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1,000 foreign troops participate in China's military parade

Published on Sep 3, 2015 2,311,153 views

  • Its Organic
    Its Organic 1 year ago I expected the mongol formation to have more horse archers
  • Unknown Salty
    Unknown Salty 1 year ago koreagt ko u legit made no sense
  • Sarina Freeman
    Sarina Freeman 1 year ago this is modern war..
  • Samuel L
    Samuel L 11 months ago @koreagt ko Is that where u from ? Shame
  • Grondin Le Gredin
    Grondin Le Gredin 11 months ago Really ?! omg
  • washing shen
    washing shen 11 months ago we dont export revolution now
  • washing shen
    washing shen 11 months ago you should respect differences between us
  • Peter Wright
    Peter Wright 11 months ago Whaa?
  • tk421missing
    tk421missing 11 months ago I would expect the mongols (mongoloids) to have lots of cows and other herd animals. Most nomads are retarded herdsmen and herd large numbers of animals. Mongolia has about 0.86 cows for every person. The more animals the more likely the people are nomads.
  • STARPIG !!!
    STARPIG !!! 11 months ago IKR
  • Cerebral2ssasin
    Cerebral2ssasin 11 months ago (edited) @tk421missing -__- those "mongoloids" as you called them could have easily conquered all of Eurasia
  • tk421missing
    tk421missing 11 months ago mongoloids were driven out of Asia by the vastly superior Han Chinese men. The mongoloid is what modern day people call the European or white man. They are retarded, greedy and violent animal men. Mongoloids bred the disciples of the murderous traitorous whore Isis and now appear to be white.
  • ScorpionMassive
    ScorpionMassive 10 months ago lol. lolers.
  • Sychlo Killent
    Sychlo Killent 10 months ago +tk421missing Mongoloids live in Mongolia you idiot
  • tk421missing
    tk421missing 10 months ago Sychlo, nomads herd cattle mostly on land they take from others because they are too lazy to create. So who has all the cattle? Brazil (infested with Portuguese Indo European land owning cattle herders, ydna haplogroup R1b), India (Indo Europeans, 50% ydna haplogroup R1a and R1b), America (the original Americans of the 13 colonies, were farmers, builders, scientists, business men, traders but not cattle herders. The cattle herders, Spaniards, were out West murdering people and spreading into Mexico stealing land to destroy), Pakistan (ydna haplogroup R men), Argentina (Spanish R1b), Australia (Celtic R1b), .... The retarded and parasitic Germanic Indo European nomadic cowherds destroyed Central Asia and then moved to Europe to beg off of what Gods created. Pathetic Mongolia has less cattle even than the tiny Dominican Republic. Mongolians are NOT Mongoloids. YDNA Haplogroup R men are the retarded Mongoloid Mongols. :) Burning Bush (the Ent) the God of the R1b/R1a/R nomads that you want to kill. :)
  • Vihainen Tonttu
    Vihainen Tonttu 10 months ago yeah maybe like 700 years ago
  • jean claude douaumont
    jean claude douaumont 9 months ago LOOOL
  • Chenny Boy
    Chenny Boy 9 months ago @koreagt ko Please use grammar
  • dadalala
    dadalala 9 months ago Where is Haiti?
  • paul huot
    paul huot 8 months ago Its Organicl
  • paul huot
    paul huot 8 months ago Samuel L 09’
  • Keith Muir
    Keith Muir 8 months ago was that a parting shot?
  • primsco
    primsco 8 months ago everybody feels so offended by this lol
  • Zolboo Enkhtaiwan
    Zolboo Enkhtaiwan 8 months ago You’re jealous because your country’s troops didn’t joined?
  • Tronald Dump
    Tronald Dump 7 months ago (edited) horses would poop on the road
  • Василий Васильев
    Василий Васильев 6 months ago У Монголов памятник Маршалу СССР Жукову стоит! И япошек проклятых с вашей родной земли выбросил. Не обижайте монголов. Магнолия первая 22 июня 1941 года объявила войну 3-му рейху. Мы признательны монголам. Мы честные, мы помним. Что забыли, так все записано.
  • Matthias lemming
    Matthias lemming 6 months ago @Cerebral2ssasin they were defeated the vastly superior Japanese trained tsunami which were permitted to kill on sight actually.
  • Matthias lemming
    Matthias lemming 6 months ago @Chenny Boy finally a sensible point
  • jakefan77
    jakefan77 6 months ago Its Organic that would be awesome lol
  • Hendrawan Jaya
    Hendrawan Jaya 6 months ago @Yusuke Shimomurau can try donky ass
  • Carlos E
    Carlos E 6 months ago @Sarina Freeman But no one would expect horse archers.
  • Golden D1
    Golden D1 6 months ago Sarina Freeman r/wooosh
    THE BRONZE GOD 5 months ago That would be epic lol
  • IBilly999
    IBilly999 5 months ago Sarina Freeman March doesn’t require mordern weapons, do people still use bolt rifles without a scope? No, except if ur a gamer
  • IBilly999
    IBilly999 5 months ago Yea, but sadly they used the Russian march but not their traditional march or something
  • Prinsipe Amorsolo Caburnay
    Prinsipe Amorsolo Caburnay 4 months ago Did you mean more METAL horses
  • Democritus
    Democritus 4 months ago Why is this comment section filled with conspiracy theorists and racists?
  • Frederick The Great
    Frederick The Great 4 months ago XD
  • Otgoo Delger
    Otgoo Delger 4 months ago GOOD
  • Otgoo Delger
    Otgoo Delger 4 months ago the time is coming
  • nee nee
    nee nee 4 months ago @Cerebral2ssasin no they have not
  • nee nee
    nee nee 4 months ago @dadalala next to Cuba
  • Maciej Kozak
    Maciej Kozak 3 months ago Still, it's mongol troops on chinese soil. Not the other way around. Just like old, Kubilai Khan's, times.
  • X Nick Cui
    X Nick Cui 2 months ago Hahahahaha.
  • Lkhagwa Lkhagwadorj
    Lkhagwa Lkhagwadorj 2 months ago @tk421missing where you from Genius ?
  • Lkhagwa Lkhagwadorj
    Lkhagwa Lkhagwadorj 2 months ago watch this dumbasses
  • tk421missing
    tk421missing 2 months ago @Maciej Kozak , Kubilai Khan? what is the name of the leader of Pakistan (of which the males are ydna haplogroup R and R1a)? How many of the so called Mongolian "Mongols" have the name Khan? yDNA haplogroup R, R1a and R1b males are the lazy stupid and useless only work for loans or money war mongoloiding Mongols.
  • tk421missing
    tk421missing 2 months ago @Lkhagwa Lkhagwadorj , who drinks the most milk? Not the Mongolians (140 kg per capita per year), Chinese (33 kg) or even the Pakistanis (183kg!). It is the evil R1b demons that infest Europe (250-340 kgs) and have also infested America (255), Australia (235) and South American nations (46-210...Africans, Asians and natives don't drink much milk thus per capita # lower). R1b are the evil lying thieving parasitic war mongoloiding mongols. You can see how stupid the mongoloids are by how ass backwards the South American banana republics they control are.
  • Miraak Prince of Apocrypha
    Miraak Prince of Apocrypha 2 months ago @tk421missing I lost so many braincells reading your comment holy shit. And to think that you actually believe those words you type.
  • Miraak Prince of Apocrypha
    Miraak Prince of Apocrypha 2 months ago @tk421missing Africans, Asians and natives dont drink much milk because they are mostly lactose intolerant. What is wrong with you man youre trying to prove your racial "superiority" based on fucking milk?
  • Jack Ryan
    Jack Ryan 2 months ago China gets touchy when Mongols cone into China
  • сергей Курмыза
    сергей Курмыза 1 month ago Dumb ass!
  • Dwens Moline
    Dwens Moline 1 month ago tk421missing holy shit I’m losing brain cells reading this.
  • iNoob
    iNoob 1 month ago I guess the people in this thread can't take a joke
  • Matthew Chow
    Matthew Chow 1 week ago @Miraak Prince of Apocrypha I think its the reverse mate, they are lactose intolerant because they don't drink milk, European domesticated cows were milked and henceforth they have the gene that codes for milk-drinking, whereas in other regions where cattle is bred for meat and labour, the gene was not needed
  • Miraak Prince of Apocrypha
    Miraak Prince of Apocrypha 1 week ago @Matthew Chow They dont drink milk because they are lactose intolerant. They are lactose intolerant because they didnt drink milk in the past. So both statements are true.
  • TheDrexxus
    TheDrexxus 2 days ago @Sarina Freeman The Household Cavalry of Her Majesty, The Queen is the highlight of just about every parade. Everyone loves seeing mounted soldiers in ceremony.
  • Wolfen443
    Wolfen443 53 minutes ago You had to go there?.
    KRAKENN PRODUCTIONS 1 year ago Why Japan didn't send tr.....never mind.
  • はちみつ
    はちみつ 1 year ago KRAKENN PRODUCTIONS Yea,Japan China Korea should be friends.Absolutely.
  • lok 666
    lok 666 1 year ago send to your country
  • Gary
    Gary 11 months ago cos China HATES Japan. Japan killed more than 300,000 Chinese in Nanking Massacre (Rape of Nanking) !!
  • Rey Crusader II
    Rey Crusader II 11 months ago Well Philippines was not a cummunism country so army not invited. Well we go for US who help us and do training defense for terrorist attacks.
  • Phu Le van
    Phu Le van 11 months ago Why Vietnam didn’t get invite to send troo.... never mind.
  • Jin O Song
    Jin O Song 11 months ago god아현 절대 안됨 우리는 서로 싸워야 발전이됨!
  • Noble Six
    Noble Six 11 months ago this march is to celebrate the victory on the japanese invasion war,you think that china will invite japan?。。。
  • Hulagu Mongke
    Hulagu Mongke 11 months ago USA (No1), Britain, France, Canada, Australia. New Zealand, Holland, Sweden, Italy, TAIWAN, Japan, Korea, Turkey, Poland, Indonesia( hated Chinese, always hate Chinese, hate Chinese the most) didn't send,,,,,,,,,because these countries are democracy countries whereas CHINA is COMMUNIST invite Fascist leaders. make sense????!!!!
  • alan anguiano
    alan anguiano 10 months ago @Hulagu Mongke if i may say mexico is a democratic country and they send troops and why do you hate the Chinese so much? What have the country personally done to you to make you hate everyone of their citizens dont judge the actions of the few or the people in power for the many.
  • Winston Wei
    Winston Wei 10 months ago @Hulagu Mongke you watch too much western propaganda.
  • Cuffka
    Cuffka 10 months ago They did, about 70 some years ago.
  • big boy gustav
    big boy gustav 10 months ago Hulagu Mongke western brainwash
  • sam.h114
    sam.h114 9 months ago Gary Mao killed more than 10million Chinese during Cultural Devolution
  • big boy gustav
    big boy gustav 9 months ago @sam.h114 its called revolution and i dont think you know what state china was in at that time
  • Sheng Han
    Sheng Han 9 months ago KRAKENN PRODUCTIONS hahaha. Very funny.
  • Joshie Castillo
    Joshie Castillo 9 months ago Funny comment
  • Stop Dumb
    Stop Dumb 9 months ago Hulagu Mongke u stupid, the communist u have seen was with a bad leader, same as other ideology, bad leader destroy everything, let’s talk about how many Aboriginal American have the United States killed? They even peel off their skins, probably text book didn’t teach you that. How many war have the United States generated once it was founded? More than 300 wars, pretty sure text book didn’t teach you that also.