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KETOGENIC DIET | Shred Fat & Build Muscle

Published on Sep 19, 2017 246,794 views

WBFF Pro, Daniel Ventura explains what the Ketogenic diet is, why he's been following it for the last 20 years and how it has helped him transform his body.

Find out how to eat like a champion physique model.

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WBFF Pro Dan Ventura
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  • Kattro83
    Kattro83 3 months ago Sympathetic guy and not an egoist ..rare. Keep up the good work!
  • Vman
    Vman 3 days ago idk y but i get younger Gordon Ramsay vibes from this guy.
  • paul reeves
    paul reeves 20 hours ago (edited) i lost 25kg in 5 months on keto diet, cannot be bothered to train tho but im 32 waist now 👌 great video 🤙
  • Jonny Pedroza
    Jonny Pedroza 1 year ago (edited) Fat doesn’t make you fat ... what a crazy statement but accurate
  • Kurio71
    Kurio71 2 months ago I'm checking the Insulin Index now. That's what's important not fat.
  • Allostasis
    Allostasis 3 months ago Its not just about specific physiological situations, people can be the same in weight, body fat and burn the same amount of calories, but be radically different in the way they partition calories. People dont just take AAS to increase their metabolism, its also because they want to make an environment where you partition calories more towards burning fat and keeping/ building muscle.
  • Johnny Penso
    Johnny Penso 3 months ago I'm not talking about a few days here and there I'm talking about a lifetime of eating.
  • Allostasis
    Allostasis 3 months ago Thats not how it works. If you are on a high carb diet, then suddenly switch to a high carb diet with perfect maintenance calories you will actually gain fat for several days until your glycogen stores gets more depleted and your body switch over to burning more fat. Another situation where you can eat over calorie maintenance and not gain any fat is a carb-refeed where your glycogen is low and you overeat on carbs for one day. You wont gain fat, maybe even lose some under the right situation. What your body gain that day is carbs. See, calorie balance is not always equal to fat balance. But over longer period of time, we can say calorie balance = fat balance.
  • Johnny Penso
    Johnny Penso 3 months ago Nope ^^^^ Fat will never make you fat. Excess calories above and beyond that which you burn every day makes you fat, no matter where the calories are from.
  • Pasta
    Pasta 3 months ago Fat will make you fat. BUT if you adapt your body to burn fat instead of carbs for fuel, then it wont and it will help you loose fat
  • Allostasis
    Allostasis 4 months ago Lol, its all about fat balance which follows calorie balance, albeit not perfectly. Ofc you could it lots of fat on ketogenic diet and still lose body fat, if you are in negative fat balance. Meaning, your fat intake is lower than the amount the body burns up.
  • Lars Friedrich
    Lars Friedrich 7 months ago Do not combine Fat and carbs and it´ll work.
    PROMiXX 1 year ago Strange But true indeed Jonny! Keep checking out the channel for more great content coming soon!
  • Pest The Warrior
    Pest The Warrior 1 year ago Keto perfetly and concisely broken down. Awesome.
    PROMiXX 1 year ago Dan is very good at explaining keto, checkout his keto coffee too
  • Jeffrey 	 Hudson
    Jeffrey Hudson 11 months ago Why do I feel calm after this video.. great video my guy!
  • Rick67
    Rick67 1 month ago Bodybuilders on ketogenic diets always look way healthier
  • Ze Ragus
    Ze Ragus 6 hours ago bodybuilders on diets...
  • Dream
    Dream 1 week ago Rick67 Thats absolute bullshit.
  • nikhil dongre
    nikhil dongre 1 day ago Can we drink black coffee or green tea without sugar during 16 hrs of fasting?
  • Fabioketofan
    Fabioketofan 1 year ago I need a trainer like you very good sense of humor good job.
  • prabhubpk
    prabhubpk 10 months ago Fabio Silva I
  • Spongebob Schwanzkopf
    Spongebob Schwanzkopf 1 year ago Kurt Russell with muscles
  • Florence Estell
    Florence Estell 6 days ago Yesss
  • Colt Moreau Pitt
    Colt Moreau Pitt 1 month ago Kurt Ruscle
  • nfn7121
    nfn7121 1 month ago That is Kurt Russell. Nice catch buddy.
  • The Five Elements
    The Five Elements 2 months ago Ryan Fleming That was Russell Crowe...
  • Ryan Fleming
    Ryan Fleming 3 months ago Kurt was very muscled in gladiator
    1M views 3 months ago Kurt Muscle
  • Raymond Santos
    Raymond Santos 3 months ago Hahaha wtf!!!!!
  • Red Avis
    Red Avis 4 months ago Ayeooo lmao!
  • Roman
    Roman 4 months ago Kurt Russell was fairly muscular when he was younger.
  • Full Tilt Boogie
    Full Tilt Boogie 8 months ago Omg jajajajajaja
  • Jimmy Stewart
    Jimmy Stewart 9 months ago A very young Kurt Russell!
  • Kevin james fajardo
    Kevin james fajardo 7 hours ago hi every one i want to share to you nice book about anabolic cooking muscle building @t
  • Kevin james fajardo
    Kevin james fajardo 7 hours ago hi every one i want to share to you nice book about anabolic cooking muscle building @t
  • Cecy Aglr
    Cecy Aglr 1 year ago Very informative, best explanation I've seen on youtube. Thanks Dan Ventura.
  • jysix
    jysix 10 months ago wow, so many errors in basically good info. E.g. you are not fasted after a bullet prove coffee. A bullet prove coffee has tons of calories and interrupters your fast. So if he eats chocolate before going to bed and has a bullet prove coffee in the morning his fasting window will be not that long (8-10h) and the testosterone effect and grows hormone effect is by far not as good as it would be with longer fasting window (12-16h). It obviously works for him but for the majority of people that is not that effective. And coconut oil has MCT but is not MCT and MCTs do not have to go through the liver to be used. And no, our ancestors did not get 75% of tier calories from fat. But most likely they had longer periods where they eat only very rarely and then utilized their fat storage and where probably quite often in ketosis during that time. And there where quite a few more errors that do not seem to hamper his body building looks, but its still not accurate though.
    PROMiXX 1 year ago Thanks Cecy, checkout Dan's latest video on Keto Coffee -
  • alaverd9244
    alaverd9244 1 day ago He’s like a scientist whose experiment is his own body
  • Young Sinatra
    Young Sinatra 8 hours ago It will work out if you work out
    JUSTOSKAAR 2 days ago I’m trying to understand everything but it’s so hard haha , so much stuff to keep track on but it seems to be easy when you get in to it as a routine etc!
  • Dr_Banana
    Dr_Banana 1 day ago When your not eating dosent the Body use muscle as fuel and not fat?
  • MH D
    MH D 1 year ago I just cant believe...almost NO view , NO Likes , NO subscriber. And the video was super informative he explained everything quite simple AND he was a charismatic guy...i just dont get it 😐
    PROMiXX 1 year ago MH D - we're getting there now :) - check out Dans latest vid on keto coffee
  • C F
    C F 1 year ago I'm pretty sure it's not his channel, just an interview.
  • Anthony Juniel
    Anthony Juniel 8 months ago Awesome video. Thank you so much for putting it in layman's terms. The best video on this subject that I've seen. Great job!
  • Kathleen Mangan
    Kathleen Mangan 1 week ago Thank you so much for this video!! The questions that were asked were great!