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WBFF Pro, Daniel Ventura explains what the Ketogenic diet is, why he's been following it for the last 20 years and how it has helped him transform his body.

Find out how to eat like a champion physique model.

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  • Jonny Pedroza
    Jonny Pedroza 1 year ago (edited) Fat doesn’t make you fat ... what a crazy statement but accurate
    PROMiXX 1 year ago Strange But true indeed Jonny! Keep checking out the channel for more great content coming soon!
  • Lars Friedrich
    Lars Friedrich 10 months ago Do not combine Fat and carbs and it´ll work.
  • Allostasis
    Allostasis 7 months ago Lol, its all about fat balance which follows calorie balance, albeit not perfectly. Ofc you could it lots of fat on ketogenic diet and still lose body fat, if you are in negative fat balance. Meaning, your fat intake is lower than the amount the body burns up.
  • Pasta
    Pasta 6 months ago Fat will make you fat. BUT if you adapt your body to burn fat instead of carbs for fuel, then it wont and it will help you loose fat
  • Johnny Penso
    Johnny Penso 6 months ago Nope ^^^^ Fat will never make you fat. Excess calories above and beyond that which you burn every day makes you fat, no matter where the calories are from.
  • Allostasis
    Allostasis 6 months ago Thats not how it works. If you are on a high carb diet, then suddenly switch to a high carb diet with perfect maintenance calories you will actually gain fat for several days until your glycogen stores gets more depleted and your body switch over to burning more fat. Another situation where you can eat over calorie maintenance and not gain any fat is a carb-refeed where your glycogen is low and you overeat on carbs for one day. You wont gain fat, maybe even lose some under the right situation. What your body gain that day is carbs. See, calorie balance is not always equal to fat balance. But over longer period of time, we can say calorie balance = fat balance.
  • Johnny Penso
    Johnny Penso 6 months ago I'm not talking about a few days here and there I'm talking about a lifetime of eating.
  • Allostasis
    Allostasis 6 months ago Its not just about specific physiological situations, people can be the same in weight, body fat and burn the same amount of calories, but be radically different in the way they partition calories. People dont just take AAS to increase their metabolism, its also because they want to make an environment where you partition calories more towards burning fat and keeping/ building muscle.
  • Kurio71
    Kurio71 5 months ago I'm checking the Insulin Index now. That's what's important not fat.
  • brencostigan
    brencostigan 2 months ago (edited) Kurio71 You’ve just hit the nail on the head. It all revolves around insulin and glucagon which are antagonistic hormones. If your insulin is stimulated (by carb intake) then your metabolic pathways that facilitate fat metabolism are suppressed. So the whole calories in calories out hypothesis is a myth. Carbohydrate intake inhibits fat burning, It’s a two compartment problem. Go watch Dr Jason Fung’s detailed explanations, you may be surprised......
  • Anti Rage
    Anti Rage 2 months ago @Pasta how do you make that I'm a bit skinny fat I have muscle and a bit of pecs but my belly is fat, how do I do that
  • Jack Ware
    Jack Ware 2 months ago lost 15 pounds in 2 weeks doing keto
  • Krane
    Krane 1 month ago Its not accurate, just incorrectly stated. In fact, any macro nutrient can make you fat when you consume more than your body burns. Fats included.
  • the conquering truck driver Can/USA
    the conquering truck driver Can/USA 1 month ago Wait what that's farfetched. Hmm maby over eating.
  • David O'Connor
    David O'Connor 2 weeks ago Contradict son one word
  • shane stevens
    shane stevens 2 weeks ago @Anti Rage, hi , you want to look for info on hypercortisolism, where, you have high cortisol levels which causes visceral fat, the fat stored around organs and in between intestines, you need to treat the underlying causes of high cortisol.
  • Krane
    Krane 2 weeks ago Any of the macros can make you fat when you consume more than you utilize. Fats are no exception.
  • shakele Folajimi
    shakele Folajimi 2 weeks ago @Johnny Penso but you get way more calories from fat. Also your body doesn't turn carbs to glycogen, it turns it to glucose or other monosaccahrides. Your body turns fat to glycogen and stores it under your skin or around organs.
  • Johnny Penso
    Johnny Penso 2 weeks ago ^^^ Odd then that I eat 70% of my calories from fat every day and I'm at my highschool weight (5'10", 163lbs). When you get into ketosis you burn fat for fuel.
  • King Leonidas
    King Leonidas 3 months ago idk y but i get younger Gordon Ramsay vibes from this guy.
  • Skool Dudes
    Skool Dudes 3 months ago Ikr
  • 285ms
    285ms 2 months ago Its the forehead isn't it
  • King Leonidas
    King Leonidas 2 months ago @285ms that, the jawline, and a bit of the accent yeah.
    IAMGODSPEED 2 months ago Same
  • Joshua Patterson
    Joshua Patterson 2 months ago @King Leonidas mate Gordon Ramsays Scottish
  • King Leonidas
    King Leonidas 2 months ago @Joshua Patterson ik
  • ايمن الاسطى
    ايمن الاسطى 2 months ago younger and much muscular version
  • Richard Lanaria
    Richard Lanaria 2 months ago I dunno I’m getting more a kurt Russel vibe from the film Soldier
  • cooldude does vids
    cooldude does vids 2 months ago Vman that’s exactly what I said to myself
  • Daniel Hursey
    Daniel Hursey 2 months ago (edited) A swole Ramsay lol
  • Dr Strange
    Dr Strange 1 month ago King Leonidas lmao I just came from a video of Hell’s Kitchen
  • Aaron Wrecks
    Aaron Wrecks 1 month ago 😂🤣😭 I lost my shit when his face appeared.
  • Elijah Garma
    Elijah Garma 1 month ago U mean super buffed gordon
  • L M
    L M 1 month ago Hahahahaha
  • Neilyboy 1806
    Neilyboy 1806 1 month ago Minus the anger obviously
  • Trav maynee
    Trav maynee 1 month ago If he laced the lamb sauce with roids
  • Travis Trestler
    Travis Trestler 1 month ago Richard Lanaria Damn you beat me to it!
  • King Leonidas
    King Leonidas 1 month ago @Travis Trestler yup
  • King Leonidas
    King Leonidas 1 month ago @ايمن الاسطى yeah
  • King Leonidas
    King Leonidas 1 month ago @cooldude does vids great minds think alike
  • King Leonidas
    King Leonidas 1 month ago @Dr Strange lmao same
  • King Leonidas
    King Leonidas 1 month ago @Elijah Garma fiery ripped gordon
  • King Leonidas
    King Leonidas 1 month ago @Neilyboy 1806 clearly
  • Kattro83
    Kattro83 6 months ago Sympathetic guy and not an egoist ..rare. Keep up the good work!