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8 Craziest Unique Techs with 256x Tech Mod

Published on Jul 24, 2018 311,303 views

What if you could research any technology 256 times, which civilizations' unique techs would be the best? Ideally it should be cheap, quick to research, and have an unexpectedly good cumulative effect. Here's my top 8!

256x Tech Mod (Steam, DLC)
256x Tech Mod (Steam, no DLC)
256x Tech Mod for Voobly

256x Tech mods made by Gaflo. Give him some love if you see him online.

Spirit of the Law Facebook:


Full intro song:

Background music from Epidemic Sound:

Game: Age of Empires 2 HD with Forgotten Empires, African Kingdoms, and Rise the Rajas expansions

  • Holahola01
    Holahola01 1 year ago rams teleport to you TC Rams: "nothing personnel, kid"
  • James Georgi
    James Georgi 1 year ago Was looking for this comment!
  • Rico
    Rico 1 year ago more like: omae wa mo shindeiru
  • Kha 'Zix
    Kha 'Zix 1 year ago Something inbound.. at raming speed
  • Shaders
    Shaders 1 year ago an army of rams? ha, how quaint!
  • Popcornio
    Popcornio 1 year ago NANI?!
  • TheVerrm
    TheVerrm 10 months ago I think this is the perfect way to win ;) so fast to assemble and execute ;)
  • Alackofcaring
    Alackofcaring 8 months ago EUROBEAT INTENSIFIES
  • Schuhey
    Schuhey 8 months ago @Alackofcaring DEJAVU!
  • Ice Cold
    Ice Cold 8 months ago I am just gonna slide into your town center real quick.
  • Ciao
    Ciao 5 months ago XD
  • Mike Fluff
    Mike Fluff 2 months ago [Ram teleports to TC] "Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru"
  • Andrew Patterson
    Andrew Patterson 1 month ago @Rico NANI!?
  • OOM- 32
  • L L
  • Dovahkiin 4e201
    Dovahkiin 4e201 1 year ago prepare for nuclear attack
  • John Apple
    John Apple 1 year ago Mine men art mission failed! I will get you next time! I shall abdicate
  • Dark Paladin
    Dark Paladin 1 year ago Enemy Nuke Incoming. IT'S OVER!
  • Ed L.
    Ed L. 1 year ago E=MC2 trooper
  • Simon Nielsen
    Simon Nielsen 1 year ago NUCLEAR LAUCH DETECTED
  • Kovad6
    Kovad6 1 year ago Ghandi likes this post.
  • DD zero
    DD zero 1 year ago a Giant Ball Of Fury are coming on a castle, The Giant Ball Of Fury hit the castle, but the castle can't withstand it power, the castle has been devastated so does the entire kingdom
  • SliQster
    SliQster 1 year ago *Nuclear launch detected!"
  • Gibby
    Gibby 1 year ago (edited) gets shot cross map by arrow
  • bill withers
    bill withers 1 year ago Out of curiousity, would the Khmer double ballista tech multiply each time like Berzerkergang? Could you end up with heavy scorps firing the medieval equivalent of calliope barrages?
  • Shiny Umbreon 667
    Shiny Umbreon 667 6 months ago STRATEGIC LAUNCH DETECTED
  • EraseDiskNow
    EraseDiskNow 3 months ago I made ICBOs in a forest nothing 256x game. Of course, I was also an idiot and didn't keep up with researching other things, so everyone else was better than me, but hey, I wiped out yellow.
  • Alex P
    Alex P 1 year ago Ethiopians have ICBMs. As if onagers were not rage-inducing enough.
  • kiri
    kiri 1 year ago better plot than black panther
  • Raptor Jesus
    Raptor Jesus 1 year ago Explains why they never got taken over by any European powers.
  • pedro silva
    pedro silva 1 year ago Zeriu Claudiu mussolini intensifies derp
  • Sam
    Sam 11 months ago oh my god I just made a guy rage in a diplo game when I launched ICBMs at Turkey when he attacked my bro red
  • Sam
    Sam 11 months ago I had +98 range and over 100 stacks of torsion engines, all of turkey died in one blast
  • Xeno The Turtle
    Xeno The Turtle 10 months ago Well, they also have instantly created shotel warriors, if you think about their other tech...
  • AzureB1te Music
    AzureB1te Music 9 months ago Not working in the version I have tho. The radius is big but it only does the an ok ammount of damage. I researched Chemistry and siage engineers too but it still doesn't one shoot tc,castles and high hp buildings. Any tips? Did I miss any techs?
  • Xeno The Turtle
    Xeno The Turtle 9 months ago @AzureB1te Music It also happened to me, so... try to research torsion engines a few more times, maybe 20 to 30 more
  • AzureB1te Music
    AzureB1te Music 9 months ago Marco Couto I researched it 256 times it did damage the whole village but it didn't one shot anything
  • Xeno The Turtle
    Xeno The Turtle 9 months ago @AzureB1te Music weird... might b a glitch or something, it worked for me in the current version of the mod
  • shamanazakura
    shamanazakura 8 months ago @AzureB1te Music Did you research Siege engineers 256 times as well?
  • nakul raut
    nakul raut 6 months ago How to research more than once ?????
  • Xeno The Turtle
    Xeno The Turtle 6 months ago @nakul raut do you have the mod? Like, you have to select it before you start the game, in the area where you'd place the version of the game you want to play (original, expansions)
  • nakul raut
    nakul raut 6 months ago @Xeno The Turtle no sir i dont have one how can i get it ? I play conquerors expansion and age of the kings
  • Xeno The Turtle
    Xeno The Turtle 6 months ago @nakul raut theres an link in the description... just go there and subscribe
  • elPatrixF
    elPatrixF 1 year ago Ethiopian ICBM reminds me a lot of Gandhi from Civilization
  • No need to worry about my username
    No need to worry about my username 1 year ago "Gandhi has completed the Manhattan Project"
  • Brain Pains!
    Brain Pains! 1 year ago (edited) Gandhi has 12 Uranium Gandhi has completed the Manhattan Project Gandhi has declared war on You ohno
  • Ismail Montazir
    Ismail Montazir 1 year ago Whats ICBM ?
  • Brain Pains!
    Brain Pains! 1 year ago Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, or Nuke for the everyday man.
  • Ismail Montazir
    Ismail Montazir 1 year ago Professor Bearington ahhh thx man : D
  • FloosWorld
    FloosWorld 1 year ago Also used as a Cheat code in the first Age of Empires resulting in Ballistas with 99+1 range
  • Ronny Böhme
    Ronny Böhme 1 year ago InterContinental Ballistic Missile
  • jort93z
    jort93z 1 year ago (edited) i guess ICBM's don't strictly have to be nuclear. ICBM's could just have a warhead made from from TNT as well. though, it really only makes sense if it is a nuclear weapon.
  • Phalanx
    Phalanx 1 year ago @jort93z icbm with firecrackers and party balloons. Shit yea!
  • Phalanx
    Phalanx 1 year ago @jort93z icbm with firecrackers and party balloons. Shit yea!
  • Aleksander Enrique Stasiw Orozco
    Aleksander Enrique Stasiw Orozco 8 months ago Nuclear Ghandi Is the most powerfull human ever, he can destroy all, except Shrek.
  • Animarthur !
    Animarthur ! 4 months ago I like to play as Bismarck and I get nuclear very often so there is no nuke Gandhi only me,nuclear bismarck(algo dont mess with my panzers)
  • Animarthur !
    Animarthur ! 4 months ago Uranium isnt really needed to build nukes on civ. (Neither rise of nations,c&c's temple of nod and others)
  • One Mind
    One Mind 5 months ago Ethiopian siege onager: fires Ore no kachi da! Mongol siege ram: teleports behind it "Omae wa mou shindeiru". Ethiopian siege onager: "NANI?!"
  • Franco Venica
    Franco Venica 1 year ago Oh! another one, the Celtic technology that makes towers and castles fire faster. There is a point were you are fire a beam of arrows
  • King_Oskar
    King_Oskar 1 year ago Franco Venica Essentialy it becomes "Get off my lawn" tech, it's so funny to pull that off in-game.
  • JoBikotch
    JoBikotch 1 year ago If you're playing maps like forest nothing, especially if there's a king involved, the teuton tech is also great. Build a few castles, research fletching like crazy and spread in some of the teuton unique tech and you can play the new game "Castle sniper" :D
  • Nathan Gamble
    Nathan Gamble 1 year ago +JoBikotch As explained in the video, the teuton tech is completely useless. It's cheaper to build a load of extra blacksmiths for more fletching.
  • Daniel Kemnitz
    Daniel Kemnitz 1 year ago JoBikotch someone has been watching T90 lately ;)
  • JoBikotch
    JoBikotch 1 year ago Damn, you got me! :D
  • Zachary Taylor
    Zachary Taylor 1 year ago I think Spirit actually missed a nuance there. In most versions of this mod, conscription increases castle research speed. This means that with just one castle, you can get the unique techs many times. Even though fletching costs less, it might not be worth the space and attention required to spam blacksmiths.
  • Ao Chen
    Ao Chen 8 months ago Towers and castles with mounted machine guns.
  • Kern
    Kern 7 months ago @Zachary Taylor How about the resources required?
  • Zachary Taylor
    Zachary Taylor 7 months ago @Kern resources usually aren't a problem late game with this mod, depending on the exact version and the map. It probably makes sense to start with fletching at the blacksmith, spam crenelations midgame, and switch back to fletching if you run low.
  • Ao Chen
    Ao Chen 3 months ago Sounds like a problem for Ethiopian ICBM to solve. :D
  • lolmanboss
    lolmanboss 3 months ago Imagine with bombard towers
  • Brian Bethea
    Brian Bethea 2 months ago (edited) @Nathan Gamble It worked incredibly well for T90. He maxed out fletching and then did a bunch of crenellations so he could hit anybody anywhere with his 20 something castles. Maxed out fletching was great, but it still didn't reach the far corners of the map.
  • Timster
    Timster 1 year ago If you research masonry too much your buildings get destroyed because they have negative hp Too much speed also makes unitd uncontrollable. They just teleport into nothing. Even places they shluldnt be able to go to
  • Antonio Vallejo
    Antonio Vallejo 1 year ago Timster so you are telling me (about speed techs) that the physics on aoe2 its on point like time-space travel with high speed
  • Xác Ướp
    Xác Ướp 1 year ago they gotta go fast
  • Xác Ướp
    Xác Ướp 1 year ago (edited) they go too fast they overshot their destination then they have to go back, rinse and repeat, they just teleport back and forth
  • zoley88
    zoley88 1 year ago I think buildings get destroyed because stack overflow.
  • Sir Thepi
    Sir Thepi 1 year ago Pretty sure it's just an integer overflow. A stack overflow could get pretty dangerous if it doesn't just crash the game.
  • Kestrel
    Kestrel 1 year ago I didn't belive this post until battering ram suddenly teleported into my room, bashed my cat to oblivion and teleported into the window, desintegrating my wall molecule by molecule.
  • BewegteBilderrahmen
    BewegteBilderrahmen 10 months ago Build up speed for 12h to go into parallel universes
    USER NO 2 weeks ago Hp problem should be an overflow error.
  • Abiyasa Musyafa
    Abiyasa Musyafa 1 year ago Breaking news: Onager nuke technology found by Ethiopians civ.
  • RX9 Wilms
    RX9 Wilms 1 year ago Abiyasa Musyafa that would bei a cool show
  • Rafael Mesquita
    Rafael Mesquita 1 year ago Abiyasa you are here, the world is really small
  • Abiyasa Musyafa
    Abiyasa Musyafa 1 year ago @Rafael Mesquita Heyy yeah I know you :D I'm often playing around Age of Empires and Battlefield videos on YouTube
  • Rafael Mesquita
    Rafael Mesquita 1 year ago @Abiyasa Musyafa Great, I have been out of the facebook for now, are you modelling?
  • Abiyasa Musyafa
    Abiyasa Musyafa 1 year ago @Rafael Mesquita I don't do 3D quite often anymore since about 2 months. Because I'm coming back to school. But when I do, I post them on my Artstation, and Instagram in a bit personal way. I'm not on Facebook anymore as well since about a year. And sometimes I also in Twitter for random stuff.
  • Ghelloz
    Ghelloz 1 year ago They never expected ethiopian inquisition.
  • Fauzi Ld
    Fauzi Ld 1 year ago Ghelloz *nukes
  • Ahkrin 'Descol
    Ahkrin 'Descol 10 months ago Nobody expects the Ethiopian Inquisition, with their chief weapon of onagers and catapults.
  • Филипп Виноградов
    Филипп Виноградов 10 months ago @Ahkrin 'Descol I wish that Ethiopian onagres leave sickly cyan spots where their shots land. And any unit that stes into affected area will instantly die by exploding into sickly cyan ludicrous gibs.
  • LocalHeretic 1127
    LocalHeretic 1127 6 months ago exterminatus!
  • Cosmic Live
    Cosmic Live 1 year ago Don't spam health increasing techs... your units'/buildings' health will suddenly turn negativ and they will die instantly.
  • Joshua Hart
    Joshua Hart 1 year ago Related to this, making villagers too fast will mess up their pathing, and researching siege engineers too many times will break the ram's building attack bonus
  • --
    -- 8 months ago Thus we should make a 256 bit version of aoe2 happen?
  • Darchan Darchan
    Darchan Darchan 3 months ago Joshua Hart also researching wheelbarrow will make villagers collect too many resources until they will bring it to use. one moment i was wandering why was i short on food, and discovered that each my farmer was carrying 500+ food
  • Dreath Jonathan
    Dreath Jonathan 2 months ago @Darchan Darchan hah... so thats the reason i was having food trouble last night. thanks man
  • Nguyen Huy Duc
    Nguyen Huy Duc 2 months ago I think limit is 32767 hp or 65k hp is limit
  • Darchan Darchan
    Darchan Darchan 1 month ago Dreath Jonathan you’re welcome
  • Michael Cross
    Michael Cross 1 month ago Thumb ring also breaks archers, or at least cav archers, and too many will cause them to try and fire the next shot before the first animation even finishes resulting in them being unable to shoot at all
  • Antônio Gabriel Zeni Landim
    Antônio Gabriel Zeni Landim 1 year ago 7:48 We knew the world would not be the same. A few people laughed, a few people cried. Most people were silent. I remembered the line from the Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad Gita; Vishnu is trying to persuade the Prince that he should do his duty and, to impress him, takes on his multi-armed form and says, 'Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.' I suppose we all thought that, one way or another.
  • it is not me
    it is not me 8 months ago Antônio Gabriel Zeni Landim robert oppenhiemers speech boi
  • LocalHeretic 1127
    LocalHeretic 1127 6 months ago Good old "oppie". The only nuclear scientist who could recite from the ancient Hindu epics.
  • EyeOfEld
    EyeOfEld 5 months ago Now we are all sons of bitches.
  • Krzysztof Milański
    Krzysztof Milański 1 year ago (edited) Well... that explains how they've beaten Italians...
  • Duke of Lorraine
    Duke of Lorraine 1 year ago You cannot exceed the speed of light. Unless you are, wait for it...
  • Luis Sosa
    Luis Sosa 1 year ago ...the Mongols!!
  • nikolapekovicarr
    nikolapekovicarr 1 year ago WE'RE THE EXCEPTION!
  • Garaf
    Garaf 1 year ago Ramming speed!!
  • Sharnoy
    Sharnoy 1 year ago Speed ramming!
  • Vincent Celeste
    Vincent Celeste 1 year ago I slay the excpetion for they are no longer the exception!!!!
  • John Apple
    John Apple 1 year ago The Spanish Inquisition! (Hey-ee-yehey theme plays)
  • Liberals Get the Bullet Too
    Liberals Get the Bullet Too 11 months ago A Higgs-Boson particle?
  • GameloverEnjoyer
    GameloverEnjoyer 1 year ago Torsion Engine = Black Death (referring to the cheat code)
  • Promit Dutta
    Promit Dutta 1 year ago GameloverEnjoyer ayy lmao
  • Marcelelias11
    Marcelelias11 2 months ago More like Torpedo(almost literally)
  • A Diablo Player
    A Diablo Player 1 year ago Before I watch the vod, I am expecting Ethiopian siege onagers here.
  • Alex Lee
    Alex Lee 1 year ago and Farimba...
  • Yizhen Ji
    Yizhen Ji 1 year ago A Diablo Player Get the ‘Ontage!
  • A Diablo Player
    A Diablo Player 1 year ago And It got number 1 spot!!!
  • Yizhen Ji
    Yizhen Ji 1 year ago A Diablo Player Indeed 😂 More ‘Ontages!
  • Ash Monkey
    Ash Monkey 1 year ago why farimba when forging does the same for all melee units and is cheaper.@A Diablo Player and you were completely right :)
  • Yizhen Ji
    Yizhen Ji 1 year ago Josef Fritzl Since Malians don’t get Blast Furnance
  • J N B
    J N B 1 year ago Not so effective beacause every units are endlessly armored.... I know, I tried it... Let see what the video has to say!
  • J N B
    J N B 1 year ago Oh yeah... I forgot all the chemistries upgrades and siege enginnering, thats why it wasnt so effective... Thx SoL!
  • Bob The Top
    Bob The Top 1 year ago A Diablo Player oh lol that true
  • Gibran Henrique de Souza
    Gibran Henrique de Souza 1 year ago SOTL, please make a video showing the 256x tech mod's bugs when you start at pos imperial age.
  • Antoni Klimaszyk
    Antoni Klimaszyk 1 year ago Gibran Henrique de Souza +1
  • Sarude Danstorm
    Sarude Danstorm 1 year ago What are these bugs? I have yet to play on post imperial with this mod
  • Gibran Henrique de Souza
    Gibran Henrique de Souza 1 year ago I haven't played yet but some people told me the computer can't compute 256x the updates because the code, so buildings have negative hit points and can't be constructed and villagers can't catch any resource.
  • Sleepy Alchemist
    Sleepy Alchemist 1 year ago One more glitch is at 32x Siege Engineers, Siege Onagers and Heavy Scorpions one shot everything, regardless of HP, armour. Chemistry has no effect on this. 1 Heavy Scorpion bolt is enough to kill 1 Siege Ram, or 7k HP castle, or 512 pierce armour villagers.
  • freaky freak
    freaky freak 4 months ago you cant, all buildings are gone
  • joedalton155
    joedalton155 1 year ago 7:43 TACTICAL NUKE ! INCOMING !
  • Zero Omega
    Zero Omega 1 year ago WHAT THE FU- BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM
  • Blood Panthera
    Blood Panthera 1 year ago So many Spirit of the Law videos one after the other is also quite a crazy unique tech.
  • Rofeo Nazaripasha
    Rofeo Nazaripasha 1 year ago Blood Panthera how spirit of the law turn on those tech mods???
  • qwer asdf
    qwer asdf 1 year ago the next burst of videos will come in 3 months, so enjoy it while you still can
  • Desh 282
    Desh 282 1 year ago The last one made me laugh soooo hard 😂😂😂😂
  • zancloufer
    zancloufer 1 year ago IDK the teleporting Rams and Onagers seem much nastier than you give them credit for. One second everything is fine, next second everything is on fire. Unless it's a cost vs speed issue.