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The 10 Most EXPENSIVE CARTOON Disasters in Theaters (@RebelTaxi)

Published on Oct 24, 2018 547,886 views

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Topics Covered and why they flopped in theaters
Mars Needs Moms
Monkey Bone
Strange Magic
Osmosis Jones
Final Fantasy Spirits
Iron Giant
Legend of OZ Dorothy's Return
Titan AE
Cats Don't Dance
Black Cauldron

  • RebelTaxi
    RebelTaxi 8 months ago (edited) Here's a vid edited in 2 days as filler. I didn't want to do this but I had to. I have 2 Videos Delayed: Michael Jacksons Halloween Review: CBS Copy Right Claim The Adult Flinstones Remake by Seth McFarlane: Waiting for insider source to dish some more info It's edited with less audio cues from what I'm reviewing edited between my dialog. I dunno if you all prefer less of that. Feels like an earlier Pan Vid.
  • Mang Dingle
    Mang Dingle 1 month ago RebelTaxi You’re not even going to mention the fact that renowned critic, Ben Mankowitz Who still works for TCM, compared watching Strange Magic To incest porn
  • Naku Chan
    Naku Chan 1 month ago You spelled 'Road to el Dorado wrong'
  • Cynical 2DD
    Cynical 2DD 2 months ago RebelTaxi it feels the same as any other video you made. It’s
  • Eiozen Thomas
    Eiozen Thomas 4 months ago I Do like Titan AE well the coolest thing is I have the Cd Soundtrack
  • Yese 30
    Yese 30 6 months ago Umm...animat copied you
  • Carmine Crincoli
    Carmine Crincoli 6 months ago RebelTaxi Hello? Maybe you can do future videos like one about bad animated movies that bombed at the box office and were pulled from theaters or a video about animated TV shows that deserve a movie in theaters like Adventure Time!
  • kwofde mlerp
    kwofde mlerp 7 months ago Oh hey a total original person on YouTube who reviews old shit and is super edgy, ooo makes me wanna slice my wrists
  • 1000 Hit Combo
    1000 Hit Combo 7 months ago I never heard anybody mention Disney's Teacher's Pet at all. I thought it was from a dream I had until i searched it up
  • Phil Crownz
    Phil Crownz 7 months ago @The Misunderstood Assassin but what he said about it make the movie not belonging on this list
  • The Misunderstood Assassin
    The Misunderstood Assassin 7 months ago @Phil Crownz He did not need to take The Iron Giant part out. The movie is good but it bombed at the box office.
  • K S
    K S 7 months ago The Mj estate is never gonna let you do that review fam. That special was hot garbage though
  • The Misunderstood Assassin
    The Misunderstood Assassin 7 months ago (edited) As long as you can get the review done, then it's all good. I remember watching Michael Jackson's Halloween with my younger brother when it first aired on CBS. We both thought that it was weird but I personally enjoyed it. 😁 EDIT (11/5/18): It wasn't good but I enjoyed it. That's probably due to the music.
  • K1naku5ana3R1ka
    K1naku5ana3R1ka 7 months ago (edited) I like the video, though the lack of detail in areas clearly shows it was a bit rushed, but take your time; no need for filler. Better the videos are delayed and come out in good condition than you rush yourself, make poor videos, and get burnt out. Quality over quantity, bub. Also, 12:48 I thought The Polar Express was pretty well respected. At least I enjoyed it.
  • Arm Ore
    Arm Ore 7 months ago RebelTaxi hey... I masturbate to those alien girls from Mars Needs Moms. They were hot. Those are birthing hips.
  • Kamen Rider Woz
    Kamen Rider Woz 7 months ago RebelTaxi Jan,j,jk,k,njmn,mmmm mhmm nj. Jkighyhfdoj frdrf
  • FabulousBlitzle
    FabulousBlitzle 7 months ago Bro this was fine. Lol
  • Christian Blanchard
    Christian Blanchard 7 months ago @ANueUtsuho I didn't say it wasn't it fit in that weird 90's trend is all
  • Christian Blanchard
    Christian Blanchard 7 months ago @Brittany Yates I love that movie...
  • ANueUtsuho
    ANueUtsuho 7 months ago @Christian Blanchard the cartoon for Zilla was pretty good though.
  • Alex Delosreyes
    Alex Delosreyes 7 months ago @MisterZygarde64 Why are you comment the same thing on every pan pizza's videos and even on slivagunner videos, do you copy and phase the whole entire thing into a another video because I felt like you have been watching too much weeb trash every day
  • Raymond Fisher III
    Raymond Fisher III 7 months ago RebelTaxi I appreciate you using the GAME OVER theme reprise from Sonic Unleashed
  • TheBWFShow
    TheBWFShow 7 months ago Still just as good as your other videos.
  • shizuwolf
    shizuwolf 7 months ago Flintstones on the rocks?
  • TheSloshieStarman
    TheSloshieStarman 7 months ago RebelTaxi FLINTSTONES??!?
  • Joey Kette
    Joey Kette 7 months ago I love The Good Dinosaur.
  • RockerMicke1
    RockerMicke1 7 months ago sorry for your situation dude hope things are going well
  • Juan Vargas
    Juan Vargas 7 months ago remember Jared from subway?
  • FearlessOtaku GameDominator99
    FearlessOtaku GameDominator99 7 months ago I await your mom? 😂
  • The Salt Merchant
    The Salt Merchant 7 months ago And we thought the live action flint stones was bad....
  • kamatari edgar
    kamatari edgar 7 months ago Classic style, yes.
  • Tiger Festivals
    Tiger Festivals 7 months ago I honestly didn't notice much of a difference between this and your usual content.
  • King Darthrog
    King Darthrog 7 months ago the fact you're making things is gr8 in of itself! don't overwork urself ur doin gr8
  • Justin Wood
    Justin Wood 7 months ago Still entertaining even as filler. Thanks man.
  • The Hydration Coordinator
    The Hydration Coordinator 7 months ago Diss the polar Express one more time and I just might punt a baby across a football field
  • Ariel fangirl Mendez
    Ariel fangirl Mendez 7 months ago @RebelTaxi I know how you feel dude
  • iXLR8GTR
    iXLR8GTR 8 months ago Michael Jackson's Halloween Review. Can't wait to see how you react to a dumpster fire of that magnitude
  • Dan Gómez
    Dan Gómez 8 months ago Still with the Pan Pizza quality that we all like!
  • Phil Crownz
    Phil Crownz 8 months ago U should have took out the iron giant part because that movie is fucking awesome
  • Curttehmurt
    Curttehmurt 8 months ago it was a solid vid don't beat yourself up
  • Hogs Anonymous
    Hogs Anonymous 8 months ago I like the audio ques but it's fine if there not there if it coasts to much of your time I'm sure the fans won't mind the important part is for u to enjoy your work
  • TheJediSonic
    TheJediSonic 8 months ago Didn't Sherlock Gnomes also bomb? Just wondering a bit about that
  • C. Who Dat
    C. Who Dat 8 months ago 14:23 LMFAOOOOO YOU LEFT THAT IN ON PURPOSE
  • TheUndeadMew
    TheUndeadMew 8 months ago love the new vid. you never disappoint
  • OG_Kush
    OG_Kush 8 months ago Thank you for getting me back into anime.
    NERDVANA 8 months ago RebelTaxi I actually love Titan A.E.
  • Stupid Firefly
    Stupid Firefly 8 months ago (edited) @RebelTaxi Ay Pan, remember Jared from Subway?
  • awsomesaucekirby
    awsomesaucekirby 8 months ago Well at least you gave us a RODE map
  • Horrible demon thing
    Horrible demon thing 8 months ago I hope to see a sequel to this one. One of my new favorite videos.
  • Cubialpha
    Cubialpha 8 months ago i thought it was still a quality video and didn't really feel like "filler" at all, you're great at what you do!
  • Cala Maria
    Cala Maria 8 months ago Pan we could have gone without a video, don’t over do it ok man
    JEEVES 8 months ago Dude, your editing is better than what I take months to put out.
  • Kate Thompson
    Kate Thompson 8 months ago My husband's grandmother, who watches almost exclusively CSI and NASCAR and is the grouchiest person you'll ever meet, once turned on Michael Jackon's Halloween and fucking LOVED it. I can't explain it at all. She was expecting CSI to be on, and watched it quietly for about 10 minuets before turning to us and asking, "Huh? What is it? This is fun." It's one of the only movies to have her seal of approval lol. I can't wait for your take on it.
  • Atrocité Phyiscale
    Atrocité Phyiscale 8 months ago Thanks, Pan, we really appreciate it.
  • TheRealBob Mayo
    TheRealBob Mayo 8 months ago RebelTaxi Btw “Mars needs moms” was so bad my parents told me i couldnt watch it because it was gory and not for children.
  • Daniel Requena
    Daniel Requena 8 months ago RebelTaxi man dealing with copyright bullshit is so annoying
  • Tommy Golding
    Tommy Golding 8 months ago Ugh. I watched Michael Jackson’s Halloween with my parents the other night. I felt like I needed a barf bag.
  • MarioBlue22
    MarioBlue22 8 months ago cbs abusing the copyright system? gasp
  • Cthuluman3
    Cthuluman3 8 months ago Even if rushed, this was a good video! Keep it up man!!
  • Brittany Yates
    Brittany Yates 8 months ago The Pagemaster 1994 based on the Book it has Patrick Stewart Whoopi goldberg Leonard Nimoy
  • Brittany Yates
    Brittany Yates 8 months ago Hopefully things will get better
  • The Masked Reviewer
    The Masked Reviewer 8 months ago That Micheal Jackson's Halloween movie is shit
  • Mitchell Alexander
    Mitchell Alexander 8 months ago Dammit Man Just move to steemit or Minds or something to dodge this copyright nonsense!
  • Christian Blanchard
    Christian Blanchard 8 months ago Why not review that weird trend from the 90's where studios took more adult movies like Men in black and that terrible Godzilla reboot to name a few and make cartoons for kids out of them? The all cgi Starship Troopers cartoon STILL gives me nightmares for how shitty the cg was...
  • Ectofriend
    Ectofriend 8 months ago Sorry about the delays dude. Thanks for getting us this though, that was cool of ya.
  • The Mr. Friday Show
    The Mr. Friday Show 8 months ago Whatevers easier for you. I just like having something to listen to while I'm at work.
  • Frog Glen
    Frog Glen 8 months ago Hey Pan. I think you should watch Waltz with Bashir. It has realistic looking characters, but it needed to be animated to properly reenact war scenes.
  • Shenyongo The Dragon Slayer
    Shenyongo The Dragon Slayer 8 months ago Funny enough, Final Fantasy Spirits Within was directed by the creator of the Final Fantasy games, Hironobu Sakaguchi.
  • Professor Badvibes
    Professor Badvibes 8 months ago >rode to el dorado come the hell on dude
  • Frog Glen
    Frog Glen 8 months ago To be fair, this is still a very interesting subject you brought up. You're informative and fun to listen to.
  • Fitoonz
    Fitoonz 8 months ago And The Rachet and clank Movie???
  • Redwolfjo3 _
    Redwolfjo3 _ 8 months ago Yadda yadda, take care of yourself, just keep at it, don't worry, etc We appreciate the updates
  • catb0mb
    catb0mb 8 months ago both videos sound interesting enough as is, and so was this so don't worry my man
  • MisterZygarde64
    MisterZygarde64 8 months ago RebelTaxi How would you feel about a Diddy Kong Racing sequel that added characters from My Hero Academia, Little Witch Academia, Kirby, The Amazing World of Gumball, *Persona 3-5,* Family Guy, Sonic, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Digimon Tamers, The Simpsons, Invader Zim, Pokemon Sun and Moon anime including Serena from X and Y, Crash Bandicoot and RWBY with Haruko from FLCL, Hat Kid, Popuko and Pipmi from Pop Team Epic, Bomberman, Doom Slayer, Beavis and Butthead also being there? Kirby gets pushed as a second Protagonist to go along with Diddy Kong. Imagine racing against Akko with Izuku, shooting a missile at Gumball, Gumball, Izuku, and Akko smoking pot with their friends, throwing an oil slick at Ren, Ryuji using a bat to knock opponents sideways, Ann using her whip to whip a nearby rival, Yusuke asking Momo if she’d be painted nude, Fregley putting his foot in his mouth to distract the other drivers so they can crash, Futaba showing everyone rule 34, Makoto dodging bombs that Bomberman planted on the race track, etc.
  • AqoursRyan
    AqoursRyan 8 months ago During the honorable mentions part, did you mean Treasure Planet instead of Treasure Island?
  • Juan44444 Gomez4444
    Juan44444 Gomez4444 8 months ago You you mean grandad
  • Otaking Mikohani
    Otaking Mikohani 8 months ago How can a video get a copyright claim before it's even released? YouTube must be more messed up than I thought
  • STG StoneTowerGames
    STG StoneTowerGames 8 months ago Pan anything from you is better than nothing we are staving for pizza here my man!!
  • Chad Hawksworth
    Chad Hawksworth 8 months ago Are you Joey Tedesco
  • rocketduck413
    rocketduck413 8 months ago I enjoyed it! I love how much research you put into your videos. I always feel like I've learned something afterwards. And you're too hard on yourself. It may not have been as stylized but it was still polished, professional, and entertaining.
  • Avery Jenson
    Avery Jenson 8 months ago I kinda like going back to the old style, but I eagerly await your upcoming vids.
  • dezukaful
    dezukaful 8 months ago Amazing that it was done in only 2 days
  • Who Dat Ninja
    Who Dat Ninja 8 months ago Hey Pan, you dont have to upload every tuesday, you can skip a week if you want! Us fans can wait.
  • Avarice
    Avarice 8 months ago The fact that a 'filler video' is this good, speaks volumes about your skill. Keep up the good work, man.
  • Derek Stronf
    Derek Stronf 8 months ago Hey, don't worry about it at all. You just relax for a bit and jam out or do whatever you want to do.
  • Shue
    Shue 8 months ago @Wilfred Cthulu what this guy said. You do you. It's still a good review, Pan. Always cheers up my mood.
  • VoltBD
    VoltBD 8 months ago I didn’t mind the not having as many audio cues it was kinda nostalgic
  • Big Fat Man
    Big Fat Man 8 months ago How much does movie advertising cost?
  • The Ghost of Yankee Jim
    The Ghost of Yankee Jim 8 months ago its ok pan
  • Yung Lean
    Yung Lean 8 months ago Bruv its good dont overwork ya self
  • Mage Rabbit
    Mage Rabbit 8 months ago Foreskin
  • YapPac
    YapPac 8 months ago CBS? Copyright claim? That's unheard of!
  • Wilfred Cthulu
    Wilfred Cthulu 8 months ago RebelTaxi It's fine, as long as you like what you're doing. The delays are ok, don't rush yourself and end up making crap.
  • Cesar L.
    Cesar L. 8 months ago Why yes i remember Jared from Subway.
  • joão vitor
    joão vitor 2 weeks ago Man i though you were making a projared joke before i see that the comment was made 7 months ago
  • tondas
    tondas 1 month ago did he cheat on his wife
  • ERROR: #290384AC
    ERROR: #290384AC 1 month ago @Chase Osborn eating them sammiches all the time!
  • Mark Mckenna
    Mark Mckenna 1 month ago As soon as I saw that I basically said "No-nononononon"
  • Victoria Escobedo
    Victoria Escobedo 2 months ago No, not Jared from subway
  • BrokeBot
    BrokeBot 7 months ago Pepperidge Farms rememberers......*shudders*
  • taglog7
    taglog7 7 months ago i remember ... the basement
  • Elizabeth Cole
    Elizabeth Cole 7 months ago The same Jared who's also a pedophile? Yes, I 'member Jared.
  • DDRhappiness17
    DDRhappiness17 7 months ago Lol the most ackward hilarious way to end on a great video
  • The Trash Den
    The Trash Den 8 months ago Seeing that at the end was like being slapped in the face
  • Captain Kefler
    Captain Kefler 8 months ago Some remember him too much
  • X-Hunter
    X-Hunter 8 months ago I was searching for a comment where someone commented about that hahaha. Shit was hella funny
  • dracocrusher
    dracocrusher 8 months ago Damnit, Subway! You made him FASTER! DEAR GOD, WHAT HAVE THEY DONE?!?!
  • Ethan Stehney
    Ethan Stehney 8 months ago Well he remembers you... you were his favorite.
  • Max the Black Leopard
    Max the Black Leopard 8 months ago @Wajima Damn that's dark
  • Wajima
    Wajima 8 months ago (edited) The only person who both got and lost their job by getting into smaller pants. Okay im not original, I stole this joke
  • EternalSecondKira
    EternalSecondKira 8 months ago (edited) I laughed out loud at that, while having a cold. This coughing fit was worth it.
  • Ezra Allen
    Ezra Allen 8 months ago Fuck just cutting the video after that question, I actually bust up laughing
  • Otaking Mikohani
    Otaking Mikohani 8 months ago I'm pretty sure Deadpool killed him
  • Verne Faulds
    Verne Faulds 8 months ago what's he up to these days?
  • Chase Osborn
    Chase Osborn 8 months ago (edited) He's still lookin good...eating those Subway sandwiches...his name is Jared and he's still lookin good.
  • Max the Black Leopard
    Max the Black Leopard 8 months ago I remember him handing me a card for twenty free meals if I didn't tell people where he hid the bodys
  • The Irate Infernape
    The Irate Infernape 8 months ago I wish I didn't tho xD
  • Henskelion
    Henskelion 7 months ago I remember in an animation history course I took, the professor told a story about how while attending the wrap-up party for the Iron Giant he was talking with Brad Bird about the movie's commercial failure, and was about to tell him a joke but shut up just as Brad's kid walked up to him. The joke went like this: "Hey Brad, they finally figured out how they're gonna stop the spread of AIDS; they're going to let Warner Bros. distribute it!"
  • dolphinz317
    dolphinz317 1 month ago There's probably some truth in there
  • Teendroid, The Angsty Robot
    Teendroid, The Angsty Robot 1 month ago The Great SteveO Grow a pair ya pansy.
  • The Great SteveO
    The Great SteveO 3 months ago That’s horrible!!!
  • Snow
    Snow 4 months ago WOOOOOOOOOW
  • Snickerblizz Animation
    Snickerblizz Animation 6 months ago Ooooooof
  • Watagachi RotMG
    Watagachi RotMG 6 months ago lmfao
  • Steel Penguin
    Steel Penguin 7 months ago Iron Giant and Cats don't Dance deserved more.
  • MysteryMii
    MysteryMii 1 week ago Blame lack of marketing. Why do I have to keep pointing out that good marketing is very important for a film to succeed?
  • Tony Shum
    Tony Shum 2 weeks ago (edited) cats don't dance, the iron giant, Atlantis the lost empire and treasure planet are all great amazing and stunning movies that deserved better
  • MrTayloreh
    MrTayloreh 3 weeks ago Fun fact: the great Gene Kelley's last credit is as a consultant for the dance sequences for Cats Don't Dance.
  • The Great SteveO
    The Great SteveO 3 months ago Iron Giant is well loved now
  • Katie Lewis
    Katie Lewis 6 months ago Thankfully, time has been very kind to them!
  • X3 Sabrina
    X3 Sabrina 7 months ago I remember crying and having nightmares when I saw the Mars Needs Moms trailer back in elementary school, it actually scared me to look at
  • specticular entertainment
    specticular entertainment 3 weeks ago i remember seeing the commercial as a kid and i actually wanted to see it but my mom didn't let me watch it.
  • SotLegend Animations
    SotLegend Animations 1 month ago Same
  • mood 24/7
    mood 24/7 3 months ago Same, I had nightmares that some aliens were gonna take my mom.
  • Lilly Malyk
    Lilly Malyk 7 months ago So, Do you remember Jared from the subway?
  • tygonmaster
    tygonmaster 3 months ago @beatrix the great with extra mayo.
  • beatrix the great
    beatrix the great 3 months ago tygonmaster gross
  • tygonmaster
    tygonmaster 3 months ago @beatrix the great He certainly gave out that footlong.
  • beatrix the great
    beatrix the great 7 months ago Lilly Malyk I have the feeling he haunts the nightmares of more than a few of his former campers
  • Nathaniel Foga
    Nathaniel Foga 8 months ago I'm must legitimately admit , it was sad to see some of these animated film bomb at the box office , considring a good portion of them are underrated classics.
  • Phantom Krieger
    Phantom Krieger 3 months ago Arthas Menethil I especially appreciated the cyber punk parts of Atlantis and the fact that American Soldiers somehow got German gas masks and helmets
  • Nathaniel Foga
    Nathaniel Foga 7 months ago @Juichi i still feel it still never deserved to loose that money , it was simply way too visually interesting , it's defiantly a film i can see growing a Cult following😄👌
  • Juichi
    Juichi 7 months ago @Nathaniel Foga It was not a good movie. Granted I only watch it once in theaters the week it opened as a teen. I'm curious what the original movie was like before the edited it for audiences.
  • LadyDominion
    LadyDominion 7 months ago Thumbelina was actually really good, it’s one of my favorite childhood movies. Apparently all I did was watch financial flops.
  • Magic Avocado
    Magic Avocado 7 months ago Nathaniel Foga ikr the iron giant was my childhood
  • OmegaVideoGameGod
    OmegaVideoGameGod 7 months ago Yeah I agree, it just goes to show that there's some stuff that nobody can truly predict unless you do some serious research. ~ Travis
  • Arthas Menethil
    Arthas Menethil 7 months ago @Nathaniel Foga I forgot about Atlantis. It wasnt a flop but it is a hidden gem.
  • Nathaniel Foga
    Nathaniel Foga 7 months ago Arthas Menethil I agree , in fact I would say both Atlantis and Treasure planet are my favorite Disney films.
  • Arthas Menethil
    Arthas Menethil 7 months ago Treasure Planet and Titan AE are two of my all time favorite animated movies and both were massive bombs
  • MrAwesomeTrex
    MrAwesomeTrex 7 months ago Titan AE was dope, and I remember really liking Cats Don't Dance - Iron Giant gpes without saying.
  • Lucikrux Apache
    Lucikrux Apache 7 months ago Mars Needs Moms isn't actually a bad movie it has a good story the only problem is the voice acing and the alien models(I mean they look like wrinkled, half dried grapes... come on). Other than that I found the movie to be very enjoyable.
  • Nathaniel Foga
    Nathaniel Foga 7 months ago @Barnabus 78 i can certainly relate
  • Barnabus 78
    Barnabus 78 7 months ago A lot of these movies are like my literal childhood. My childhood was filled with financial flops I didn't even know
  • Flame of Udûn
    Flame of Udûn 7 months ago Goosetooth he was joking...
  • Goosetooth
    Goosetooth 8 months ago StupidStarSonic also how is Mars needs moms a classic
  • Goosetooth
    Goosetooth 8 months ago StupidStarSonic the only classic? what about The Iron Giant
  • TheJarritosman
    TheJarritosman 8 months ago At least they made their money back overtime, so, happy ending for some of them?
  • weenie boi
    weenie boi 8 months ago especially iron giant. that movie is rad.
  • Mloclam Nomdnih
    Mloclam Nomdnih 8 months ago Im still salty bout Road To Elderado
  • *HellRay*
    *HellRay* 8 months ago Nathaniel Foga Meanwhile Minions make bank. Ouch
  • DustyO'Rusty
    DustyO'Rusty 8 months ago R.I.P. Delgo
  • Cristian Davis
    Cristian Davis 8 months ago (edited) @Nathaniel Foga Tge 2001 Final Fantasy movie mentioned earlier in this video
  • Nathaniel Foga
    Nathaniel Foga 8 months ago Cristian Davis what's the ff movie
  • Cristian Davis
    Cristian Davis 8 months ago (edited) @StupidStarSonic People complain about the FF movie being uncanny....but the characters in Mars Needs Moms look like homo habilis
  • darkespeon64
    darkespeon64 8 months ago not mars needs moms though at te time i was immediately turned off yet still watched it
  • Mighty Raccoon
    Mighty Raccoon 8 months ago hi again
  • Nathaniel Foga
    Nathaniel Foga 8 months ago 8Kazuja8 I say monkeybone especially never deserved to bomb , that movie was legitimately visually amazing
  • Trouble in large numbers
    Trouble in large numbers 8 months ago Even the ones that are kinda mediocre on this list didn't really deserve to be such cataclysmic failures, especially since in the case of Titan AE, Mars Needs Moms and arguably Iron Giant(I suppose Back in Action was the coup de grace, but that failure must have smarted if Warner Bros. Animation needed over 10 years to make another theatrical movie again) they took down/severely weakened entire studios/creators with them which I found either had a great track record or showed some promise. Besides, a huge box office loss also kind of implies that the movie was expensive in the first place, so even the worst of these movies are kind of hard to hate because they're not really cheap cashgrabs, like a bad sequel or mockbuster would be.
  • StupidStarSonic
    StupidStarSonic 8 months ago Friendship i wasn't being serious. Sarcasm is really hard to convey through text, isn't it?
  • Mr. Friendship
    Mr. Friendship 8 months ago @StupidStarSonic How considered Mars Needs Moms a "classic"? It's considered one of the worst movies in history. But I'm glad that movie stopped the cringe of Yellow Submarine reboot.
  • Courtney Johnson
    Courtney Johnson 8 months ago I loved Titan AE
  • Avery Jenson
    Avery Jenson 8 months ago Man I can’t believe classics like Strange Magic and Delgo never made their money back :( how saadd
  • StupidStarSonic
    StupidStarSonic 8 months ago Nathaniel Foga yeah man, mars needs moms is a classic. In fact, thats the only classic on the list
  • DuskCynderMaya
    DuskCynderMaya 7 months ago (edited) Couple of these movies were actually good movies it's sad they bombed in the box office. Titan A.E. , Cats Don't Dance, Iron Giant especially. I love them. I remember Osmosis Jones I think it would have been great if it only was animated and left out the live action stuff. Strange Magic..get that away from me and Mars Needs Mom is a sin.
  • slvrcobra1337
    slvrcobra1337 6 months ago @Michael Wolfe Nah you're right, he was a teenager named Hector I think.
  • Michael Wolfe
    Michael Wolfe 6 months ago @Collin McLaren Yes, I remember it showed in the intro Ozzy and Drix were sucked out of Bill Murray by a mosquito which then injected them into a child. I think it was a boy though, or maybe I'm just remembering wrong.
  • Collin McLaren
    Collin McLaren 6 months ago @Michael Wolfe I have some vague memories of the TV series. Pretty sure instead of Bill Murray, it was set in the body of a little girl.
  • Michael Wolfe
    Michael Wolfe 7 months ago DuskCynderMaya Try checking out the Osmosis Jones series titled "Ozzy and Drix" I think it lasted 2 seasons. I remember it being decent, but it's been so long since I saw it.
  • DuskCynderMaya
    DuskCynderMaya 7 months ago @Mileidy Class Yes.
  • Mileidy Class
    Mileidy Class 7 months ago Also get Mars Needs Moms away from me.
  • Lilmogear8803
    Lilmogear8803 7 months ago Watchmojo: Sees Pan-Pizza's video We are Watchmojo and today we are here to countdown the top ten most expensive cartoon movies
  • the gaming doggo
    the gaming doggo 4 months ago I love your profile
  • Endor 66
    Endor 66 6 months ago it makes me kind of depressed to know that some of my favorite western animated films are complete comercial flops so they are never getting a sequel/something like it. Atlantis, Treasure plantet, the road to el dorado
  • Half Moon Fox
    Half Moon Fox 1 month ago Pinkie Pie fun fact: that movie was effectively a series of pilot episodes for an animated series that was cancelled and thus the animations were mashed together into one film. A Frankenstein’s monster of a sequel sewn together with the scrapped animations of a cancelled tv show.
  • Pinkie Pie
    Pinkie Pie 1 month ago @Jaclyn Supkoff God, that sequel sucked so much ass it was like suffering through Mulan 2 all over again.
  • Jaclyn Supkoff
    Jaclyn Supkoff 5 months ago Atlantis actually got a terrible direct to video sequel.
  • Endor 66
    Endor 66 6 months ago @RebelTaxi Hope you are right I rely do but even if Treasure plantet got a sequel It would never look as good as the original. Disney made damn sure to kill off its 2d division with that one, and later with princess and the frog
  • RebelTaxi
    RebelTaxi 6 months ago If the original Tron bombed and can get a sequel 30 years later, anything can
  • Lord Bootyquake
    Lord Bootyquake 7 months ago THE IRON GIANT BOMBED????????
  • Jamarri morgan
    Jamarri morgan 1 week ago Lord Bootyquake Ik I watched that as a kid
  • WillieManga
    WillieManga 2 months ago Have you SEEN the movie? Of course it bombed! With a nuclear bomb no less.
  • Spown
    Spown 3 months ago hop hop, get in the pokeball, slowpoke
  • Larry Bundy Jr
    Larry Bundy Jr 7 months ago Watchmojo steal from you too? Welcome to the party pal :D
  • taaj howell
    taaj howell 1 month ago Don't they use polls to choose vid topics. If so is actually because of your viewers. Sad because I'm a big fan of your and you do it way better.
  • Meta Breakers
    Meta Breakers 2 months ago Yeah, I read that in Brock's voice.
  • a ness x paula shipper called sunset lover
    a ness x paula shipper called sunset lover 2 months ago @MisterZygarde64 I want to play that now.
  • SpookyRoseV
    SpookyRoseV 4 months ago Larry Bundy Jr And also AniMat apparently
  • PR Fo
    PR Fo 5 months ago lia Manila I'll take your whole stock.
  • lia Manila
    lia Manila 6 months ago @MisterZygarde64 I'll buy take 20 copies!
  • MeatySmirk
    MeatySmirk 6 months ago I dont like watchmojo but they get all their video ideas from fans, I doubt they check to see if a lot of them have been done before.
  • Yese 30
    Yese 30 6 months ago Forget watch mojo , animat Rio off his video completely look
  • N3rd Degree
    N3rd Degree 7 months ago Wait. Extreme meta idea incoming. Someone needs to make a top ten list titled "Top Ten Top Ten Lists Watch Mojo Ripped Off".
  • ZeeNasty
    ZeeNasty 7 months ago I feel like every video I watch that you're in the comments. I love you, Larry. lol
  • Orgspasm
    Orgspasm 7 months ago @Marc Carran It's not so much "stealing" as it is "seeing a popular youtuber upload something and then copying their premise to make a half-hearted, souless video that'll hopefully appear in the recommended tab for viewers of the original" but that's a bit of a mouthful. It's not illegal or anything, it's just trashy and derivative
  • Double A
    Double A 7 months ago Hello, you~!
  • Marc Carran
    Marc Carran 7 months ago As much as I hate WatchMojo, how can you say they "Stole" from you? The information is in the public domain and you have to prove thatb you were the the first one to do a video on the said subject.
  • Ed Jack
    Ed Jack 7 months ago I thought it was WatchJojo
  • Joli Wombats
    Joli Wombats 7 months ago The Moto G ads stole your bit, Larry.
  • MisterZygarde64
    MisterZygarde64 7 months ago Col Friday NO
  • Col Friday
    Col Friday 7 months ago @MisterZygarde64 Bro, summarize that please
  • MisterZygarde64
    MisterZygarde64 7 months ago How would you feel about a Diddy Kong Racing sequel that added characters from My Hero Academia, Little Witch Academia, Kirby, The Amazing World of Gumball, *Persona 5,* Family Guy, Sonic, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Digimon Tamers, The Simpsons, Invader Zim, Pokemon Sun and Moon anime including Serena from X and Y, Crash Bandicoot and RWBY with Haruko from FLCL, Hat Kid, Popuko and Pipmi from Pop Team Epic, Bomberman, Doom Slayer, Beavis and Butthead also being there? Kirby gets pushed as a second Protagonist to go along with Diddy Kong. Imagine racing against Akko with Izuku, shooting a missile at Gumball, Gumball, Izuku, and Akko smoking pot with their friends, throwing an oil slick at Ren, Ryuji using a bat to knock opponents sideways, Ann using her whip to whip a nearby rival, Yusuke asking Momo if she’d be painted nude, Fregley putting his foot in his mouth to distract the other drivers so they can crash, Futaba showing everyone rule 34, Makoto dodging bombs that Bomberman planted on the race track, etc.
  • K
    K 7 months ago No fool don't give them idea's you'll doom us all
  • Bran Brandebury
    Bran Brandebury 7 months ago I know right? Next time on matchmojo: top 10 stolen top 10 ideas from other youtube channels.
  • NERD Incorporated
    NERD Incorporated 7 months ago Top ten anime betrayals
    JJULLER 7 months ago (edited) DON'T WATCH MOJOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • House Hendoe
    House Hendoe 6 months ago (edited) I remember seeing Titan: A. E. in theaters. About a 1/3 left after the opening scene, many of those parents were vocally upset a Kids Film opened with the genocide of humanity, Earth blown up and a few of their kids were upset about that. Good thing they left before all the not so subtle adult targeted jokes, I personally liked the film and own it but I understood their beef in retrospect (Still don't agree), I was already watching Mutant Football League and Aeon Flux so I got to enjoy my slushee and animated Matt Damon. Also I think the same Animators worked on Heavy Metal 2000...
  • Connor Lee
    Connor Lee 2 months ago Nightmare Before Christmas, a movie where Santa Claus-a practical god to children-gets tortured by the Boogieman Little Shop of Horrors style: "..."-parents. Titan AE, film where Earth-just the place kids live and is not as important or beloved to them as Santa Claus-gets blown up: "REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"-parents.
  • Bob Reynolds
    Bob Reynolds 2 months ago About the only thing I remember regarding Titan A.E. is its Super Bowl ad.
  • The Great SteveO
    The Great SteveO 3 months ago Isn’t it rated pg13?!
  • · labrinthi ·
  • pmtwreckhouse
    pmtwreckhouse 7 months ago (edited) Seth Green never seems to have great luck in Hollywood. His greatest success is Robot Chicken (Which is great) but with other projects like Star Wars Detours, Austin Powers 4, the sitcom "Dads" (Which I found pretty funny) and other projects getting cancelled, it's a shame to see talent not being fully utilized.
  • Bob Reynolds
    Bob Reynolds 2 months ago Yeah. Shame he is now doing YouTube reviews as that Chris Stuckmann character.
  • Juichi
    Juichi 7 months ago Unfortunately he has a bad reputation. A big nerd (which is awesome), but from what I've heard he's a bit selfish.
  • Rage Monster
    Rage Monster 7 months ago I loved Titian AE and Iron Giant
  • The Great SteveO
    The Great SteveO 3 months ago Same
  • Imaad Shahrukh
    Imaad Shahrukh 5 months ago Same here.
  • Demarco Smith
    Demarco Smith 6 months ago Same it's crazy how much money the lost but they were such big parts of my life growing up
  • Naku Chan
    Naku Chan 1 month ago The uncanny valley was subdued.....for now. shows sonic the hedgehog movie
  • Bunker Squirrel
    Bunker Squirrel 7 months ago "Remember Jared from Subway?" >Video cuts out
  • 松枝徳行
    松枝徳行 4 months ago Not just me then
  • Zachary Tracy
    Zachary Tracy 6 months ago A perfect analogy to Mars Needs Moms.
  • Southern Invasion
    Southern Invasion 7 months ago Made me guilty belly laugh.
  • Adolpho Castro
    Adolpho Castro 7 months ago #iremeberjared 😰
  • Circle Squared
    Circle Squared 7 months ago VideosThatEndTooSoon
  • Tornado1994
    Tornado1994 7 months ago Chris Hansen: Hi, You're Jared From Subway,right? Jared: Uh...Yeah. Chris: Why Doncha have a Seat right there?
  • Iraqball Иракскийбал
    Iraqball Иракскийбал 7 months ago I actually liked polar Express I'm I the only one?
  • SpookyRoseV
    SpookyRoseV 2 months ago Iraqball Иракскийбал For me it’s mainly just nostalgia. Being a 2000’s kid is slightly rough LOL (not gatekeeping at all, just saying!)
  • Jackson Baker
    Jackson Baker 4 months ago DO you know what kind of TRAIN THIS IS
  • the gaming doggo
    the gaming doggo 4 months ago Do you want to here more bomba or sicko mode
  • Mary Moore
    Mary Moore 5 months ago I liked the film at first but it's overplayed, so I'm tired of it. I also really like A Christmas Carol. We must be like 2 of the apparent 6 people on earth that don't think mocap is that creepy (other than MNM).
  • Burt C0caine
    Burt C0caine 6 months ago I liked it as a kid but I liked a lot of garbage as a kid so idk I'll have to watch it now and see if it holds up.
  • strato
    strato 6 months ago i always loved polar express. idk how much it holds up now but i always thought it was an enjoyable film
  • boom baby
    boom baby 6 months ago I liked it quite a lot, it was pretty cheesy, but that's what I expect a christmas movie to be.
  • Jaxon B.
    Jaxon B. 6 months ago Polar express was a good film. Don't know what this guy is taking about
  • NPC: Drone Class
    NPC: Drone Class 7 months ago it was a very good film. I thought the Christmas Carol one was also pretty neat. But wow, they actually did mars needs moms??? What a twist!
  • Avery Nelson
    Avery Nelson 7 months ago I saw Monkey Bone in theaters as a child. At one point, the drawing POSSESSES Brendan Frasier. I was severely disturbed by the whole thing. Made me hate the song "Brick House" for decades.
  • Joshua Sage
    Joshua Sage 7 months ago I'm happy Cats Don't Dance made the list. The whole history is very interesting and how the movie wasn't marketed so much & was barely advertised. The whole movie's my favorite one ever for real,and how much it bombed makes me so sad despite the movie being released theatrically nationwide in over 1,250 screens. If it was heavily marketed enough it would have made loads more money that what it got back then,it isn't quite fully considered a cult classic but I think it has been for years even with the Widescreen DVD on sale now. If Cats Don't Dance gets it's Widescreen DVD sold financially well,we will officially get a complete Blu-Ray release of the film in 16:9 Widescreen-1080p HD ,all special features from the previous DVD's and maybe some new ones & everything. So yeah,It's a cult classic to me still under-appreciated but a wonderful film,plus I wanna find and check out the full video of the making of Cats Don't Dance so bad!
  • Bob Reynolds
    Bob Reynolds 2 months ago I think its run on Disney Channel helped a lot of kids discover it.