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Robin Hood - Disneycember

Published on Dec 21, 2015 139,953 views

Originally aired in December 2011. Doug takes a look at Robin Hood.

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  • Kerzos
    Kerzos 2 years ago And after decades this movie got it's well deserved sequel...Zootopia
  • ejay1118
    ejay1118 1 week ago @Pyroctopus- It's not "official" canon, (i.e. mentioned in the film) but the animators have said that they assumed Nick was a descendent of Robin Hood. Which I thought was cool.
  • satisfyingslime1454
    satisfyingslime1454 10 months ago Sergeant Panther no you
  • Richard Thomas
    Richard Thomas 11 months ago jump forward almost a thousand years into the future, sure.
  • Adam Livneh
    Adam Livneh 1 year ago (edited) Maybe Nick is Robin Hood and Marian's (Put a bunch of Greats here)-Grandson.
  • Pyroctopus
    Pyroctopus 2 years ago well both have main characters who are foxes so does that mean  robin is somehow related to nick?
  • RussianDrago
    RussianDrago 2 years ago Kerzos Don't you start!
  • Geeko170
    Geeko170 3 years ago It also has one of the best whistling tunes ever.
  • Kyle Morello
    Kyle Morello 6 months ago The hamster dance!
  • Creepy Jar of Money
    Creepy Jar of Money 11 months ago It was so good whoever created the HamsterDance stole the tune for their video.
  • Arvidus
    Arvidus 1 year ago Aw, why did you have to remind me?! It'll be stuck on my brain for days now!
  • Tom Bellah
    Tom Bellah 1 year ago Well Roger Miller the Man who plays the rooster and composed/performed some of the songs has a history of composing country with whistling being prominently used. He also composed an amazing musical for broadway known as Big River
  • Reg Fife
    Reg Fife 3 years ago +Geeko170 Which then became an iconic hamster tune.
  • Drake
    Drake 3 years ago This is it. This is the movie I've watched more than any other, hundreds of times as a kid. Sometimes when the tape finished I would immediately rewind and watch it from the start again.
  • David Umstattd
    David Umstattd 10 months ago The story almost cycles as it ends with Maid Marion and Robin together and the king back, and begins with the king just having left and Robin and Maid Marion remembering the times when they were together, as a kid I always thought it was kinda meant to make a circle.
  • The HackingBurger
    The HackingBurger 1 year ago Drake That was literally me! I think I had every line and song memorized at one point!
  • As Always
    As Always 1 year ago Kindred spirits!
  • pchelamaja88
    pchelamaja88 1 year ago Me too!
  • Adam Livneh
    Adam Livneh 1 year ago For me that was this movie and Rescuers Down Under.
  • Jack Alano
    Jack Alano 3 years ago This was obe of the only movies I would ever watch when I had a choice as a kid.
  • Dafman
    Dafman 3 years ago Haha that's my childhood
  • quantum774
    quantum774 3 years ago +Drake Sigar this is my fav disney film watch it all the time when i was a kid
  • Eryk Pawlik
    Eryk Pawlik 3 years ago +Drake Sigar Me too.
  • Jason T Scott-West
    Jason T Scott-West 3 years ago Probably one of the most underrated post Walt death Disney animated films.
  • Walter Carvalho
    Walter Carvalho 3 years ago And that day... Furries were born...
  • David R.Y.
    David R.Y. 11 months ago Walter Carvalho sadly
  • Souji Monaru
    Souji Monaru 3 years ago Oo de lally, oo de lally! A pox on that scurvy Prince John! This is one of those films that always perfectly fit a lazy Sunday afternoon or a rainy evening and I'd watch it as a kid and feel comfortable and warm inside. I have great nostalgic feelings for this, which is why this is also in my Blu Ray collection.
  • Bradley Mohr
    Bradley Mohr 3 years ago Disney was interested in Reynard the Fox, a 13th century response to the common moral tales of the time. Reynard was a serious bastard, but charming in that roguish way. Still, being essentially an anti-moral story, it didn't fit the way Disney liked to do things. So, he took the idea of a world of anthropomorphic people and applied it to a similar time period story: Robin Hood. While you could still question the morals of Robin, being that he's a thief, his actions are ethical in that he fights tyranny in every way he can, defending the weak. He's still got that roguish charm while being a good guy. Interesting point on Maid Marian. Seems that she and the King had a bigger part to play at the end with Robin being injured at the end of the climax. Prince John was intended to attempt to assassinate the injured Robin and Marian who was trying to heal him at the church when King Richard bursts in Rex ex Machina. I'm surprised you didn't mention the music. Really a wonderful sound track.
  • Bryan McCormick
    Bryan McCormick 1 year ago the music, exactly
  • Bradley Mohr
    Bradley Mohr 3 years ago Adam, it's interesting... because when you think about it, it's when it's very much just animals that there isn't an animal companion, you know? If that makes sense.
  • Adam Hoffman
    Adam Hoffman 3 years ago +Bradley Mohr Making all the characters animals also allowed Disney to add an element of fantasy to the story, which they do with every animated movie they make based on a story that's light on fantastical elements. Like adding the talking gargoyles to The Hunchback of Notre Dame or Mushu and the ancestors' ghosts to Mulan.
  • Battlion 50
    Battlion 50 3 years ago I guess Disney is doing the same thing in zootopia... maybe...
  • Cat Knight
    Cat Knight 3 years ago This is one of my faves. Of all time, every once and awhile I just gotta watch this movie again. Though I did notice that Maid Marian just kind of disappears at some point, I never noticed until Doug brought it up but she does. It's like she's just forgotten by the writers but then in the end they remembered Robin has a love interest. Wonder why that is.
  • Freya Darkfox
    Freya Darkfox 9 months ago There was an alternate ending where she helped injured Robin into the woods, and Prince John follows them and tries to murder him. I would have preferred that ending.
  • Vits Vicente Torres
    Vits Vicente Torres 11 months ago "Though I did notice [...] I never noticed until Doug brought it up." ???
  • trueloveis4u
    trueloveis4u 3 years ago +FaceUnreality i know ud think she would have been seen in the climax cuz she LIVES IN THAT CASTLE
  • RavenFal
    RavenFal 3 years ago I was first introduced to Robin via Mel Brooks' "Robin Hood: Men in Tights."
  • Tristan Hartup
    Tristan Hartup 1 year ago He deered to kill a king's dare
  • zapato
    zapato 2 years ago i read the book first
  • Elizabeth Vucic
    Elizabeth Vucic 3 years ago First robin hood I watched had Morgan Freeman in it.
  • General Jimmies
    General Jimmies 3 years ago +Wrathamon28 Aru-guah Chow ....Ding Dong Dang.
  • TheGoreforce
    TheGoreforce 3 years ago Robin hood takes the money back from the government for the people that rightfully deserves the money. Not the rich.
  • Freddy Frooger
    Freddy Frooger 3 years ago Dearest Doug Walker, Animamorphic isn't a word. The word you're thinking of is anthropomorphic. Sincerely, Freddyfrooger
  • Madi
    Madi 1 year ago Nostalgia Critic: there's a deleted scene/alternate ending where Maid Marian actually saves Robin Hood from John. It's dark, it involves her, and you should really check it out!
  • Terry Wood
    Terry Wood 3 years ago Being English I can't really think what my introduction to to Robin Hood was as he was always a part of British culture, just one of the old legends you learn about during your youngest days from the ether. I do remember this as one of my childhood films but I've just as vivid memory of the Errol Flynn film and the Richard Greene TV series.
  • Plot Twist
    Plot Twist 3 years ago you see where Dreamworks got their "idea" for rhino guards
  • Walter Carvalho
    Walter Carvalho 3 years ago Your talking about Kung Fu Panda
  • Lostariael
    Lostariael 2 years ago Disney's Robin Hood is one of my most vivid memories from my early childhood years, and easily one of the best. My brother and I would watch this CONSTANTLY, I especially remember eating dinner while watching it when Dad was away on business. I always loved the music, and as a senior about to go into the music department in college, I still absolutely love it. For me, this movie is just heartwarming in so many ways.
  • nikosafer1
    nikosafer1 3 years ago The disney version of Robin Hood is my favorite version and is my favorite disney film.
  • Jochem Witteveen
    Jochem Witteveen 3 years ago i have a theory that robin hood and zootopia are in the same universe
  • NightSky9
    NightSky9 3 years ago +Jochem Witteveen the writers even claim so XD
  • Jochem Witteveen
    Jochem Witteveen 3 years ago Nah, i don't think so
  • Tenshi Cat
    Tenshi Cat 3 years ago +Jochem Witteveen Nick must be Robin and Marian's son!
  • MoonlitLycan
    MoonlitLycan 3 years ago Since i never grew up heavily on Disney as a kid, this is the only animated movie by them I continue to like in my adulthood. And some useless trivia: the opening credits song was remixed years later into the Hamster Dance.
  • The HackingBurger
    The HackingBurger 1 year ago MoonlitLycan HOLY COW! How have I never noticed that before,??
  • James Dalby
    James Dalby 3 years ago +MoonlitLycan Here's another neat remix I found...
  • Kubo Edgeworth
    Kubo Edgeworth 3 years ago +MoonlitLycan HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU'RE RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! head ezplodes
  • Caldella
    Caldella 3 years ago +MoonlitLycan I remember when that "dance" song came out, and everyone was flipping out putting it on their webpages online. I didn't get the point, because I immediately recognized it from this.
  • Rubberman202
    Rubberman202 2 years ago For some reason, the music from this music gets me really emotional... Particularly the song where Robin Hood and Maid Marian are together and the song where everyone's locked up... Not sure why, but it almost brings a tear to my eye.
  • kogababe
    kogababe 2 years ago Haven't watched it in forever but this is a really good movie