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Les Twins vs Rush Ball G-SHOCK REAL TOUGHNESS Japan 2012 | YAK FILMS

Published on Feb 13, 2013 29,965,138 views

Les Twins Japan Official:


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  • CleoPhoenix
    CleoPhoenix 3 years ago tough crowd, it's been a while since i've seen women with as much energy as these two.
  • Xgamerjohn
    Xgamerjohn 3 months ago Maybe they weren't alloqed to even hype the four up.
  • Kato Owenix
    Kato Owenix 9 months ago @Dustin Surprises fffcccçcc
  • Dustin Surprises
    Dustin Surprises 1 year ago CleoPhoenix it’s not a tough crowd, it’s a very disciplined crowd it being Japan
  • Tony Al Khoury
    Tony Al Khoury 3 months ago Les Twins look like giants near them girls😅
  • s r
    s r 1 month ago okay i came for the Les Twins but those girls went hards afff
  • 唯夢陽聖
    唯夢陽聖 1 month ago 日本人が小さいのかツインズがおっきすぎるのか、圧がすごいな
  • Epochal Bull
    Epochal Bull 1 week ago 2019 or 2060 anyone, because I have throwbacks for days!
  • Fantastic FF
    Fantastic FF 6 months ago 2019?
  • Crispy Jaekerman
    Crispy Jaekerman 4 months ago @heaux kage okay thanks
  • Nhan Thien
    Nhan Thien 4 months ago 2019 i from vietnam
  • heaux kage
    heaux kage 4 months ago Crispy Jaekerman i was replying to the original comment. the song at 4:09 is probably a remix of mercy by kanye west and other rappers
  • Crispy Jaekerman
    Crispy Jaekerman 4 months ago @heaux kage till i die is the title of the song in 4:09? And whose the name of the singer?
  • heaux kage
    heaux kage 4 months ago till i die
  • Jeivi Games
    Jeivi Games 4 months ago Finalmente um br
  • Crispy Jaekerman
    Crispy Jaekerman 5 months ago What's the song 4:09
  • android 175
    android 175 5 months ago @MrNinjaGaming 5tffcx x
  • Karthik
    Karthik 5 months ago @Autumn thus we know Elon Musk won't be successful with that neuro chip....cause if u had one you would have known already that it existed 😂😂😂😂
  • Thương Vâu
    Thương Vâu 5 months ago Let me ask for two girls' names with thanks 😘😘
  • i Love U
    i Love U 5 months ago Ehh Brasileiro Karai
  • MoCsay
    MoCsay 5 months ago @Autumn Yeah! we even had devices call "Smart Phones"...some say they were smarter than the humans using them...
  • michael delgado
    michael delgado 5 months ago XD oi
  • Miguel Lucas
    Miguel Lucas 6 months ago Brizileiro
  • MrNinjaGaming
    MrNinjaGaming 6 months ago I'm from 2021 niggah dafaq 🕉☯️😃👁🕴🏾
  • Autumn
    Autumn 6 months ago 3128. Internet existed in 2019?
  • Ya Pasechnik
    Ya Pasechnik 2 months ago (edited) Les Twins are champions but I like girls (especially in cap) and their style)
  • Shavauna Ronan
    Shavauna Ronan 7 months ago Wow, these two young girls are killing it!
  • Nama Farm
    Nama Farm 7 months ago The level of tender respect and sweetness between them is real. Much respect.
  • Hoàng Anh Nguyễn
    Hoàng Anh Nguyễn 5 days ago Nama Farm this is the only comment that show the respect The twins showed to Kyoka( curly hair ) and Maika( short hair) ... I love twins also because of this, and they had fun too
  • Leonel Cadet
    Leonel Cadet 3 weeks ago At 04:10 they almost made a baby on that stage. Damn that shit was fire.
  • April { demon queen, chill }
    April { demon queen, chill } 1 week ago XD i cant EVEN rn
  • Alejandro Martinez
    Alejandro Martinez 8 months ago No puedo dejar de reproducir lo de min 1:20 impresionante!!
  • Ron Edward
    Ron Edward 4 weeks ago Those girls are so cute. I see why the Twins didn't go hard.
  • holly morley
    holly morley 2 months ago Anyone else get anxiety cause you know damn well them jordans were creased asf🤧🤧
  • Brook lyn
    Brook lyn 4 years ago I can tell that Les Twins went easy on them...they did not take it too seriously
  • Geena Piceno
    Geena Piceno 1 week ago Yeah ik
  • Vincen Cohan
    Vincen Cohan 1 week ago Were those ladies? Cute ladies
  • Pak_Tani
    Pak_Tani 1 month ago The dj from japan lol
  • Waisetsubunsho
    Waisetsubunsho 1 month ago Maika and Kyoka were 14yo back then.. Twins were 23, so chill people
  • jukucholove
    jukucholove 1 month ago Those kids won Juste Debout in 2016. They could win now even if Les Twins are serious.
  • systim30
    systim30 1 month ago No point in destroying them. They came out and the crowd wasn't showing the girls any love at first. What's the point of destroying these girls when they can grow to something better... this alone will give them the confidence boost they need. Stay humble !!
  • Venomous X
    Venomous X 1 month ago Of course What Adult goes full power on mere children
  • Uma Srivastav
    Uma Srivastav 2 months ago @Humble 91 gdgggs
  • Uma Srivastav
    Uma Srivastav 2 months ago @Random S hush UC h
  • Nelly Pimentel
    Nelly Pimentel 2 months ago They aint ass they got talent me u cant do it Its talents point blank les twind were js better
  • Nelly Pimentel
    Nelly Pimentel 2 months ago Yea
  • Tota M
    Tota M 2 months ago @Jihyomas the Train no one can do it like them or even better if you want to be greater than them you have to do it like them or better than them and this shit will never ever happen and stop showing off young boy
  • OriginalDrDeLeon
    OriginalDrDeLeon 2 months ago Les Twins are cool but they are overrated
  • OriginalDrDeLeon
    OriginalDrDeLeon 2 months ago @Tota M you are what we call a pole rider
  • Jihyomas the Train
    Jihyomas the Train 3 months ago @Tota M Bro the Les Twins didn't even have unique dance moves or anything, like I bet anyone could learn that shitty choreo in less than 5 days bro. The girls' choreo on the other hand looked more unique and it looked like it was a style of their own. More complex moves that looked like it took them weeks, probably even months on mastering. Plus, they're just girls. They're not proffesionals. So just stop complaining, at least they tried. And btw, the music is just some extra shit to make it interesting. Fuck the music. We're here for the dancing.
  • Meerkat Timone
    Meerkat Timone 3 months ago They almost never do in competitions ;_;
  • Tota M
    Tota M 4 months ago The girls were shit just widen your eyes and lissssten to music when they were dancing no musicality they danced like shit but les twins were lit their musicality and the way they danced really killed it they were like an explosion. Les twins are the legend of dance no one like them and no one gonna be like them at all
  • Sąmůėl Štäŕ.
    Sąmůėl Štäŕ. 5 months ago Yeah i agree
  • Ya Pasechnik
    Ya Pasechnik 5 months ago they're on too different levels
  • Ana
    Ana 5 months ago But asian girls were good too
  • Drew Miller
    Drew Miller 7 months ago They always do that when they take on younger people
    STUPID GAMER FAIS 7 months ago True
  • Coder Funny
    Coder Funny 8 months ago can not agree any more
  • Dell Clouds
    Dell Clouds 8 months ago Cuz the music was shit
  • Dj Sela
    Dj Sela 8 months ago
  • Humble 91
    Humble 91 9 months ago Hey man look, Iike les twins I ve been watching them dance since 2011. but in this video I think the little girls Went %50 with winning thet got a crazy style
  • Random S
    Random S 11 months ago Brook lyn they were
  • Jacob Ngahere
    Jacob Ngahere 1 year ago Brook lyn yeah because they new they were going to win
  • Regiane Souza
    Regiane Souza 5 months ago Eles são muitos profissionais também fazer cada Passos com a batidas da música seja qual for 😎
  • Мария Сверхновая
    Мария Сверхновая 5 months ago 0:55 2019. Ещё актуально?!?:))) 😂 🔥🔥🔥💥👍👍🙋
  • Ω Ω
    Ω Ω 3 months ago 0:56 からles twinsの方がかっこよくてかわいそうになる笑
  • Dio Angelis
    Dio Angelis 1 month ago (edited) Two forms of dancing 1. Dancers who tries way too hard and dances to every beat of the song. 2.Les twins
  • Sad Person ツ
    Sad Person ツ 52 minutes ago Vanessa's love for RM's dimples 바네사 - You’re? Is that not the one?
  • Oliver Santillan
    Oliver Santillan 4 days ago è. @boaplitas101 p llt op
  • Vanessa's love for RM's dimples 바네사
    Vanessa's love for RM's dimples 바네사 6 days ago @boaplitas101 your* ...lmao sorry 💀
  • boaplitas101
    boaplitas101 1 week ago @KIM SULRI Yor not helping
    KIM SULRI 1 week ago boaplitas101 There*
  • boaplitas101
    boaplitas101 2 weeks ago Their*
  • Nick Alcid
    Nick Alcid 2 weeks ago @boaplitas101 are*
  • boaplitas101
    boaplitas101 2 weeks ago Too* There is two types of people 1. People with primary level education + 2. Dio angelis
  • Nadie Durán
    Nadie Durán 4 years ago Normally it's very hard to defeat Les Twins, but these girls were amazing, plus the boys went easy mode. Great job girls!
  • Haji Mohammed
    Haji Mohammed 6 days ago @Gabriel Johnis
    QMC GAMER 2 weeks ago The girls were trash
  • Gabriel John
    Gabriel John 4 weeks ago Easy mode my ass it was a tie the twins did not dance better
  • Jay Logik
    Jay Logik 2 months ago just Arunachalee naw. They can do 50x better than this if they wanted to. I think they were really attracted to those beautiful Asian dancers
  • Big Plusะ
    Big Plusะ 3 months ago ໂອ້ໂຫ!!!ເຈ໋ງຫວະ
  • just Arunachalee
    just Arunachalee 3 months ago Naah bro boys did everything they can do to win,I guess you're not a dancer
  • zetanarchy nate
    zetanarchy nate 7 months ago I love asian girls lewl
  • αиιмє мυяιllσ
    αиιмє мυяιllσ 10 months ago Nadie Durán okay
  • Princess CornCake
    Princess CornCake 3 months ago 4:09 I can feel their love
  • Daniela Najera
    Daniela Najera 1 week ago Princess CornCake damn. Same