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Smooth McGroove Remixed - Hyper Potions – Chemical Plant Zone (Sonic 2 Remix) - GameChops

Published on Dec 12, 2015 168,669 views

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Smooth McGroove Remixed is a 14 track licensed video game remix album featuring the vocals of Smooth McGroove. Ten producers collaborated to bring Smooth McGroove’s famous acapella versions of game tunes to the dance floor!
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Sonic The Hedgehog 2 gameplay provided by Cutman Plays!



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GameChops is a record label for video game music, founded by Dj CUTMAN.

We're a video game remix label focused on high quality production and mastering.

Many of our remix albums have had the video game compositions mechanically licensed by our friends at That means if you buy a GameChops song, it's legit! You are free to use any GameChops music you buy through Loudr or other stores in your videos or other content as long as you link back to our channel

You can support GameChops by buying some music and subscribing. Visit for more information and full discography


  • Hyper Potions
    Hyper Potions 3 years ago SeemsGood
  • Node
    Node 3 years ago +Hyper Potions I love the second drop. You guys are pure geniuses. Thanks for the music and make more please! c:
  • DJ Banders
    DJ Banders 3 years ago +Hyper Potions I cried listening to this. Maybe not full crying but my eyes watered up. The arrangement of the vocals on the second drop is astounding! good job guys
  • Stormie the Positive
    Stormie the Positive 2 years ago Hyper Potions You guys did an amazing job! You guys have an amazing musical talent! Keep up the amazing work! ❤️💚💜
  • Daniel Chater
    Daniel Chater 2 years ago Pretty good... Whos Hyper Potions tho? xP
  • bad muchacho b
    bad muchacho b 2 years ago people. Hyper Potions is 2 people.
  • GDtornado
    GDtornado 2 years ago lol the first drop was retarted but the 2nd one was fire🔥🔥🔥. (1st drop really needs a make over tho)
  • Jake Sauter
    Jake Sauter 2 years ago Gotta love when someone tries to call something retarded but spells retarded incorrectly.
  • Fuck Fuck Tater Skeet
    Fuck Fuck Tater Skeet 8 months ago Hmmmmm......Nah this is beyond good. This is a straight up B A N G E R
  • Liam Christensen
    Liam Christensen 5 months ago hi hyper potions
  • PKSparkxx DatHottneSS
    PKSparkxx DatHottneSS 3 years ago This got increasingly better each second. Hyper Potions makes amazing remixes. Always. <3
  • Hyper Potions
    Hyper Potions 3 years ago +Pksparkxx Dathottness thanks man!
  • Bonnie Regano AND CREW!
    Bonnie Regano AND CREW! 3 years ago yo dude!
  • 李珏琴
    李珏琴 3 years ago agree!!^^
  • Nocturnal Rabyte
    Nocturnal Rabyte 3 years ago WEll it doez help that Mistah McG is pretty great already. ;3
  • Marley Zamir
    Marley Zamir 2 years ago PKSparkxx DatHottneSS OMG I NEVER EXPECTED YOU HERE
  • Roman Fox
    Roman Fox 1 year ago Too much dubstep.
  • ImGito
    ImGito 3 years ago I felt bad when sonic did all that work to get out of the water and falls back in
  • Cutman Plays!
    Cutman Plays! 3 years ago +gito0402 that was me playing too! all too real....
  • ImGito
    ImGito 3 years ago +Cutman Plays! I feel the pain brother
  • TAHK0
    TAHK0 3 years ago Sammmmme
  • SasDaGreat
    SasDaGreat 1 year ago It's like life...
  • Jooostophe
    Jooostophe 1 year ago Life is painfull . . .
  • MaxN'Motion
    MaxN'Motion 3 years ago Badababadopbabopbopbop at the speed of sound.
  • jazzercise
    jazzercise 3 years ago +MaxSpeed same
  • Thespectator 1000
    Thespectator 1000 2 years ago BAPing around at the speed of Bap
  • Jay Doughty
    Jay Doughty 2 years ago thanks hutts :3
  • Kat Jackson
    Kat Jackson 3 years ago How bout trying your hand at Green Hill Zone?ヽ(´▽`)/
  • GameChops
    GameChops 3 years ago +Kat Jackson Dj Jo did on our previous album Spindash!
  • Kat Jackson
    Kat Jackson 3 years ago +GameChops: Video Game Remix Label Oh!! My bad! I'll definitely check that out. Thx for telling me! XD
  • PressStar
    PressStar 3 years ago You mean Green hill zone from Sonic 2?
  • Legojps & chris
    Legojps & chris 3 years ago +StarCrew Creations its emerald zone. one of my favorite songs
  • Legojps & chris
    Legojps & chris 3 years ago +legojps /Jake Schartoff emerald hill
  • Hanna B
    Hanna B 3 years ago 0:55 "JabbaJaJabbaJaJabbaJabbaJabbaJa..." lol
  • Liam Christensen
    Liam Christensen 5 months ago XD
  • Ben Briggs
    Ben Briggs 3 years ago Such a great remix; Hyper Potions did an awesome job!!!
  • Mayer Yedid
    Mayer Yedid 3 years ago i took a job would you pick up Bob. i took a job would you pick up bob ba bob baaa badaba
  • Alexis Sama
    Alexis Sama 3 years ago +Hippy Dude On the the original Smooth McGroove , they kept talking about "The pajamas, you pick'em up"? LOL
  • marsil602
    marsil602 3 years ago "use pajamas to pick up bob"
  • 8Bitkasper
    8Bitkasper 1 year ago nice copy pasta bro from original vid
  • Lando on CRACK(S)
    Lando on CRACK(S) 3 years ago 0:41 This has got to be one of the funniest things I have ever seen in a remix.... (づ◥▶ᴥ◀◤)づ
  • SARE
    SARE 3 years ago One of my favourite remixes! Kevin and Ian, awesome job guys!
  • kid666
    kid666 3 years ago gr8 remix m8 i r8 8/8
  • Mc Scraggs
    Mc Scraggs 3 years ago My heart. please stop. cant take it. This is one of the things that is going to make me miss life when I grow old and die. Then ill remember that trump ruined earth.
  • Stalaktik
    Stalaktik 2 years ago ? ? ?
  • Aaronatorr
    Aaronatorr 9 months ago Damn, that went from 0 to 100 real fast
  • J Williams
    J Williams 7 months ago Earth was already ruined
  • MikZonic
    MikZonic 3 years ago This is great! I love Smooth McGroove's Acappella Music and I love your Remixes! Awesome Work.
  • Hanna B
    Hanna B 3 years ago I have one word for you: Damn!
  • Nukatron
    Nukatron 3 years ago Overall super decent stuff! The extended high note at 0:41~ 0:54 was too jarring for me. =/ Keep up the cool work!
  • ryukahr
    ryukahr 3 years ago This remix is amazing, particularly the melodic second half. The album was hit or miss for me track wise, but this track is definitely a hit, and easily my favorite I think.
  • Tal B
    Tal B 3 years ago Sounds amazing :-) I could listen to this all day
  • PureVision HD
    PureVision HD 2 years ago Well.. We all know which drop belonged to Hyper Potions! That drop was so sick! I always loop that part about 10x before I let the song finally finish.
  • Random Trainer X.
    Random Trainer X. 3 years ago My favorite zone theme from the classic Sonic days