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I did Tom Brady's INSANE diet for a month and LOST TOO MUCH WEIGHT

Published on Jan 4, 2019 3,326,871 views

Going into the New Year I was feeling really bloated. I know you guys have requested me to attempt celebrity diets, so I thought let's start 2019 off with the GOAT himself, Tom Brady! I talk about the T12 nutrition program and what it involves. What I had for breakfast, lunch & dinner. We talk about what Tom Brady eats. How I got a 6 pack from this diet. How much water I drank. What foods Tom Brady deems as "good" or "bad". I review the Tom Brady diet and give my recommendations on who its good or not good for. Watch the video to get some laughs as I suffer, or see if this diets right for you.

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  • Emma Claire
    Emma Claire 4 months ago (edited) Anyone get this video in their recommendations but never watches videos like this??? Edit: Omg!!! I never gotten this many likes!! Lol 😂
  • lexip396able
    lexip396able 4 months ago Yup
  • Ellen ME
    Ellen ME 4 months ago Yeah... Apparently I need to lose weight 😂
  • Andrea B
    Andrea B 4 months ago Yes!!!! Lol
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    LiAmber Nichole 4 months ago Yep lol
  • Mj Ann
    Mj Ann 4 months ago ya ahahahah tf
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    Fanofdogs LOL 4 months ago Yes
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    Laurie-Ann74 Sings 4 months ago Yup
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    Isobel Coetzee 4 months ago Yep wth!!!
  • adriana ramirez
    adriana ramirez 4 months ago Emma Claire same
  • Service Dog Rosie
    Service Dog Rosie 4 months ago Yup
  • Misia K. Lawless
    Misia K. Lawless 4 months ago I did also!
  • Barbara Kowalczyk
    Barbara Kowalczyk 4 months ago Apparently Google thinks I need to lose weight
  • Tracey's Tracks
    Tracey's Tracks 4 months ago And its stupid.
  • son littrell
    son littrell 4 months ago Me 🤔
  • Mandi Taylor
    Mandi Taylor 4 months ago Yep. It kept popping up over and over. Not sure why.
  • Mandi Taylor
    Mandi Taylor 4 months ago Barbara Kowalczyk right?!? Google knows everything.
  • Danielle Trigueros
    Danielle Trigueros 4 months ago Yup... and I ain't mad about it. 🤷‍♀️
  • smol peaches
    smol peaches 4 months ago I watch diet and anorexia videos and safe foods so this wasnt shocking to me lol
  • Andrew R.
    Andrew R. 4 months ago Algorithm? Maybe we’ve all typed skinny somewhere at some point.. But at least I feel like I learned something by skimming through. 😆
  • Melissa Mosey
    Melissa Mosey 4 months ago Yep! Lol
  • Rara Avis
    Rara Avis 4 months ago Emma Claire Yeah, clickbait totally click somehow 😉 This was actually fairly entertaining though!
  • Miss Dolo
    Miss Dolo 4 months ago Yeah for nothing
  • Lisa Lynn
    Lisa Lynn 4 months ago (edited) @Miss Dolo ha lol same
  • Tryintomake Adollaroutof15cents
    Tryintomake Adollaroutof15cents 4 months ago YouTube is feeling very mean girl right now😶
  • Simone' Howard
    Simone' Howard 3 months ago (edited) Yeah, but I watch other stuff sort of like this. Plus I said “ workout” while I was by my phone, so I’m pretty sure YouTube is spying on me.
  • Bri Shae Designs
    Bri Shae Designs 3 months ago I keep waiting for that magical moment to occur in my online life too🙇🏼‍♀️ so’re kinda my hero now, proving that ANYTHING’S possible😉
  • Gina Kohne
    Gina Kohne 3 months ago I dont do sports or diets but i did read something about tom brady today by accident, so maybe thats why its in recommendations🧐
  • Rikeyia Glover
    Rikeyia Glover 3 months ago Emma Claire yelp
  • Nikki V
    Nikki V 3 months ago Yes but here I am lol
  • Ricky
    Ricky 3 months ago First thought on my mind when i saw the title: who gives a shit.
  • Md Moka
    Md Moka 3 months ago Emma Claire
  • Ferret Ice cream
    Ferret Ice cream 3 months ago Emma Claire I found it I think YouTube hates me and thinks I’m fat because YouTube put send this to someone you hate and I never watch those and now this ahhhh
  • Megan Nichols
    Megan Nichols 3 months ago Yes lol
  • Austin216
    Austin216 3 months ago Ya it's bullshit too
  • Ms Mom
    Ms Mom 3 months ago This is true but now I'm interested but won't follow though
  • Austin216
    Austin216 3 months ago @Ms Mom just fast its vary healthy you dont starve look in to it. Snake diet on YouTube
  • Nicole Dixon
    Nicole Dixon 3 months ago It’s called buying views
  • Tea Markota
    Tea Markota 3 months ago Yes🤣😂👍
  • Arletta Sloan
    Arletta Sloan 3 months ago Yes. Well, I watch A Healthy Alternative, about fasting. I do not watch videos on dieting and trying out diets, etc. Except when they keep getting recommended to me and I want to find out why.
  • danielle ackerman
    danielle ackerman 3 months ago Yes lol
  • MaxCrackfield
    MaxCrackfield 3 months ago Yep
  • As useless as Dan's belt
    As useless as Dan's belt 3 months ago Cant relate I watch Blair Walnuts which does lots of vids like this lol
  • kelly Vargas
    kelly Vargas 3 months ago yes she talks too much
  • Leanne Bryson
    Leanne Bryson 2 months ago yes, and yet here I am 7minutes in. lol...
  • Kizzabell
    Kizzabell 2 months ago Weird coz I have more of a problem trying to fatten myself up not losing weight.
  • LillDaChill
    LillDaChill 2 months ago Emma Claire, Yup.. no clue who this is. It’s like it was paid to be shown.
  • Coconut Seed
    Coconut Seed 2 months ago Me! I’m here
  • Steph W
    Steph W 1 week ago Emma Claire I was watching a bathers haul video before this 😂
  • Aliyanna Renea
    Aliyanna Renea 3 months ago If only she could see my version of "bloaty"
  • Esmeralda Guillen
    Esmeralda Guillen 3 months ago Or mine😂
  • Lori Averill
    Lori Averill 3 months ago I just want you ladies to know that bloated not bloated, thin or heavy there's only one of you on the planet and you are beautiful no matter what. In my late teens and early 20's I weighed 100 pounds and developed an eating disorder cause I seen myself as far and after going through that I like to be encouraging to other women that no matter what you guys are beautiful and you don't have to be anything but yourselves 😊.
  • Julie Covington
    Julie Covington 3 months ago Aliyanna Renea Lol...mine too 😄
  • Brianna Banana c:
    Brianna Banana c: 3 months ago Lmao same
  • Brianna Banana c:
    Brianna Banana c: 3 months ago @Lori Averill marry me 😍
  • Fly Butterfly
    Fly Butterfly 3 months ago I do not think she knows the definition of bloaty 😂
  • Abbey Roberts
    Abbey Roberts 3 months ago Me too no matter what I eat lop
  • Abbey Roberts
    Abbey Roberts 3 months ago @Fly Butterfly she was skinny to begin with tho to try this again you'd need to be 160 pounds with bloaty then see if u loose weight lol
  • AnaTikika
    AnaTikika 3 months ago Aliyanna Renea yes! I was here to comment that; no offence it’s just a bit hard to watch a slim person do a video like this...... okay bye now lol
  • Valerie H.
    Valerie H. 3 months ago Mine!!! 😂😂😂
  • Valerie H.
    Valerie H. 3 months ago @Lori Averill You're such a Beautiful Soul. 💖💜💖
  • Fly Butterfly
    Fly Butterfly 3 months ago Abbey Roberts Yes I completely agree you need to have some fat to lose weight lol
  • Aerayna Williams
    Aerayna Williams 2 months ago Right 😂😂😂😂
  • Baduel Perez
    Baduel Perez 2 months ago Aliyanna Renea fr me too lmfao
  • Js C
    Js C 2 months ago X498
  • Kegne kenkai
    Kegne kenkai 2 months ago Anyones bloating clearly isn't great since it puts pressure on a spot that can hurt easily with movement. If you have bloating, there is a chart that shows which causes your type of bloating and then you can reduce it and see how well it goes. I know I bloat out of stress/lack of physical activity and consuming too much sugar. Determine and try methods or see a gastrointernal doctor to determine you gut health/digestive track issues and it will help tons. Remember kids: Bloating isn't cool and you deserve the best so make sure you get the best.
  • Kube Dog
    Kube Dog 1 month ago But she has man feet.
  • Alexandria I. Hall
    Alexandria I. Hall 1 month ago Lori Averill so sweet 🤗
  • Mathilde Pilain
    Mathilde Pilain 1 month ago Omg me too! Please get tested for SIBO if you have a really bad bloating, it's not always IBS...
  • Mathilde Pilain
    Mathilde Pilain 1 month ago I will always believe that a healthy gut never bloat, or bloat a bit and debloat quite quickly... Otherwise you may have a bad bacteria or a dysbiosis. I wish I knew that before
  • Olivia Boyles
    Olivia Boyles 1 month ago right!
  • Amelia Broetzmann
    Amelia Broetzmann 5 days ago I look 9 months when I’m bloated☹️
  • Angel Atomate-O’Connor
    Angel Atomate-O’Connor 3 months ago I appreciate that you seasoned your chicken.
  • Dee Coles
    Dee Coles 3 months ago Lol
  • Eleanor Rivera
    Eleanor Rivera 3 months ago 🤣
  • xocrl
    xocrl 3 months ago Do people really not? Lol
  • Angel Atomate-O’Connor
    Angel Atomate-O’Connor 3 months ago You'd be surprised how many people think that just a sprinkle of salt and a dash of pepper would suffice lol
  • Cameron Seymour
    Cameron Seymour 3 months ago you appreciate that she...did an everyday normal thing??? ok..lmao
  • Mini Cameron
    Mini Cameron 3 months ago This is the type of comment where it’s like, if you know then you know. Clearly some people don’t know.
  • Angel Atomate-O’Connor
    Angel Atomate-O’Connor 3 months ago @Mini Cameron Exactly! What’s understood doesn’t have to be explained. Y’all know what I was talking about and the ones who don’t are the ones who are “seasoning” their chicken with just salt and pepper 😂😩😂😩
  • denise littles
    denise littles 3 months ago Angel Atomate-O’Connor 😂😂😂😩
  • Divine Diva
    Divine Diva 3 months ago 🤣🤣🤣
  • Divine Diva
    Divine Diva 3 months ago @Mini Cameron STILL DWL! 🤣🤣🤣
  • DL1982 Peters
    DL1982 Peters 3 months ago She's talking about how a lot of white people don't season their food. Esp chicken. You're welcome -capt obvious
  • Valerie H.
    Valerie H. 3 months ago Right..
  • Baduel Perez
    Baduel Perez 2 months ago Lol f
  • xCryBaby
    xCryBaby 1 month ago DL1982 Peters what does being white have to do with anything? it's about a person's taste, not skin color smh
  • Laura TheLlama
    Laura TheLlama 1 month ago Angel Atomate-O’Connor I honestly don’t know any white person that doesn’t season there’s 😂
  • Chicken Tendie
    Chicken Tendie 3 weeks ago Angel Atomate-O’Connor i’m a white person who lives in an area with primarily white people and have never once witnessed someone season their chicken with just salt and pepper.
  • You don’t know me
    You don’t know me 6 days ago Chicken Tendie you should see the southern recipes for chicken! Juicy, tender, and full of flavour
  • Chicken Tendie
    Chicken Tendie 6 days ago You don’t know me my chicken is juicy, tender, and full of flavor my name is chicken tendie you already know i luv me some juicy chicken
    STAN EXO 4 months ago (edited) The name "Tom Brady" rang a bell. Googled him. Same guy who told people to drink 37 glasses of water a day. Not surprised his diet is extreme, everything he does is hardcore.
  • Maia F
    Maia F 4 months ago Denise Batalha imagine this.... some people aren’t American. I have no clue who Tom Brady is.
  • Becky Gomez
    Becky Gomez 4 months ago Me too
  • Alayna Miller
    Alayna Miller 4 months ago @Denise Batalha Right!!
  • Camilla Jean
    Camilla Jean 4 months ago ​@Denise Batalha i live in europe how i am i supposed to know lmao
  • K
    K 4 months ago (edited) I have never heard of him either. I live in the UK. American football isn't popular.
  • Rhett Wilborn
    Rhett Wilborn 4 months ago eris' pick -
  • Tryintomake Adollaroutof15cents
    Tryintomake Adollaroutof15cents 4 months ago I wish I didn’t know who he was. So annoying him and his wife. 🤦🏽‍♀️ .. 37 glasses a day sounds more than extreme; it sounds alarming. There’s such thing as too much water. It can flush out your electrolytes and make u feel terrible
    STAN EXO 3 months ago @Denise Batalha I'm from Spain. I know deadass nothing about American sports. Thanks for the roast tho.
  • Amalia M
    Amalia M 3 months ago @Tryintomake Adollaroutof15cents Why are they annnoying? Because they're beautiful, successful, and work their asses of? Please, do me a favor...get out on the field and show me how you do what he did last night with his LAST touchdown. No? Then shut up!
  • Moqua ASMR
    Moqua ASMR 3 months ago @Denise Batalha american football is gayyyy
  • Moqua ASMR
    Moqua ASMR 3 months ago @Maia F im american idk who he is either
  • Megeroni
    Megeroni 3 months ago (edited) I don’t see why it matters so much that someone does or doesn’t know who an American football player is. People are too obsessed with people on t.v whether it be a celeb or an athlete etc. I understand they might be someone you look up to, like, admire and that but seriously getting defensive that someone doesn’t know who they are. Why bother, they don’t know who you are or that you exist even. People get sooo easily offended these days about anyone or anything.
  • ndufcat
    ndufcat 3 months ago 37 shot glasses? Lol.
  • ndufcat
    ndufcat 3 months ago @Denise Batalha I honestly think anyone watching American football in France may have lived in the US at one point or had a significant other who was American and into AF.
  • miaha grant
    miaha grant 3 months ago (edited) Denise Batalha which proves his point even more he represents their country
  • MisterTwister
    MisterTwister 3 months ago (edited) Maia F I bet you know who Kim Kardashian is though
  • barry amerault
    barry amerault 3 months ago The "name Tom Brady" rang a bell???!!! What planet do you live on, I get that not everyone is in to sports, but the guy has been a mega-celebrity for going on "two decades"!!! The 37 glasses of water sounds a bit much (whatever floats your boat), but on average the diet calls for 14 glasses! Tom also exercises like a maniac, so I'd imagine weight loss isn't a big problem for him, some weight training would make a difference.
  • Lex Lutha111384
    Lex Lutha111384 3 months ago Denise Batalha u mean the BEST quarterback of all time
  • Candace George
    Candace George 3 months ago Yeah that much water is going to dangerously deplete MOST people of electrolytes
  • eileen stevenson
    eileen stevenson 3 months ago That’s why he’s a winner &The GOAT !
  • Pat Lewis
    Pat Lewis 3 months ago MEGè B — totally agree!!
  • Zecora
    Zecora 3 months ago @Maia F wait but im American and i dont know who he is...
    STAN EXO 3 months ago @barry amerault hop off your high horse, american trash. tom brady didn't find the the cure for cancer or anything 💀💀💀
    STAN EXO 3 months ago @eileen stevenson if you say so LMFAO
  • Sabeen Zulfiqar
    Sabeen Zulfiqar 3 months ago 37 glasses of water😱
  • Sweet Cheeks
    Sweet Cheeks 3 months ago Tryintomake Adollaroutof15cents He must be too dumb to understand that when your pee comes out clear you are already hydrated enough.
  • Trina N
    Trina N 3 months ago (edited) Idk I equate him to someone like David Beckham for soccer even though he’s in the UK he’s well known by many who don’t even watch soccer. Most who aren’t patriots fans don’t like Tom Brady (aka me lol) BUT he’s an amazing QB probably best of all time.
  • Nathan Carrille
    Nathan Carrille 3 months ago 37 glasses is about 9 liters.... I Guess it makes sense for him since he is an athlete, I easily drink 4 liters of water a day, maybe even 5, and I'm not an athlete.
  • The DohDoh
    The DohDoh 3 months ago True 😂
  • bittersaltea
    bittersaltea 3 months ago he’s a professional athlete he has to drink a lot of water
  • JAS
    JAS 3 months ago It's not hardcore, it could actually be stupid. Drinking that much water might be okay for an athlete who's working out and needs to hydrate but drinking too much water can cause water intoxication and death. If you drink too much too quickly or too much overall. If you're taking about 8 oz of water per glass them that's 296 oz which can cause a sodium imbalance and result in death.
  • What Not To Do At a Stoplight
    What Not To Do At a Stoplight 3 months ago Tryintomake Adollaroutof15cents That totally seems dangerous. People have died from drinking too much water, and yeah, it can flush out electrolytes and put your cells in a hypertonic state.
  • Lori Averill
    Lori Averill 3 months ago I'm thinking the reason why he drinks that much water is cause of him going to football practices and plays football games and sweats a lot. It really isn't healthy to drink that much water daily cause you can end up feeling like you have the worst case of flu you ever had because that much water will dilute the sodium content your body needs and know your electrolyte balance way off. Just be careful cause you don't want to make yourself sick. Where I live our hospitals were having a lot of people coming into the emergency room thinking that they had the flu and it turned out it wasn't the flu it was them being overly hydrated and people can suffer from water intoxication and although rare it can be fatal and unfortunately you won't know if it's fatal until it's to late and you end up with water intoxication.
  • Lori Averill
    Lori Averill 3 months ago @Maia F Tom Brady use to play football on my beloved Michigan Wolverines football team and he was great. It's the Michigan Wolverines golden boy.
  • Lori Averill
    Lori Averill 3 months ago @K England didn't seem to have a problem filling the stands when the Detroit Lions came over there with another team. They were really loving it and I was surprised because y'all love soccer. I am glad they enjoyed it though cause it gave the people over there a chance to enjoy something different.
  • Lori Averill
    Lori Averill 3 months ago @Tryintomake Adollaroutof15cents the 37 glasses of water a day for him probably works because between football practice, football games and work outs he would be sweating a lot so he probably has to do a different amount of fluid intake. How can you hate on people you don't know? If we as a society, and I mean throughout the whole world, don't stop the hate then nothing will ever change.
  • Lori Averill
    Lori Averill 3 months ago @Amalia M my friend Aric Morris played on the New England Patriots in 2003 with Tom Brady and said him and his wife are both really nice people. It's a shame that people judge people they don't know.
  • Lori Averill
    Lori Averill 3 months ago @Moqua ASMR why don't you go down south where American football is a way of life and tell them that American football is gay. I promise you it will end very badly for you.
  • Lori Averill
    Lori Averill 3 months ago @barry amerault Tom Brady was a mega star when he played football for the college team I love the Michigan Wolverines. Michigan has been cranking out some great football players and have had a lot of them drafted into the NFL over the years.
  • Lori Averill
    Lori Averill 3 months ago @barry amerault I said the exact same thing about Tom Brady drinking 37 glasses of water daily, that between football practice and football games and all the workouts he does he sweats a lot so that would probably be ok for him to do that much of a fluid intake daily.
  • Lori Averill
    Lori Averill 3 months ago @Candace George you are absolutely correct for most people that would be dangerous to drink that much water but for someone that does football practice and football games to play plus all of the workouts Tom Brady does it's probably ok for him to have a fluid intake daily like he does.
  • Lori Averill
    Lori Averill 3 months ago @STAN EXO you need to watch who the fuck you are calling American trash. If you don't like us then stay the fuck off of our websites and you need to remember on thing and that's America's constitutional right of freedom of speech doesn't cover foreigners like you to say whatever the fuck you please nor should it.
  • Lori Averill
    Lori Averill 3 months ago @JAS it's not that dangerous to drink that much water when you go to football practices and plays football games and have heavy duty daily workouts and sweat a lot. Not drinking enough water when you are an athlete who does all that and sweats a lot is equally as dangerous because you can become severely dehydrated and dehydration can make you way more sick then drinking to much water.
  • Lori Averill
    Lori Averill 3 months ago @What Not To Do At a Stoplight it's very rare from someone overly drinking water and it's called water intoxication but for athletes their daily fluid intake because of football practices and plays football games and the intense workouts they do that cause them to sweat a lot so the amount of water they drink will be way different than someone who isn't an athlete doing all that stuff. Plus between college and professional sports teams they keep dieticians and nutritionists on staff to work with the athletes so if anyone of them was in any sort of danger those people would tell them.
  • madison bridges
    madison bridges 3 months ago Army!💜
  • OsakaRM
    OsakaRM 3 months ago (edited) Lori Averill uh oh guys!! We have an entitled American on our hands!!🤕
  • Blue Berry
    Blue Berry 3 months ago I heard about this guy because I live on the border of Canada so I’m super close to America.. and his name comes up a lot it’s sorta annoying lol
  • Valerie H.
    Valerie H. 3 months ago @Megeroni EXACTLY!!! You said it. Thanks, I didn't have to type it, lol. 👍👍
  • Valerie H.
    Valerie H. 3 months ago @JAS So true. I suffered from water intoxication before. Changing my diet & drinking more water. It makes you feel as if you have congestive heart failure. IT TRULY 👎👎👎👎..
  • Nina Ning
    Nina Ning 3 months ago @barry amerault Holy shit! Imagine... just imagine, some people aren't from the US? Or, imagine this. Some people don't follow sports at all, be it rugby, football, golf. Or some people don't follow the celebs everyone apparently knows (turns out not EVERYONE knows them, since, well, yeah). Just imagine...
  • Erin Govoni
    Erin Govoni 3 months ago Lori Averill 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • Ava Bartels
    Ava Bartels 2 months ago K why does no one in the UK play American football ?
  • robo-bitch
    robo-bitch 2 months ago It's ok that you don't who he is, you're an EXO stan and that's what matters
    STAN EXO 2 months ago can y'all stop fighting in the comments, drinking 37 glasses of water a day is something only a dude out of his mind would do lmao,,,, also fuck american football indeed
  • Ajhan Mendar
    Ajhan Mendar 2 months ago I’ve been drinking six glasses of water for like a week or so and now I’m feeling fatigue, dizziness, and a heck ton of headaches. And for him to suggest 37 glasses a day is absurd
  • Clara Park
    Clara Park 2 months ago he is an athlete so I get that he drinks a lot of water. but.. 37 glasses of water is a little extreme.
  • Jaime C
    Jaime C 1 month ago Butttt, he’s 41 and still in prime athletic condition...
  • K A
    K A 3 months ago When she was talking about tomatoes and how she can’t eat tomatoes but she can eat stuff with tomatoes in it I got an ad. And the first thing this ad said was, “think tomatoes are good for you? Wrong.”
  • Keltie O'Connor
    Keltie O'Connor 3 months ago Woooooo youtube that’s kinda creepy 😂
  • Cheyanne Guin
    Cheyanne Guin 3 months ago I got that same ad wtf😂
  • Melanie H
    Melanie H 3 months ago We are being watched
  • Just Breathe
    Just Breathe 3 months ago @Melanie H for sure this is old news
  • Melanie H
    Melanie H 3 months ago Just Breathe I know
  • K A
    K A 3 months ago Just Breathe if it’s still happening it’s still current
  • Anna Machesky
    Anna Machesky 3 months ago 😂😂
  • Anne Harvey
    Anne Harvey 3 months ago Supposedly, tomatoes are one of the few foods that are actually better for you once cooked. If you've heard of lectins (a type of protein found in plants), its because of this. Tomatoes and some other foods (beans, peanuts, lentils, tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, fruits, and wheat and other grains) are claimed to be high in "lectins" which are difficult on the body to process. Usually foods in their raw form are best for you because when you cook things, the heat breaks down the nutrients and proteins, but the good news is most of the lectins are destroyed in the cooking process, so an organic marinara sauce would be a great nutritional food, but eating raw tomatoes, not so much.
  • K A
    K A 3 months ago Anne Harvey with all the sources saying differing things about every kind of food, I might as well just eat nothing tbh
  • Anne Harvey
    Anne Harvey 2 months ago @K A Oh my gosh! That's exactly what I've been saying lately, haha. I just finished doing a vegan diet for 4 months. Just because I think it's good to have the different knowledge and opinion for yourself. I think what's interesting is how little we actually know is fact about nutrition for the human body. Glad you did this one yourself to test it out :) That's awesome!
  • Swati Shaiwalini Kujur
    Swati Shaiwalini Kujur 3 months ago YouTube recommended this video. Now I'm watching this while eating a brownie. Great for boosting my confidence. 😑 Now I'm motivated but I'm going to finish the brownie first.
  • Akiya Hester
    Akiya Hester 3 months ago i feel you on that lmaoo
  • Itsurladysuping lll
    Itsurladysuping lll 3 months ago Swati Shaiwalini Kujur lol
  • Sophie Rozar
    Sophie Rozar 3 months ago Swati Shaiwalini Kujur MOOD
  • Fanny Nunez
    Fanny Nunez 3 months ago 😂😂
  • ColorMeShay
    ColorMeShay 3 months ago Swati Shaiwalini Kujur ahahahhahaha I cannot stand u for this comment. I watched this while eating gum and now I’m disgusted with myself
  • Fatima Khattak
    Fatima Khattak 3 months ago MOOOOOOOODDDD
  • S M
    S M 3 months ago So how was that brownie? Was it worth it? 😂😂😂😂 this comment made me lol
  • Swati Shaiwalini Kujur
    Swati Shaiwalini Kujur 2 months ago (edited) @S M It was worth it. Also I'm off this regime while watching Netflix.
  • Aerayna Williams
    Aerayna Williams 2 months ago I'm still eating my sour patch I want a brownie too 😂
  • Baduel Perez
    Baduel Perez 2 months ago Lol
  • Katherine Elmore
    Katherine Elmore 2 months ago Currently eating Oreos and will do better tomorrow lmao
  • Amelia Broetzmann
    Amelia Broetzmann 5 days ago I’m watching this while eating chocolate cake...
  • Kylie Johnston
    Kylie Johnston 2 months ago Why would they make healthy food so expensive but they want us to eat healthy?
  • Regal Hado
    Regal Hado 2 months ago animal agriculture is for money, not for our health
  • Journey Kalins
    Journey Kalins 2 months ago So they can make more money
  • Misty Alvis
    Misty Alvis 2 months ago capitlism
  • Chris
    Chris 1 month ago Lol cuz “they” don’t want you to be healthy after all.
  • swan D
    swan D 1 month ago (edited) Kylie Johnston if you’re healthy ‘they’ can’t make you spend women on weight loss products, or gym memberships, or in hospital. There is no profit for corporations in making people healthy
  • guokiss
    guokiss 2 weeks ago "They" (I'm assuming you are referring to corporations, which if you don't support you could instead buy your food from local farmers and or supermarkets) don't "make" healthy food expensive. Healthy food is expensive because it takes a long amount of time to produce and requires money and resources to produce with good quality. Unhealthy food is cheaper because it is easier and less costly to produce. Healthier, more inexpensive options for your diet include growing your own food and purchasing food from local businesses. The answer is not always corruption, as the other comments have suggested.
  • Curt Walter
    Curt Walter 3 months ago No carbonation! Brady likes things flat.
  • Just Breathe
    Just Breathe 3 months ago I see what you did there lol
  • Christina Acosta
    Christina Acosta 3 months ago Lol !!!!! As a jet fan.... I truly appreciate that joke. I mean my team is already a joke, might as well find some light in all this and you brought it to me 🔔
  • Meditation with Holly
    Meditation with Holly 3 months ago Hahahahahahah
  • Sylvia Kifo
    Sylvia Kifo 3 months ago He's a cheater says this Steeler fan!
  • Judy D
    Judy D 3 months ago still married to the most famous supermodel so and 6 ring winner so he’s still goat :)
  • Wendy Moffit
    Wendy Moffit 3 months ago Curt Walter 😂😂😂😂
  • Mama Jedi
    Mama Jedi 3 months ago Burn!
  • What Not To Do At a Stoplight
    What Not To Do At a Stoplight 3 months ago Judy D Lol you’re one of those people who cares who he’s validated by.
  • tec
    tec 3 months ago lol
  • Judy D
    Judy D 3 months ago What Not To Do At a Stoplight I'm really not lmaooo I'm just a pats fan... I wasn't trying to be rude
  • Red Stilletto
    Red Stilletto 3 months ago Kinda like Giselle’s ass. Ha!
  • makeupaddiikt
    makeupaddiikt 3 months ago 😂😂😂😂😂 #deflategate
  • AF_1892
    AF_1892 3 months ago Sick burn
  • Shawna T
    Shawna T 3 months ago hahahahha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you win!
  • Retro Soul Vibration
    Retro Soul Vibration 2 months ago lol
  • FillYourFeed
    FillYourFeed 2 months ago Ha.
  • Abundant Grace Boutique
    Abundant Grace Boutique 2 months ago Lol! #whodat
  • SiSi SiSTER
    SiSi SiSTER 2 months ago I like things flat to😂
  • Lin
    Lin 2 months ago Curt Walter underrated
  • Jaime C
    Jaime C 1 month ago Hate us cuz you ain’t us!! 😘
  • Elizabeth Miller
    Elizabeth Miller 1 month ago I knew tom brady sounded familar now i know why lol
  • N Loca
    N Loca 1 month ago Not even a football fan but I laughed way too hard at this Lolol
  • K D
    K D 3 months ago Bahaha when she ate all the candy! My whole life
  • Elle Handley
    Elle Handley 3 months ago K D that candy looked so good😩
  • It’s Zell
    It’s Zell 4 months ago Idk why but you look like you should have an accent and it weirds me out that you don’t
  • negrilgyrl
    negrilgyrl 4 months ago Interesting comment
  • L M
    L M 4 months ago When she first started speaking (this is the first video I’ve seen) I thought she was going to be Irish
  • abbrakadabraalakazam
    abbrakadabraalakazam 4 months ago @L M Same here!
  • S Osman
    S Osman 4 months ago She does.. Its an American accent
  • Ms. Medusa
    Ms. Medusa 4 months ago Because she looks like sienna miller!!
  • Luke B
    Luke B 4 months ago Polish or Russian look ;)
  • Mr. Chapo 1978
    Mr. Chapo 1978 4 months ago @S Osman American's have alot of different accents . Plus she's NOT AMERICAN. She's Canadian.
  • Sunethra
    Sunethra 4 months ago She does. She's Canadian like myself. We all have accents lol.
  • S Osman
    S Osman 4 months ago @Mr. Chapo 1978 Sorry for the offence caused. I was insinuating that she does indeed have an accent. :)
  • It’s Zell
    It’s Zell 4 months ago I meant an accent that isn’t like mine I was expecting irish, British, Australian etc.
  • Caleigh Waters
    Caleigh Waters 4 months ago @S Osman that's a canadian accent, coming from a canadian.
  • S Osman
    S Osman 4 months ago @Caleigh Waters Cheers! I think someone else pointed it out, but the general gist of what I was saying (in a tongue and cheek sort of way) is that she does have an accent :)
  • 【Zoe Got Bored】
    【Zoe Got Bored】 4 months ago She looks like she should have an australian accent
  • R A
    R A 4 months ago (edited) It’s Zell is it just me or did she say “favorites” with an accent around 2:31
  • Shamari Roy
    Shamari Roy 4 months ago L M saaaaaaaaaame
  • dandilyonz cassandra
    dandilyonz cassandra 4 months ago Everybody has an accent.
  • Anthi Sookie
    Anthi Sookie 4 months ago I thought she would have an Aussie accent for some reason
  • El Lobo
    El Lobo 4 months ago lmao are you deaf? she has an accent. an american accent.
  • Nia B.
    Nia B. 4 months ago Loll weird but true! She looks Australian too!
  • Natalie Ann
    Natalie Ann 4 months ago It’s Zell She’s from Eastern Canada, and we have a BIG Irish/British/Scottish influence on this side of the country
  • Lulafawn
    Lulafawn 4 months ago 'Keltie', sounds like celtic, maybe that is why? she sort of looks like gigi gorgeous..
  • Sunethra
    Sunethra 4 months ago This is a funny debate, I'm Canadian born and raised and from east coast. She is an easy coast gal. :) She hell no she does sound Australian for those wondering lmao. Have a good day y'all!
  • sad gay
    sad gay 4 months ago She does though lol
  • dreamHIGH94
    dreamHIGH94 4 months ago its cause she has the british/UK look ahaha
  • rsji.2u ji
    rsji.2u ji 4 months ago I just convinced myself she had a accent
  • Alesandra
    Alesandra 4 months ago @S Osman She's Canadian though, and she sounds Canadian.
  • Martha
    Martha 4 months ago OMG SAME!!!
  • Ellie
    Ellie 4 months ago she has an accent.. an american one
  • amelia L
    amelia L 4 months ago I thought she was gonna be Australian
  • Leah Hood
    Leah Hood 4 months ago Every person in the world has an accent wdym
  • Myisha
    Myisha 4 months ago I personally can't tell the difference between a Canadian accent and American accent beyond the way that a few words are used (i.e. petrol vs gas) and some words are pronounced (i.e about). Also everyone has an accent but I think that OP meant that they expect her to have a 'foreign' accent or an accent of someone who's first language is not English.
  • Taylor Sebastian
    Taylor Sebastian 4 months ago I thought that too! For me it is because her name is like she should sound Irish or something 😂
  • Issameabby
    Issameabby 4 months ago Mr. Chapo 1978 no, she means people who were born in America, hence American accents the people who don’t got em are immagrants which is OKAY
  • Tasha
    Tasha 4 months ago I thought she was gonna be Irish and I’m Irish. Especially with the surname O’Connor
  • IVDestroyerzzVI
    IVDestroyerzzVI 4 months ago It’s Zell I thought she would’ve sounded like a man
  • Adriana Lynn
    Adriana Lynn 4 months ago She sounds Canadian to me
  • Randi MacDonald
    Randi MacDonald 4 months ago El Lobo nope. She’s canadian
  • Michelle xo
    Michelle xo 4 months ago I dont feel like she she should have an accent
  • Harley pk
    Harley pk 4 months ago @Ellie she is Canadian! LOL
  • K Bye.
    K Bye. 4 months ago I was actually expecting her to have an Australian accent.
  • iPretty Princess
    iPretty Princess 4 months ago Everyone has an accent..
  • McKenna Chase
    McKenna Chase 4 months ago Omg I thought that too
  • meagan macarthur
    meagan macarthur 4 months ago She sounded a little Irish to me 🤷‍♀️
  • dallas thomas
    dallas thomas 4 months ago It’s Zell umm shedoes have an accent
  • maria anthy
    maria anthy 4 months ago I feel this
  • owleyes71
    owleyes71 4 months ago She American accent :D :D :D
  • Jess Honz
    Jess Honz 4 months ago She kinda looks like Freelee the banana girl and that’s probably why.
  • Abby Roe
    Abby Roe 4 months ago (edited) I mean, she says “bag” like “behg”, you know... the Canadian way... she does have an accent, a Canadian accent for sure! 😂
  • New Hites
    New Hites 4 months ago Australian or Swedish
  • Meriaxllim X
    Meriaxllim X 4 months ago It’s Zell u
  • Megan Nicole
    Megan Nicole 4 months ago L M what makes you think she’s Irish 😂
  • Destini Burkham
    Destini Burkham 4 months ago Wow I thought the same exact thing.
  • Kate Doran
    Kate Doran 4 months ago I though the same thing ! How weird?
  • Medoria Embury
    Medoria Embury 4 months ago she has a Canadian accent
  • Service Dog Rosie
    Service Dog Rosie 4 months ago @Mr. Chapo 1978 One could argue that Canada is part of the continent North America, so is mexico tho lol..... juat a point not not an argument lol
  • Service Dog Rosie
    Service Dog Rosie 4 months ago @Sunethra eh, we do!! Im originally fro. Michigan, growing up 10 min from a large border crossing into canada (the blue water bridge I could see canada daily as I attended college and grade school over the st. Clair river.... and I moved to Florida and all I get is ohh, what part of Minnesota or Canada are you from.. I answer none, im a michigander lol... they usually reply with a smile or smerk and i then get talking to explain it to them lol
  • xoxo 87
    xoxo 87 4 months ago Yes! I think it's her name I was expecting a Irish accent! Lol
  • M
    M 4 months ago Maaaan
  • French blue8
    French blue8 4 months ago (edited) @Issameabby there are at least 8 to 10 different regional accents in America. If you say someone has an American accent maybe you're talking about like the typical newscaster in New York City or LA.? That type of thing that most Americans think of as having no accent at all and everybody else thinks of as an American accent lol
  • Danielle Gager
    Danielle Gager 4 months ago How do you "look like you should have an accent"?
  • Danielle Gager
    Danielle Gager 4 months ago You do know we have so many actual accents here
  • Danielle Gager
    Danielle Gager 4 months ago I'm pretty sure if she's born here I'd guess she is from way up north
  • 123456 7890
    123456 7890 4 months ago She does have an accent duh
  • Yellow Phoenix
    Yellow Phoenix 4 months ago Huh Canadians and Americans sound the same to me. She giving me LA vibes
  • Issameabby
    Issameabby 4 months ago French blue8 ohhhh yea ur right
  • its that sativaa
    its that sativaa 4 months ago To people with accents she does have an accent
  • J L
    J L 4 months ago Everyone has an accent, silly.
  • Angie Torres
    Angie Torres 4 months ago I thought she was gonna have an australian accent 🤷🏽‍♀️. But i also probably had a little too much thc in my dessert tonight...
  • simplycbh
    simplycbh 4 months ago she does american one ???
  • Jillie
    Jillie 4 months ago I, as an American, totally noticed her Canadian accent :)
  • Rachael P
    Rachael P 4 months ago I thought the same thing and I have no idea why! lol
  • Sarah LeFort
    Sarah LeFort 4 months ago @S Osman I think it may be a Canadian accent
  • Lenore Ellis
    Lenore Ellis 4 months ago When I read your comment... You had an accent. Goosebumps anyone?
  • Mrs Victoria
    Mrs Victoria 4 months ago She does have an accent to me
  • dance o
    dance o 4 months ago Makes me laugh how Americans depict an accent as anything but their own, never appreciating any other culture but their own, in fact she does have an accent as does everyone in America, Europe, Africa, Australia and everywhere else on this earth smh
  • Fainn to Fainn
    Fainn to Fainn 4 months ago cooking diet foods, coocking and diet plan
  • Martin C.
    Martin C. 4 months ago Thing is... everybody has an accent when you think about it
  • Donna Evans
    Donna Evans 4 months ago She def has an accent
  • Ferial Msi
    Ferial Msi 4 months ago S Osman canadian actually
  • ava norby
    ava norby 4 months ago same i was ready for a swedish accent
  • Grace Marie
    Grace Marie 3 months ago Same!!
  • G
    G 3 months ago In what world does she not have an accent?
  • SD
    SD 3 months ago Really don't understand all the Irish looking comments. She doesn't have an irish look at all. Also, Keltie is a Scottish origin name (a place/clan name) and I have only ever heard of Canadian people having it.
  • SD
    SD 3 months ago @xoxo 87 not an Irish name
  • Hey April D
    Hey April D 3 months ago It’s Zell OMG, why did I think the same thing.....Thats crazy😄
  • Bella A
    Bella A 3 months ago @owleyes71 *canadian. Shes canadian.
  • Bella A
    Bella A 3 months ago @simplycbh Canadian*
  • Bella A
    Bella A 3 months ago YALL stop saying her accent is American. She is CANADIAN. She even says she is in Toronto literally in the video smh
  • Brenna Nelson
    Brenna Nelson 3 months ago She does. Its more of a northerner accent.
  • Pip Girl
    Pip Girl 3 months ago Omg that's what I thought too!!!
  • Laa Laa
    Laa Laa 3 months ago It’s Zell there us not such thing as a British accent
  • OC
    OC 3 months ago literally everyone in the world has an accent lol
  • D_money
    D_money 3 months ago Alesandra She sounds American though
  • D_money
    D_money 3 months ago French blue8 A lot of Americans have no accent. As in you can’t tell where their from.
  • D_money
    D_money 3 months ago Sunethra She doesn’t sound like a Canadian. She sounds like an American.
  • D_money
    D_money 3 months ago Caleigh Waters She sounds American. And this is coming from an American.
  • yamina jamakovic
    yamina jamakovic 3 months ago I didn't even think of that until I scrolled down and saw this comment😂😂
  • Gabby Hall
    Gabby Hall 3 months ago omg i felt like this with bella hadid lmfao
  • Madison Paige
    Madison Paige 3 months ago she clearly has an American accent wdym?
  • Wayne Cobblepot
    Wayne Cobblepot 3 months ago She does have an accent
  • anniebananie
    anniebananie 3 months ago L M BRUH IM IRISH AND SHE LOOKS JUST LIKE MY FRIEND SHAUNA!!!!
  • Isabella Mendoza
    Isabella Mendoza 3 months ago negrilgyrl I was expecting an Australian accent
  • Megan Kelly
    Megan Kelly 3 months ago i mean technically she does.. but you’re probably american so it sounds normal to u. to a british person for example it sounds american :)
  • SaylorK
    SaylorK 3 months ago Yeah, I thought she'd be Australian
  • Maura Tuley
    Maura Tuley 3 months ago Coming from someone from Illinois, she kinda does have an accent to me
  • Michael Jara
    Michael Jara 3 months ago But doesn't everybody have an accent? 💁
  • Justine Creighton
    Justine Creighton 3 months ago A Torontonian WHOOT WHOOT BITCHESS
  • tazz taylur
    tazz taylur 3 months ago 😂
  • Astrid Holly
    Astrid Holly 3 months ago She does have an accent, an American one (:
  • Mary Brown
    Mary Brown 3 months ago I was thinking that she looks Swedish
  • Jordan
    Jordan 3 months ago Funny thing is I have someone on my IG who gives me that same feeling and it always throws me off when she talk lol
  • Gracie Bear
    Gracie Bear 3 months ago Yeah she looks Aussie
  • Amy B
    Amy B 3 months ago Botox
  • NamjinYoonSeok MinVKook
    NamjinYoonSeok MinVKook 3 months ago It’s Zell she needs a British accent
  • Darrean Ziemski
    Darrean Ziemski 3 months ago @El Lobo no it's Canadian did u hear her say pasta? My friends from Canada all say it the same way "passta" isn't that correct Canadians...
  • Darrean Ziemski
    Darrean Ziemski 3 months ago @dance o I'm from America and I have great respect for every country and culture that I have experienced. I was in the military so there were many. I made friends with some Canadian Soldiers right before Desert Storm was starting and one of the soldiers and I still email to this day. I was lucky enough to go to Vancouver B.C. with a friend from word (she's Canadian). It was a while ago but I had a wonderful time. I know if you go shopping make sure you have pockets or a purse because I had so many Loonies and Toonnies my pants were almost falling off. I also learned that Canadian singers get more airtime on the radio there. That's great! It's your country. Also some Canadian people that I met saw that my friend had American cigarettes and they wanted some really bad.. They showed us their pack and it had a big skull n cross bones on it. Anyway I just wanted to let you know that lots of Americans aren't jerks. It's just mostly the rich or stuck up ppl or those that actually like our clown president. Lol. Have a good day Neighbor.
  • Valerie H.
    Valerie H. 3 months ago Me too. Australian, Irish, British, Norwegian or even Dutch. My ole country accent 😂.
  • Valerie H.
    Valerie H. 3 months ago @negrilgyrl Are you from Negril, Jamaica? I fell in Love with Negril.
  • Macario Jackson
    Macario Jackson 3 months ago i have a better system to lose weight in only 2 MINUTES DAILY, dont waste u time u better go to my chanell i have a SYSTEMM FOR 2 minutes daily for belly fat in 2019
  • Marce Fonseca
    Marce Fonseca 3 months ago I was expecting an Australian accent for some reason
  • Lyssa Lésane
    Lyssa Lésane 3 months ago Definitely a Canadian accent
  • dance o
    dance o 2 months ago Darrean Ziemski that is absolutely lovely and I know that all Americans aren't jerks, sorry to say I am not, in fact, Canadian despite having family there, I am English. Manchester born and bred. I love America and my family has a house in Palm Springs, I just have always heard American people believing that their accent is the only accent in a sense. Anyway, thank you for your service, lots of love.
  • Maria Diaz
    Maria Diaz 2 months ago Most knew what you meant. I thought she was going to have an Irish or Australian accent. Most Some pple are just acting dense on purpose especially since it's been explained all throughout this comment thread. English isn't my 1st language, I live in USA (east coast) & I couldn't detect her Canadian accent either.
  • Jarsky
    Jarsky 2 months ago She does have an accent....everyone has an a non-north american, she sounds like shes from north america...
  • Amberlittlexo
    Amberlittlexo 2 months ago To us from the uk she does 😂
  • JFM
    JFM 2 months ago @D_money  Well, coming from a fellow US American... her accent sounds Canadian. I know a lot of people struggle to tell the difference, but having lived in border states my whole life it's obvious to me. Also, everyone has an accent. North American accents are a lot more homogenized than in most other places, but you can still tell the region if you know what to listen for.
  • xmirame
    xmirame 2 months ago Definitely looks like she would have some sort of European accent. I would say Scandinavian or Irish lol.
  • Total Eclipse
    Total Eclipse 1 month ago Luke B definitely not Russian at all
  • Cewek Boston
    Cewek Boston 1 month ago It’s Zell she does have American accent
  • Eve Gilmour
    Eve Gilmour 3 weeks ago Canadian accent?
  • Maddison Jenson
    Maddison Jenson 3 weeks ago My mom thinks an American accent is the accent they have on Harry Potter
  • Brigh Geal
    Brigh Geal 2 weeks ago It’s Zell she does thi
  • sheentheexplorer
    sheentheexplorer 4 months ago I can’t afford this diet 💔
  • Yee Li
    Yee Li 3 months ago sheentheexplorer mm
  • a l o n e n o t l o n e l y
    a l o n e n o t l o n e l y 3 months ago I only skimmed the video, but cucumbers and sweet potatoes are usually pretty cheap. Chicken thighs are also cheaper than chicken breast
  • Mysticfire Denise
    Mysticfire Denise 3 weeks ago Easy protein with veges. No expensive
  • Mina llouhmi
    Mina llouhmi 3 months ago I don't know why i'm Here but i regret nothing. This is the Most likeable person i've Seen in a while in YouTube
  • Keltie O'Connor
    Keltie O'Connor 3 months ago Thank you so much!
  • Shanghai
    Shanghai 3 months ago Agree!
  • Yanina Miller
    Yanina Miller 3 months ago Then you're a loser
  • Yanina Miller
    Yanina Miller 3 months ago Not cute when a 100 pound woman goes on diet.
  • Mina llouhmi
    Mina llouhmi 3 months ago @Yanina Miller but...But why did you insult me for No reason? Like i Just complimented her personality? And she is a nice person unlike you so Stop being childish that she lost weight has nothing to do with her personality and she also did it to be fit Not to just lose weight and honestly Not my fault If you got Problems
  • MsGem6
    MsGem6 2 months ago I agree!!
  • Yanina Miller
    Yanina Miller 2 months ago @Mina llouhmi ,how do you know what her personality is like? Seems fake to me, and losing weight when you are 90 pounds is not being fit.Silly girl,I didn't mean to insult you,I was in a bad mood.
  • Aida Pina
    Aida Pina 2 months ago Yanina Miller she was almost 130lbs. And she was doing it to feel healthier. Idk what your beef is
  • A s i y a
    A s i y a 1 month ago I agree!
  • Jenna Marcus
    Jenna Marcus 3 months ago idk why this was recommended to me but i enjoyed it. you seem very down to earth, open minded yet level headed, and driven. kudos to you and good luck in your journey :)
  • Keltie O'Connor
    Keltie O'Connor 3 months ago Thank you Jenna!
  • Life of Lady M
    Life of Lady M 3 months ago Same here ♥️
  • Ariana Vasquez
    Ariana Vasquez 3 months ago Lmao I was dying when she drank water and wine 😭
  • Keltie O'Connor
    Keltie O'Connor 3 months ago Its a real mood hahah
  • Lu Kirchmann
    Lu Kirchmann 3 months ago (edited) 1 like= 1 workout (Please like, I’m so frustrated because I can’t find motivation to workout and I’m unhappy with my body since forever😭 I really need help) Update: Thanks for all the sweet messages!!:) Day 1: I already did a workout yesterday in the morning before breakfast and in the evening, it was very hard because I wasn’t used to workout that hard but I made it nevertheless I’m also only eating healthy stuff so no fast food etc. Day 3: Guys I’m doing my workout(btw it’s one of Pamela Rf’s workout) now for 3 days and I can finally see some results, my body is hurting yes but it’s ok I’m also eating very healthy for example today i ate 3 apples,1 banana and a bread with cucumbers! I already lost 3lbs (1.36kg) JUST DON’T GIVE UP AND KEEP GOING!!!
  • Bohémienne
    Bohémienne 3 months ago Be strong, lady!
  • Ciara Jean Rogers
    Ciara Jean Rogers 3 months ago Likes won't get you to workout. Going to the gym does.
  • Lu Kirchmann
    Lu Kirchmann 3 months ago Ciara Jean Rogers well maybe it doesn’t help you but it helps me to workout everyday godddd🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
  • Lori Averill
    Lori Averill 3 months ago @Ciara Jean Rogers be encouraging to people that are having a hard time with this stuff because that can be very helpful in motivating the person to go to the gym.
  • Lori Averill
    Lori Averill 3 months ago @Lu Kirchmann I know you are frustrated and unhappy with your body but please remember that you don't have to do these diets and lose all this weight and be thin like society puts out there and pushes on women making them feel they have to do and be stick figure thin. Just be you and anyone that doesn't like it isn't worth having you in their life and doesn't deserve your friendship 😊. Keep your head up and stay positive and you will be just fine.
  • Lu Kirchmann
    Lu Kirchmann 3 months ago Lori Averill thank you so much for this, I really needed that...🥺😭💗 You know i really don’t want to do it for others but for myself because I really feel uncomfortable in my body and it kills me! But honestly you’re so right!! Thank you xx
  • Sugar Free Degree
    Sugar Free Degree 3 months ago Good luck!! 💜
  • Lu Kirchmann
    Lu Kirchmann 3 months ago Sugar Free Degree thank you!! ☺️💞
  • MaKayla Childress
    MaKayla Childress 3 months ago you go girl! i wish you the best in your journey! we got this:)
  • Lu Kirchmann
    Lu Kirchmann 3 months ago MaKayla Childress thank you so much!!☺️😘
  • Needcoffeefix
    Needcoffeefix 3 months ago Kissing burns 6.4 calories a minute, wanna workout? :P
  • 여자귀여워
    여자귀여워 3 months ago Imma just starve for a little then eat some food And eat little..
  • Evolve
    Evolve 3 months ago @Lu Kirchmann hon you need to get out of social media, you are not functioning without attention. that's not good
  • Juli Fe Ka
    Juli Fe Ka 2 months ago right yesterday i started excercising between league of legends matches, because i can go and play for two hours like nothing (those would be like 5 matches) so i exit the match, excercise untill i'm tired, then i continue. some do that while watching tv, program is watched and break is for excercise but i don't have a tv. just find something that compensate the unconvenience of having to work out... (and plelase don't make it a meal)
  • Nichole Tysoe-Short
    Nichole Tysoe-Short 2 months ago 439 workouts sis, you better get moving
  • Heather Butler
    Heather Butler 2 months ago Lu Kirchmann keep it up girl you’ve got over a year of workouts ahead!
  • BusterAbobo
    BusterAbobo 3 months ago I don't know how I got here, but I was entertained lol
  • Kassidey Knuth
    Kassidey Knuth 2 months ago Your really thin shot was honestly kind of terrifying. I'm so happy you spread healthy info and not weight loss!
  • theveggiest
    theveggiest 3 months ago I heard bulk barn and saw pizza pizza and I knew you were a fellow Canadian
  • Keltie O'Connor
    Keltie O'Connor 3 months ago Bulk barn is a way of life 🇨🇦❤️
  • Ai Doll
    Ai Doll 3 months ago ​@Keltie O'Connor @theveggiest lol It is? I wouldn't know, I'm from one of those weird cities on the Prairie where we'll have, maybe two of the 'iconic' places and in the case of BB neither location is convenient. x'D Maybe someday we'll get one that's not literally halfway across town and I'll give it a try. ;P
  • tvbokor
    tvbokor 2 months ago theveggiest hahaha SAME!!
  • Laney Jackson
    Laney Jackson 3 days ago I wish that I had a Bulk Barn. Watching all these Canadian Youtubers shopping there makes me jealous. 😃😂
  • drownedcreature
    drownedcreature 4 months ago as a recovering anorexic it was so healthy to hear you talk about WANTING to maintain your weight and when you had this "picture perfect body" in the minds of anorexics, you stated you wanted to gain weight back because you looked gaunt and felt weak. I really need more of this influence from youtubers and this view! Health > looks
  • Keltie O'Connor
    Keltie O'Connor 4 months ago drownedcreature so happy you felt that way ❤️ Exact message I wanted to get across. Congrats on your road to recovery. The feeling of being healthy will always triumph a number on the scale. Proud of you 😊
  • Keltie O'Connor
    Keltie O'Connor 4 months ago drownedcreature so happy you felt that way ❤️ Exact message I wanted to get across. Congrats on your road to recovery. The feeling of being healthy will always triumph a number on the scale. Proud of you 😊
  • Laic Balderas
    Laic Balderas 4 months ago I agree. I’ve been struggling and trying not to slip up again myself and this video was so refreshing. It’s honestly put it back in my head that I’m eating well and the weight I’m at now is absolutely perfect.
  • google e
    google e 4 months ago just be average why do people over do it? too skinny is ugly no man likes skinny girls, I dont know why women always feel pressured to look like a stick its ugly.
  • ainosiii
    ainosiii 4 months ago @google e It's a real issue with your mental health. Often eating disorders start with underlying problems, like bad self-esteem, trauma, parents divorcing, anything like that. Using eating disorder behaviors can be used to suppress feeling those things. When you start to think about food and your body, restricting and/or binging and purging, it takes your mind off of those other things that you aren't ready to face. It's usually not about wanting to "look like a stick". Although, when you shift your focus from the underlying problems to food and your body, it becomes an obsession and the only way you can cope with everything is holding on to the feeling of control that you get from restricting your food.
  • drownedcreature
    drownedcreature 4 months ago @Laic Balderas I believe in you. Reach out anytime xx
  • drownedcreature
    drownedcreature 4 months ago @Keltie O'Connor thank you so much. You're lovely on the in and outside x
  • I ran out of ideas for my username
    I ran out of ideas for my username 4 months ago @ainosiii Very well explained
  • Keren Renny
    Keren Renny 4 months ago ainosiii good explanation. But eating disorders go both ways as well! So it’s not just “you look like a stick” there’s also “ewe you look like a whale” 😪
  • Caitlin Tedrick
    Caitlin Tedrick 4 months ago @google e why do you assume an eating disorder has anything to do with how a woman wants to be percieved by a man?
  • lizzy koenig
    lizzy koenig 4 months ago drownedcreature exactly
  • google e
    google e 4 months ago @Caitlin Tedrick Okay if not that than they look at too many magazines with fashion models who are stick figures. They are there just to sell clothes but shouldnt be idolized I assure you most models are insecure. Another reason why eating disorders happen because women cant control any part of their life except their weight. Its just ridiclous how far women take it.
  • Farah Kinsella
    Farah Kinsella 4 months ago i agree so much it was inspiring.
  • jess
    jess 4 months ago @google e this may be a shock, but a lot of anorexic women and girls don't care at all what men 'like' and it doesn't factor into their ED at all.
  • Ash G
    Ash G 4 months ago @google e your complete and total lack of knowledge about eating disorders is clearly based on ZERO facts. Eating disorders are actually mental health illnesses and weight is just a by-product of the illness. your quite frankly narrow minded comments are so unhelpful. Maybe spend a few minutes finding out the facts rather than just trying to pass your stereotyped opinion about something which you have no clue
  • SP
    SP 4 months ago 😑
  • siobahn holahan
    siobahn holahan 4 months ago @google e fun fact: Males can have eating disorders too!
  • Alona Leonard
    Alona Leonard 3 months ago google e men can have eating disorders too..
  • Carson Jones fortnite
    Carson Jones fortnite 3 months ago drownedcreature (
  • Astrid Holly
    Astrid Holly 3 months ago (edited) @ainosiii I completely agree that eating disorders are a mental health issue. On the other hand, while everything you stated can be very true, I'll be completely honest, that wasn't the case for me. I didn't experience a trauma/personal situation that triggered my ED. I grew up very, very tiny (I was a picky eater and a child, therefore I had a super fast metabolism), and one day noticed I just... wasn't anymore. And that's what I believe was the mental trigger for me. I "wanted to look like a stick," as you said. I'm also quite a perfectionist, as those with EDs often are, so that took things further in a totally negative way. Not necessarily a trauma/personal experience/self-esteem issue (unless you count what I explained as self-esteem). There are so many things that could trigger an ED for someone, and so many negative motivations, from the outside you just never know. It could be personal, physical, emotional.
  • Astrid Holly
    Astrid Holly 3 months ago @google e In the United States alone, eating disorders will affect 10 million males at some point in their lives. It's sad that you think it's purely/mostly a "women" issue.
  • ainosiii
    ainosiii 3 months ago @Astrid Holly Yes, that's how it actually was for me too! I just wanted to get the point across, that it's definitely not about just teenage girls wanting to look like victoria's secret models and skipping dinner. I'd count your situation as a self-esteem issue, as I do mine. I grew up with an athletic hobby and as a chubby child. All my friends were thin and were praised for it, I on the other hand got comments like "suck your tummy in!". As I eventually grew taller I became very thin too but the damage was done and I was left with a severely distorted body image and a self-esteem that basically didn't exist. I was normal weight, even thinner than normal, but it felt like I looked at myself through a veil that wouldn't let me see what I actually looked like. But yes, you are correct. Nothing needs to happen to have an eating disorder. Some people are actually more likely to have one because of their geneticts. I just wish more people knew more about eating disorders and what for example comments about appearance can do to a young child.
  • Astrid Holly
    Astrid Holly 3 months ago ainosiii 100% agree with you. Thank you for sharing <3
  • Sam Parker
    Sam Parker 3 months ago I'm also a recovering anorexic and bulimic and I also clicked on this video becuz it said I LOST TOO MUCH WEIGHT and it made me happy that she just was trying to be healthy and maintain her weight and was uncomfortable at the massive weight loss and feeling weak and brittle... very thankful for this, I suggest you look at Glam and Gore's video about her fitness journey it's about FEELING HEALTHY and not starving yourself and dropping weight <3