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Journal Flip-Through: Etsy Update: Junk Journaling

Published on Jun 11, 2019 1,816 views


Ok, I am loving these JUICY & SQUISHY fabric junk journals and I hope you do too.
They will be in my shop on Friday, June 14 at 7pm central

Thank you so much for watching!

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  • Deborah Dettor
    Deborah Dettor 1 week ago I have TWO favorites!!! ❤️🤣❤️
  • Turquoise Dreaming
    Turquoise Dreaming 1 week ago These are great Gina! Thank you for sharing the journals, a look at your stash, and all of your thoughts and process. : ) Sheree
  • Tammy Minda
    Tammy Minda 1 week ago I love all style of journals and it doesn't matter if the Hard cover closes or not. Junk journals are meant to be upcycled items including Hardback books falling apart. Quilted ones sometimes droop on my bookshelf but I still love those ones too. I have met so many beautiful creators on YouTube and I adore all styles. These will sell out quick and are adorable. I still cherish the burnt orange one I got from you too. Thanks for sharing. 🙂👍
  • ArtfulYama
    ArtfulYama 1 week ago The video is SOOOOO fun to watch! I love these journals using repurposed fabrics, trim, etc, and seeing your signatures and the style! So interesting to see what papers you use from so many different sources. TFS!
  • Paper & Leather- Meredith
    Paper & Leather- Meredith 1 week ago Oooooo that dainty one!! I would LOVE to snag that gorgeous one!! All your books are so inspiring Gina!! Always a pleasure!
  • Lynn King357
    Lynn King357 1 week ago Ok, where to start. Can we talk about the amazing shelf of paper and Little Golden Books! It was very interesting to listen to you talk about what makes your paper cut for journals. Gave me something to consider when making mine. I just picked up a haul of vintage handkerchiefs so the journal you used one on totally inspired me. The VW throwback journal is too cute! OMG! Love the plaid fabric & front pocket. The 70s vibe one is groovy fantastic! The dainty one is a clever little darling! Really, they're all so adorable. I especially like the Bunny Button journal so here's to hoping you're able to finish it by Friday! And I hope you're healthy, joyful, and blessed Gina!
  • TheReBookery
    TheReBookery 1 week ago You are so kind! Thank you! What can I say...I'm obsessed with journaling. My wish is for anyone that is reasonably interested in art to experience the peace, joy, and happiness journaling has brought me. xoxo- gina
  • Juni Desiree`
    Juni Desiree` 1 week ago Wow, amazing journals and love your paper collection
  • Libby Pritchett
    Libby Pritchett 1 week ago Love all of them Gina. Good work!
  • Nineties Person
    Nineties Person 1 week ago That ugly trim is 1970s delicious - one of my favourite colour combinations.
  • Rhonda Rena
    Rhonda Rena 1 week ago I ordered a lot from you. I've never ordered from anyone. I'm so excited. Thank you so much for being a great inspiration to me! I love your work.
  • TheReBookery
    TheReBookery 1 week ago You are very welcome! I love that I have given you a little inspiration. xoxo- gina
  • debbie savage
    debbie savage 1 week ago Awesome! I hope my trigger finger can hit those ‘buy’ buttons fast enough to get one! (Or two. 😀)
  • TheReBookery
    TheReBookery 1 week ago No worries, I am already thinking about the next set of journals. I can't wait to get started on them. xoxo- gina
  • BD Walters
    BD Walters 1 week ago You are so refreshing...I see book makers constantly who use commercial papers and products, stopping during every boring flip through to describe those commercial products in detail. The journals and books are beautiful in many ways, but I can imagine the higher costs to make them, and to sell them has to be at outlandish prices. You are a soulmate for me who also uses found and rescued things to create my arts. I did buy some commercial things over the last several years, but have stopped this last year due to costs and philosophical reasons. Thanks again.
  • TheReBookery
    TheReBookery 1 week ago Your comment really means a lot to me. I was caught up in the commercial product game for far too long when I was scrapbooking. And, what I found was that I was just making recreations of other people's stuff. There was just not enough space for ME and my creativity. The cost was a factor too...just when I saved up enough to buy the latest and greatest paper - it was deemed outdated and something new came along. Art journaling and Junk journaling have changed everything about the way I create. I love the freedom and confidence I have gained because of it. My wish is for others to experience this too. Thank you for you comment. xoxo- gina
  • Heather Dreith
    Heather Dreith 1 week ago These are all so yummy! So inspiring to see how you use old calendars and wallpaper samples and other interesting paper. I've got lots of old calendars and wallpaper sample books, but I have a sneaking suspicion that what I put together wouldn't have that je ne sais quoi that yours do! And I've watched this video twice now, the second time to see how you organize your paper. One nice thing about my upcoming move is that I'll have a chance (or be forced) to reorganize my craft supplies. And even though I have to seriously downsize, I'm still going to stay glued to Etsy at 7 to see if I can get one of these goodies!
  • Susan Heien
    Susan Heien 1 week ago Beautiful journals!
  • Carol Aasen
    Carol Aasen 1 week ago I love these! Now, you need to come to my house in Minnesota and help me organize my art room!!!!😎😎❤❤❤❤❤
  • TheReBookery
    TheReBookery 1 week ago Well, you have only seen the clean part of my room. My fabric section is out of control. :) xoxo- gina
  • Elaine Brydon
    Elaine Brydon 1 week ago These are so fun! Have you ever done a denim or chambray journal? Corduroy? Seersucker?
  • TheReBookery
    TheReBookery 1 week ago Oh, I would LOVE to do a corduroy one...working on building my cord stash. Great suggestions!!! xoxo- gina
  • Jo Anne Owens
    Jo Anne Owens 1 week ago Gina, what is used to give the covers some stiffness? Did you use a stabilizer?
  • Jo Anne Owens
    Jo Anne Owens 1 week ago TheReBookery thanks so much, Gina, they look like they are fun to create in!
  • TheReBookery
    TheReBookery 1 week ago Jo Anne Owens Hello, no stabilizers, I just used upholstery and wallpaper sample pages that were mounted on paper by the manufacturer. Xoxo- Gina
  • Donna Matoi
    Donna Matoi 1 week ago I love how you explain your process of picking out your papers and fabrics. Your journals are truly a labor of love. They are just adorable and so much fun! Hoping to be able to purchase one of your journals! I enjoy watching your videos!n Thank you for sharing! ❤️
  • Grayce Kelly
    Grayce Kelly 1 week ago I love your soft and swishy journals! I almost had one last time so will see if I’m fast enough this time! I had one but my payment was denied so went to PayPal but it was Swooped up before I could finished! Etsy’s kinda weird you can’t add a credit card until you go to purchase! I had to cancel my old card because someone scammed it and my bank accounts. Had to close them too! It’s been a long road getting everything straightened out but it has kept me from spending! Not a bad thing! Lol TFS❤️
  • TheReBookery
    TheReBookery 1 week ago Oh gosh! I am so sorry to hear this! I hope everthing is all good now. If you don't get a journal this worries, I've already started on my next batch. xoxo- gina