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Best Illusionists Around the World on Magicians Got Talent

Published on Jul 5, 2018 58,965,106 views

Watch the most amazing magicians and illusionists perform some of the best magic tricks and illusions ever seen on Magicians Got Talent. Who was the best out of the most viewed auditions?? Let us know in the comments below...


▶︎ The Sacred Riana - America's Got Talent (AGT)

▶︎ Britain's Got Talent - Darci Oake

▶︎ Israel's Got Talent - Tomer Dudai

▶︎ Arab's Got Talent - Ibrahim Skal

▶︎ and MORE...

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Magicians Got Talent brings together the very best magic and illusions worldwide talent, creating a central hub for fans of the show to keep up to date with the other sensational performances from around the world.

  • 「• Snow Winterflake •」
    「• Snow Winterflake •」 1 month ago "Do not try this at home" Me : does it at school
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    Layla Legends 3 days ago Do it in forest corney joke
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    Awalludin Kobandaha 3 weeks ago Do it at hospital
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    Hearteater WhyYouEatMyHeartAlive 1 month ago Lol
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    Alan 1 month ago 「• Snow Winterflake •」 wow you’re so bad
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    Aan Al-Viano 2 months ago Yang nonton videona dri indonesia mna nihhh😂 Like donk
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    Aditya Margonoputra 1 day ago @Ahmad Benzema mengajar kan sesat anda kepada orang orang
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    Ahmad Benzema 1 week ago Sayang perwakilan dari Indonesia kena lampu merah😁
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    Aji Pangestu 2 weeks ago Aing disini
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    Hendra trissasmika 1 month ago Hadir indonesia... Ternyata yg diluar sana gk kalah hebat dari pesulap indonesia,bahkan dikatakan bisa lebih hebat & menakjubkan setelah saya menonton vidio ini
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    Marietta Mathew 1 month ago Who else is scrolling thru the comments while watching expecting to c if anyone knows any tricks? 😅😅
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    Layla Legends 3 days ago Knows tricks is the best
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    Marietta Mathew 2 weeks ago @Амирхан Мирбеков wait wat?? 😂😂
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    Амирхан Мирбеков 2 weeks ago ЧМОШЩЩЗЗЗДЗ000000000ЗХЗЗ8ЩЗЗ
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    Roms Tech 3 weeks ago (edited) Number 1 has something in right leg that help him to get those positions
  • Keshia Chaney
    Keshia Chaney 19 hours ago Tysm/thank you so much. I was like BOI HOW CAN HE DO THE LEAN LIKE- oh thank you so much for telling me Jesus!
  • Khalil Zaky Rika
    Khalil Zaky Rika 1 week ago Using props
  • sanzae rocks
    sanzae rocks 1 week ago What about the legs
  • Da7oom aatq
    Da7oom aatq 2 weeks ago It’s like Michael Jackson’s old lean trick 🔩
  • praveen devadiga
    praveen devadiga 2 weeks ago @PizzaKamiza I think under the footware some metallic itam and particular time he use electromagnetic effect 😆
  • PizzaKamiza
    PizzaKamiza 2 weeks ago Roms Tech its just a nail in the platform where he is standing on
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    York Chen 1 month ago 4:27 you can see the man squeezing into the mezzanine of the bed
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    OpTic_HassanLy 1 month ago @Afsal Mohammed r u afsal from al manar school ?
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    Shirley Sy 1 month ago sacred riana has tourettes syndrome. she can't control shaking her head sideways
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    Atthiraala Subramanyam 2 weeks ago If the Camera men n Editors work less then we can watch the show with 100 % satisfaction. I am unable to watch certain things.
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    Top Best Talent 2 weeks ago Magician's Got Talent This is a Great Video thanks for creating this and the channel with all the amazing content you are Great...I hope my channel can reach as many people one day like your channel does every day....Keep up the awesome work you do....A+A+A+A+A+
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    Mohamed Elargawy 2 weeks ago That is Amgic sometimes appear sights Or string things appear too orgohost
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    Gezia Dirini 3 weeks ago 15: 13 Riana from Indonesia. Her show was always my favorite until then and forever
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    Sakshi Mallick 2 weeks ago Last magic wid pgn was amazing . How man how..its amazing
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    Nadin Amaliias 5 days ago Птицы были под курткой. Клетки могут раскладываться и складываться. И в конце, когда девушка появилась, скорее всего все четыре голубя погибли, потому что они были в клетке когда она сложилась. А девушка все это время находилась за клеткой, там больше пространства чем кажется.
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    PubG Albania 1 month ago these work with the devil for doing it and those things
  • Da7oom aatq
    Da7oom aatq 2 weeks ago The first guy he used Michael Jackson’s old lean trick 🔩 where there was a nail in the platform he was standing on and a grove in his shoe 👞where the nail slid into so he doesn't fall 🤫