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1,000 foreign troops participate in China's military parade

Published on Sep 3, 2015 1,972,118 views

    KRAKENN PRODUCTIONS 1 year ago Why Japan didn't send tr.....never mind.
  • Lon Alinarte
    Lon Alinarte 1 day ago Military now is for entertainment. Clap clap
  • Lon Alinarte
    Lon Alinarte 1 day ago (edited) Because japanese soldiers busy making bonzai. China dont want to disturb japan. Hehehe
  • MusicforMe123
    MusicforMe123 3 days ago @Gary China is willing to forgive Japan but first they must admit to the crime which they refused. What angered China further is that Japan removed the massacre from their history books. There are thousands of survivors who witnessed the massacre, until Japan acknowledges it's past atrocities, there will always be tension between China and Japan.
  • NO Pt
    NO Pt 1 week ago Yeah what about the British and the Portuguese?
  • Ritterhall
    Ritterhall 2 weeks ago @Diligent One-Six Would the GDR still exist, they would invite their NVA, im sure:
  • Ritterhall
    Ritterhall 2 weeks ago Japan lost the War and is know a US Protectorate.
  • CarSalesmanBear
    CarSalesmanBear 2 weeks ago alan anguiano how about the Great Leap Forwards for starters?
  • CarSalesmanBear
    CarSalesmanBear 2 weeks ago After the Great Leap Forward, I don’t understand how the Chinese don’t hate China...
  • SugarTomAppleRoger
    SugarTomAppleRoger 2 weeks ago Americans wouldn't like it.
  • Cobracomander diaz
    Cobracomander diaz 2 weeks ago @god아현 cough cough 1938 cough cough r/wooosh
  • Pietro Jenkins
    Pietro Jenkins 1 month ago Yeah ,Japan and USA should've sent 5000 troops each.
  • SugarTomAppleRoger
    SugarTomAppleRoger 1 month ago @Hulagu Mongke No one hates China. Why would they? China has always avoided conflict and believes in peace and harmony. The USA considers it a big competitor. I am from New Zealand, and we see our future with China, as we too are an Asian nation.
  • Ronald Hinton
    Ronald Hinton 1 month ago Because any modern historical review would tell you that Japan was distinctly [and completely] demilitarized in 1945 - and kept that way under an iron fist for over 70 years. Only recently has Japan emerged from the national shame of World War II abuses to rebuild an actual military. The U.S. Navy has been their military source for a lifetime.
  • baranemir_RBLX
    baranemir_RBLX 1 month ago @Phu Le van shut up
  • baranemir_RBLX
    baranemir_RBLX 1 month ago @Noble Six why not?
  • dunruden
    dunruden 1 month ago @Rey Crusader II *Rey Crusader II. Since when has Fiji been a "cummunist" country. Last I heard, it was a military dictatorship.
  • Jason Brewer
    Jason Brewer 1 month ago @Stop Dumb oh we did but it's not like it was forced we imported it to China. Now they don't import trash they create their own.
  • Stop Dumb
    Stop Dumb 1 month ago Jason Brewer a reason why is because USA dumped all their trashes in China
  • Jason Brewer
    Jason Brewer 1 month ago @Stop Dumb lol I dont think anyone's argues over jobs like that in the USA jobs have increased quite a bit. China,USA, and Japan are the ones dumping in the ocean. Also China is number #1 in polution.
  • Enzyx Syro
    Enzyx Syro 1 month ago Rape of Beijing
  • ymhktravel
    ymhktravel 1 month ago @alan anguiano Maybe the Chinese raped his mummy, Lol
  • James Le
    James Le 1 month ago Cummunism?
  • Wayne Q
    Wayne Q 1 month ago Yamamoto Isoroku you are right, thus we still have scores to yet settle with you fucking Jap abominations. Wanna be nuked again much?
  • Shin Chan
    Shin Chan 1 month ago @周昀涵 chingchong chingchong. Let your hate eat you. You've been fucked several times by other nations. Now, china is being fucked by its government. Brainwashing your little stupid brains. And you accept their truth as your truth. Yes, japan has done terrible things. But you want to be what japan once was. You are no different. You chingchong shits are more imperialistic than japan. So fuck you and I hope your substandard nukes will blow your own shit up.
  • Shin Chan
    Shin Chan 1 month ago @Noble Six "shows how your media lie" Lives in a country with censored cyber space. Dont fuck with your propaganda shit you fucking stupid chingchong shit. China is rich but not its people. The CCP is rich but not its people. China will eventually be a super power but I hope its people will be enlightened and revolt against its shitty corrupt government. You brainwashed pieces of shit.
  • 李娜lina
    李娜lina 1 month ago History must not be forgotten!!
  • Zu zoon
    Zu zoon 1 month ago China killed over 20million of Chinese. Don’t be stupid.
  • Wei
    Wei 1 month ago Take it easy, everyone! It's only a joke, considering this ceremony is meant to memorize the Victory over Japan Day. But to be honest, it's not that funny because Germany has zero problem with attending to similar events.
  • Usa Zionist Sweets
    Usa Zionist Sweets 1 month ago @Quang Huy me too i hate vietnam. Just 5 asians powerhouses China, Japan, India, north & south Korea united that will make british imperialist descendants freak out, something they dont really want to happen
  • Quang Huy
    Quang Huy 2 months ago Me too from vietnam but l hate china
  • Kühn
    Kühn 2 months ago @sam.h114 10? I think 3 ?
  • Kühn
    Kühn 2 months ago @Gary and Mao Zedong 3.000.000 of there own Chinese citizens
    THE BRONZE GOD 2 months ago Not troops “Defence squad”