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Splitsvilla Season 11 - Full Episode 1 - Love, sass and everything spice!

Published on Feb 25, 2019 654,019 views

The age old love formula goes out the window, and a newer, sassier and cheekier love formula has come into play. With girls and boys making their best moves to woo each other, things are about to get not just wild, but SplitsVilla wild, filled with chocolate, cheesy one liners and what not. Let the new season of love games begin, however, after all the chocolate wash up and unmasking.

  • japan vlog
    japan vlog 3 months ago berojgar nepali hajir ✋🏻🤚
  • Elle Fleur
    Elle Fleur 2 weeks ago japan vlog don’t say that I am working and I watched all the splitvilla episodes ..
  • Fahmida Dolon
    Fahmida Dolon 3 months ago I really miss Book of fortune and king queen theme 😢😢😢 this oracle drama is disgusting
  • Himansa Poudel
    Himansa Poudel 3 months ago (edited) I like the book of fortune, King , Queen theme more than the Oracle or whatever to be honest 🇳🇵
  • Nahiyan Jid
    Nahiyan Jid 3 months ago @sapkota deepak you're correct same here I hate Chetan
  • sapkota deepak
    sapkota deepak 3 months ago Do you like Chetan ? I don’t like him
  • Subham Bhattarai
    Subham Bhattarai 3 months ago (edited) the of book of fortune and king queen concept was fab season 8 was one of the best season of splitsvilla
  • Prince Dc
    Prince Dc 1 week ago prince baai tha na us me
  • Sami Mk
    Sami Mk 2 months ago yes season is best
  • Zuhoor Mahamed
    Zuhoor Mahamed 3 months ago nepal lover yea true 🤪
  • Azim Dangol
    Azim Dangol 3 months ago true yarrr nowadays the concept of shows is boring
  • Nusrat jahan shompa
    Nusrat jahan shompa 3 months ago Right
  • Pragati Kishore
    Pragati Kishore 3 months ago Yes. I completely agree
  • Chasum Rai
    Chasum Rai 3 months ago I am missing them badly
    SANCHAI HOLA NII 3 months ago Scripted
  • Subham Bhattarai
    Subham Bhattarai 3 months ago @Chasum Rai my bst was prince bhai and 2nd was of course uttu and sana
  • Chasum Rai
    Chasum Rai 3 months ago Exactly sana uttu were my fav one❤
  • Amandeep Kaur
    Amandeep Kaur 3 months ago Girls wearing heels on the rocky slopes. 😮 😮🤔🤔
  • Ayan Ashford
    Ayan Ashford 3 months ago Thanks for .uploading this. Please upload next episodes
  • Sujana Khadka
    Sujana Khadka 3 months ago Thank you soooooo much for the episode
  • Nishchita 1
    Nishchita 1 4 days ago In splitsvilla X2 plz bring book of fortune back and plz king and queen
  • Arya Bhattarai
    Arya Bhattarai 1 month ago Well I just realized, Shruti kissed Anshuman and Roshni kissed Rohan. Well!
  • krisshy hub
    krisshy hub 3 weeks ago 🤣
  • nazifa khan
    nazifa khan 3 months ago In season 11 all the boys are just wow 😍😍all are good looking 😍😍
  • Haaक्कु Kaaले
    Haaक्कु Kaaले 3 months ago from nepal💞
  • Menuka Amatya
    Menuka Amatya 3 months ago Plz put other episodes also
  • Wasim Khan
    Wasim Khan 3 months ago Next apisod now
  • Muhammad Asif
    Muhammad Asif 3 months ago Season 7 , 8 , 9 was the best seasons
  • Zuhoor Mahamed
    Zuhoor Mahamed 3 months ago Omg what a beautiful girls & handsome boys in this season 11🤩🤩.....
  • yun'wan meng
    yun'wan meng 3 months ago Put on the siund more than muting..what's in ur mind..if copyright may be 1lakh so what's in that ...
  • abulais pashtoon
    abulais pashtoon 3 months ago Gaurav is like sidhart in splitsvilla 10
  • abulais pashtoon
    abulais pashtoon 3 months ago @sapkota deepak yes
  • sapkota deepak
    sapkota deepak 3 months ago You know the boy in Leja leja is that siddharth
  • Samrah mughal
    Samrah mughal 3 months ago And Shruti sinha looks like Steffi Cyril from SV 10
  • Milan Thapa
    Milan Thapa 3 months ago Ohh nice...but ee want it fast
  • Noora Albaluchi
    Noora Albaluchi 3 months ago Next episode please watching frm UAE🇦🇪❤
  • Mr unique Coc
    Mr unique Coc 3 months ago Me too... From UAE 💜
  • Shalu _Popz
    Shalu _Popz 3 months ago Noora Albaluchi me tooo
  • Nishat Jahan
    Nishat Jahan 3 months ago @Ashwani Kumar all episodes
  • wish 1k Subscribers
    wish 1k Subscribers 3 months ago Hahahaa😂
  • Naz Shams
    Naz Shams 3 months ago Mee to
  • Ashwani Kumar
    Ashwani Kumar 3 months ago @Nishat Jahan Kya ..?
  • Nishat Jahan
    Nishat Jahan 3 months ago
  • Shohana Rahman
    Shohana Rahman 3 months ago Do u understand hindi?
  • Seema Gurung
    Seema Gurung 3 months ago Ohh my godd 😆😆😆 Finally 😍😍 I was eagerly waiting for this😙😙