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Everything Hollywood Doesn’t Understand About Poverty - Reckless Disagreement (Shameless, Daredevil)

Published on Aug 30, 2017 1,841,021 views

Have you seen the Showtime's Shameless house or Daredevil's apartment? It's clear that Hollywood's millionaires' lack of understanding what poverty is has so tainted the viewing audience's brain, that we think even sort of not great living conditions are truly horrific.

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  • Chillyourbiscuits Zombie
    Chillyourbiscuits Zombie 1 year ago I hate when they say money can't buy happiness. Yes it can. Money could fix 90% of my problems. I can I health insurance, a car, I could go to therapy and get the medication I can no longer afford, I could go to the doctor when things are wrong with me, I could buy a stable house, I can afford to fill my fridge full of food instead of scrounging even mostly rice so that I won't die. My bills will be paid. I could afford the college education that I so desperately need to get a job in this market. The other 10% of my problems are problems with myself that I would actually be able to start dealing with if I don't have to constantly worry about if I'm going to be homeless in a few weeks. I don't want a Surplus of money to go out and do stupid shit I want to not stress about dying on the streets.
  • Ellie Em
    Ellie Em 2 weeks ago This is an old comment, but I hope you're doing ok
  • Brian F P
    Brian F P 2 months ago (edited) Chillyourbiscuits Zombie The burden of proof is still on you to explain why suicide is almost exclusively a luxury of the middle and upper class, a miniscule percent of suicides are people in the lowest income bracket. Obviously, having enough money to feed yourself and pay your bills is beneficial, but there are a gamut of studies demonstrating that once you achieve a certain level of income that is juuust barely more than what you need to live and save a small amount for later, any ADDITIONAL increases to your income actually statistically strongly relate to increased feelings of depression, as well as a stark increase in the likelihood of suicide...
  • Ahmad abdal
    Ahmad abdal 2 months ago lifetime supply of cocaine nuff said
  • MisterGein213
    MisterGein213 2 months ago It doesn't necessarily buy happiness, because saying that implies that the money is what makes ya happy, which ain't true. But with money, you can pay your bills and taxes, groceries, insurance, all that. Once that's covered, it's much easier to be happy. No stress about whether you're gonna be able to have water, gas, electricity, or food.
  • Ashton Michael
    Ashton Michael 3 months ago Bless you. I know exactly how this feels. 💙
  • Hunter Terrell
    Hunter Terrell 3 months ago Nah man, you can't base your happiness on any event or object or anything in the world because no matter what, nothings guaranteed. Ranting through an iPhone on YouTube isn't gonna help you, you'll find something to be miserable about no matter how much you have. Some of the most content people in this world hardly have the bare necessities, and the most dissatisfied people live in mansions. Money won't buy you happiness, you'd just be crying in a ferrari, stressing over something else. Choose contentment.
  • James
    James 3 months ago Master slave dichotomy. The poor value comfort, the rich value power and generational wealth
  • Rose K
    Rose K 3 months ago The saying should be money can only sometime to buy you happiness. Fact of the matter is most of the time it can't
  • Blood Eagle223
    Blood Eagle223 3 months ago I'd love to help you out, let me know if you need anything I might can help with.
  • Dr. Knife
    Dr. Knife 3 months ago aaronwallerj 75k a year! Bruh that’s pretty well set.
  • piiinkDeluxe
    piiinkDeluxe 3 months ago Damn, I am from Germany and if you are poor here, you usually still have an apartment, your health insurance gets covered and you also receive a small amount of money per month for your basic needs. I think for a single person it is around 750€ per month including rent, excluding health insurance. And yes, health insurance covers visits at the dentist. There are also homeless people in Germany, but not many. In my city (population ~240,000) there are ~43 homeless people.
  • LangBellsChannel
    LangBellsChannel 3 months ago Money provides relief.
  • Traumglanz
    Traumglanz 4 months ago Sorry, but leaving the shithole country you are currently in and moving to any even remotely civilized would solve all those issue without you making a single dollar extra. Well, ok, everything except the "Buying a house" part, but you certainly going to be able to afford your rent if you are willing to move. So yeah, money can't buy happiness. But being adventurous enough to move to a better place can make your life much better.
  • Fern Alderton
    Fern Alderton 4 months ago Also the little things matter, including the odd luxury which you need money for
  • Max Montagnoli
    Max Montagnoli 4 months ago Money don't buy happiness - BUT, but.. It can help you get over your problems and focus in what life should be about - feeling good, being happy with yourself. You can't meditate, find the goal of your life, IF you are trying everyday to don't die..
  • Joshua Peters
    Joshua Peters 4 months ago Your fucking stupid if you think money buys happiness
  • JT Manuel
    JT Manuel 4 months ago Money can buy happiness, you just have to know where to shop.
  • Shane Wright
    Shane Wright 5 months ago (edited) It's obviously unequal because the lazy, stupid, improvident or culturally backward individuals do nothing to help themselves level the playing field. Why should people who have worked for and/or wisely stewarded money and capital give it away to people that lack the ability to do so? Its a stupid idea that was discredited almost from the moment it was hatched.
  • Princess Rippy
    Princess Rippy 5 months ago The Distribution of Assets is obviously unequal, if it was more even the individual would not be suffering.
  • Shane Wright
    Shane Wright 5 months ago Money can't buy happiness but it does buy a better class of misery.
  • jean-louis pech
    jean-louis pech 5 months ago @aaronwallerj Sometime being rich can be source of problem, because you are trapped by the fear of loosing what you have. There is a moment where having more money don't really bring nothing important, after the moment where your essential needs are covered for you, your family, and you can get the thing that you dreamed for a long time, and you don't have to worry for tomorrow. Needing an armed guy with a dog at the enter of the house is not a sign of happiness.
  • The Yourmungandr
    The Yourmungandr 5 months ago @aaronwallerj cause i have +50% above average salary in my countrry and i ll make that much money in 5 yrs :D
  • The Yourmungandr
    The Yourmungandr 5 months ago @aaronwallerj brutto or netto?
  • Christopher Mullins
    Christopher Mullins 5 months ago Money can't buy happiness sure...that is till your living In apartments that have low living standards, roaches immune to 90% of poisons, minus cyanide or turning to crime because you have 0 college, 0 entry level exp. Or turn to soldiering, because hey f*** it, why send rich kids out to die when there are 1000's of poor to take their place. Cynical I know, but live off a bread line for a while.
  • Ashleigh G
    Ashleigh G 5 months ago You just get a whole new set of problems.
  • Pink 1983
    Pink 1983 5 months ago Chillyourbiscuits Zombie amen!
  • MRG
    MRG 5 months ago @Randy Orton's Dick Bulge first you need to earn that money
  • David Stoyanoff
    David Stoyanoff 5 months ago Money can't buy happiness but it sure makes misery a whole lot more palatable.
  • SubversiveCitizen
    SubversiveCitizen 5 months ago Agreed. While some of the most miserable people I personally know are millionaires (Vegas, go figure...) it's because they have literally more money than they need, everyone knows it, and so they are giant fish constantly watching for hooks, never resting... I myself have learned to be content on less than $300 a month, as my room and board are provided to me by my position, so I daresay I'd be ecstatic with just a bit, but not much, more. <3
  • Vhs Vcr
    Vhs Vcr 5 months ago Rich people tell poor people that so they won't try to be rich also,, leaving more money for them. It's a gaslighting method to keep poor people poor and to make you feel guilty if you some how win the lottery or something so you end up giving it away to charity or some such shit.