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Troll Police - Prince challenges his troll

Published on Apr 23, 2018 1,042,988 views

Prince Narula is infuriated after reading some of the derogatory comments made by his biggest troll. He decides to give him a taste his own medicine by challenging him to a task. Can the troll stand up to Prince's challenge and do the task? Watch now to find out.

  • Cutie Amaan
    Cutie Amaan 5 months ago Aaj prince k liye respect barh gyii... Bolny se kchh nh hota bro😎😎😎
  • Tahir Abdullah
    Tahir Abdullah 1 month ago Aaj Prince k liya respect barh gyii
  • Yawar Abbas
    Yawar Abbas 3 months ago exactly respect barh gai q k main uski jaga hota main bajadeta is banday ki itni nahi sunta uski
  • sports fun
    sports fun 3 months ago o bhai ya sb fake ha app loug kis dunia may jee rhay ho ya program just scripted ha check this
  • Saba Zeb
    Saba Zeb 10 months ago Prince please don't care about these peoples because they are sick.. ..................we know that you are a real prince
  • sports fun
    sports fun 3 months ago o bhai ya sb fake ha app loug kis dunia may jee rhay ho ya program just scripted ha check this
  • Sumi Shrestha
    Sumi Shrestha 3 months ago This guy is totally psycho yr..... Respect for you prince....from Nepal
  • Anika Haq
    Anika Haq 3 months ago (edited) Prince is multi talented boy with a good heart. ❤
  • Sumaiah Sana
    Sumaiah Sana 2 months ago Prince*
  • Noora Albaluchi
    Noora Albaluchi 8 months ago Love you prince i must say yuvika would be so proud of you and so lucky ❤
  • Rashid Mehmood
    Rashid Mehmood 1 week ago By
  • Mearlin Rai
    Mearlin Rai 3 months ago Ye kuttaa saley jealous hey. Prince ur big fan lots of love from nepal
  • RaJeS BuDha
    RaJeS BuDha 2 months ago Ma PaNii SaThii HarU
  • Sameekxya Sapkota
    Sameekxya Sapkota 3 months ago 🙋‍♀️mah ni Nepal bata 🇳🇵❤️
  • rasifa siddique
    rasifa siddique 3 months ago 🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🙋✋
  • Brave Dreamer !! Just go & Beat up
    Brave Dreamer !! Just go & Beat up 3 months ago म नि Nepal बाट ।✋
  • Karuna shrestha
    Karuna shrestha 1 day ago Prince became a gang leader by hard working .💪💪 Prince is very hard working 💪 Prince don't mind on this type of bad people like (aadita) We suppot from nepal very much ,Lup u and lots of suppot from nepal keep work hard
  • Hamza Ali
    Hamza Ali 4 days ago I am your Biggest fan Prince Sir..i reaLy Love you.....i Love your personality...Love from Pakistan 😘
  • Jamal Armane Official
    Jamal Armane Official 3 months ago Prince sir become a gang leader because of hard working.... This is why i realllllly love u misss u prince sir... One day i willl meet u ...its dream
  • Tahir Abdullah
    Tahir Abdullah 1 month ago Aaj Prince k liy respect bhar gyii bro logo k bonna s Kush nahi hotta
  • Sanjida Jahan
    Sanjida Jahan 6 months ago Prince is always good that's why I love him he is 1 😘😘
  • ayaz soomro
    ayaz soomro 3 months ago Prince is Bigg Boss winner . Splittvilla winner & ultimate Rodies winner. he is the king of Reality show. blessing for Prince. ayaz soomro Dubai Pakistan
  • Karan pun
    Karan pun 1 year ago Nepal bata herne haru sabai beroj gar 😂
  • Rose lama
    Rose lama 1 week ago @karan pun jhan yo comment garne tw mahaberojgaar
  • Suyog Pudasaini
    Suyog Pudasaini 1 month ago Haha
  • Renisha Thapa
    Renisha Thapa 5 months ago Karan pun 😂😂😂😂
  • love doze
    love doze 7 months ago Me too berozgaar😂😂😭😆
  • love doze
    love doze 7 months ago @Pariksha Shrestha 😂😂😂
  • Santosh Thapa
    Santosh Thapa 8 months ago berojgar😂😂
  • Prajwal Kafle
    Prajwal Kafle 8 months ago Karan pun sabai haina bro tmi matrai ho
  • ninadsakha
    ninadsakha 8 months ago well said
  • Bimal Thapa
    Bimal Thapa 8 months ago Karan pun lado berojgar time pass
  • Abhay Kumar
    Abhay Kumar 9 months ago ahh muji ta jastai sala
  • Jyoti Kunwar
    Jyoti Kunwar 9 months ago Mah xu
  • Bvishal Rai
    Bvishal Rai 9 months ago Lol 😂😂
  • Sheylena Basnet
    Sheylena Basnet 11 months ago Karanpun✋✋
  • Raju Bc
    Raju Bc 11 months ago Karan pun ✊✊✊✊
  • Manika Dahal
    Manika Dahal 11 months ago Kasto thaaa paiideko😂
  • Salma Stha
    Salma Stha 1 year ago Karan pun hahahahhaaha 😂😂 sanchi berojgar nai ho hami 😂😂
  • mani pun
    mani pun 1 year ago Karan pun fulko aakha ma fulai sansar kadako aakhama khadai sansar hoina ta ( berojgarko aakhama berojgar sansar)
  • Conscious music100
    Conscious music100 1 year ago Kunai partly scripted aaune part acting aagadi ko interaction real hudo raicha
  • Conscious music100
    Conscious music100 1 year ago Karan pun lmao guilty
  • Ruri
    Ruri 1 year ago Karan pun I don’t think people who are from Nepal are beroj gar
  • Legend Gaming
    Legend Gaming 1 year ago Karan pun speak properly
  • Dipesh Thapa
    Dipesh Thapa 1 year ago Bimal Duwal bro Tara troll garnu hunna bhanne message ta spread gari raxa ni I think it's gud though it's scripted. ..
  • Iman Tamang
    Iman Tamang 1 year ago Hahahhaha herdaii thaha vaihalxa ni darsak pni teti olllu xaina kya troll police
  • Suman Grg
    Suman Grg 1 year ago Pariksha Shrestha haha mate
  • Pariksha Shrestha
    Pariksha Shrestha 1 year ago But m not...😏😏😏😏 M also from Nepal
  • Bimal Duwal
    Bimal Duwal 1 year ago 100% scripted ho iniharu ko kaam nai yastai ho oollu banaunu ho darsak lai
  • Suman Grg
    Suman Grg 1 year ago Scripted hora
  • Karan pun
    Karan pun 1 year ago Avvya Pradhan ah bro scripted ho suru mai DISCLAIMER ma vanecha dramatized ho vanera 😂
  • Avvya Pradhan
    Avvya Pradhan 1 year ago Karan pun show ramro xa but scripted ho jasto lagyao
  • moktan sharad
    moktan sharad 3 months ago This guy said a lot of bad words to prince its his mistake but ..I like the way he talks and his confidence .....and the way how he answered in the audition also💪💪
  • Sajju Gujjar313
    Sajju Gujjar313 1 day ago Prince Bro izat R bhi brh gai.. from Pakistan💕💕
  • Gurvinder Singh
    Gurvinder Singh 9 months ago Their is only one PRINCE NARULA in the world. So people can say whatever they want. Doesn’t mean anything. But people need to think and realize about his struggle, his HARD WORK and his sacrifices. Whoever write bad comments, abusive language and include actors and actresses families like their mothers and sisters. They need to find something to do other then discouraging them. So don’t waste your time and energy and don’t waste their time and energy either. GOD Bless everyone.
  • Hadsia Abbas
    Hadsia Abbas 6 months ago Prince u r my favorite 😊😍 Love from Australia
  • Abdulrehman Yaqoobasif
    Abdulrehman Yaqoobasif 1 month ago Prince I'm your very big fan and I'm pakistani
  • Sochoela Sherpa
    Sochoela Sherpa 2 days ago This was the best troll .. I must say the guy was daring but If he puts his attitude in a right way he can go way further but prince this was the best way to bring his huge ego down..🤘🏼
  • Pew Jum
    Pew Jum 7 hours ago rafter is my man big fan from bd