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[DIET CHALLENGE] I tried Kpop idol Bae Suzy diet

Published on Jan 19, 2019 488,288 views

#kpopdiet #suzydiet #koreandiet

This kpop idol diet is a lot better than the other ones that I have tried. I did not feel like I was going through starvation.

The diet consists:
Breakfast - A sweet potato, chicken breast, a glass of low fat milk
Lunch - A bowl of rice and green salad
Dinner - Two sweet potatoes

I am in no way promoting this diet.

Thank you for watching! :)

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  • Give_TaeThat_Kookie
    Give_TaeThat_Kookie 3 months ago (edited) friend: eats 5 burger 4 chicken 2 icecreams 10 softdrinks gains 1kg me: drinks water GAINS 15KG me: WHAT IS HAPPENING edit: omg how did i get so many likes XD
  • uuyminn
    uuyminn 2 months ago 😂 I gain from breathing.
  • Give_TaeThat_Kookie
    Give_TaeThat_Kookie 2 months ago same here
  • Sabrin Roble
    Sabrin Roble 1 month ago uuyminn hahahaha so sad I am half half I lose fast if I want to and I can gain but it’s easier to lose
  • Jana H.
    Jana H. 1 month ago HOw MUcH wATeR DId yoU dRInK?
  • P G
    P G 1 month ago This happens to me as well
  • Mrs D.O EXO-We Are One
    Mrs D.O EXO-We Are One 1 month ago so me... 😂
  • chiara cau
    chiara cau 1 month ago ever heard of water weight?
  • Ika Mayrina
    Ika Mayrina 1 month ago Same here☹️
  • Sabki Ladali Poo
    Sabki Ladali Poo 1 month ago Hehe nice
  • Alaa Abusafat
    Alaa Abusafat 1 month ago Yes..I can feel your pain..I hate my body..😩😩
  • TaeTae is my bae
    TaeTae is my bae 4 weeks ago Give_TaeThat_Kookie AMRYYYYYY
  • Pinkkan Mhr
    Pinkkan Mhr 3 weeks ago Same lol
  • Ana Mira
    Ana Mira 3 weeks ago You drink too little water overall
  • Juuzou Suzuya
    Juuzou Suzuya 3 weeks ago I read the WHAT IS HAPPENING in big marvels voice lmao
  • Kai Lee
    Kai Lee 2 weeks ago ahah same, I feel like people with faster metabolisms just think we overeat when we are not around other people and that's why he can't lose weight
  • Simply Anastashia
    Simply Anastashia 2 weeks ago sis water helps us lose weight tho cuz like ive been trying and i lost a lot even after looking like a potato when i drink 3 1.5L bottles everyday
  • Sope 4lifeu
    Sope 4lifeu 2 weeks ago My friend is like tiny but she had pancakes pizza burgers popcorn shaved ice and candy in one day 😑 how
  • sTrOnGpOwEr tHaNkEu
    sTrOnGpOwEr tHaNkEu 2 weeks ago my fat ass can ralate lmao😂
  • yiing zy
    yiing zy 1 week ago hahaha it was because you always forgot what did you eating
  • Miss A
    Miss A 1 week ago I feeeel youuu
  • Give_TaeThat_Kookie
    Give_TaeThat_Kookie 1 week ago armYYYY
  • I mug
    I mug 1 week ago water weight?
  • xbluefire *
    xbluefire * 1 week ago With my friends, the more they eat, the faster their metabolism gets 😂
  • vivi
    vivi 1 week ago guys you are beautiful ❤️
  • da7ana
    da7ana 6 days ago The reason why I hate myself so much..
  • Bella
    Bella 5 days ago Me too 🤣
  • TheLaylainlila
    TheLaylainlila 4 days ago (edited) Have you gotten a thyroid check? I had the same problem and was diagnosed with a underactive thyroid and now on medication I loose weight like crazy without changing my eating habits
  • Soggycereal
    Soggycereal 2 days ago (edited) I’m your friend 🤧 High metabolism I guess
  • Nctmylove 1
    Nctmylove 1 15 hours ago Same
  • Garima Joshee
    Garima Joshee 1 month ago (edited) I know 99.98% won't find this and 0.02% who find this, you are beautiful and have a nice day
  • Its Bey
    Its Bey 1 month ago Garima Joshee it’s 0.02
  • multifandom_in _kpop
    multifandom_in _kpop 1 month ago @Its Bey You're Right 😂
  • Tucha Fatima
    Tucha Fatima 1 month ago Bruh you are top comment
  • Solidsilenceful
    Solidsilenceful 1 month ago Stop this cringey like begging stuff
  • I have no name
    I have no name 1 month ago Thank you 🌸
  • Justin.Y
    Justin.Y 1 month ago Garima Joshee why thank you ☺️
  • Garima Joshee
    Garima Joshee 1 month ago Its Bey, I have corrected it😶😂
  • Happyllama111 1
    Happyllama111 1 5 days ago Don’t tell me what to do
  • sabrinarr
    sabrinarr 1 month ago Can we talk about your waist though?! DAMN
  • Kae C
    Kae C 2 weeks ago sabrinarr right!!
  • Any S
    Any S 1 week ago sabrinarr it could be her genetics, not the diet
  • randomgal
    randomgal 6 days ago @Any S more like editing. The after picture is edited to make her waist look smaller. She could have never achieved that. She would have needed to remove some ribs if she wanted to have that waist. Not even genetics can achieve that!
  • Min Yoongi is Suga to my Tae
    Min Yoongi is Suga to my Tae 6 days ago (edited) @randomgal thats where youre wrong. i used to have an even larger waist, almost nonexistent. but when i started taking good care of myself (eating healthy, working out, etc) my waist now is similar to hers, maybe the same idek lmao. but yea. also, she just had a lot of extra water weight and fat, which made her look bloated, cause she also was, and because of this huge diet plan change, her waist COULDVE gotten as small as that..
  • Chez A
    Chez A 6 days ago Min Yoongi is Suga to my Tae but can it reallly happen in 5 days?
  • Min Yoongi is Suga to my Tae
    Min Yoongi is Suga to my Tae 6 days ago @Chez A depends on how bloated you were, i mean, if itd be all fat then no. Because bloat goes away easily after a few days of good diet.
  • Flávia Castro
    Flávia Castro 6 days ago @randomgal Omg i thought the same thing. It's impossible to change so much of your body shape in only 5 days.
  • Senpaitama
    Senpaitama 6 days ago wait i thought her waist was normal????
  • Flávia Castro
    Flávia Castro 6 days ago @Senpaitama her waist is normal, but it cannot change like that in only five days (comparing the before and after shots).
  • randomgal
    randomgal 5 days ago @Min Yoongi is Suga to my Tae give me a break. This girl is lying to your faces and you are all buying it. It's one think to work out for months consistently and eating clean. But it's a whole other thing to try a diet for 5 days. You said you achieved a smaller waist working out and eating right. Well I doubt it worked in 5 days. Don't buy this bs. This is the reason so many people are insecure. Results like this in 5 days do not happen.
  • Min Yoongi is Suga to my Tae
    Min Yoongi is Suga to my Tae 5 days ago @randomgal lmao. Why are you making assumptions without trying first? Theres so much proof that it can happen in a week on youtube, and its not pictures. :) ofcourse, everyone has their own opinion. But before talking, shouldnt you first look it up first?
  • Min Yoongi is Suga to my Tae
    Min Yoongi is Suga to my Tae 5 days ago (edited) @randomgal im repeating myself, bloat goes away easily if you eat well enough for enough time. Also, genetics, everyone is different, which means everyone loses weight differently too. And she clearly was the most bloated, since you can already see a bit of abs in the before. If itd be only fat it wouldnt be there, and then yes, she couldnt achieve that much in just a few days.
  • Min Yoongi is Suga to my Tae
    Min Yoongi is Suga to my Tae 5 days ago @randomgal i do a lot of research about these kind of things also, because how will i diet and exercise right and achieve something without not knowing HOW it actually works? There are still rules too. So yea. But again, im not the one to tell you who to believe and whatever
  • randomgal
    randomgal 5 days ago @Min Yoongi is Suga to my Tae why are you assuming I haven't tried it? I have been consistently working out for 17 months now and tracking my macros. I work closely with my doctors because of my genetic condition and even get an mri done every 6 months. I stand by my belief that a transformation of the waist like this is impossible in 5 days. Yes it can be bloating but that would be incredibly misleading and manipulative. It would make it even worse. People believe this is due to weight-loss and then they become discouraged when they do not get the same results.
  • Min Yoongi is Suga to my Tae
    Min Yoongi is Suga to my Tae 5 days ago @randomgal well yes, genetics play a huge part in this too. Its not possible for every single person to get the same results with the same diet, because again, genetics.
  • Min Yoongi is Suga to my Tae
    Min Yoongi is Suga to my Tae 5 days ago @randomgal but, again, it is possible, if she was bloated. However, with fat its different, she wouldnt have achieved that much in a few days. So i just believe that she was more bloated, cause you can actually tell and i already explained how.
  • Senpaitama
    Senpaitama 5 days ago @Flávia Castro yh it's cause she was bloated before
  • multifandom_in _kpop
    multifandom_in _kpop 1 month ago (edited) I wanna try this but... I live with my parents and in an Asian Household. I can't stop the rice 🍚 😂. HOLY SHI-. The likes. First time getting 1k 😅.
  • Emma X
    Emma X 1 month ago Amica Regilme omg same and I have to eat the stuff they are eating or they get sad.
  • multifandom_in _kpop
    multifandom_in _kpop 1 month ago @Emma X relatable 😂
  • u know Who
    u know Who 1 month ago the most relatable comment ever srsly
  • u know Who
    u know Who 1 month ago but sometimes i also cant rlly resist rice tho, no rice = not a proper meal yet haha
  • multifandom_in _kpop
    multifandom_in _kpop 1 month ago @u know Who I agree 😂 👍
  • Miss Cliché
    Miss Cliché 1 month ago Same here! I live with my asian parents whose the classic tiger-parents :<< and diets don't exist in this household. Plus, they would get disappointed in me if i didn't eat, and rice is life 😂😂
  • multifandom_in _kpop
    multifandom_in _kpop 1 month ago @Miss Cliché You're truly right. Yes, rice is life 🤣
  • Gushed -
    Gushed - 1 month ago Im Asian and Portuguese...ITS VERY HARD TO EVEN LEAVE BEHIND A SPECK OF ANYTHING.
  • multifandom_in _kpop
    multifandom_in _kpop 1 month ago @Gushed - True 😅
  • 아미Army
    아미Army 1 month ago Relatable gurlll, plus my grandma always stuffed a lot to my mouth even though I said I want to diet and she said there's no way you gonna made it... I was like.... 🙂
  • Lijah
    Lijah 1 month ago multifandom_in _kpop pick up that rice or no food, relatable.
  • uuyminn
    uuyminn 1 month ago I totally understand that. Every time I go back home, I have to eat whatever they prepared 😂
  • multifandom_in _kpop
    multifandom_in _kpop 1 month ago @uuyminn 😂
  • 아미Army
    아미Army 1 month ago @uuyminn 🤣🤣
  • o k.
    o k. 1 month ago Yazz i feel you lol😂😂
  • nagisa chan
    nagisa chan 1 month ago 😂😂😂😂😂
  • Pabibong Eileen
    Pabibong Eileen 1 month ago Same lol
  • Wander Jay
    Wander Jay 1 month ago Rice is life.
  • _klx22 _
    _klx22 _ 1 month ago (edited) I’m an Asian too but I can do this diet . I just sometime eat with family and I can eat lonely if i want . But truely , rice is life for who r Asian
  • sherfire
    sherfire 1 month ago RELATABLE
  • Soleil Sierra
    Soleil Sierra 1 month ago ugh so relatable
  • たぬと
    たぬと 1 month ago @Emma X I also live my aisan family and have to eat what they eat
  • Maca Roni
    Maca Roni 1 month ago Welp, that's relatable
  • Maja GirlPoWER
    Maja GirlPoWER 1 month ago Rice is good ? What the problem ?
  • J. P
    J. P 1 month ago I feel u girl bc Same here
  • J. P
    J. P 1 month ago If my family eat like a whole feast and I am the only one who eat Salat it's just weird
  • multifandom_in _kpop
    multifandom_in _kpop 1 month ago @Maja GirlPoWER Rice is good, we didn't say it's not yummy 😋. It's just that when we want to diet, our whole family eats like a whole feast, and we can't stop eating because that's disrespectful and they're gonna be sad thinking the food was horrible.
  • ikimchi
    ikimchi 1 month ago Same LMAO. I tried the whole keto thing so I had to sacrifice rice.... For at most 3 days and went fck it 😂😂
  • multifandom_in _kpop
    multifandom_in _kpop 1 month ago @ikimchi Fuck it 😂
  • 吴纯怡。
    吴纯怡。 1 month ago YAASS SAME HAHA
  • Alexa Silva
    Alexa Silva 1 month ago IKRR😂
  • veggiemonster 54
    veggiemonster 54 1 month ago (edited) Just eat a cup or cup and a half of rice with each meal alongside 2-3 cups steamed veggies (not starch ones) with a half cup of tofu or beans and kimchi.... then for snacks have tea with almond milk and 1-2 pieces of fruit a day. Then you can eat all the rice you want and loose weight. Just makes sure to work out for at least an hour a day. Calories will equal roughly 1,700 a day if you want to know macros though you'll need to log those yourself cause they change depending in the protein and veggies you choose. I do this diet for when I hssve indulged or stress eaten (which happens a lot with school) f9r about 2 weeks and inalways feel a lot better. Als9 incase your curious I am 5 ft (in reality tiny bit shorter) and despite my him being higher then most Asians my height my actual fat percentage is pretty low since I do sports so most of my weight is muscle
    BURGUNDY 1 month ago (edited) I feel you bro, my mom and dad just won't stop shoving food down my throat, especially my grandma
  • Lazy Dazy
    Lazy Dazy 1 month ago Dude, yass specially when grandma forces you to eat too
  • Kim Sarang
    Kim Sarang 1 month ago Same my mom checks me after every 5 seconds if im eating or not
  • Chocolate chip Kookie
    Chocolate chip Kookie 1 month ago Yap ♥ rice is life in Asia ♥
  • SupremeTwiceee
    SupremeTwiceee 1 month ago I’m not Asian but I can totally relate to this😂😂
  • Song Yang
    Song Yang 1 month ago Try eating a smaller portion of rice then, that’s what I do.
  • Lia Chu
    Lia Chu 4 weeks ago I CAN RELATE😔😔
  • Avocado Life
    Avocado Life 3 weeks ago Emma X omg so relatable
  • multifandom_in _kpop
    multifandom_in _kpop 3 weeks ago @Song Yang That's what I do too 😀.
  • Mc Kayla Mae Bandola
    Mc Kayla Mae Bandola 3 weeks ago My parents will beat me if I will not eat rice 3 times a day. 😂 Goodbye body goal 😂
  • Draw withMae
    Draw withMae 3 weeks ago So relate😭😂😂
  • futa✔️
    futa✔️ 3 weeks ago multifandom_in _kpop shut up don’t make excuses
  • Axata Lama
    Axata Lama 2 weeks ago I relate to this on a spiritual level
  • hanifa paramitha
    hanifa paramitha 2 weeks ago Belum sama nasi = belum makan
  • sTrOnGpOwEr tHaNkEu
    sTrOnGpOwEr tHaNkEu 2 weeks ago bruh...same here😂
  • Diễm Quỳnh Trần Thiện
    Diễm Quỳnh Trần Thiện 2 weeks ago My mom just cook less rice and add more vegetables, i have stopped eating rice for a year but there's still some rice cheat days 😃
  • Maniac _15
    Maniac _15 2 weeks ago Same here dude, my parents sayin' inwas crazy 'coz i don't want to eat rice!
  • Shookt Shookington
    Shookt Shookington 2 weeks ago Ugh same. The struggle 🤦🏻‍♀️😭
  • xbluefire *
    xbluefire * 1 week ago Never seen anything more relatable XD
  • angelina
    angelina 1 week ago Yeh same problem, I live with a Russian family though but they looooovee their food and they will ask you if your hungry about 23482934895 times.
  • Hot Bunny Kookie Potato
    Hot Bunny Kookie Potato 1 week ago Ikr haha
  • Does Jumin Han Is Gay ?
    Does Jumin Han Is Gay ? 6 days ago multifandom_in _kpop omg me too 😫
  • Amu S
    Amu S 6 days ago It's not good to eat raw food and cooked food together.As raw food digest faster you should eat it first then eat cooked food.
  • Tien Ngo
    Tien Ngo 6 days ago Same-_-
  • patrcia González
    patrcia González 6 days ago I want to try too, but if I tell my parents their response may be: you are too skinny you can't do that
  • multifandom_in _kpop
    multifandom_in _kpop 5 days ago @patrcia González Yeah. :(
  • Seokjeul-ssi Kim
    Seokjeul-ssi Kim 4 days ago Damn u right
  • Arjel Demar
    Arjel Demar 4 days ago SAME HAHAHA
  • Arjel Demar
    Arjel Demar 4 days ago @Emma X SAME HAHAHAHA
  • Karen Y
    Karen Y 3 days ago Or your mom gets mad at you not eating her cooking/ shoves more food at you because she's worried 😄
  • Unniecorn
    Unniecorn 2 days ago Haha same
  • kim whyn•
    kim whyn• 15 hours ago Damn.. I feel you 😂
  • Angel Bersalona
    Angel Bersalona 10 hours ago Emma X same
  • Cornelia Comisie
    Cornelia Comisie 1 month ago Just for you people to know All of the kpop diets are made for max 3-5 days They are usually doing them for photoshoots or mv or some kinda events You can't live doing this and your body is actually gonna store fat from everything you eat for energy
  • sj.j.y
    sj.j.y 1 month ago this is not true.
  • sking0707
    sking0707 1 month ago sj.j.y which part? Because the second part is true. If you “starve” your body long enough you will disturb your natural metabolism and your body will go in to fat storage mode. A lot of good diets and life style changes actually promote eating more (smaller portions but more frequently through out the day) along with a good exercise regime.
  • Novranda Alifthari
    Novranda Alifthari 1 month ago Totally true. I don't think people will live a happy life if they keep eating things like those, at least for me.
  • ninjakat
    ninjakat 1 month ago sking0707 that’s true but she actually felt full and also once you start eating smaller portions your stomach becomes smaller and you won’t feel the need to intake so much food.
  • sking0707
    sking0707 1 month ago ninjakat true however if you’re incorporating exercising into this your body will crave and will need more food. Just not a lot of it all at once. If you’re not then tech you would be right as your caloric needs wouldn’t be so high. Some people forget that you still need calories and good sources of energy in order to burn off the fat when you’re incorporating exercise in your diet and life style changes.
  • ninjakat
    ninjakat 1 month ago sking0707 yeah you’re right, thanks for the insight :)
  • sj.j.y
    sj.j.y 1 month ago @sking0707 this part. your body don't store fat when you starve yourself. this is just a myth. i don't want to come off as rude but don't say that this is true without even researching it. you can access google right? try to search it before typing everything you heard from other uneducated people.
  • akai dude
    akai dude 1 month ago @sj.j.y Absolutely true. Usually when recovering anorexics gain weight you won't be able to see any difference at all, and when they're weigth restored it's not all fat because there isn't a "fat storage mod" in our body. It's bullshit, just like metabolic damage
  • sking0707
    sking0707 1 month ago sj.j.y but I have researched this before and google is not a good source to use. I have looked at research articles and journals before and found the same conclusions. However, it is still possible for it not to be true as there are always variables and outliers in any experiment. For now though the consensus is that your body “can” as it may not always for some but can go in to storage mode at a certain point in starvation which can vary from person to person.
  • sking0707
    sking0707 1 month ago akai dude metabolic damage and syndrome is not bs though. Our metabolism is mostly controlled by our thyroid glands. If their production of thyroxine is altered in anyway our metabolism can be compromised.
  • akai dude
    akai dude 1 month ago @sking0707 Saying that something doesn't work it's completely different from saying that it doesn't work properly: if you actually have a disfunction in thyroxine production your metabolism will still work but not in an healthy way for you, this doesn't mean that it has stopped working. Metabolic damage theory relies on the assumption that your metabolism is somehow "broken" and needs to be "fixed" (usually by pseudoscience diets) and this is beyond anti-scientific. If my heart stops beating due to an heart attack connected to potassium levels in my blood it means that it stopped working properly, not that stopped working like it has something wrong
  • sking0707
    sking0707 1 month ago akai dude you’re totally right in that sense. Thanks for that insight. I’ll keep that in mind. Wordings in these hypotheses can be tricky for sure.
  • akai dude
    akai dude 1 month ago @sking0707 Thanks for being polite, it's so rare here on youtube🙏
  • sking0707
    sking0707 1 month ago akai dude of course!! There’s always room for more knowledge!! I never take offense when someone is trying to further educate or open my mind! So thank you, again 😊
  • lyinsroar
    lyinsroar 1 month ago @sking0707 that's fascinating, alsoooo turns out i've been doing it wrong my entire life
  • 내가 널 이끄는 쟈니
    내가 널 이끄는 쟈니 1 month ago (edited) No that depends, I have a friend who basically cant eat greasy food like pizza she always cook for herself, all her foods are mostly veggies and boiled meats and she basically so skinny and she'll get stomachache if she's not eating clean. From what I see this diet is pretty balanced and I dont think its unhealthy, the only problem for doing this long term is that if you're accustomed to this diet your body will react negatively when u eat outside cause you become not used to seasoning and stuff.
  • Little Blue
    Little Blue 1 month ago But I trained my stomach with things like this Now I need way less food to feel full and can eat twice a day Which makes me 2 lbs away from underweight (according to my bmi) Now I just need more weight exercuise to look more lean Its a GREAT Start
  • //milky nu
    //milky nu 1 month ago I learned this the hard way, unfortunately.
  • mew
    mew 3 weeks ago @sking0707 fat people trying to educate others, classic
  • Moe Lee
    Moe Lee 1 week ago I did the IU diet for two weeks, then the wheesung 13-day diet, and lastly Jimin's diet in my first month of weight loss. I lost around 10 kg in that one month
  • Cross OveR
    Cross OveR 1 week ago mew I didn’t know having fat means you’re incapable of knowledge. Considering your logic, I’ll take it you’re probably fat too.
  • Cornelia Comisie
    Cornelia Comisie 1 week ago @Moe Lee wooah You know im not that smart But im gonna say are you ok and healthy? After you lost that much weight in such a short time
  • Precooked Bacon
    Precooked Bacon 1 week ago @sj.j.y To be fair this was taught for DECADES and only recently did new information come against starvation mode not being real. There are still doctors telling their patients this
  • Jenny
    Jenny 5 days ago the person has protein from chicken, milk , and carbs from the sweet potato and rice, what nutrition is she lacking? the calories intake is also enough and the amount of food is large. I don't get why your body would go into starving mode?
  • S A
    S A 5 days ago @Little Blue dude you sound highkey anorexic. No sane person's goal should be becoming underweight on purpose
  • Nikki Kuntergraudunkelbunt
    Nikki Kuntergraudunkelbunt 5 days ago @sj.j.y Are you retarded or something. your body isn't build to starve and your body remembers everything you take in and what you don't take in. It is true. We got that to survive bad days ages ago. Nowadays our metabolism changed tho, since we barely aren't starving anymore, we have food in overload. Studies from Africa will still tell you the same like some time ago.
  • Eren
    Eren 3 days ago Agree, my doctor told me at least do the diet slowly or else it will harm your body
  • nurul Abdullah
    nurul Abdullah 3 weeks ago Asian family When i skip meal or eat less try to lose weight. My parent will definitely buy lots of food and keep asking me to eat like 5-6 time.
  • Heidi Huang
    Heidi Huang 3 weeks ago But then they say u need to lose weight...... like wut r they saying
  • nurul Abdullah
    nurul Abdullah 3 weeks ago Heidi Huang hahaha yes right that was 100% correct
  • Nisyaa
    Nisyaa 2 weeks ago Lol same
  • Britney Andrews
    Britney Andrews 2 weeks ago nurul Abdullah seriously sameeeeee
  • Xinyue Li
    Xinyue Li 2 weeks ago My grandma makes it very hard to say no to every meal.
  • stern 1
    stern 1 2 weeks ago Same but i am from germany
  • Cursetxxn Tiaga
    Cursetxxn Tiaga 1 week ago so accurate 😂 then they keep telling you you're fat af hahhaa
  • Kumokun Domo
    Kumokun Domo 1 week ago Mine tells me I'm getting fat and ugly 😭 but I love food 😂
  • Clariz Yangson
    Clariz Yangson 6 days ago Fr, when you diet they'll act like you're starving yourself and when you do eat well they'll insult you for gaining weight 😒
  • Gjee Lee
    Gjee Lee 5 days ago Same I hate it
  • krstn chan
    krstn chan 2 days ago relateeeee
  • Yuri Brigita
    Yuri Brigita 1 month ago me: I want to try a diet also me : im hungryy every 15minutes
  • uuyminn
    uuyminn 1 month ago 😂
  • Oblivion-Zeze Leaves
    Oblivion-Zeze Leaves 2 weeks ago Water, apple slices, and melon are your friends
  • Mrs Mr
    Mrs Mr 1 day ago *dont forget the lemon water. It acually makes you feel full
  • A. G
    A. G 1 month ago People who thinks that carbs make them fat should watch this.. she ate sweet potato for breakfast and 2 for dinner and a bowl of rice in lunch and she lost FAT and gain some muscle !! that's great .. some people just ignore the calories facts and just blame all the carbs including the healthy ones.
  • Novita Djimantoro
    Novita Djimantoro 1 month ago yeah.. people need to learn about complex carbs and simple carbs. And sweet potato is part of complex carbs which is good for diet ;)
  • uuyminn
    uuyminn 1 month ago Our body needs carbs to function.
  • Eru
    Eru 1 month ago she didnt gain muscles but overall her muscle percentage raised bc her general weight went down due to the fat loss. I agree that one has to eat balanced meals and carbs give you energy to live but overeating them makes you gain weight. Facts only
  • A. G
    A. G 1 month ago ​@Eru ِI mentioned that calories matter and to lose weight we need to be in a calorie deficit therefore you can't overdo it on any macro-nutrient if you're in a calorie deficit, overeating itself is a calories surplus and we will gain weight if we overeat on any macro-nutrient not just carbs and so we can lose weight even if all our calories comes from carb (not recommended tho) as long as we maintain a calorie deficit .
  • MiiSan
    MiiSan 1 month ago ​@uuyminn not true, I've been on very little carbs for a year now and never felt more energetic. You just gotta eat healthy.
  • Eru
    Eru 1 month ago @A. G yeah I agree. It will have slightly different outcome but you will def lose weight. I rather ment to answer your statement about gaining musles c:
  • Andrea Vincze
    Andrea Vincze 1 month ago @uuyminn or not
  • Nadia Garcia
    Nadia Garcia 1 month ago @Eru I've lost 107 pound eating mostly carbs. 80% carbs, 10% fat, 10% protein. Best "diet" I've ever been on. I also eat a lot, like 2200 calories a day and feel amazing.
  • Eru
    Eru 1 month ago @Nadia Garcia yeah but it also depends on how was your diet before, were you doing any sports before and after, what was your weight and what was the source of those carbs. It's complex. I dont say it's impossible bc you are living proof that it is