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2000-05-13 Roy Jones Jr vs Richard Hall

Published on Jul 28, 2012 586,768 views

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  • Norman Tisdell II
    Norman Tisdell II 2 years ago Roy Jones during his time was the best on the Planet..Cut the Bullshit
  • Protagonist
    Protagonist 2 years ago Norman Tisdell II he made almost all his fights look like exhibitions
  • Vic Rattlehead
    Vic Rattlehead 1 year ago All Roy jones video from 90's and early 2000 should be titled "Roy Jones having a good time"
  • andrewtm85
    andrewtm85 9 months ago Absolutely
  • Balti Pie
    Balti Pie 6 months ago No
  • Tyson Braaten
    Tyson Braaten 6 months ago I believe Roy jones jr was the best pound for pound boxer his speed was right there with sugar ray yet his power was amazing he had far more power than sugar ray.... Duran wouldn’t of had a chance to say no mas
  • john hogskins
    john hogskins 5 months ago Steroid cheat
  • Mike Weise
    Mike Weise 3 months ago Norman Tisdell II I love Roy and put him near the top and although he was among the most physically gifted fighters ever he was not the best fighter!
  • Guro Billy Brown
    Guro Billy Brown 4 years ago And he did move up! And got belts in EVERY damn weight class and they still dont give him his due!! LOL
  • Makeno Gamazai
    Makeno Gamazai 3 years ago +Bestbizpage Roy Jones is old right now and I believe is on a 6 win streak and near a title shot... but he isn't doing well
  • Makeno Gamazai
    Makeno Gamazai 3 years ago +Makeno Gamazai according to you
  • omalone11
    omalone11 1 year ago Guro Billy Brown 53 minutes they are doubting him
  • Jacktrippin885 Trippin
    Jacktrippin885 Trippin 10 months ago Guro Billy Brown they really dont racist heathen bastards rjj was that good
  • Shane- O
    Shane- O 9 months ago He could have put Tyson down in 97. I really have NO DOUBTS about that!
  • john hogskins
    john hogskins 5 months ago Steroid cheat
  • MakaveliFan71
    MakaveliFan71 2 weeks ago Roy is a legend. Everybody agrees that he is one of the greats of all time
  • SmokeMyBlunt
    SmokeMyBlunt 2 years ago Larry merchant is annoying as fuck.
  • Николай Давидов
    Николай Давидов 2 years ago запрещенный Галкин в Витебске
  • Greg Morris
    Greg Morris 2 years ago His speech at the end especially!
  • Dominique Foote
    Dominique Foote 3 years ago that boy mystikal can get a mofo hyped enough to take on the world lol