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* PS Sorry I said Ariana incorrectly haha, I have learned my mistake :P

  • Lindsay Adkinson
    Lindsay Adkinson 1 year ago (edited) Hope you guys enjoy my trying out Ariana Grande's diet & workout for two weeks!! Sorry to all the Ariana fans for pronouncing her name wrong! Also totally sorry for the 2 seconds of missing file LOL! Totally didnt realize, but now I know! :P I have linked her three breakfast smoothies in the description!!
  • Nataly Perez
    Nataly Perez 1 year ago Lindsay Marie I don’t see the link for her three breakfast smoothies can you please add it again
  • Mia McDermott
    Mia McDermott 1 year ago Lindsay Marie i was the first like to this!
  • Ash _46
    Ash _46 1 year ago Lindsay Marie did you have any sugar at all? Lyssm xx
  • Lindsay Adkinson
    Lindsay Adkinson 1 year ago It's there!! I added it like an hour late! Sorry!! <333
  • Annie Murphy
    Annie Murphy 1 year ago Hi Lindsay Marie! Can you do some videos about college life? and what classes are like?
  • Leticia Karissa
    Leticia Karissa 1 year ago This video was amazing! Watching your two week transformation of literally just changing some foods in your diet is motivating and just what I needed!
  • prescott Osegie
    prescott Osegie 1 year ago Lindsay Marie nice video keep up the good work 💪
  • arianator buteraluv
    arianator buteraluv 1 year ago +Daniel Peter she doesn't starve...she just eats healthy...and feels healthy..and she's more energized...and doing Ari's diets and workouts is gonna make u as healthy as Ari...not Ari
  • Leïka Migneault
    Leïka Migneault 1 year ago (edited) Seriously, I'm really into what you're saying about the images medias are giving to girls and women and I did a lot of researches on anorexia and all that stuff and I try to empower woman and girls everyday, to make them love their bodies etc.. but I don't think she shows how to BE Ariana neither she's saying that you have to be her to be beautiful or anything like that. She just has fun trying different diets and workout, that's all. She's not turning herself vegan, she just tried for 2 weeks! And she is really not starving herself; vegan is not anorexic, you can be vegan AND healthy as the same time! If she liked it it's because it felt good, not because Ariana does it. I'm sure if she didn't like that she would have say it. She's not showing how to have Ariana's body, but her life style. Her account really doesn't deserves to be deleted cause she's doing things she likes and her page is amazing.
  • Supernatural Superstar
    Supernatural Superstar 1 year ago Lindsay Marie I wonder if it would be a life hack to try a diabetic muscle toned man's diet.
  • Supernatural Superstar
    Supernatural Superstar 1 year ago Daniel Peter wow.... Not at all the subject here but umm ok?
  • Tabassco Productions
    Tabassco Productions 1 year ago You should do the IU diet than you know the struggle of stars
  • Selena Enriquez
    Selena Enriquez 1 year ago Lindsay Marie would you be able to give a sample page of what you did for those two weeks?
  • Anna Banex
    Anna Banex 1 year ago Lindsay Marie honestly I say Ariana the way u say it. Hm
  • janesian janesian
    janesian janesian 1 year ago Lindsay Marie so did u do 1 workout each day or did you do all 3 workouts each day?
  • Alessia Petrini
    Alessia Petrini 1 year ago Lindsay Marie o
  • emi emi
    emi emi 1 year ago what camera do you use ?
  • JesSicca Berryhill
    JesSicca Berryhill 1 year ago Lindsay Marie can you give me those three recipes?
  • Sanae Ahmam
    Sanae Ahmam 1 year ago Lindsay Marie omg it Looks soo Great 👍🏽 can you write me what do you ate every morning and every afternoon and in the night and when do you drink those smoothies? I want to do this diet too but I need a description and thx ❤️ if you want you can send me the link to this diet ❤️ Love you so much and I hope you will answer me back
  • Robert Horker
    Robert Horker 1 year ago First world "issues".
  • Jen번영
    Jen번영 7 months ago Lindsay Adkinson She just follow a vegan diet + lots of exercises with great motivation no doubt it gonna works. Nice job for eating clean, You rocks ❤
  • Jodee Liew
    Jodee Liew 1 year ago "Air-iana" me: breathes heavily
  • Lindsay Adkinson
    Lindsay Adkinson 1 year ago +Jodee Liew sorry!
  • Jodee Liew
    Jodee Liew 1 year ago Lindsay Marie it’s okay hahha i was jk
  • Alexis Martinez
    Alexis Martinez 1 year ago Jodee Liew same
  • Ariana Barlow
    Ariana Barlow 1 year ago Ikr?
  • Ann Styles
    Ann Styles 9 months ago Same lol
  • Franchesca Mendeng
    Franchesca Mendeng 8 months ago Jodee Liew omfg that’s what i said💀
  • lyna
    lyna 5 months ago Just keep breathin and breathin and breathiiiiiin
  • Clarissaexplainsitall
    Clarissaexplainsitall 4 months ago Same 😂 .. Air-iana 👎🏻🚫 ... Ariana 🙌😀 All jokes aside , I’m on day 2 of my vegan diet , wish me luck ! 🥑🥝🥬🥦🥕
  • lyna
    lyna 4 months ago @Clarissaexplainsitall im so happy for u! Good luck♡
  • Clarissaexplainsitall
    Clarissaexplainsitall 4 months ago Lo k thank you !
  • Not ur b*tch
    Not ur b*tch 2 months ago hahahahahahhaahhaha i can relate
  • ariana torres
    ariana torres 2 months ago i usually say my name like that, people say it both ways and i’m at the point of like whatever okay 😂😂
  • Dreamy
    Dreamy 3 days ago That’s her name so I see no wrong
  • Ok Bye
    Ok Bye 1 year ago She looks like a sims character
  • Lindsay Adkinson
    Lindsay Adkinson 1 year ago Thanks lol
  • Rhianna Grande
    Rhianna Grande 1 year ago Ok Bye but eyebrows and eyeliner gone wrong
  • MeMe Asia
    MeMe Asia 1 year ago Katrina caliente
  • Reese Ryan
    Reese Ryan 1 year ago lmao
  • liv !
    liv ! 10 months ago GSHSJSSJSJSKS
  • Berta Ramirez
    Berta Ramirez 8 months ago TOTALLY
  • sarahdangerrr
    sarahdangerrr 4 months ago Omg this sounds kinda mean! If it is meant to be mean, I’m just gonna counteract that by saying that she’s adorable! I love your face, your hair, everything gooorl!
  • sweet like grande
    sweet like grande 2 months ago Lol
  • Death Metal Barbie
    Death Metal Barbie 1 year ago This explains why she's thin lol.
  • Lisa Polson
    Lisa Polson 1 year ago I would imagine so... 😜 Find out what you can do to get skinny quickly
  • Divine Nya
    Divine Nya 1 year ago Lisa Polson shut up bitch
  • Nikaaa
    Nikaaa 1 year ago but it's actually such a nice diet. Been doing this for a year now and I've never felt better
  • mann
    mann 1 year ago Nika have you done the workouts? did you notice any difference? im mainly eating vegan nowadays (vegetarian 100% but i always make my food vegan, if someone else makes food im fine with vegetarian) and have cut out a lot of the bad stuff but i havent really lost any weight, inches/cm..
  • Nikaaa
    Nikaaa 1 year ago ann It definitely takes some time to get used to a diet rich in carbs.. And eating vegan is a great thing to do but what it comes to is what you actually eat. My morning are very rich in calories (oatmeals without sugar but agave, big smoothies with lots of bananas). At lunch I love to eat healthy pastas, and stuff like bowls with beans and rice. For a snack I eat fruit or dark chocolate and in the evening just a bunch of cooked or raw veggies. It really depends on how you cook stuff too. Don't use too much oil or water to cook stuff in the pan. Stay away from premade products as they tend to have way too much refined sugar and aaaa lot of sodium. Then you will definitely see results
  • mann
    mann 1 year ago Nika the only thing i do differently is pretty much the premade products. i have not taken a big liking to beans, so im using tofu, soy crumble and vegan pattys made from chickpeas (one has like 1 gram of sugar and salt) as a source of protein. just gotta start feeding myself them beans then i guess lol
  • Nikaaa
    Nikaaa 1 year ago ann Thats already so good. I don't know why nothings happening :( maybe it takes time for your body. I've noticed the biggest change after 2 months because my acne went away and I had lost a couple pounds (was already skinny)
  • mann
    mann 1 year ago Nika i mean if im eating as much calories as i was before then thats probably it. im not over weight or anything, just could lose some fat around the body to feel better. so the diet change might not do much alone if the calories stay the same
  • Nikaaa
    Nikaaa 1 year ago Btw I don't work out. Just walk everywhere besides grocery shopping. Yeah, I always ate around 3000-3500 :D waaay to much. Now I eat around 2000 a day :)
  • Terylyn Keith
    Terylyn Keith 1 year ago she was skinny before she switched her diet
  • Anakin Skyfucker
    Anakin Skyfucker 7 months ago @123fort andbree weird flex but okay
  • Tala Meadow
    Tala Meadow 7 months ago 123fort andbree you don’t have a model body because you’re short. One of the main things a model must have in the industry is decent height. Deal with it.
  • TheDailySerenity
    TheDailySerenity 1 year ago Your stomach is my goals! Just need to get better at cutting out processed foods!!! I can do it!!
  • Lindsay Adkinson
    Lindsay Adkinson 1 year ago TheDailySerenity yess you can!! Even just limiting!
  • Zara Marie
    Zara Marie 1 year ago you go girl! you can do it!!
  • Alaina Brubaker
    Alaina Brubaker 1 year ago TheDailySerenity you got this!
  • Wandering Alpaca
    Wandering Alpaca 1 year ago TheDailySerenity YES YOU CAN!
  • Ayda Escapes
    Ayda Escapes 1 year ago You can! And remember that it’s alright to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. Good luck!
  • Aaliyah Jade
    Aaliyah Jade 1 year ago TheDailySerenity I wish you luck bc I probably can’t 😂
  • suzune horikita's maid
    suzune horikita's maid 1 year ago TheDailySerenity I was thinking the same exact thing!
  • Sabrina Cady
    Sabrina Cady 1 month ago yes you can! you go girl! ✨
  • Sabrina Cady
    Sabrina Cady 3 weeks ago i was the 1000 like your welcome
  • Flll w
    Flll w 1 year ago U should the same for Selena Gomez or Kylie Jenner
  • Phương Hà Nguyễn
    Phương Hà Nguyễn 1 year ago What kidding dude? Her body is amazing
  • caro
    caro 1 year ago Phương Hà Nguyễn no its not lmao all the weight she’s lost has not been from dieting or working out it was cause of her surgery and her body before that wasnt fit at all
  • Flll w
    Flll w 1 year ago Carolina nelly this doesnt matter, someone's weight . Why are u guys so rude, Selena is beautiful the way she is, inside and outside. And plus that this is her body shape and she is very short
  • caro
    caro 1 year ago Flv D never said she wasn’t beautiful lmao but her body isnt fit her weight has nothing to do with this only brought it up because it fluctuated so much post surgery. she’s actually very very thin r now and young girls should aspire to be healthy
  • Ryan Christian
    Ryan Christian 1 year ago Kylie probably don't work out she just gets surgery done
  • Adrianna Jo
    Adrianna Jo 1 year ago Flv D short? She’s 5’5 😂
  • In the name of the moon I shall punish you
    In the name of the moon I shall punish you 1 year ago Flv D Kylie doesn’t have a diet or workout routine she has money sorry to kill that dream
  • Jasmine. dlt
    Jasmine. dlt 1 year ago For the Kylie Jenner it would take years..
  • Priscella Ahumada
    Priscella Ahumada 1 year ago Flv D to everyone in the comments who’s commenting negatively about Selena, she has a workout plan and she eats well. Selena loves her junk food but she knows how to limit herself. She has a beautiful body, please try be the same but with your mind and spread a little more positivity.
  • Adrianna Jo
    Adrianna Jo 1 year ago Jasmine. dlt and a lot of plastic surgery😬
  • J K
    J K 1 year ago Flv D her weight loss is alllll from surgery not plastic surgery medical surgery
  • Victoria Rose
    Victoria Rose 1 year ago Flv D yesss please! Or Nina Dobrev
  • dominika. kras
    dominika. kras 1 year ago (edited) You should check Selena Gomez 30min workout filmed with her trainer:) It's great! You can find it on POPSUGAR fitness channel
  • Silvia Meza
    Silvia Meza 1 year ago For Kyle she’ll have to go to get a surgery 😂
  • Rachel Meliora
    Rachel Meliora 1 year ago I like how they point out Selena lost weight due to her surgery, but not the fact that her condition causes fluid retention which is why she looked bloated. She looked as good as she did BECAUSE she is so healthy and active. The girl was literally fighting for her life and you're over here like "yeah, but she didn't look perfect while doing it."
  • Leïka Migneault
    Leïka Migneault 1 year ago she actually workout aswell ahaha but yes surgery's doing a big job ahahah
  • Tabassco Productions
    Tabassco Productions 1 year ago lol no
  • Mimgelia Grosent
    Mimgelia Grosent 1 year ago In case, like me, you’ve been losing your time searching for a diet program that works, . ” I have droped 15 pounds in Just one week. I would advise this program to any individual who’s searching for a really effective plan.?
  • Tabassco Productions
    Tabassco Productions 1 year ago she is 1,53 meters that's 3,2 feet bruh
  • Sa-Ra is an A.R.M.Y
    Sa-Ra is an A.R.M.Y 1 year ago Flv D do u want she have anorexia ? ;-;
  • Sa-Ra is an A.R.M.Y
    Sa-Ra is an A.R.M.Y 1 year ago And kylie is fat
  • Chanson B
    Chanson B 1 year ago Ryan Christian she works out a lot
  • Chanson B
    Chanson B 1 year ago Bts_made_me_a_mess how would you know that? Just because she got some surgery means that everything about her body has to be surgery? You guys are idiots you have no idea what she does
  • Inaya Begum
    Inaya Begum 6 months ago @Flll w Hi fill
  • Inaya Begum
    Inaya Begum 6 months ago @caro hi
  • Sweta bagde
    Sweta bagde 1 year ago Just by two weeks... Imagine doing this for a month!!
  • luna
    luna 1 year ago Sweta swiftie imagine doing this your whole life. Because it's damm healthy
  • mann
    mann 1 year ago luna 7 days a week that kind of a workout is not necessarily possible. you need rest days, it aint healthy to not giev your body time to rest
  • Erika Long
    Erika Long 1 year ago If she's doing only 1 of the 3 workouts per day its only working 1 major body part at most. Like thr lunges are pretty much a hardcore leg work out and will leave you sore especially after 150 reps and 10,000 steps in a day. But the planks are mainly core and some arms, the superman is core as well, right? And the core can be worked daily for the most part unless youre doing tons of ab work outs but she's doing 1 work out one day and a different the next... You DO need to let your muscles rest but she doesn't do that much working out or weight lifting and isolating muscles so I don't think its an issue.
  • Nia
    Nia 1 year ago ann her trainer says she doesn’t even do it every single day, she’s human like the rest of us haha
  • Kookie Angie
    Kookie Angie 11 months ago I Would Be Dead
  • Brittany
    Brittany 6 months ago (edited) ​@mann I doubt she does this 365 days a year. Eventually, her body will adjust if she doesn't alternate the rep ranges or add weight. Our bodies need a new stimulus in order to make changes.
  • Savannah Rain
    Savannah Rain 1 year ago I’m sorry, but it bugs me so much when people say Ariana’s name like “air-iana” It’s “R-iana”.... I know it’s stupid. 🙈 Lol. Just a weird pet peeve.
  • Lindsay Adkinson
    Lindsay Adkinson 1 year ago Life is wayyyy too short to let small things like that bug you :P <3 Sorry though! I actually didnt know, ill try to remember next time though! <3 <33
  • Ashley Jester
    Ashley Jester 1 year ago Lindsay Marie my bf freaks out when I pronounce it like air- iana and I'm like calm down it's not serious 😂😂😂
  • vida seagraves
    vida seagraves 1 year ago Same😂
  • Jennifer Fay
    Jennifer Fay 1 year ago Jocelyn Ping I’m the same
  • Tanèya Cohen
    Tanèya Cohen 1 year ago Omg same it bugs me too aha
  • dangerous woman.butera
    dangerous woman.butera 1 year ago Same
  • Queen Cat
    Queen Cat 1 year ago right omg
  • editing avenue
    editing avenue 1 year ago omg same agdjsbshsb
  • Sadie
    Sadie 1 year ago Do you not pronounce the A
  • larhonda burger
    larhonda burger 1 year ago Yup gets me every time.
  • Adrianna Jo
    Adrianna Jo 1 year ago Jocelyn Ping same! My name is close to hers and I get annoyed when people pronounce it wrong, so I feel the same way about hers😂
  • Adrianna Jo
    Adrianna Jo 1 year ago (edited) Jocelyn Ping that’s why she pronounces Ari like R-e instead of Air-e😊
  • Zara Daniela
    Zara Daniela 1 year ago Jocelyn Ping same
  • Jin Lee
    Jin Lee 1 year ago Lol I pronounce it AH-riana
  • Kayla Cat
    Kayla Cat 1 year ago Silver Pastel if you say the letter R it includes an A sound. It’s like ARE-iana if that makes you feel better
  • ItsObviEllie
    ItsObviEllie 1 year ago Jocelyn Ping same
  • ItsJustArianna
    ItsJustArianna 1 year ago Ik I hate when people pronounce my name like that because that’s not how you pronounce it like where are you seeing the word air in ari!?
  • moved TM
    moved TM 1 year ago i have this pet peeve too
  • Adia Lena
    Adia Lena 4 months ago OMG YES!
  • You’re the greatest, my lord
    You’re the greatest, my lord 1 year ago The difference between a kpop idol diet and a western celeb diet. Two people should do it at the same time and see which one is more effective or harder although the Kpop idol diet is more likely to be unhealthy but still just for a video maybe? 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Lindsay Adkinson
    Lindsay Adkinson 1 year ago I may try it out! Thanks!!
  • ᄋᄋ
    ᄋᄋ 1 year ago I feel like people think Korean idols only stave themselves, but they do various workouts, a balanced diet with a professional trainer and also excersies to improve their balance such as pilates, ballet, etc. I've seen people figure skate too
  • You’re the greatest, my lord
    You’re the greatest, my lord 1 year ago CCS yes but I’ve seen majority of them starving themselves and doing a very difficult dances that requires a lot of energy. I’ve seen that some idols have less energy after weight loss that they don’t dance as powerfully than before. I’m just saying that a lot of them do starve themselves because it is faster which I’m really worried about. I’m not saying all of the Kpop idols have bad eating habits but a lot do.