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Please Stop Talking #9 - Things With Wheels & Childhood Trauma

Published on Nov 16, 2017 28,303 views

Everything's cooler when you're going downhill

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  • Shammy
    Shammy 1 year ago Current review is in the works, I'm sorry it's taking this long. Struggling with mental health lately and it's affecting my work, current goal is to have it out by the end of the month. It'll be out in the first half of December at the latest. The script is already as long as the NitW/LiS video and I have a lot more to cover, this one will probably be around 25-30 minutes long if I had to guess. I'm still getting the hang of writing these longer videos so bear with me
  • Empty 乙液遺 f
    Empty 乙液遺 f 1 year ago Shammy my ass.
  • xapostle
    xapostle 1 year ago Shammy he said bear 🐻 lol
  • Jacob Cummins
    Jacob Cummins 1 year ago u gud b
  • Captain Ahab
    Captain Ahab 1 year ago Shammy by all means take your time. We don't want you to suffer long term effects in exchange for our amusement.
  • Mouse Trap
    Mouse Trap 1 year ago Shammy good things come to those who wait and dam are your videos quality and they are even better because there around a million times more juicy than regular videos .... wait did I said that wrong
  • Lemon Scented
    Lemon Scented 1 year ago yo take as much time as you need dude
  • McHitler
    McHitler 1 year ago That video is actually one of my favorites- the little editing gems like labeling "bullshit" as "player choice microtransactions" and your multiple reasons for continuing LiS being various drinks cracked me up.
  • Rivers
    Rivers 1 year ago Honestly take as much time as you need. Your health comes before our entertainment. Please look after yourself, looking forward to hearing your sexy voice in your next video
  • Harry Kaplan-earle
    Harry Kaplan-earle 1 year ago Its ok my dude. I fuck with your podcast.
  • Michael K
    Michael K 1 year ago I hope you get better soon! I'm looking forward for the review :D
  • Carlos Calero Flores
    Carlos Calero Flores 1 year ago (edited) I'd rather wait some months to have a quality video rather than a shitty 1-week video where you read about some game patch notes or some shit like that, take care man!
  • Nick Howard
    Nick Howard 1 year ago No worries I totally understand. I really appreciate the hard work you put into your content and believe me it shows. I hope all goes well and you start feeling better. God bless man!
  • Matt D
    Matt D 1 year ago No worries, these podcasts are awesome to listen to in the meantime. Hope ya feel better!
  • Cynic Blaze
    Cynic Blaze 1 year ago Take your time man, personal health comes first
  • OneThiccPanda
    OneThiccPanda 1 year ago No worries Shamwow. Keep up the great content.
  • Ross Sylibus
    Ross Sylibus 1 year ago Shammy make it as long as it needs to be, I love all of your videos keep up the good work!
  • Rabbi Shekelstein
    Rabbi Shekelstein 1 year ago dab on that undesirable mental state nigga
  • Andy Robison
    Andy Robison 1 year ago Relatable fam. Idk if it's just that time of your or something but u g h
  • darkrexi
    darkrexi 1 year ago Good luck! Take your time and heal
  • HerpDerp^2
    HerpDerp^2 1 year ago Take your time bby, we can wait
  • Zuskii
    Zuskii 1 year ago Fist me papa Sham Sham
  • Xalder
    Xalder 1 year ago Ey, mental health isn't the easiest shit to take care of. Keep it up man, I enjoy your stuff.
  • Globbinbobin 1
    Globbinbobin 1 1 year ago Har
  • Please Stop Talking
    Please Stop Talking 1 year ago fuck u lazy upload weekly :angry:
  • Scrunt the Internet Goblin
    Scrunt the Internet Goblin 1 year ago Eventually one of these podcasts is going to end up as evidence in a court of law.
  • Meinl Pure Alloy China
    Meinl Pure Alloy China 1 year ago Wear your heelies to hide your feelies.
  • Fidel Cashflow
    Fidel Cashflow 1 year ago Heelies make you go faster, its true, but you can't outrun the shame.
  • MetalGearLMAO
    MetalGearLMAO 1 year ago (edited) Seriously this is my favorite podcast of all time. Good job guys keep it up! Edit: Jesus Christ this episode was dark
  • basic fanboi
    basic fanboi 1 year ago Metal Gear LOL I love your profile pic
  • Brian Gasser
    Brian Gasser 1 year ago The flickering light to show who is talking is freaking brilliant and much appreciated. Idk if that was there the last podcast or not.
  • Andy Robison
    Andy Robison 1 year ago I think it's been there for all of them
  • Sh Dw
    Sh Dw 1 year ago Bring back brendaniel PLEASE
  • John
    John 1 year ago This videos title has my 2 favorite things, Nothing like things with wheels and childhood trauma.
  • Ethan Treece
    Ethan Treece 1 year ago (edited) Shammy I just wanna let you know these podcasts are fucking hilarious, keep up the good work upload more...
  • Glember
    Glember 1 year ago I was just looking for a podcast to listen, I guess you guys uploaded at the perfect time
  • lordkeyblade
    lordkeyblade 1 year ago I can't believe Shammy did his introduction right
  • Definitly Not Sam
    Definitly Not Sam 1 year ago "North of I-10 is where minorities live and south is where rich people live" no really thats exactly how it is here
  • Fabian Luis P
    Fabian Luis P 1 year ago (edited) I hate driving so much. I got my licence literally because my parents wanted me to get it. I drove 4 times over the next like 3 years, never again after. I can get anywhere I gotta get either by bike or by public transport so far. I haven't sat behind the steering wheel in like 4 years. I never warmed up to it, I always felt a looming sense of doom when commanding a vehicle.
  • T.J. Jackson
    T.J. Jackson 1 year ago I think the game david was talking about is called reader rabbit
  • ComplimentCap
    ComplimentCap 1 year ago You guys should get Pyro on the podcast.
  • PWDove
    PWDove 1 year ago haha bears
  • Yfr28
    Yfr28 1 year ago don't hit them
  • Globbinbobin 1
    Globbinbobin 1 1 year ago (edited) Bears yes
  • Typowy Laman
    Typowy Laman 1 year ago We should make a movie about david's life :D
  • Overlord Kilo
    Overlord Kilo 1 year ago "Bears yes" NO AVERY BEARS NO
  • Animorx
    Animorx 1 year ago Can u dont
  • Splotchy Ink
    Splotchy Ink 1 year ago Of course you don't like driving, you live around freaking Houston. I've had the terrible opportunity of driving there from further down south and it's 'horrible'. Also whoooo, glad to see someone else understands the weirdness that is Texas.