 weeks ago Honestly I don't really like chicken either
  • Coolms9-YT
    Coolms9-YT 2 months ago 5 YEARS LATER: They have 48 channels
  • Still Working With My Name
    Still Working With My Name 1 month ago Do they have another channels too I just found out this channel
  • Coolms9-YT
    Coolms9-YT 1 month ago Still Working With My Name there’s JianHao Tan and Notgoodgamers
  • Still Working With My Name
    Still Working With My Name 1 month ago @Coolms9-YT thnks🙃
  • love will happen when it wants.
    love will happen when it wants. 1 month ago isn’t that nct-
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    sophie suga 3 weeks ago @love will happen when it wants. i-
  • Charmaine Chin
    Charmaine Chin 1 week ago And Playtime TV
  • leʝıŋdary jungkook💫
    leʝıŋdary jungkook💫 2 months ago 0:40 WORLDWIDE HANDSOME JIN
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    Syasya123 :P 1 month ago YASSS
  • Naisha Parida
    Naisha Parida 3 weeks ago Yasss🔥🔥❣❣
  • Jeon Seojung_Multifandom
    Jeon Seojung_Multifandom 1 week ago A WILD JIN APPEARED
  • M Z
    M Z 2 months ago Sierra is really beautiful...i just cant take my eyes of her not being a creep okay (it's a compliment)
  • MayBe What
    MayBe What 2 months ago (edited) Already subscribed remember me before u get famous (: 💜( I came from jianhao tan channel 😂✨)
  • mrs.donut &apple
    mrs.donut &apple 2 months ago Same
  • Eva
    Eva 2 months ago Me too❤
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    Ryan Bear123 2 months ago Ha same !
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    emi 18 2 months ago MayBe What same
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    Clairey Beary 2 months ago same
  • hayat sayed
    hayat sayed 2 months ago me too😄
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    Bngtan Kate 2 months ago sammmee
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    Nurul Eryannie 2 months ago Same
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    dean chai 2 months ago me to
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    Pratiksha Shukla 2 months ago Me too 😹
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    Summer Morgan 2 months ago sameeeeeee i came from his post
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    Julian Lambotte 2 months ago Me tooooooo and also Ridhwans channel
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    Samyuktha KS 2 months ago MayBe What same
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    Santanu Mahapatra 2 months ago You have a channel it amazing
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    Jeon Seojung_Multifandom 2 months ago Same lol
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    Livia Adiyanto 1 month ago Sama
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    Vi Vi 1 month ago Me too
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    Ruby Manton 1 month ago Same!
  • PurpleWolf
    PurpleWolf 1 month ago MayBe What SAME I SUBBED WHEN THEY WERE IN 8K!
  • Matcha sprinkle
    Matcha sprinkle 1 month ago be happy that you didn't have to do jimin's diet
  • Tae Tae
    Tae Tae 3 weeks ago So right
  • Zidni Ali_BTS_2008
    Zidni Ali_BTS_2008 3 weeks ago Why what's Chim Chim's diet?
  • Tae Tae
    Tae Tae 3 weeks ago @Zidni Ali_BTS_2008 look dat up
  • life of lynn
    life of lynn 1 week ago Yes
  • -Rainbow-
    -Rainbow- 5 days ago Zidni Ali_BTS_2008 he mostly didn’t eat a meal most of the times and starved himself and he was critical of himself because he called himself a pig
  • Timothy Peng
    Timothy Peng 2 days ago What is his diet
  • life of lynn
    life of lynn 2 days ago @Timothy Peng at first he was so strict and didnt eat well and it turned out that heonly ate 1 meal in 10 days and he thought of himself as a pig (which he is not) but that was at the start now he is eating well
  • Tommy
    Tommy 2 months ago I think that Momo's jokbal is the best kpop diet xD
  • Cv Tc
    Cv Tc 2 months ago Lol😂
  • Saeedat A
    Saeedat A 1 month ago Yup. Keto
  • JoJo Da ARMY
    JoJo Da ARMY 4 weeks ago Jasmine:I am a rice monster Me: rAp mOnsTeR fRoM bTs
  • qawaii emily XD
    qawaii emily XD 1 month ago Liho=tea,Tea=water (she got aloe vera),Aloe vera=plant -sierra 2018
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    haha sungwoon 2 months ago I am a blink and army.. I love Bts and Blackpink also txt😇😘
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    Germs Rule 2 months ago Umm wanna one...?
  • Divine Empress
    Divine Empress 1 month ago When Jasmine said "When I go to LiHo or GongCha, I usually drink 100% sugar bubble tea because anything less than that is not bubble tea," I felt that
  • Erza Scarlet
    Erza Scarlet 4 weeks ago Divine Empress is it weird that...I’ve never had bubble tea??😂😂😂
  • Babby X
    Babby X 2 weeks ago @Erza Scarlet 😱 u need to try it!! It's literally one of the best things in the world!! Well, you don't HAVE to, but I recommend it. Lol Have a nice day
  • Babby X
    Babby X 2 weeks ago Me too
  • Erza Scarlet
    Erza Scarlet 2 weeks ago @Babby X haha, ill try it when i get a chance :D
  • Dhila Xmania First
    Dhila Xmania First 1 month ago "I dont like chicken. Its not a good meat btw" ; chicken's fans triggered lol
  • ninibear
    ninibear 3 weeks ago Dhila Xmania First jiSoO iS trIggeReD
  • Shaun Tay
    Shaun Tay 2 months ago Is it weird that I’m watching this if I’m a guy ? Sierra is so pretty tho
  • Amrizal Muhamad
    Amrizal Muhamad 2 months ago (edited) yes i agreee, shes youngest in the team tho
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    Dr Phil Sonic 2 months ago Your not alone
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    Dxmby 28 1 month ago Amrizal Muhamad apart from Vicky
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    dip Timu 2 months ago Amanda going full madam someone I don't remember the name of.
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    Captain AJ 2 months ago dip Timu Madam Soot Beng👍🏻 Dont worry i got your back
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    Sugar Kisses 2 months ago Madam soot beng
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    Real _bangtwice _moments 1 month ago Can You Guys do a reaction video to kpop. Please react to TWICE ❤, BTS, GOT7, EXO, ITZY, BLACKPINK, G-IDLE &GFRIEND. PLEASE😫🙏🙏💓
  • Jordz
    Jordz 2 months ago At the start for 2 seconds HI EVERYONE straight English accent then this weird Singapore accent came in