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[DIET CHALLENGE] I tried Kpop idol Bae Suzy diet

Published on Jan 19, 2019 965,212 views

#kpopdiet #suzydiet #koreandiet

This kpop idol diet is a lot better than the other ones that I have tried. I did not feel like I was going through starvation.

The diet consists:
Breakfast - A sweet potato, chicken breast, a glass of low fat milk
Lunch - A bowl of rice and green salad
Dinner - Two sweet potatoes

I am in no way promoting this diet.

Thank you for watching! :)

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  • Garima Joshi
    Garima Joshi 3 months ago (edited) I know 99.98% won't find this and 0.02% who find this, you are beautiful and have a nice day
  • 田中絵美里
    田中絵美里 2 days ago Garima Joshi が3
  • Veronica Taylor
    Veronica Taylor 3 weeks ago You are beautiful too! Thanks
  • Kim Namjoon
    Kim Namjoon 4 weeks ago @IIIXVIIIXV 😂
    IIIXVIIIXV 4 weeks ago @Kim Namjoon i know!!! and i think its amazing
  • Kim Namjoon
    Kim Namjoon 1 month ago @IIIXVIIIXV We are everywhere😂
  • Juulia Saarinen
    Juulia Saarinen 1 month ago Your comment is on the top, wake up.
    IIIXVIIIXV 1 month ago @HOBI's HEART SMILE random question : :can we be friends cause i never had an online friend before? PLEASE?? im not weird
    HOBI's HEART SMILE 1 month ago @IIIXVIIIXV Yes i am And yes we are everywhere🤣
    IIIXVIIIXV 1 month ago @HOBI's HEART SMILE are you an army ???? omg they are literally everywhere !!
  • Soya Cloud
    Soya Cloud 1 month ago Tysm
  • Garima Joshi
    Garima Joshi 1 month ago IIIXVIIIXV aww♥️🤗
  • tennischickypoo
    tennischickypoo 1 month ago You too
    HOBI's HEART SMILE 1 month ago 100% a lot of people saw this
    IIIXVIIIXV 1 month ago you know i was just crying when i saw your words i smiled thank you , i hope someone makes you happy someday the way you made me happy
  • Miss Creapy Pasta
    Miss Creapy Pasta 1 month ago How original
  • Garima Joshi
    Garima Joshi 1 month ago Lynzee Walker ♥️🤗
  • Garima Joshi
    Garima Joshi 1 month ago Agnes Herz ♥️🤗
  • Lynzee Walker
    Lynzee Walker 1 month ago Garima Joshee aww thank you☺️
  • Nora Jimin
    Nora Jimin 1 month ago Garima Joshee we all abt that positivity
  • Agnes Herz
    Agnes Herz 1 month ago Garima Joshee thanks you too
  • Happyllama111 1
    Happyllama111 1 2 months ago Don’t tell me what to do
  • Garima Joshi
    Garima Joshi 3 months ago Its Bey, I have corrected it😶😂
  • Adventures With Dishes
    Adventures With Dishes 3 months ago Garima Joshee why thank you ☺️
  • I have no name
    I have no name 3 months ago Thank you 🌸
  • Tucha Fatima
    Tucha Fatima 3 months ago Bruh you are top comment
  • amica_ regilme
    amica_ regilme 3 months ago @Its Bey You're Right 😂
  • Its Bey
    Its Bey 3 months ago Garima Joshee it’s 0.02
  • nurul Abdullah
    nurul Abdullah 2 months ago Asian family When i skip meal or eat less try to lose weight. My parent will definitely buy lots of food and keep asking me to eat like 5-6 time.
  • dapdap kpop
    dapdap kpop 1 day ago Family : You don't eat my food how can you be so disrespectful Family : You fat lose weight Why do u think I'm fat
  • IcronixiDerp
    IcronixiDerp 6 days ago When I diet and mama says she will feed me just a little then...she just feeds me twice as more..
  • Frilly Doeni
    Frilly Doeni 1 week ago Can relate🙃
  • Pavarti Ruiz
    Pavarti Ruiz 1 week ago True😂
  • Kpop Fan named Tiffany
    Kpop Fan named Tiffany 1 week ago Asian Families
  • Daisy Antonio
    Daisy Antonio 1 week ago Gosh same! And if i refuse my mom would say that i cant go to school or she wouldn't give me money
  • Christine Joyce Raymundo
    Christine Joyce Raymundo 2 weeks ago AHHHHH TRU
  • Monopoly Buy
    Monopoly Buy 2 weeks ago true.
  • jana or jenna
    jana or jenna 2 weeks ago SAme
  • Nancy Dotimas
    Nancy Dotimas 3 weeks ago Feel youu
  • 은Silver
    은Silver 3 weeks ago Same but I'm mostly Black and Hispanic
  • Sock' SucKeR!
    Sock' SucKeR! 3 weeks ago me as well :"(
  • Shrek
    Shrek 3 weeks ago I have Asian parents and I only eat one meal a day
  • haagen imvu
    haagen imvu 3 weeks ago yes same omg all this shit ive been eating and binging on
  • J K
    J K 3 weeks ago @yourlittle princess Nutrients matter more than calories anyways. Makes no sense to be scared of eating.
  • yourlittle princess
    yourlittle princess 3 weeks ago @J K yeah I eat low calories. But I'm scared to eat more. Idk why
  • J K
    J K 3 weeks ago @yourlittle princess It depends on your age, but your calorie intake sounds low. As long as you are getting proper nutrients shouldn't be issue.
  • emh who?
    emh who? 3 weeks ago Lol same
  • Kook Bop
    Kook Bop 4 weeks ago 100% relatable especially here in PH
  • abc def
    abc def 1 month ago yourlittle princess oh my Samee im 5'1, 39kg, and eat 900-1000 kkal/day
  • money Taesun
    money Taesun 1 month ago True
  • Little A
    Little A 1 month ago Same !!!
  • ศุภาพิชญ์ กิจไพบูลย์ชัย
    ศุภาพิชญ์ กิจไพบูลย์ชัย 1 month ago nurul Abdullah my father too! 5555
  • yourlittle princess
    yourlittle princess 1 month ago Hahaha same my family thinks that I'm a stock and I don't eat enough.. BTW I'm 18 and 5'1 and 39 kgs and I eat 900-950 calories a day!
  • SDP 2.0
    SDP 2.0 1 month ago So damn true
  • anna oop-
    anna oop- 1 month ago ikr, they think we starving all the time
  • ilyana zulkifli
    ilyana zulkifli 1 month ago right
    BTS DRAMA 1 month ago Heidi Huang So true
  • Selly Agustin
    Selly Agustin 1 month ago Why is this my family :'( my bro always bully me when I got too skinny but will also complain my look if I'm a bit overweight sksk he's lucky he's the best brother universe could get me or I'm gonna smacking his head 24/7 non-stop
  • bunny
    bunny 1 month ago can relate
  • Shikai Yakamuri
    Shikai Yakamuri 1 month ago Heidi Huang most times they’ll ask y and if u don’t give an acceptable answer or reason they will not let u 😆
  • KH Fan
    KH Fan 1 month ago Same, but I‘m not from an asian family
  • nurul Abdullah
    nurul Abdullah 1 month ago (edited) I guess almost all parent in this world like this... 😂😍 i find it interesting.... 😘 stay healthy everyone
  • maggie
    maggie 1 month ago oh my god same heree like i wanna lose weight and i've actually been making an effort to do so (working out everyday n all that) but it feels like all my efforts are going to waste cus at the end of the day my parents still make me eat a lot :/ and i dont wanna waste food so i just eat what im served
  • MarauderPeter21
    MarauderPeter21 1 month ago in Peru always happen, my mom make me eat a lot, but my dad say I'm fat and that I need be in diet and then both of them fight about that xD JAJAJAJAAJAJA
  • Kanade Tachibana
    Kanade Tachibana 1 month ago SO RELATABLE> THATS MY MOM.
  • Madmoiselle Celestial
    Madmoiselle Celestial 1 month ago same but first, my mom will whip my ass
  • asterral
    asterral 1 month ago oh my god 100% true😂
  • Polarlight Kamjong
    Polarlight Kamjong 1 month ago nurul Abdullah and then when you’re getting a little bit fat, they will say “oh you are getting fat na, why don’t you do diet” hahahhaha
  • Rose’s Few Words218
    Rose’s Few Words218 1 month ago Same with my family but I’m not Asian heh. They make sure to check how much calories I have eaten and if I didn’t eat enough they force me to eat..
  • Renuga Sivakumar
    Renuga Sivakumar 1 month ago Imao samee ..I cant even tell them I’m on a diet ..9/10 times parents cook really unhealthy food but I’m forced to eat or else I’m gonnna get in trouble lol .. they simply think being on a diet is starving yourself to death ..
  • aijeon winter
    aijeon winter 1 month ago my mum get angry when I eat a lot though..
  • Dally nd
    Dally nd 1 month ago @Heidi Huang same 100% correct
  • Tahzeeb Islam Subha
    Tahzeeb Islam Subha 1 month ago I can relate girl .. like I can’t even eat healthy stuff
  • Blue Rain
    Blue Rain 1 month ago But when you try to stop the diet and eat, they be telling you you're fat ( ;ᵕ; )
  • Lina Barahona
    Lina Barahona 1 month ago Same but with latin family
  • Helen H
    Helen H 1 month ago nurul Abdullah yeah I tell my parents I’m going on a diet, then when I get home from school. Sees donuts, ice cream, and soda in the fridge. 😭
  • Black Star
    Black Star 1 month ago nurul Abdullah sameee 😂😂
  • Centuro Relcoral
    Centuro Relcoral 1 month ago It's peer pressure for eating hahaha
  • Emily Chen
    Emily Chen 1 month ago They tell me I’m fat, and then be all like, “you should eat more!” And I’m like wtf
  • me
    me 2 months ago Lol same
  • momo jjang
    momo jjang 2 months ago relateeeee
  • Gjee Lee
    Gjee Lee 2 months ago Same I hate it
  • Clariz Yangson
    Clariz Yangson 2 months ago Fr, when you diet they'll act like you're starving yourself and when you do eat well they'll insult you for gaining weight 😒
  • Kumokun Domo
    Kumokun Domo 2 months ago Mine tells me I'm getting fat and ugly 😭 but I love food 😂
  • Cursetxxn Vlogs
    Cursetxxn Vlogs 2 months ago so accurate 😂 then they keep telling you you're fat af hahhaa
  • stern 1
    stern 1 2 months ago Same but i am from germany
  • Xinyue Li
    Xinyue Li 2 months ago My grandma makes it very hard to say no to every meal.
  • Britney Andrews
    Britney Andrews 2 months ago nurul Abdullah seriously sameeeeee
  • Nisyaa
    Nisyaa 2 months ago Lol same
  • nurul Abdullah
    nurul Abdullah 2 months ago Heidi Huang hahaha yes right that was 100% correct
  • Heidi Huang
    Heidi Huang 2 months ago But then they say u need to lose weight...... like wut r they saying
  • amica_ regilme
    amica_ regilme 3 months ago (edited) I wanna try this but... I live with my parents and in an Asian Household 😂. Edit: I eat smaller portions of rice and I exercise alot. HOLY SHI-. The likes.
  • Nicole
    Nicole 4 days ago "EAT MORE! YOU'RE LIKE A STICK!"
  • Kpop Fan named Tiffany
    Kpop Fan named Tiffany 1 week ago So relatable
  • Arisa Roomy
    Arisa Roomy 2 weeks ago Can't relate more
  • Lia Noel
    Lia Noel 1 month ago I live with my mom shes always EAT EAT EAT
  • Cristhel Ligutan
    Cristhel Ligutan 1 month ago Relateee
  • aliyah
    aliyah 1 month ago relate
  • raurxs`
    raurxs` 1 month ago Same
  • Raquel Ferreira
    Raquel Ferreira 1 month ago @Gushed - Portuguese squad ! 😔✊ Ya know how it is 😭
  • Sinixe ʕ ́•ᴥ•`ʔ
    Sinixe ʕ ́•ᴥ•`ʔ 1 month ago Same
  • Aznponie12
    Aznponie12 1 month ago Asian parents: you fat! You: *lose 1pound Asian parents: you to skinny! Eat more! You: *gain weight Asian parents: you fat! But keep eating. Asian parents: but u still fat. Haha.
  • Trying To pull my life together OOF
    Trying To pull my life together OOF 1 month ago I’m Mexican but Oof My mom cooks rice like everyday and yes I have a ton of leftover rice in my fridge you just can’t stop the rice from coming in my household :,))))
  • EvaLaylatus Statistik
    EvaLaylatus Statistik 1 month ago Reality
  • likeaflowerinsun
    likeaflowerinsun 1 month ago yeah i know right, and then if you skip one meal or didn't eat. They'll scold you hardcore😂
  • Raemerson Alvarado
    Raemerson Alvarado 1 month ago Same, if I want to eat boiled egg they won't let me, they keep telling me to eat rice and they put a lot of rice on my plate
  • Hyunchae Lee
    Hyunchae Lee 1 month ago No rice, no life
    EXCUSE ME? 1 month ago You can, you just don't want to.
  • animenotenemy
    animenotenemy 1 month ago Main problem is, even if I try to eat diet food the smell of tasty curry at home would completely not allow me to eat those stuff
  • Thanh Xuân Trần
    Thanh Xuân Trần 1 month ago So do I
  • Nesley Vie Lamo
    Nesley Vie Lamo 1 month ago Same
  • Jennie Kim
    Jennie Kim 1 month ago multifandom_in _kpop HAHAHA IKR
  • Dally nd
    Dally nd 1 month ago Yes! I'm Asian too😂
  • amica_ regilme
    amica_ regilme 1 month ago @exHoemania Philippines
  • exHoemania
    exHoemania 1 month ago Relatable. Btw where are you from?
  • O O P S I E D O O P S I E
    O O P S I E D O O P S I E 1 month ago multifandom_in _kpop OMG SAME 😭😭😭😂 idk if that is an advantage or not but i'm loving it, sns 😂
  • Eri
    Eri 1 month ago There's like 3 days i not having rice and i realise everything cant make me better other than rice that time.
  • Bubbly Min
    Bubbly Min 1 month ago Same ._. I can never diet with my family around -_-
  • SquipedHamilfam Chandler
    SquipedHamilfam Chandler 1 month ago Same but with African parents
  • Rikka Chan
    Rikka Chan 1 month ago @X X same 😭😂
  • Elia Angelina
    Elia Angelina 1 month ago Me too, i live in Indonesia. Every morning, afternoon and evening we always eat rice. But i tried my friend diet tips, i try so hard to not eat any rice, sugar, salt and oil and finally i lost 4.2 kg in 3 days 🙌 I think u could do to if u want! It's hard on the first day, but after it, it become easier 😊
  • Kirana Cinta
    Kirana Cinta 1 month ago As an asian people, I really can relate this loll
  • Mary Hanks
    Mary Hanks 1 month ago I'm not Asian but I come from a Hispanic household and my mamá ALWAYS has to put rice on every dish she makes xD Sometimes she makes soup and we put rice on it and tbh it taste really good :v
  • Emily Chen
    Emily Chen 1 month ago And when you don’t eat they lecture you- UgH
  • Exodusお茶
    Exodusお茶 2 months ago I can totally relate We can never stop the rice if your living with Asian parents 😅
  • Angel Bersalona
    Angel Bersalona 2 months ago Emma X same
  • why-n•
    why-n• 2 months ago Damn.. I feel you 😂
  • Unniecorn
    Unniecorn 2 months ago Haha same
  • Popcorn Bear
    Popcorn Bear 2 months ago Or your mom gets mad at you not eating her cooking/ shoves more food at you because she's worried 😄
  • \\ _Yonsoo Kim_ //
    \\ _Yonsoo Kim_ // 2 months ago Damn u right
  • amica_ regilme
    amica_ regilme 2 months ago @patrcia González Yeah. :(
  • patrcia González
    patrcia González 2 months ago I want to try too, but if I tell my parents their response may be: you are too skinny you can't do that
  • Tien Ngo
    Tien Ngo 2 months ago Same-_-
  • Amu S
    Amu S 2 months ago It's not good to eat raw food and cooked food together.As raw food digest faster you should eat it first then eat cooked food.
  • Does Jumin Han Is Gay ?
    Does Jumin Han Is Gay ? 2 months ago multifandom_in _kpop omg me too 😫
  • Hot Bunny Kookie Potato
    Hot Bunny Kookie Potato 2 months ago Ikr haha
  • angelina
    angelina 2 months ago Yeh same problem, I live with a Russian family though but they looooovee their food and they will ask you if your hungry about 23482934895 times.
  • xbluefire *
    xbluefire * 2 months ago Never seen anything more relatable XD
  • Shookt Shookington
    Shookt Shookington 2 months ago Ugh same. The struggle 🤦🏻‍♀️😭
  • Maniac _15
    Maniac _15 2 months ago Same here dude, my parents sayin' inwas crazy 'coz i don't want to eat rice!
  • Diễm Quỳnh Trần Thiện
    Diễm Quỳnh Trần Thiện 2 months ago My mom just cook less rice and add more vegetables, i have stopped eating rice for a year but there's still some rice cheat days 😃
  • sTrOnGpOwEr tHaNkEu
    sTrOnGpOwEr tHaNkEu 2 months ago bruh...same here😂
  • hanifa paramitha
    hanifa paramitha 2 months ago Belum sama nasi = belum makan
  • legend Says
    legend Says 2 months ago I relate to this on a spiritual level
  • futa✔️
    futa✔️ 2 months ago multifandom_in _kpop shut up don’t make excuses
  • Draw withMae
    Draw withMae 2 months ago So relate😭😂😂
  • Mc Kayla Mae Bandola
    Mc Kayla Mae Bandola 2 months ago My parents will beat me if I will not eat rice 3 times a day. 😂 Goodbye body goal 😂
  • amica_ regilme
    amica_ regilme 3 months ago @Song Yang That's what I do too 😀.
  • Avocado Life
    Avocado Life 3 months ago Emma X omg so relatable
  • Lia Chu
    Lia Chu 3 months ago I CAN RELATE😔😔
  • Song Yang
    Song Yang 3 months ago Try eating a smaller portion of rice then, that’s what I do.
  • SupremeTwiceee
    SupremeTwiceee 3 months ago I’m not Asian but I can totally relate to this😂😂
  • Chocolate chip Kookie
    Chocolate chip Kookie 3 months ago Yap ♥ rice is life in Asia ♥
  • Kim Sarang
    Kim Sarang 3 months ago Same my mom checks me after every 5 seconds if im eating or not
  • Lazy Dazy
    Lazy Dazy 3 months ago Dude, yass specially when grandma forces you to eat too
    BURGUNDY 3 months ago (edited) I feel you bro, my mom and dad just won't stop shoving food down my throat, especially my grandma
  • 花木Joyce
    花木Joyce 3 months ago (edited) Just eat a cup or cup and a half of rice with each meal alongside 2-3 cups steamed veggies (not starch ones) with a half cup of tofu or beans and kimchi.... then for snacks have tea with almond milk and 1-2 pieces of fruit a day. Then you can eat all the rice you want and loose weight. Just makes sure to work out for at least an hour a day. Calories will equal roughly 1,700 a day if you want to know macros though you'll need to log those yourself cause they change depending in the protein and veggies you choose. I do this diet for when I hssve indulged or stress eaten (which happens a lot with school) f9r about 2 weeks and inalways feel a lot better. Als9 incase your curious I am 5 ft (in reality tiny bit shorter) and despite my him being higher then most Asians my height my actual fat percentage is pretty low since I do sports so most of my weight is muscle
  • Alexa Silva
    Alexa Silva 3 months ago IKRR😂
  • 吴纯怡。
    吴纯怡。 3 months ago YAASS SAME HAHA
  • amica_ regilme
    amica_ regilme 3 months ago @ikimchi Fuck it 😂
  • ikimchi
    ikimchi 3 months ago Same LMAO. I tried the whole keto thing so I had to sacrifice rice.... For at most 3 days and went fck it 😂😂
  • amica_ regilme
    amica_ regilme 3 months ago @Maja GirlPoWER Rice is good, we didn't say it's not yummy 😋. It's just that when we want to diet, our whole family eats like a whole feast, and we can't stop eating because that's disrespectful and they're gonna be sad thinking the food was horrible.
  • J. P
    J. P 3 months ago If my family eat like a whole feast and I am the only one who eat Salat it's just weird
  • J. P
    J. P 3 months ago I feel u girl bc Same here
  • Maja GirlPoWER
    Maja GirlPoWER 3 months ago Rice is good ? What the problem ?
  • Maca Roni
    Maca Roni 3 months ago Welp, that's relatable
  • たぬと
    たぬと 3 months ago @X X I also live my aisan family and have to eat what they eat
  • Soleil Sierra
    Soleil Sierra 3 months ago ugh so relatable
  • sherfire
    sherfire 3 months ago RELATABLE
  • _klx22 _
    _klx22 _ 3 months ago (edited) I’m an Asian too but I can do this diet . I just sometime eat with family and I can eat lonely if i want . But truely , rice is life for who r Asian
  • Wander Jay
    Wander Jay 3 months ago Rice is life.
  • Kimkim Eileen
    Kimkim Eileen 3 months ago Same lol
  • nagisa chan
    nagisa chan 3 months ago 😂😂😂😂😂
  • o k.
    o k. 3 months ago Yazz i feel you lol😂😂
  • 아미Army
    아미Army 3 months ago @uuyminn 🤣🤣
  • amica_ regilme
    amica_ regilme 3 months ago @uuyminn 😂
  • uuyminn
    uuyminn 3 months ago I totally understand that. Every time I go back home, I have to eat whatever they prepared 😂
  • Lijah
    Lijah 3 months ago multifandom_in _kpop pick up that rice or no food, relatable.
  • 아미Army
    아미Army 3 months ago Relatable gurlll, plus my grandma always stuffed a lot to my mouth even though I said I want to diet and she said there's no way you gonna made it... I was like.... 🙂
  • amica_ regilme
    amica_ regilme 3 months ago @Gushed - True 😅
  • Gushed -
    Gushed - 3 months ago Im Asian and Portuguese...ITS VERY HARD TO EVEN LEAVE BEHIND A SPECK OF ANYTHING.
  • amica_ regilme
    amica_ regilme 3 months ago @Miss Cliché You're truly right. Yes, rice is life 🤣
  • Miss Cliché
    Miss Cliché 3 months ago Same here! I live with my asian parents whose the classic tiger-parents :<< and diets don't exist in this household. Plus, they would get disappointed in me if i didn't eat, and rice is life 😂😂
  • amica_ regilme
    amica_ regilme 3 months ago @u know Who I agree 😂 👍
  • u know Who
    u know Who 3 months ago but sometimes i also cant rlly resist rice tho, no rice = not a proper meal yet haha
  • u know Who
    u know Who 3 months ago the most relatable comment ever srsly
  • amica_ regilme
    amica_ regilme 3 months ago @X X relatable 😂
  • X X
    X X 3 months ago Amica Regilme omg same and I have to eat the stuff they are eating or they get sad.
  • sabrinarr
    sabrinarr 3 months ago Can we talk about your waist though?! DAMN
    EVPHORICJIMIN 3 days ago @Flávia Castro then i guess i'm not okay since i'm skinny and when i eat a lot and get full my stomach gets pretty big and bloated so my waist is/looks bigger but once i'm not full anymore and the bloating goes away my stomach and waist is very small again just as before i ate 🤷‍♀️
  • Maca Fdez
    Maca Fdez 1 week ago IT'S PHOTOSHOP!!!!! OR FACETUNE
  • ok
    ok 1 week ago @melina barajas looks to be like an hour glass shape i think, but i might be wrong
  • melina barajas
    melina barajas 1 week ago Do u guys know what body shape she has
  • melina barajas
    melina barajas 1 week ago Flávia Castro same
  • ok
    ok 4 weeks ago y'all whats the easiest way to remove water fat and actual fat
  • 0fficial Vivianaa
    0fficial Vivianaa 1 month ago randomgal that’s incorrect you can have a small waist just by eating healthy.
  • Flávia Castro
    Flávia Castro 1 month ago @Meskarune it's possible for your stomach to change, yes. But it's not possible for it to change THAT much.
  • Flávia Castro
    Flávia Castro 1 month ago @Meskarune no, it's not. Seriously guys, I don't want to be rude or anything, but if you believe in this, you're all delusional.
  • Meskarune
    Meskarune 1 month ago @Flávia Castro I have problems with stomach bloating. I can wake up with a waist like that and then eat some foods and an hour later my stomach is huge. Its totally possible for your stomach to change a lot in a short time.
  • Yves owns my ass
    Yves owns my ass 1 month ago @randomgal let me correct you, there are waists that genetically look like that and i am an example but you're right in here it must be edited because weight loss does make the waist look thinner but not this much thinner and hers was already defined before the diet
  • Burnt Orange
    Burnt Orange 1 month ago @Poulie Doesn't matter how thin you are. You don't just get a weißt from being skinny, you als9 get it from your genetics. There are a lot of skinny people with a straight torso. You can't change that. And if you only weigh 36 kg you probably have little fat around your boobs and hips. I would actually recommend to put on some weight because you probably need fat to get some curves. Not judging, but you must be really, really short to be healthy and weigh that much. Or you're a child, in which case you wouldn't have a waist anyways.
  • melina barajas
    melina barajas 1 month ago @queeddity oh well that makes sense now thank you
  • queeddity
    queeddity 1 month ago melina barajas It wasn’t bad. People are just questioning the “sudden” change of waist proportion in just 5 days.
  • melina barajas
    melina barajas 1 month ago I have the same waist as hers but is it bad or something......
  • Min Yoongi is Suga to my Tae
    Min Yoongi is Suga to my Tae 1 month ago @Tae’s crustless Bread ikr
  • SuPeRsKiTtLeStAlKeR
    SuPeRsKiTtLeStAlKeR 1 month ago @Kiki Mochi  Chez A  I think it can. I've lost 7 pounds in five days by changing my diet and exercising regularly and I looked very much like the before and after. I wasn't big to begin with. But I would definitely agree that if you have a lot of water weight or bloating it is possible. I usually just eat carbs and salty foods. So I'm pretty much always bloated.
  • Poulie
    Poulie 1 month ago ??
  • lsy BTXT
    lsy BTXT 1 month ago @Poulie and what if she worked out?
  • Tae’s crustless Bread
    Tae’s crustless Bread 1 month ago randomgal yeah no way u don’t need to remove ribs to have a thin waist. My waist is even thinner even though i have pretty big hips and it’s just the genetics
  • Min Yoongi is Suga to my Tae
    Min Yoongi is Suga to my Tae 1 month ago @EXCUSE ME? Istg, just search up what bloating is and what does it mean, and also how to loose it. Im tired of repeating the same bs all over again.
  • LifeInJP
    LifeInJP 1 month ago @randomgal my waist looks exactly like that lol
    EXCUSE ME? 1 month ago @Min Yoongi is Suga to my Tae Dude, it was only a diet, for five days. You might've been the only one who thought your waist is non-existent. Just how? If your body shape is an hourglass, then even when you're fat, your waist is still small. Your body can't change that drastically in 5 days. Your body can't handle that, your body needs to get used to it for some time before it shows changes.
  • KoolKarena
    KoolKarena 1 month ago I would like a video of her after the diet
  • Ariel Chang
    Ariel Chang 1 month ago @randomgal if you really think that way, then instead of leaving comments like this go try it. you have no proof that this was "bs" maybe it worked for her, you dont know.
  • Min Yoongi is Suga to my Tae
    Min Yoongi is Suga to my Tae 1 month ago @Poulie and yes, loosing only 2 kg can change your waist. Because mostly, ill repeat, in 5 days we can only loose bloat, some fat and everything else drops too but the bloating can disappear completely with a good diet that suits your body in such a short period of time. Bloating is extremely easy to loose and gain. Bloating is mostly just water weight.
  • Min Yoongi is Suga to my Tae
    Min Yoongi is Suga to my Tae 1 month ago @Poulie lmao every body is different hun. It doesnt matter how much you weight or what your height is, every body is different, which means, you may be 36kg, and not have such a thin waist but someone else can, because its a different human being. The way each person looses weight is also different, some can loose up to 3kg in 5 days(just an example), some can not loose any with the same diet.
  • Jessica Lee
    Jessica Lee 1 month ago @randomgal Not um... trying to boast or anything... but that kind of waist is possible naturally. My body type is like that- it just sinks in at the waist without removing any ribs. :/ You say it like its a terrible, unnatural thing but my body type just be like that. But to everyone else- everyone's body type is different. Some people naturally have a rectangle shaped body, or pear shaped body, etc. Keep that in mind... ik randomgal has everyone's best interest in mind but for some reason I felt like you were discrediting/hating body types like the one in the thumbnail.
  • Poulie
    Poulie 1 month ago (edited) @Emily N ofc ik that lool
  • Emily N
    Emily N 1 month ago Also I'm sure you all know this but height plays a factor bc someone could weigh more than you and have a smaller waist bc they're taller. So for their height, they might even be underweight and look really thin even if they weigh more than you. That's obvious tho
  • Emily N
    Emily N 1 month ago @Poulie lol yes!! I literally have looked way "fatter" around my midsection than her 'before' pic because of bloat and my waist looks small the next morning. It really is not drastic to me. And losing about 4 1/2 pounds does seem correct bc when I went on a diet, I lost about 10 pounds and it was quite drastic for my waist bc that's literally where I gain most of my weight unfortunately. Around my waist. :( You obviously dont have to believe me tho but I literally have no reason to lie
  • Poulie
    Poulie 1 month ago @Emily N soryy but I don't believe. On top of that she only lost 2kg and do you think that by loosing 2kg your waist is gonna be magically thin like that?
  • Emily N
    Emily N 1 month ago (edited) @Poulie Also just bc you're naturally thin at 36 kg doesn't mean your body fat will distributed like hers. Her waist looks small because her hips are bigger than her waist, making it look tinier. Your waist could even be tinier than hers, her hips just make her waist look tiny by comparison. You might just have a different body shape, where your hips are smaller bc you have less fat so your body appears straighter. I literally have her body type, it's just genetics.
  • Emily N
    Emily N 1 month ago (edited) @randomgal Boi, impossible??? never could have achieved that? i literally go from bloated like her 'before' waist to her 'after' waist shape overnight. I have stomach issues and bloat easily but after sleeping 7-8 hrs my tummy flattens and my waist is snatched in the morning. It is not impossible. Literally happens to me everyday. Just because your body isn't like that doesn't mean it can't be achieved? It's very easy to achieve for a lot of girls. It literally isn't even that drastic. Progress seems about right for 5 days on this diet and probably plenty of sleep. Also just so y'all know, exercise is like 20% of weight loss. It's all about your diet and how many calories you consume per day. Some weighted waist workouts even add muscle around your waist making you appear thicker. So if you're not getting progress from working out, that may be why.
  • neviッ
    neviッ 1 month ago @Poulie yea I totally agree especially if you're only dieting. Even if you work out for 5 days in a row(which you shouldn't) u wouldnt achieve this
  • Poulie
    Poulie 1 month ago (edited) @Min Yoongi is Suga to my Tae impossible to achieve this kind of waist in only 5 days. For example I'm naturally skinny and I only weigh 36 kg and my waist isn't as thin as hers
  • Morgan Miller
    Morgan Miller 1 month ago (edited) randomgal My waist is that c curve shape naturally and when I’m bloated with water it looks more straight like her before picture. You can lose water weight very quickly, I believe her. Yes body shape is genetics but she probably really was just bloated.
  • Senpaitama
    Senpaitama 2 months ago @Flávia Castro yh it's cause she was bloated before
  • Min Yoongi is Suga to my Tae
    Min Yoongi is Suga to my Tae 2 months ago @randomgal but, again, it is possible, if she was bloated. However, with fat its different, she wouldnt have achieved that much in a few days. So i just believe that she was more bloated, cause you can actually tell and i already explained how.
  • Min Yoongi is Suga to my Tae
    Min Yoongi is Suga to my Tae 2 months ago @randomgal well yes, genetics play a huge part in this too. Its not possible for every single person to get the same results with the same diet, because again, genetics.
  • randomgal
    randomgal 2 months ago @Min Yoongi is Suga to my Tae why are you assuming I haven't tried it? I have been consistently working out for 17 months now and tracking my macros. I work closely with my doctors because of my genetic condition and even get an mri done every 6 months. I stand by my belief that a transformation of the waist like this is impossible in 5 days. Yes it can be bloating but that would be incredibly misleading and manipulative. It would make it even worse. People believe this is due to weight-loss and then they become discouraged when they do not get the same results.
  • Min Yoongi is Suga to my Tae
    Min Yoongi is Suga to my Tae 2 months ago @randomgal i do a lot of research about these kind of things also, because how will i diet and exercise right and achieve something without not knowing HOW it actually works? There are still rules too. So yea. But again, im not the one to tell you who to believe and whatever
  • Min Yoongi is Suga to my Tae
    Min Yoongi is Suga to my Tae 2 months ago (edited) @randomgal im repeating myself, bloat goes away easily if you eat well enough for enough time. Also, genetics, everyone is different, which means everyone loses weight differently too. And she clearly was the most bloated, since you can already see a bit of abs in the before. If itd be only fat it wouldnt be there, and then yes, she couldnt achieve that much in just a few days.
  • Min Yoongi is Suga to my Tae
    Min Yoongi is Suga to my Tae 2 months ago @randomgal lmao. Why are you making assumptions without trying first? Theres so much proof that it can happen in a week on youtube, and its not pictures. :) ofcourse, everyone has their own opinion. But before talking, shouldnt you first look it up first?
  • randomgal
    randomgal 2 months ago @Min Yoongi is Suga to my Tae give me a break. This girl is lying to your faces and you are all buying it. It's one think to work out for months consistently and eating clean. But it's a whole other thing to try a diet for 5 days. You said you achieved a smaller waist working out and eating right. Well I doubt it worked in 5 days. Don't buy this bs. This is the reason so many people are insecure. Results like this in 5 days do not happen.
  • Flávia Castro
    Flávia Castro 2 months ago @Senpaitama her waist is normal, but it cannot change like that in only five days (comparing the before and after shots).
  • Senpaitama
    Senpaitama 2 months ago wait i thought her waist was normal????
  • Flávia Castro
    Flávia Castro 2 months ago @randomgal Omg i thought the same thing. It's impossible to change so much of your body shape in only 5 days.
  • Min Yoongi is Suga to my Tae
    Min Yoongi is Suga to my Tae 2 months ago @Kiki Mochi depends on how bloated you were, i mean, if itd be all fat then no. Because bloat goes away easily after a few days of good diet.
  • Kiki Mochi
    Kiki Mochi 2 months ago Min Yoongi is Suga to my Tae but can it reallly happen in 5 days?
  • Min Yoongi is Suga to my Tae
    Min Yoongi is Suga to my Tae 2 months ago (edited) @randomgal thats where youre wrong. i used to have an even larger waist, almost nonexistent. but when i started taking good care of myself (eating healthy, working out, etc) my waist now is similar to hers, maybe the same idek lmao. but yea. also, she just had a lot of extra water weight and fat, which made her look bloated, cause she also was, and because of this huge diet plan change, her waist COULDVE gotten as small as that..
  • randomgal
    randomgal 2 months ago @Any S more like editing. The after picture is edited to make her waist look smaller. She could have never achieved that. She would have needed to remove some ribs if she wanted to have that waist. Not even genetics can achieve that!
  • Any S
    Any S 2 months ago sabrinarr it could be her genetics, not the diet
  • Kae C
    Kae C 2 months ago sabrinarr right!!
  • Yuri Brigita
    Yuri Brigita 3 months ago me: I want to try a diet also me : im hungryy every 15minutes
  • Mrs Mr
    Mrs Mr 14 hours ago Ari The Vampire Queen Im not like that anymore though. I went up to 45kg after I stopped throwing up. But now I eat three meals a day and very much at each meal. But somehow I’m down at 43,4 kg again so yeah, my body is fucked up.
  • Taetae is lifeu
    Taetae is lifeu 18 hours ago @Mrs Mr wait what? Isn't that even necessary and anorexic
  • Fortuna Kalu
    Fortuna Kalu 1 week ago If you have hungry drink a lot of water that keep you full
  • Nancy Dotimas
    Nancy Dotimas 3 weeks ago @uuyminn where i can get that weighing scale?
  • Flower
    Flower 3 weeks ago Miss Creapy Pasta I’m hungry every 1 second of my life
  • Shawol VIP
    Shawol VIP 1 month ago Sometimes I get hungry while eating
  • Maya Ygork
    Maya Ygork 1 month ago Mrs Mr this behaviour just promotes B.E.D and bulimia. As someone in recovery of bulimia, I suggest you back out now before you have lifelong issues...
  • Burnt Orange
    Burnt Orange 1 month ago @Mrs Mr Fuck you for promoting your eating disorder to other people. Bulimia is nothing someone would want to have. It's dangerous, unsustainable and frankly disgusting.
  • Tengountecladoo
    Tengountecladoo 1 month ago are you really hungry or just bored?
    RENESTRAE- XD 1 month ago Sooo meeeee
  • Ari The Vampire Queen
    Ari The Vampire Queen 1 month ago Mrs Mr bro wtf is wrong with you if you're serious then that's not ok I also struggled with it for years and not 100% over it but DON'T suggest it for other people that's not ok it messes up your body also if your joking then that shit isn't funny real people struggle with those types of things .
  • CrystalGems TV
    CrystalGems TV 1 month ago Mrs Mr You’re joking, right?
  • Miss Creapy Pasta
    Miss Creapy Pasta 1 month ago I'm hungry every 30 seconds
  • Jimins girly voice and Chaenyeol's deep voice
    Jimins girly voice and Chaenyeol's deep voice 1 month ago I can relate 😂😂
  • Mrs Mr
    Mrs Mr 1 month ago Or you can simply start off with puking to get some motivation. You’ll see weigh difference in only a few days. And then you can begin to starve yourself to get slim. I’ve been doing it for almost a week and I’ve lost 2,5kg. My current weight is now 43 :)
  • Osabel Gillian
    Osabel Gillian 1 month ago I feel you 😢
  • Mrs Mr
    Mrs Mr 2 months ago *dont forget the lemon water. It acually makes you feel full
  • Oblivion-Zeze Leaves
    Oblivion-Zeze Leaves 2 months ago Water, apple slices, and melon are your friends
  • uuyminn
    uuyminn 3 months ago 😂
  • itsrose
    itsrose 1 month ago Me: This doesnt look too bad... Me: Tries it Mum: WTF are you trying to starve yoself?
  • TetraTomato Of Darkness
    TetraTomato Of Darkness 1 month ago I usually eat even less because my meds are decreasing my appetite.....i'm already underweight😐😅
  • Angie deWitt
    Angie deWitt 1 month ago Wish I could relate. I’m Asian too but if I eat anything before 7 am or after 6pm my family gets SOOO pissed off and tell me how fat I am. Even if it’s just a snack or smth — Can’t wait to move out so I can eat what I want lmao
  • Games Time
    Games Time 1 month ago Hey i am a blink too!!
  • Gurple Purple
    Gurple Purple 1 month ago My mom literally overfeeds me and gets upset when I tell her I'm full. Why am I Asian :(
  • 비올레타
    비올레타 1 month ago itsrose ahaha same
  • itsrose
    itsrose 1 month ago @Rose’s Few Words218 yeet that literally what its like
  • Rose’s Few Words218
    Rose’s Few Words218 1 month ago My family to me when I go on diets lmao
  • Cornelia Comisie
    Cornelia Comisie 3 months ago Just for you people to know All of the kpop diets are made for max 3-5 days They are usually doing them for photoshoots or mv or some kinda events You can't live doing this and your body is actually gonna store fat from everything you eat for energy
  • Nikki Kuntergraudunkelbunt
    Nikki Kuntergraudunkelbunt 2 hours ago @HappyAccident no, not only that your body metabolism goes wild and can't get used to the changes all the time you will probably gain back the weight again, depending on your usual eating behaviors in that week. This is used before photo shoots and concerts to look the best for some weeke, not as a lifestyle ongoing diet or just a shortcut to lose weight fast in hope it stays like that. You will need to cut down your calorie intake in the other week quite much or work out to keep the weight you lost.
  • HappyAccident
    HappyAccident 14 hours ago Is it effective if i do the diet one week, and the other week i eat normally, then again the diet for one week and so on?
  • Exquisitely Tae
    Exquisitely Tae 3 days ago sking0707 starvation mode is a myth even if you lose weight slowly and in a healthy way your metabolism will start to slow down
  • Nikki Kuntergraudunkelbunt
    Nikki Kuntergraudunkelbunt 2 weeks ago @sj.j.y Out of arguments, hu?
  • sj.j.y
    sj.j.y 3 weeks ago @Nikki Kuntergraudunkelbunt educate yourself you're embarrassing
  • Ramallah E.
    Ramallah E. 3 weeks ago If your taking in calories ur body isnt gonna start breaking down all the fats in ur body and storing. This usually happens after 2-3 days without any calories being put in your body
  • Ramallah E.
    Ramallah E. 3 weeks ago Tbh this diet has nutrients for u to be able to do this for a while. I did it with my doctors supervision so I can workout and loss fat to start body building and I felt fine but every bodies body works differently like for me I can get full from this diet and be set
  • Valeria Bustos
    Valeria Bustos 3 weeks ago Yell Heah Exactlyyy, starvation mode is a MYTH. The human body was designed to burn fat and prefer to preserve muscle in times of scarce food or starvation. Our ancestors would go periods of time fasting which would reach them into a state of ketosis where they burn ketones from the body as fuel. How else would our ancestors would have survived if it wasn’t for their own body fat when they were hunting and had NO FOOD AVAILABLE. Apart from this, you can look at holocaust survivors as an example. They were consuming little to barely any food, yet when we look at photos do we see they are fat ? Did their bodies store fat since they did not eat ? The answer is NO, their bodies are starved, and gaunt from their own bodies cannibalizing themselves. What is true is that your metabolism will slow down after you drastically cut calories this is due to the connection of weight and caloric burn. The more you weigh, the more calories you tend to burn and thus, when you lose weight your body needs less calories to function. Most people go wrong here by eating too much, too quickly after dieting and not properly reverse dieting.
  • Yell Heah
    Yell Heah 3 weeks ago Starvation mode is not real. It is not. If you burn more calories than you eat you will lose. I feel bad for posting a link from an ed community, but here. Your body won't store anything if you eat a grape after not eating 2 days or whatever.
  • Https. Gacha
    Https. Gacha 1 month ago No i remember that one diet she did for 6 months or sum..
  • Ami Hayashi
    Ami Hayashi 1 month ago Starvation mode only happens if you're body is deprived of calories completely for around three weeks, or deprived consistently for months. Otherwise, it uses carbohydrates like normal, and burns small amounts of fat. Diets like this will lose the momentum of weight loss over time, yes
  • ʝιмιи'ѕ ωιfєυ
    ʝιмιи'ѕ ωιfєυ 1 month ago @ninjakat to fell full is not the most important thing, i mean, you can fell full with 3 meals of veggies and they can perfecly be 600 kcal a day.
  • Reincarnated Sin
    Reincarnated Sin 1 month ago The stuff I had to read here... Face palm
  • Kelly Johnson
    Kelly Johnson 1 month ago sj.j.y it is true
  • Yara Gbara
    Yara Gbara 1 month ago but i dont see that this diet is too bad like other kpop diets you have carbs protein and almost everything a body needs i dont say its perfect or good for along term diet but the bad effects it has would be less than other diets
  • Eren
    Eren 2 months ago Agree, my doctor told me at least do the diet slowly or else it will harm your body
  • Nikki Kuntergraudunkelbunt
    Nikki Kuntergraudunkelbunt 2 months ago @sj.j.y Are you retarded or something. your body isn't build to starve and your body remembers everything you take in and what you don't take in. It is true. We got that to survive bad days ages ago. Nowadays our metabolism changed tho, since we barely aren't starving anymore, we have food in overload. Studies from Africa will still tell you the same like some time ago.
  • S A
    S A 2 months ago @Little Blue dude you sound highkey anorexic. No sane person's goal should be becoming underweight on purpose
  • Jenny
    Jenny 2 months ago the person has protein from chicken, milk , and carbs from the sweet potato and rice, what nutrition is she lacking? the calories intake is also enough and the amount of food is large. I don't get why your body would go into starving mode?
  • Precooked Bacon
    Precooked Bacon 2 months ago @sj.j.y To be fair this was taught for DECADES and only recently did new information come against starvation mode not being real. There are still doctors telling their patients this
  • Cornelia Comisie
    Cornelia Comisie 2 months ago @Moe Lee wooah You know im not that smart But im gonna say are you ok and healthy? After you lost that much weight in such a short time
  • Cross OveR
    Cross OveR 2 months ago mew I didn’t know having fat means you’re incapable of knowledge. Considering your logic, I’ll take it you’re probably fat too.
  • Moe Lee
    Moe Lee 2 months ago I did the IU diet for two weeks, then the wheesung 13-day diet, and lastly Jimin's diet in my first month of weight loss. I lost around 10 kg in that one month
  • mew
    mew 2 months ago @sking0707 fat people trying to educate others, classic
  • //milky nu
    //milky nu 3 months ago I learned this the hard way, unfortunately.
  • Little Blue
    Little Blue 3 months ago But I trained my stomach with things like this Now I need way less food to feel full and can eat twice a day Which makes me 2 lbs away from underweight (according to my bmi) Now I just need more weight exercuise to look more lean Its a GREAT Start
  • 내가 널 이끄는 쟈니
    내가 널 이끄는 쟈니 3 months ago (edited) No that depends, I have a friend who basically cant eat greasy food like pizza she always cook for herself, all her foods are mostly veggies and boiled meats and she basically so skinny and she'll get stomachache if she's not eating clean. From what I see this diet is pretty balanced and I dont think its unhealthy, the only problem for doing this long term is that if you're accustomed to this diet your body will react negatively when u eat outside cause you become not used to seasoning and stuff.
  • lyinsroar
    lyinsroar 3 months ago @sking0707 that's fascinating, alsoooo turns out i've been doing it wrong my entire life
  • sking0707
    sking0707 3 months ago akai dude of course!! There’s always room for more knowledge!! I never take offense when someone is trying to further educate or open my mind! So thank you, again 😊
  • akai dude
    akai dude 3 months ago @sking0707 Thanks for being polite, it's so rare here on youtube🙏
  • sking0707
    sking0707 3 months ago akai dude you’re totally right in that sense. Thanks for that insight. I’ll keep that in mind. Wordings in these hypotheses can be tricky for sure.
  • akai dude
    akai dude 3 months ago @sking0707 Saying that something doesn't work it's completely different from saying that it doesn't work properly: if you actually have a disfunction in thyroxine production your metabolism will still work but not in an healthy way for you, this doesn't mean that it has stopped working. Metabolic damage theory relies on the assumption that your metabolism is somehow "broken" and needs to be "fixed" (usually by pseudoscience diets) and this is beyond anti-scientific. If my heart stops beating due to an heart attack connected to potassium levels in my blood it means that it stopped working properly, not that stopped working like it has something wrong
  • sking0707
    sking0707 3 months ago akai dude metabolic damage and syndrome is not bs though. Our metabolism is mostly controlled by our thyroid glands. If their production of thyroxine is altered in anyway our metabolism can be compromised.
  • sking0707
    sking0707 3 months ago sj.j.y but I have researched this before and google is not a good source to use. I have looked at research articles and journals before and found the same conclusions. However, it is still possible for it not to be true as there are always variables and outliers in any experiment. For now though the consensus is that your body “can” as it may not always for some but can go in to storage mode at a certain point in starvation which can vary from person to person.
  • akai dude
    akai dude 3 months ago @sj.j.y Absolutely true. Usually when recovering anorexics gain weight you won't be able to see any difference at all, and when they're weigth restored it's not all fat because there isn't a "fat storage mod" in our body. It's bullshit, just like metabolic damage
  • sj.j.y
    sj.j.y 3 months ago @sking0707 this part. your body don't store fat when you starve yourself. this is just a myth. i don't want to come off as rude but don't say that this is true without even researching it. you can access google right? try to search it before typing everything you heard from other uneducated people.
  • ninjakat
    ninjakat 3 months ago sking0707 yeah you’re right, thanks for the insight :)
  • sking0707
    sking0707 3 months ago ninjakat true however if you’re incorporating exercising into this your body will crave and will need more food. Just not a lot of it all at once. If you’re not then tech you would be right as your caloric needs wouldn’t be so high. Some people forget that you still need calories and good sources of energy in order to burn off the fat when you’re incorporating exercise in your diet and life style changes.
  • ninjakat
    ninjakat 3 months ago sking0707 that’s true but she actually felt full and also once you start eating smaller portions your stomach becomes smaller and you won’t feel the need to intake so much food.
  • Novranda Alifthari
    Novranda Alifthari 3 months ago Totally true. I don't think people will live a happy life if they keep eating things like those, at least for me.
  • sking0707
    sking0707 3 months ago sj.j.y which part? Because the second part is true. If you “starve” your body long enough you will disturb your natural metabolism and your body will go in to fat storage mode. A lot of good diets and life style changes actually promote eating more (smaller portions but more frequently through out the day) along with a good exercise regime.
  • sj.j.y
    sj.j.y 3 months ago this is not true.
  • lissy mbb
    lissy mbb 1 month ago i'm mexican how am i supposed to cut tortillas out of my diet
  • Angela 2000
    Angela 2000 1 week ago Yo lo intentaré a partir de hoy y te diré a ver si pude sobrevivir sin tortilla 😂😂😂
  • Adriana Flores
    Adriana Flores 3 weeks ago Disculpa, soy mexicana, y no como tortilla diario ni pan. Es de acostumbrarse, inténtalo!
  • Aria Mare
    Aria Mare 3 weeks ago LMAO SAME
  • Julieta Navarro
    Julieta Navarro 3 weeks ago Ya se, en verdad es difícil al menos para mi comer sin tortilla y dejar el pan dulce :(
  • Sofi Montes
    Sofi Montes 4 weeks ago lissy mbb jajajaja don’t mames
  • Ami Ceja
    Ami Ceja 1 month ago I'm Mexican and I cut them out completely.
  • lissy mbb
    lissy mbb 1 month ago Daaniko PS nunca dije eso🤨
  • Daaniko PS
    Daaniko PS 1 month ago Come más variado. No tienes que comer tortillas las tres comidas
  • Electric Sutando
    Electric Sutando 1 month ago FACTS. And also because they’ll push another full place of food in front of you if you try to diet :,D
  • im bored
    im bored 1 month ago U can use a piece of lettuce as a tortilla . I do that ,however im not a picky person so it doesnt matter
  • May rosé
    May rosé 1 month ago lissy mbb every time I try to go on a diet my mom will do it with me and if she doesn’t like the food she’ll make me quit the diet and tell me to just eat the food she cooks (she’s Also Mexican so she makes a lot of food for me and my two other brothers) so I just end up gaining more weight from the heavy food 😔😔 but i mean what can i do about it
  • Katriel Hernandez
    Katriel Hernandez 1 month ago lissy mbb BIG FAXTSS 😭
  • Fernanda Contreras
    Fernanda Contreras 1 month ago Sweet potatoes = 2 tortillas de maíz
  • Lyann Martinez
    Lyann Martinez 1 month ago Jajaajajaj yo pensé en reemplazar la papa por una tortilla ;-;
  • M o o n w a l k e r
    M o o n w a l k e r 1 month ago (edited) aaay jaja no mames, como se supone que voy a comer absolutamente todo lo que se pueda comer con tortilla?
  • human being 2.0
    human being 2.0 1 month ago (edited) Skinny friend: eats junk food all day and doesn't exercise is still skinny and gains like nothing Me: sniffs water gains 50 pounds Edit; how did u go on for a week, I tried doing to IU diet and failed in 2 hours
  • pammy
    pammy 3 weeks ago Don’t do it guys. I did something similar to this last year and when I started eating normal again, I gained back all the weight and more. My hair started falling out during the diet and I was having mood swings. Take it slow, trust me, it will be better in the long run!!
  • Luciana L
    Luciana L 4 weeks ago I'm on my first day of the IU diet and my mom has been lecturing me for 2 hours about how my body will react and I'll faint in front of people .. And I'm just there like I'm not leaving this house until I look thin
  • Jimin X no jams
    Jimin X no jams 1 month ago Lmao
  • human being 2.0
    human being 2.0 1 month ago @Aqsa I'm actually thinking of redoing my diet. So of course, I'll try and distract myself.
  • Aqsa
    Aqsa 1 month ago Do something to distract yourself during dieting.
  • Ciel Étwicelé
    Ciel Étwicelé 1 month ago Guess I'm on another "let's watch diet videos as if seeing other people following them will miraculously make me lose weight while I don't do any effort in eating healthy or exercising whatsoever" marathon again, lol btw stay in shape strangers on the internet!
  • A. G
    A. G 3 months ago People who thinks that carbs make them fat should watch this.. she ate sweet potato for breakfast and 2 for dinner and a bowl of rice in lunch and she lost FAT and gain some muscle !! that's great .. some people just ignore the calories facts and just blame all the carbs including the healthy ones.
  • kimori.
    kimori. 3 weeks ago MiiSan How are you living without all these fruits and veggies 😔😭
  • Sleepy Claus
    Sleepy Claus 1 month ago They make you bloat and they aren't essential so nah.
  • ♡BUNNY♡
    ♡BUNNY♡ 1 month ago Even green veggies have carbs... there is a misunderstanding about keto diets being zero carb- that is not true. They are extremely low carb (not zero carb), and put your body in "starvation mode" to eat its own fat supply (which is where the carbs go). Fat is necessary- we need fat. Once you run out of fat, your body will consume its own muscles- including brain tissue (those with too little body fat run the risk of brain and muscle shrinkage if they aren't careful). & those with high metabolisms have to eat constantly to fight that effect off. All that being said, to lose weight, one just needs to burn more calories than they consume- it doesn't matter where they come from. Eating the diet mentioned will also make people appear thinner because there is very little salt nor anything which would cause bloating. Complex carbs take time to digest, and can therefore cause bloating- but it's superficial and not actually "fat". Also, since 99% of the world's population is lactose intolerant in adulthood, removing dairy will drastically improve gastro issues & bloating. Honestly... just eating clean and removing processed foods would make anyone feel better.
  • SML
    SML 1 month ago I live a Keto lifestyle, no carbs and sugars at all and I'm amazing! Just try to look what works for you
  • Internetlife01
    Internetlife01 1 month ago A. G carbs arent bad people just need to know how many to consume and what type bc u have bad carbs and good carbs its all about balance!
  • GummiYoongi
    GummiYoongi 2 months ago @Nikki Kuntergraudunkelbunt What the hell kinda negativity ? She is just sharing what worked for her with others and supporting it with her personal experience partnered with case studies by professionals based on populations around the world. She isnt preaching it like its the cure all solution.