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I LOST 15 POUNDS IN 7 DAYS || lose weight fast || EGG DIET // Cat Rowan

Published on Jan 15, 2019 1,482,289 views

Hiiiii, I'm Cat, im 17 and i like food. I'm new to youtube so leave some love !

I felt a little chubby so i did the egg diet and lost 15 pounds.

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  • Cat Rowan
    Cat Rowan 4 months ago I just wanted to say that this diet is a really unhealthy way of loosing weight. It is a starvation mode diet and you loose a lot of weight, but you will most likely gain it back if you go back to eating normally. I, myself, will never ever do this diet again because it was not worth it. Now it’s up to you what you want to put your body through. Thankyou!
  • Jazzlynn Moreno
    Jazzlynn Moreno 5 hours ago Cat Rowan can you still do this diet if you need to shred a couple pounds??Do you eat the same thing for 7days??plz answer!!!
  • Jazzlynn Moreno
    Jazzlynn Moreno 5 hours ago Cat Rowan can you still do the diet if you need to shred a couple pounds??and do you eat the same thing for 7 days??
  • S G
    S G 3 days ago Can I use chamomile tea instead of green tea?
  • Márcia Sousa
    Márcia Sousa 4 days ago I'm sorry for asking this but could you say you're height? Because you look so slim with 70kg.
  • Mariaelena Bartesaghi
    Mariaelena Bartesaghi 6 days ago maybe long term. stop this nonsense about unhealthy. overweight is unhealthy.
  • Nabeeha Saeed
    Nabeeha Saeed 1 week ago Did you workout
  • Paris Jing
    Paris Jing 1 week ago Cat Rowan Hey, sorry I just want to check with you, so we need to eat the egg yolks too? Six in a day with the egg yolks together?
  • jannie grueng
    jannie grueng 2 weeks ago >>>>>>>>> 👍😍😍💯
  • Eugene L. Havens
    Eugene L. Havens 2 weeks ago">The Favorite Food Diet
  • ashlee m
    ashlee m 2 weeks ago if you do this diet for week and then eat just as much food as you were eating that diet week (just different foods) would you gain all of the weight back or no??
  • hanzo with a golden frying pan
    hanzo with a golden frying pan 1 month ago esmeralda celest You gain weight by eating more calories than you body burns. The reason a lot of people gain back weight after trying low cal diets is because how little they have been eating and how much the body craves. You can lose weight without gaining anything by doing these diets, but you also need a lot of self control. So if you eat enough there shouldn't be any problem, but if you restrict yourself a lot there's a bigger chance for you to crave more food and binge and then gain weight.
  • esmeralda celest
    esmeralda celest 1 month ago Cat Rowan do you still gaing the weight after even if you eat healthy????? Someone answer please
  • Jacquelin Mitchum
    Jacquelin Mitchum 1 month ago it’s actually not an unhealthy way of losing weight if you do it right.
  • hanzo with a golden frying pan
    hanzo with a golden frying pan 1 month ago Cat Rowan Sorry, but starvation mode doesn't exist. Stop telling your viewers lies, please
  • SilverFox Productions
    SilverFox Productions 1 month ago Sama Samreen it is unhealthy because doctors say that losing any more than 2-3 pounds per week is unhealthy
  • Toni Clark
    Toni Clark 1 month ago Cat Rowan did you see changes in your face too from the weight loss cause that’s what I’m mostly worried about ?
  • Yeetus Deletus
    Yeetus Deletus 1 month ago Cat Rowan This diet is more than I eat in 2 days....... um...
  • MissTatiana
    MissTatiana 1 month ago SovngardeBeckoned ok, so, your body will enter a starvation mode that will store fat cells, bigger than the ones before and nearly impossible to get rid of after. And then there are deficiencies, too little potassium, iron, etc, in your blood that will shut down your body from the inside out. Too many deficiencies = you get hospitalized. These are the phases of an eating disorder, this is what happens to your body. I am speaking from going thru this first hand. So yes, starving your body is a think even if you have bodyfat
  • Sophia McNamara
    Sophia McNamara 1 month ago Itzel Garcia Ok, I am 13, 5’ 6” and 145 pounds. Sometimes I too feel insecure, but my best advice would be listen to ur doctor. As long a u are exercising and eating moderately, you are usually fine on medical terms. The biggest thing is to eat healthy and exercise, don’t deprive urself of food, especially when u are still growing. The mindset u have now could lead to eating disorders. I just want the best for u.♥️
  • Inquisitor master ALEX
    Inquisitor master ALEX 1 month ago Cat Rowan well this diet won’t work for me cuz I’m vegan
    XELL8 GAMING 1 month ago Did u do any work outs
  • Ava
    Ava 1 month ago Why would you promote it if it’s damaging to health?
    JESSICA YAMILE HERNANDEZ TOVAR 1 month ago You added exercise?
  • Hailey Wolfe
    Hailey Wolfe 1 month ago Did you exercise during this diet and if so what was it??
  • jade
    jade 1 month ago Shouldn’t be promoting a starvation diet 😖
  • Kaylee Verkaik
    Kaylee Verkaik 1 month ago So after 1 days of that u lost 3 pounds? How is that possible?
  • Susan Nunez
    Susan Nunez 1 month ago @Itzel Garcia how did it go ?
  • Alejandra Ramos
    Alejandra Ramos 1 month ago Poet Victoria Hunter ooooo you’re gonna report my “harassment” I’m so scared. Girl please you didn’t have to reply if you didn’t want to🤗
  • Toni Clark
    Toni Clark 1 month ago Cat Rowan did you have carrots as a snack ?
  • chloe
    chloe 1 month ago bruh can no one spell?? it’s losing weight not loosing weight
  • Rocio .thekid
    Rocio .thekid 1 month ago Then as a creator you should acknowledge the influence you have on people, most likely young kids and realize that this is shit harmful advice and take it the fuck down. Hope the monetization is worth other people starving themselves too. Workout and fuel our body. It’s the only way.
  • Alejandra Ramos
    Alejandra Ramos 1 month ago Poet Victoria Hunter are you okay? You need to chill the hell out. Why are you so aggressive?
  • Big Daddy Nae
    Big Daddy Nae 1 month ago I’m trying this tomorrow and I just wanna know do I exercise during this or not?
  • Alexandria Donaldson
    Alexandria Donaldson 1 month ago Cat Rowan did you workout while doing this diet ?
  • SovngardeBeckoned
    SovngardeBeckoned 1 month ago Starvation won't occur if you have body fat. Its a freaking myth. Your metabolism will slow down a bit but it'll fix itself as long as you eat healthy and moderately after the diet is over.
  • Itzel Garcia
    Itzel Garcia 1 month ago I never heard of this diet but I want to try it out. Lot of people say it is good to lose weight i am 13 and weight 176.2 and i want to lose about 30 pounds. Why because promotion is coming and I want to fit in a normal size dress. I really hope this works I will start it but if it doesn't work then I well send a other message to tell u people if it is a good diet so yea. I really am done being fat. I want to lose weight hope this works 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞really to lose all this fat
  • Savannah Schleig
    Savannah Schleig 1 month ago I’m 154 and I DO NOT look like that. How tall are u? I’m 5’7’’. But a lot of people carry there weight differently
  • Shir Ringer
    Shir Ringer 1 month ago Yet you chose to upload the video anyway for other people to starve themselves
    ABC EFG 1 month ago Cat Rowan I haven’t watched the video yet, but I’m going to watch it now. I really appreciate how honest you are. Keep up good work. All the very best 😚😚😚😚😚
  • aalekaaa
    aalekaaa 2 months ago did you work out at all during this diet?
  • Aliyah Adriana Mohammad
    Aliyah Adriana Mohammad 2 months ago do you work out?
  • Nikita Browne
    Nikita Browne 2 months ago Cat Rowan why do movie maker eres muy gracioso
  • Prissy Doll
    Prissy Doll 2 months ago Eating like a fat cow is unhealthy too sooooo?
  • Lindo Loto
    Lindo Loto 2 months ago (edited) Like you said if you start eating NORMALLY you will gain the weight, but for people who need to do this diet is obvious they were not making healthy food choices, so as long as you change and cut the processed sugars and add more veggies to your meals and eat a proper amount, you can stay or lose even more weight. I've done this diet maybe 3 times and it helps me to start a good path but as soon as I carve into sugars and candy I of course gain the weight again. Only once I could keep it for longer because I was determined to be healthy but then social life happened and I ruined it. This time thou I want to make healthier choices everyday!
  • Ahsan Khan
    Ahsan Khan 2 months ago Cat Rowan did u do any exercise with this?
  • Bebe Swt
    Bebe Swt 3 months ago There is no starvation mode unless you have 0% body fat. Please stop spreading false information.
  • grammy lui
    grammy lui 3 months ago Cat Rowan its so true before l tried this diet i have had 60kg and than i tried this day for 4days and lost 3kg and when i start eating normally i gain 2kg -59kg now am eating healthy and i have again 57 with healthy food
  • Wake up and Make up
    Wake up and Make up 3 months ago Hi cat. I just wanted to know if you worked out during this diet ?
  • adilakshmi yamarti
    adilakshmi yamarti 3 months ago (edited) @Zana Mazreku no, but u can skip dinner and take coffe
  • Zana Mazreku
    Zana Mazreku 3 months ago Can I drink coffe while doing this diet?
  • Beuil
    Beuil 3 months ago This diet is good to kick start your weight loss tho. It will also "reset" your taste buds, so healthy foods should taste better making it easier to stick to them. But a week of this diet won't kill you or do much harm, but I'm not encouraging anyone to do it.
  • adilakshmi yamarti
    adilakshmi yamarti 3 months ago This is very bad you told, you are doing this diet and getting results and say negative comments, vicky is a nutritionist and she told as much as good
  • Exothiick xox
    Exothiick xox 4 months ago Its because you’re already skinny, at your weight you should just workout to loose the weight. Your body dont have enough fat stored to burn while youre fasting 🙄🙄🙄
  • Nina Nima
    Nina Nima 4 months ago Thank you for sharing did you workout durning this diet?
  • Terry CH
    Terry CH 4 months ago Probably tye nody used a bunch of muscle for energy so the weight loss diesnt look that effective. If your body is starving that much it isnt worth it
  • Sama Samreen
    Sama Samreen 4 months ago It awesome diet u will never get back i did it after my baby n i never get back weight again coz m doing exercise n portion control life style ..try this n its not unhealthy diet..
  • tania nedeljkovic
    tania nedeljkovic 4 months ago Oh ok you had me freaking out because I've been doing it for a couple of days and I've seen results but when I saw your comment I thought shitttt I'm going to put it all back on plus more haha I'll do it for 7 days then slowly go back into eating healthy
  • Cat Rowan
    Cat Rowan 4 months ago No not at all! I actually lost another 10 pounds by just eating healthily after this diet. But I’m just saying that this diet is a really unhealthy way of loosing weight.
  • tania nedeljkovic
    tania nedeljkovic 4 months ago I'm assuming U put it back on ?
  • A. Ism
    A. Ism 4 months ago Cat Rowan BUT U STILL HAVE ABS THO WOWWWW
  • Sequoya Williams
    Sequoya Williams 4 months ago (edited) Cat Rowan you should pin this comment so ppl can see it
  • Shine Patty
    Shine Patty 4 months ago (edited) You must be tall asf cause that does not look like 160 😱
  • Molly Wildman
    Molly Wildman 1 day ago Do u eat the same thing everyday
  • Daria Czerwenka
    Daria Czerwenka 3 days ago I'm 180 and i weight 67 like her, i'm ok, I still want to loose weight but i absolutely don't look like her bc she has muscles :(
  • Angel Fierro
    Angel Fierro 1 week ago I’m 176 and look like a bag of potatoes 😿
  • Taylor Slaven
    Taylor Slaven 1 week ago She was also wearing tight leggings so she was sucked in. She would've looked bigger had she been wearing something looser.
  • Georgi Akronemeyer
    Georgi Akronemeyer 2 weeks ago >>>>>>>>> 👍😍😍💯
  • noreen weather
    noreen weather 2 weeks ago ">How to lose weight in 2 weeks</a>
  • Sesame Oil
    Sesame Oil 3 weeks ago Shine Patty I would know because I’m the same weight and I’m 5ft 4 inches. #DoorstepofOBESITY
  • Vienna Summers
    Vienna Summers 4 weeks ago it’s mainly muscle bc muscle weighs more than fat
  • Maria Reynolds
    Maria Reynolds 1 month ago I'm 160 cm and people always tell me I have very long legs because most of my body is 90% and 10 % torso LMAO buut I'm also a dancer which also gives me more of that muscular tone
  • Katerine Melissa Donado Santos
    Katerine Melissa Donado Santos 1 month ago @Rozana A sis you complain i'm 1.60😖
  • samrmonahan
    samrmonahan 1 month ago Everyone is different I'm 5'4 and 150 is Mt perfect weight, I don't carry any fat on my upper body and I wear a size 4/6 at that size.
  • Faith Green
    Faith Green 1 month ago Thomas Mitchell before you insult someone a quick google search would tell you muscle is more dense than fat and therefore weighs more. 5 pounds of muscle isn’t even 1/3 the size of 5 pounds of fat. So if you shred 3 lbs of fat but gain 5 lbs of muscle your body measurements will be smaller, but you’ll actually weigh more.
  • Faith Green
    Faith Green 1 month ago It’s most likely because of muscle. Muscle is smaller and more dense than fat. When I worked out a lot my body measurements were actually smaller at 140 than they were when I weighted 125 pounds. I was literally the definition of “skinny fat.” Really thin — but more than 30% of my weight was fat and I had very little muscle.
  • Sydnee Rohn
    Sydnee Rohn 1 month ago She has a lot of muscle and muscle tends to do that
  • Thomas Mitchell
    Thomas Mitchell 1 month ago Maggie muscle doesn’t weigh more than fat dumbass.
  • moche peter
    moche peter 1 month ago muscle is a thing
  • Tele Pups
    Tele Pups 1 month ago I'm 12 and 5'4 lol
  • Kristin Faith
    Kristin Faith 1 month ago that and she probably has a lot of muscle (muscle weighs a lot)
  • Cassie Granata
    Cassie Granata 1 month ago Ikr!!
  • Margarich De Los Santos
    Margarich De Los Santos 1 month ago exactly
  • Lily Thornberry
    Lily Thornberry 1 month ago That’s what o thought
  • Olivia Templin
    Olivia Templin 1 month ago i’m 5’9 with like 150 lbs and i definitely look like i eat but i have a lot of muscle in my legs
  • Mary Wickiser
    Mary Wickiser 1 month ago Shine Patty she’s also pretty muscular
  • It’s Gianella
    It’s Gianella 1 month ago It’s muscle(muscle weighs more then fat)
  • discos make me panic
    discos make me panic 1 month ago muscles weigh a lot. i have no muscle bit everyone i know has muscle (only counting people my height) and weight 100-110 pounds. i weight 93 pounds but i’m the tallest by like an inch we are 5’1, 4’11 and probably ones like 4’9 or something. we are just short for our age not like 8 or anything
    KILEY NEVILS 1 month ago Shine Patty I used to be actually 184 but every one says I look 140. I’m only 5’ 7 and I didn’t workout. Well I do now and I’m 167 and I look like I would look 135. Idk ig because everyone shaped different 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • None of Your business
    None of Your business 1 month ago rosegvnn no way you way 130 pounds at 5’10. That’s literally impossible. You’d be dead.
  • Anne-Laure dlt
    Anne-Laure dlt 1 month ago I'm 1m74 and 73kg (sorry i don t know how convert i m french 😂😂) and I don t have belly, i look just as an average person, so the weight don t mean anything 😉
  • Odalis Jimenez
    Odalis Jimenez 1 month ago Shine Patty I’m 162 and i don’t even look like that
  • Shira.Studios
    Shira.Studios 1 month ago I think she is 170
  • Malia Victoria
    Malia Victoria 1 month ago KATHLEEN same lolol like I’m busting ass to get down to 160 and my ribs will still be hidden
  • Malia Victoria
    Malia Victoria 1 month ago Savannah Sims I’m the same height and I can say that the way most tall people carry their weight 160 is the average. But yeah I remember being underweight too and I don’t even have curves in those photos.
  • mysockisslipping
    mysockisslipping 1 month ago I’m 5’7 and weigh 170. According to the BMI scale I’m like 35 lbs overweight, but according to my doctor, I’m okay. I have a lot of muscle in my legs, but I am def a little chubby. She says because of how fit I look (besides the lower tummy bulge) she would say I’m only like 15 lbs overweight... I think people should focus on how they feel and how they look rather than a number on a scale :)
  • Evangeline Cantlemere
    Evangeline Cantlemere 1 month ago I am 173 cm (think it's smt bout 5'8) and I weigh 60 kg (aka 132 ibs? Not sure how many pounds it is) so she must be really tall...
  • tak
    tak 1 month ago I'm 1,7m and my weight is pretty similar to hers but I look hella fat Her weight is probably a lot of muscles
  • Milena Mejia
    Milena Mejia 2 months ago Shine Patty IKR
  • Influenza z
    Influenza z 2 months ago @Maggie oh wow didnt know that miscle weighs more than fat lb for lb
  • Fatma
    Fatma 2 months ago it's the body proportion that makes it different. i have a friend who is the same height as mine but people always say I look taller.
  • Sheyna Nutella
    Sheyna Nutella 2 months ago I’m 175 cm and 70 kg , I look like her
  • Secret Santa
    Secret Santa 3 months ago (edited) Cat Rowan it’s weird when I started to weigh over 140 people still thought I was slim and I’m only 5’3” so I felt obese and now I’m down to 127 and noone has really noticed a difference, but I know, and that’s what I’m comfortable at LOL 😂
  • Jojoba M
    Jojoba M 3 months ago Maggie muscle does not weight more than fat tho. 1 kilo is 1 kilo. It’s just that 1kg of muscle take less space than 1 kilo of fat
  • Gripit L
    Gripit L 3 months ago L'amour Rosa I’m 5’6 medium build. I can’t get any lower than 145 or my ribs and neck bones stick out. My face also looks hollow. I think it depends on the persons build.
    KATHLEEN 3 months ago Everyone saying they are 5“10 & 170 lbs and looking like a skeleton and here I am 5”11 with 155 and I look like a whale lol.
  • Cat Rowan
    Cat Rowan 3 months ago I have a huge body frame!! Literally like a man, So my bones are heavyyyy hahaha. That’s why I weight so much and don’t look bigger.
  • Eve Gandy
    Eve Gandy 3 months ago I'm 5'9 at 170 I start to look like skeletor 😂😂so I stick to 185
  • GDawg
    GDawg 3 months ago YEAH she makes me feel better about myself because i’m 160 as well but pure muscle so it doesn’t look like fat!!! :)
  • Shine Patty
    Shine Patty 3 months ago It’s not that. Its just the fact that tall people can weight 160 and look skinny because they have more length to distribute the weight. Unlike a 5’0 person if she weight 160 she’s gonna look obese . Even if she works out and has muscle she will not look skinny. Height makes a difference
  • Karenagen
    Karenagen 3 months ago Its bone density and muscle. I'm 5' 10 and at 175 I look lean. People always guess my weight as 25lbs less that it actually is
  • Natalie Pavone
    Natalie Pavone 4 months ago Shine Patty literally SAME i weigh 160 and i’ look huge but i’m really short lolllll
  • vintageprincess 01
    vintageprincess 01 4 months ago To be fair though she looks like she works out a lot so a lot of it will be muscle
  • Rozana A
    Rozana A 4 months ago heidi4442 good bye 👋🏻
  • heidi4442
    heidi4442 4 months ago @Rozana A idiot.
  • Raquel Flores
    Raquel Flores 4 months ago I’m 5’8.5 and like 161 it does not look skinny lol I used to be 150 and I’m trying to lose the 10 pounds. At 150 I still didn’t feel like I looked very skinny I just liked it better because I still fit my clothes and looked better in them.
  • L'amour Rosa
    L'amour Rosa 4 months ago I’m 5’7 (170 cm) and I got down to 150lbs (68kg) and I looked like I didn’t eat. Lol
  • Ravin Janell
    Ravin Janell 4 months ago Shine Patty righttttttt i weigh 160 and im chubby so i was like whaa
    JANETH MARTINEZ 4 months ago Yessssss
  • Scarlett Frausto
    Scarlett Frausto 4 months ago Shine Patty agreed lol
  • Diana L
    Diana L 4 months ago i'm 5'9 and 140 and i look fat love that for me anyways all bodies look different and weight is just a number
  • Morgenna Temple
    Morgenna Temple 4 months ago THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT!
  • Savannah Sims
    Savannah Sims 4 months ago I’m 5 foot 9 and now I’m chubby thanks to marriage but before I weighed 150 lbs and people thought I didn’t eat. You could see my lower ribs and my spine prominently. I think it goes down to natural body structure and muscle mass.
  • Kaitlyn Kennedy
    Kaitlyn Kennedy 4 months ago Shine Patty I was thinking that too
  • Maggie
    Maggie 4 months ago Muscle weighs more than fat, she’s really fit. I’m 5’10” and weigh 128-130 and I have absolutely no muscle but I do have fat
  • rosegvnn
    rosegvnn 4 months ago I'm 170 cm and I probably weight 120 pounds but I never really understood that, it's so different it all the people
  • Cheshire Cat
    Cheshire Cat 4 months ago Well she also looks very fit so its probably weight from muscle
  • Rozana A
    Rozana A 4 months ago I’m 165 cm and I look average tbh. Wish I was 170
  • tania nedeljkovic
    tania nedeljkovic 4 months ago That's exactly what I thought
  • kitten :3
    kitten :3 2 days ago (edited) Okee I really need to lose weight so I'm gonna try this Weight 58kg (goal 48kg) Day 1: 58kg (I didn't workout) Day 2:
  • Cat González
    Cat González 9 hours ago waiting for the results
  • Zahra mosavi
    Zahra mosavi 2 months ago For the busy people: Morning : - 3 hardboiled/ scrambled (with no oil!) eggs and green tea Lunch: - 3 hard boiled/scrambled egg, 1 Apple and green tea Snack: - 1 Apple and green tea Dinner : - oatmeal (0,5 cup of oat, 0,5 milk, 0,5 cup water) with berries, and green tea X 7 days
  • Allie Steele
    Allie Steele 2 days ago What if you don’t like green tea😐
  • Ashley Figueroa
    Ashley Figueroa 2 days ago Does it matter what order I eat it?
  • Key Raspaldo
    Key Raspaldo 2 days ago Zahra mosavi I love u for this
  • Ava Munchkin
    Ava Munchkin 2 days ago Thank you!!!
  • Multifandom Stan
    Multifandom Stan 3 days ago Does it matter the order in which I eat them?
  • Milica Vujović
    Milica Vujović 1 week ago Have you done it? Are there any results?
  • Ana Maria Popescu
    Ana Maria Popescu 3 weeks ago Zahra mosavi lmao imagine eating this much... i bet all the fellow anas are triggered
  • Zhi-Ling Azizzi
    Zhi-Ling Azizzi 3 weeks ago your daddy you can but be careful bc you won’t have energy and you might overwork yourself
  • muskan mohammadi
    muskan mohammadi 4 weeks ago mhm do you have to eat 3?, thats a lot
  • esther nava
    esther nava 1 month ago Zahra mosavi THANK YOU . Made my life so much easier!!
  • Marlene Lavarez
    Marlene Lavarez 1 month ago Instead of tea can we drink water
  • Sophia Angela
    Sophia Angela 1 month ago Zahra mosavi do u have to drink(green)tea Bc i don’t like green tea but I like original tea
  • Irene
    Irene 1 month ago Thank you😊😊
  • It’s Me
    It’s Me 1 month ago Everyday the same thing right?
  • ellorr c
    ellorr c 1 month ago Zahra mosavi you fucking saint 💖💖💖💖
  • Moon Light
    Moon Light 1 month ago @AlwaysPaula buckwheat
  • Ashley Burks
    Ashley Burks 1 month ago @your daddy yoga is excellent, easy to do.
  • Ashley Burks
    Ashley Burks 1 month ago Thanks love.
  • zoya khan
    zoya khan 1 month ago this is versatile vicky's egg diet.....
  • Vy Tran
    Vy Tran 1 month ago Zahra mosavi what if u don’t have green tea for any kind of tea?
  • Ashraf Khateeb
    Ashraf Khateeb 1 month ago Now i scroll down to the comments.. Ok
  • partners in crime
    partners in crime 1 month ago Thanks so much I was just about to Google it ughhhhh your a life saver
  • madeline amazzal
    madeline amazzal 1 month ago Zahra mosavi thank you babe
  • brynn victoria
    brynn victoria 1 month ago Zahra mosavi im assuming it has to be green tea with nothing in it right? green tea with just boiled water?🤢
  • whodrankmy bleach
    whodrankmy bleach 1 month ago But how's that 900??
  • chéri
    chéri 1 month ago Zahra mosavi I love you
  • Vivian Kobiti
    Vivian Kobiti 1 month ago Um so I’ll probably do 1 or 2 eggs bc I am not gonna be consuming 6 eggs per day for SEVEN DAYS
  • Milana Rathwell
    Milana Rathwell 1 month ago Green Bean I’m just drinking water
  • Green Bean
    Green Bean 1 month ago D you have you drink green tea?
  • Milana Rathwell
    Milana Rathwell 1 month ago Goth Moth got it thanks!🥰
  • Sammi Blume
    Sammi Blume 1 month ago Thank you❤❤
  • Soda Pop
    Soda Pop 1 month ago Milana Rathwell she did an update and she didn’t gain it back. This is a calorie deficit diet, which means if you remain at a lower calorie intake (food-exercise equaling less than your daily needs) you’ll continue to lose weight. If you eat the recommended amount of calories you’ll stay the same, and if you start eating more than you need you’ll gain it back.
  • Milana Rathwell
    Milana Rathwell 1 month ago I really wanted to do this until she said your gonna gain it all back eating regularly so idk what to do now
  • Soda Pop
    Soda Pop 1 month ago AlwaysPaula probably (no sugar added) wheat cereal.
  • alex says hi!
    alex says hi! 1 month ago thank you
  • kookie xox
    kookie xox 1 month ago @Destiny Torres TF
  • Krazy Kutee
    Krazy Kutee 1 month ago If only my mom would let me do that lol
  • Armi dry
    Armi dry 1 month ago god bless you
  • namjoons titties
    namjoons titties 1 month ago THANK YOU!!!!!
  • Zahra mosavi
    Zahra mosavi 1 month ago @Alyssa Delarosa you too Alyssa
  • Zahra mosavi
    Zahra mosavi 1 month ago @MC Gringa vlogs Green tea boosts you metabolism, but if you dont like green tea you can probably swap that with water with lemons
  • Zahra mosavi
    Zahra mosavi 1 month ago Lace Lions haha you are cute
  • Alyssa Delarosa
    Alyssa Delarosa 1 month ago @AlwaysPaula I'm wondering the same thing
  • AlwaysPaula
    AlwaysPaula 1 month ago What can I eat instead of oatmeal and still lose the weight? I hate oatmeal
  • MC Gringa vlogs
    MC Gringa vlogs 1 month ago Zahra mosavi i don’t have green tea it sucks
  • The Luna
    The Luna 1 month ago Zahra mosavi you can mix it up how ever you want
  • Sarai Cortez
    Sarai Cortez 1 month ago Eating eggs all day sounds fair as to a lot of people eat cup o noodles all day long. Just saying but all that egg can increase cholesterol.
  • Lace Lions
    Lace Lions 1 month ago Where should I send these 30 bags gold, to show my thanks?..
  • sca•red
    sca•red 2 months ago My pan is crying
  • Destiny Torres
    Destiny Torres 2 months ago your daddy & just running will do..
  • Elif Cure
    Elif Cure 2 months ago thank you !!!!!!
  • your daddy
    your daddy 2 months ago dont forget to also work out while doing this diet if you reallyyy wanna burn fat
  • Leah M
    Leah M 2 months ago Thx I’ll screenshot this🙏
  • Samantha Ziemienski
    Samantha Ziemienski 2 months ago Zahra mosavi thank you!
  • Nihel is dead
    Nihel is dead 4 months ago Are u sure that u weight 70 kg! Omg you look like 55kg ! You're so lucky !
  • Urvashi B
    Urvashi B 4 days ago Nihel is dead yeah ikr wtf
  • Mary Kheiri
    Mary Kheiri 2 weeks ago Exactly
  • Kenza Ben Rbiha
    Kenza Ben Rbiha 3 weeks ago Nihel is dead yea im 58 and I look wayyyyyy fatter than her
    WHERESMYBIBBLE 1 month ago Anorexia isnt just about weight. Some people could see themselves as already thin but they can't eat because everything else in their life is falling apart and they want to have control anorexia can also be a loss of appetite because of the desire to be thin and the list goes on anorexia isn't something to be defined it could be something as simple as an unhealthy relationship with food with horrible thoughts that nobody should ever go through or it could be a much deeper issue nobody gets to decide what the definition is because it's different for everyone.
  • Pelly_xD
    Pelly_xD 1 month ago Xenia I actually don’t look that skinny. I have very big thighs 😫 and my stomach isn’t that flat and I’m definitely not one of the thinnest in my class. I don’t get why I weigh that little because I always thought I was like 60 or 70 kg but the doctor said I was 54🤷‍♀️😂🤔
  • Xenia
    Xenia 1 month ago @Pelly_xD 54 kg is pretty skinny for your height if not it's pretty close to underweight
  • Xenia
    Xenia 1 month ago @tMariEll well you're overweight ofc you look like that 😂 I weigh 70 kg currently (I'm also 171 cm) because I managed to lose 15 kg's
  • Laura García Higuera
    Laura García Higuera 1 month ago @So K I'm 5'10 and my weight is 60 kg and I'm not anorexic, I'm normal 😂
  • Nevin AL
    Nevin AL 1 month ago I am 54 kg and I don't even look like that... I'm very short tho
  • Rookie
    Rookie 1 month ago Im 65 kg and im skinny but again im tall so
  • Pelly_xD
    Pelly_xD 1 month ago I’m 170 cm/5’7 and i weigh 54 kg. Height doesn’t always matter.
  • illusions blow my mind
    illusions blow my mind 1 month ago @ζηνοβία παμεεε συντοπιτισσα! χαχαχα
  • Gloria
    Gloria 1 month ago Muscle has a higher density than fat.
  • kattnys ;
    kattnys ; 1 month ago @ζηνοβία how did you lose so much and how many days did it take? did you only eat fruits and veggies? thanks if you answer :)
  • idk bro
    idk bro 1 month ago (edited) hannah kerley anorexia is a mental illness that affects you physically and mentally.. it’s not just a lost of appetite..
  • ζηνοβία
    ζηνοβία 1 month ago @tMariEll heyy im 1 74 ish and I use to weight 82 kg, im 70kg now. If you want to lose weight I know you can do it. It might seem out of your reach but it's really not! You got this!!! 💕
  • crystal waston
    crystal waston 1 month ago I have been searching for many years for the way to shed pounds quickly that's effective and safe. After having a lots of research, I have finally picked the one solution that has worked for me - The Venus Factor. This is a comprehensive system that promises you all you need to safely shed pounds - quickly! I was thinking I'd share the website if anybody's interested.
  • tMariEll
    tMariEll 2 months ago Well I'm like 80kg and I look fat af even tho I'm 170🙃 dude
  • Seafly Madison
    Seafly Madison 3 months ago Nihel is dead Height makes magic
  • lithium sweets
    lithium sweets 3 months ago Jojoba M don't call them stupid, i am diagnosed with anorexia nervosa which is a mental disorder. however, anorexia alone is a MEDICAL condition in which you lose your appetite (could happen because you're taking a new medication, for example). there's a difference.
  • Jojoba M
    Jojoba M 3 months ago hannah kerley anorexia is not just a loss of appetite, you’re so stupid
  • TheRhythmicTale
    TheRhythmicTale 3 months ago Yara Ezwai how tall r u?
  • hannah kerley
    hannah kerley 4 months ago @red anorexia isn't actually a mental illness. Anorexia nervosa or atypical anorexia is a mental illness. Animals can be diagnosed with anorexia as it is just a loss of appetite
  • red
    red 4 months ago Nonamé San anorexia is a mental illness not a body type
  • Yara Ezwai
    Yara Ezwai 4 months ago Nihel is dead I’m thirteen and 70 something kg. It’s possible. I guess I’m quite tall for my age
  • Nicole Manart
    Nicole Manart 4 months ago Nonamé San you don’t look “anorexic” u mean skinny
  • So K
    So K 4 months ago I'm a chick. I'm 5"11 and when I used to weight 70kg I looked almost anorexique.
  • Rozana A
    Rozana A 4 months ago TEA TIME exactly.. weight doesnt instantly = body fats
    TEA TIME 4 months ago Nihel is dead she’s tall that’s why she weighs more
  • ashlee m
    ashlee m 1 week ago (edited) i’m gonna start this diet and update you guys along the way !! starting weight: 119lbs ending weight: day one: 119lbs day two: 117.5lbs day three: 114.5lbs —> i kept messing up this diet because i kept eating stuff that wasn’t on the diet, so i think i might restart this diet so that i could get the most accurate results for you guys on the video! —> replay what you think i should do! p.s. i’m making a youtube video on this diet! one like=i believe in you!
  • Grim Coldzz
    Grim Coldzz 23 hours ago Good luck!
  • ashlee m
    ashlee m 1 day ago giselle lopez i’m 5’4”
  • Simon Cowell
    Simon Cowell 1 day ago giselle lopez oh I 100% agree with you. But 119 lbs for a freshmen in hs is pretty average/below average depending on the height/muscle mass/fat. But she’s a young girl and she shouldn’t even BE on a restricting diet. Her body is still growing and all she needs is good foods and exercise. (:
  • giselle lopez
    giselle lopez 3 days ago Simon Cowell she might be really short, remember height and weight are important because someone can be 4’11” and 130 pounds and be chubby while someone who’s 5’6 is 130 and looks really thin🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Simon Cowell
    Simon Cowell 5 days ago Veggis Teggis bruh you are literally 119 pounds? Why are you even trying to LOSE weight lol. Just watch what you eat and exercise...
  • Angel Fierro
    Angel Fierro 1 week ago Where’s the video??
  • Veggis Teggis
    Veggis Teggis 1 week ago How was the first day?
  • l u n a
    l u n a 1 month ago (edited) omg i want to get fit for junior year, i’ll be doing this and putting in some workouts through the day for 2 months or less starting (june 21) 1 like = a slice of motivation !
  • Lilian jona
    Lilian jona 3 days ago Aria Fitz how did you lose the 20 pounds?
  • dz RED S
    dz RED S 2 weeks ago Don't u ever give up you're gonna rock itttttt
  • itsmealondra
    itsmealondra 4 weeks ago @Aria Fitz woah that's impressive! Keep pushing! :)
  • itsmealondra
    itsmealondra 4 weeks ago @somaiya alam you got this!
  • somaiya alam
    somaiya alam 1 month ago Y'all i let myself down junior year so I'm gonna get in shape for senior year. Good luck to u all!
  • Aria Fitz
    Aria Fitz 1 month ago l i d a girl I wanna get fit for junior year too!!! So far I’ve lost 20 lbs and I’m gonna try this. I cycle everyday and i run 3 miles and do weights. Update us !
  • itsmealondra
    itsmealondra 1 month ago Bruhhhh sameeeee lol
  • l u n a
    l u n a 1 month ago Nânçŷ Gårçïå aww thank you! good luck to you as well 💓
  • l u n a
    l u n a 1 month ago Hadia Ayyam yeah definitely! if i’m being honest i haven’t started 😂 i wake up so late and i don’t have the energy :(
  • so am i -_-
    so am i -_- 1 month ago Omg same lol I started the 18 and got exactly 2 months to improve good luck!☺💖
  • Hadia Ayyam
    Hadia Ayyam 1 month ago l i d a omg i want to get fit for 11th grade too!! we should help each other out
  • Adéla Bláhová
    Adéla Bláhová 4 months ago You look like Simplynailogical!
  • Bia Panin
    Bia Panin 1 week ago Yeeees. I was going to say that
  • Beautiful Bloop
    Beautiful Bloop 1 week ago Ikr
  • Kaylei Martin
    Kaylei Martin 1 month ago IKR I was like why is kristine talkng in a British accent im confused lol
  • Its MUQS
    Its MUQS 1 month ago Adéla Bláhová she looks nothing like her 😂lol
  • Aratrika De
    Aratrika De 1 month ago OMG ikr
  • Turtle
    Turtle 1 month ago She really does not like AT all
  • Ryan Marie Dickens
    Ryan Marie Dickens 1 month ago Adéla Bláhová I was thinking the same thing😂
  • Reem Alzoughamy
    Reem Alzoughamy 2 months ago Adéla Bláhová I was looking for a comment about that!!
  • Leah M
    Leah M 2 months ago Omg yes!
  • X Gwenfish17
    X Gwenfish17 2 months ago Adéla Bláhová OMG YASSS 😂
  • J
    J 3 months ago I wanted to comment that lmao
  • rin
    rin 3 months ago She could pass as Christine's daughter, lmao.
  • Riley Anne
    Riley Anne 4 months ago YES
  • Flower on Discord
    Flower on Discord 4 months ago She does lmao just noticed it
  • Aj Nehanda
    Aj Nehanda 4 months ago Adéla Bláhová wait she really does lol
  • jimins jams
    jimins jams 4 months ago I really want to do this diet but first I have to finish my Coke i left in the fridge
  • ARMY in a BLINK
    ARMY in a BLINK 3 days ago Are u ARMY💜
  • Woahitskayy
    Woahitskayy 1 month ago MEEEE
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    Vivian Kobiti 1 month ago jimins jams I’m deaddddddd 😆😝😆😝😆😆😆😆😆😆😝😝😝😝
  • Katie Noiset
    Katie Noiset 1 month ago jimins jams omg meeeeee
  • MahnoorsLifestyleTalk
    MahnoorsLifestyleTalk 1 month ago And me thinking about the leftover pizzas 🍕 hahaha . Your comment made me laugh so hard
  • Harumi noceda
    Harumi noceda 1 month ago jimins jams mood
  • Jenifer Rodriguez
    Jenifer Rodriguez 2 months ago MEEEEEEE 😂
  • Ninialiindaaa08
    Ninialiindaaa08 3 months ago jimins jams same 😂😂😂
  • Zoha Samdani
    Zoha Samdani 16 hours ago Something about the way she talks reminds me of Emma Watson
  • Sahar ٩
    Sahar ٩ 21 hours ago Im gonna do this diet for 1 week and I’ll update here: Starting weight: 89.6 kg Day1: Day2: Day3: Day4: Day5: Day6: Day7:
  • K
    K 49 minutes ago .
  • Maelii
    Maelii 1 hour ago Sahar ٩ interested in results too ^ (:
  • Carina Lowe
    Carina Lowe 2 hours ago Just commenting so i see
    IM BORED 7 hours ago and then there’s me, with a metabolism that works 0.01% every 2 hours 😂
  • Cat Rowan
    Cat Rowan 3 months ago I also wanted to say sorry for the extreme editing, I was experimenting and went overboard lol
  • Nandisa Ngubelanga
    Nandisa Ngubelanga 2 weeks ago lol I loved every moment! Had a blast watching this😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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    Basic RīLeY 1 month ago Cat Rowan i enjoyed it tho😂
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    Lisaknz 01 1 month ago I like it sm
  • 정미아
    정미아 1 month ago I loved it I kept laughing it was so extra 😂
  • gAbY diAz
    gAbY diAz 1 month ago I’m living for it tho
  • Nicole Hannah
    Nicole Hannah 1 month ago Kinda liked it tbh
  • Fritolaysandapplesauce
    Fritolaysandapplesauce 1 month ago Cat Rowan I like it
  • JudeAbbas
    JudeAbbas 2 months ago Antonio Garza whO?
  • Pavithra Ravi
    Pavithra Ravi 3 months ago Cat Rowan I thought it was funny in a good way😁
  • Cat Rowan
    Cat Rowan 3 months ago Thankyou ❤️
  • N L
    N L 3 months ago Girl this is your video do what you want they can make their own if they dont like it
  • Salma louhichi
    Salma louhichi 3 months ago Just do what you like girl ♥️
  • Elise Langendam
    Elise Langendam 4 months ago I wanna do this but my parents won’t let me do it, I already know🙄
  • Olympia Subliminal
    Olympia Subliminal 1 day ago Ohitsflora This isn’t a good way of eating. Yes it’s healthy but to little for a growing teenager. I used to eat this much as a preteen and ended up with and Ed bcs I thought that I needed to reduce it more to lose more weight.
  • Ohitsflora
    Ohitsflora 3 days ago They could because this is a good way of losing weight. I don’t think they would let you if you weren’t eating at all
  • Itss Dania A
    Itss Dania A 5 days ago Same ! my parents wouldn’t let me
  • Heyitzanali X
    Heyitzanali X 1 week ago Elise Langendam sAME tho
  • Jess
    Jess 1 week ago Sameee , I used to water fast but didn’t end up well
  • Mystery Girl
    Mystery Girl 2 weeks ago Ok so I have been wanting to do this deit for over 1 week. My dad, mom, and sister are all over weight. I've finally decided to do this deit by my self and I had asked my dad to buy this stuff and it doesn't cost as much as you think. It was about $30 for everything. I bet that if I go through with this they'll be proud. Also, I honestly though they'd say no too but to my surprise they said yes. The only thing is I better eat it all.
  • Vince Bowman
    Vince Bowman 2 weeks ago Did I Lose 10 Pounds in 1 Week | 40 lb-30 Day Weight Loss Challenge Day 7
  • Kermit nugget15
    Kermit nugget15 3 weeks ago Samee
  • My Cup Of TAE
    My Cup Of TAE 1 month ago If you’re still young, I don’t recommend this. Instead try intermittent fasting and go for walks, the weight will come off really fast I promise. I lost 25 pounds that way.
  • Anisha Brant
    Anisha Brant 1 month ago Denise Michelle I agree thankyou x
  • Denise Michelle
    Denise Michelle 1 month ago @Anisha Brant Well you need to eat regularly to fuel your body. When you don't eat your body starts going into panic mode. once you eat again your body will want all it can get. Therefore you're eating more than you would if u had just eaten a proper meal. If it feels better for you having healthy snacks through out the day can be good. but don't really skip meals. try not to eat any processed foods. stick to whole foods likes veggies and fruits and legumes(beans of all sorts) seeds, nuts (if you're not allergic and raw nuts are better than roasted with salt) if you eat meat , eat in moderation and be mindful of how they are prepared and cooked. drink plenty of water and keep active and you will feel good and your body and brain will get stronger.
  • Lolop Callulu
    Lolop Callulu 1 month ago SkaterGirl it’s not healthy anyways
  • Nicosia Johnson
    Nicosia Johnson 1 month ago selena cordeiro well no one told u to do it
  • Lowkey baByJay
    Lowkey baByJay 1 month ago Especially my dad, he'll say "you're starving yourself" 😭😂
  • Yeetus Deletus
    Yeetus Deletus 1 month ago I did this for 9 months (the school year) and my parents never found out.
  • Angelicasolis Solis
    Angelicasolis Solis 1 month ago You can have greek yogurt with oatmeal Eggs and spinach Eggs and ham chicken Lentil soup Avocado dip You shouldn drink atleast 3 cups of green tea Or a cup after everymeal bananas anytime of the day But from 3-4 have an Apple to Boost your metabolism in the afternoon (thats the time it Starts slowing down) And if You can find chía seeds where You are at i strongly recamend them. Take to spoons por into 1liter 1/2 of water give it a shake and let sir for 15-20 minutes or when u have notice that a jelly like forms around the seeds drink all day, morning -2pm and have another 1liter 1/2 of puré water after that finish b4 6pm. And this Will help You not only loose weight but since it contains proteíns and Good fats it Will help your skin tighten.
  • Angelicasolis Solis
    Angelicasolis Solis 1 month ago Hey!! Don't listen to these people let me help You!
  • Fede Silli
    Fede Silli 1 month ago selena cordeiro 👏🏻👏🏻 and also you should eat eggs like 2/3 times per week (max) because they’re not that good for you if you eat too many!
  • Ale craycray
    Ale craycray 1 month ago I know rightttt my mom says I HAVE to eat
  • Alexis Soliz
    Alexis Soliz 1 month ago SkaterGirl that’s my main issue 😤🥺🥺
  • Azul Marquez
    Azul Marquez 1 month ago Wdym ur parent won't let you😂❔
  • Layla Desa
    Layla Desa 1 month ago SkaterGirl same Oof
  • Mahek Mubeen
    Mahek Mubeen 1 month ago u had 999 likes and i clicked the like button and it was 1k😂😂i got gassed
  • iliana marie
    iliana marie 1 month ago Same they say I’m to young to do THIS diet to do a better one but my mom does this diet all the time 😠
  • Zaynab Shaalan
    Zaynab Shaalan 1 month ago SkaterGirl cause your parents actually care for your health more than you do.
  • Elisa Burcheri
    Elisa Burcheri 1 month ago SkaterGirl same
  • Chiara gv
    Chiara gv 1 month ago Simply dont do it! She shouldnt even be promoting this! This was a total of 700-800 cals, the minimun amount for a women is 1200, all this teenagers here are still growing, you would lose weight with a healthy 1500 cals, thats te doudble of that and can be without cholesterol, actually she could have eated 700 cals worth of oreos and still lose weight, but thats no the point, stop looking for advise form people with no actual nutrition knowedge, i recommed watching natacha ocean on yt, or keep it cleaner girls, or find someone by yourself that dont promote starvation, your parents are so right, and honestly i wish my parents have done the same, maybe maybe i wouldnt have almost diet from anorexia, maybe i would have not dealed with ortorexia or bulima, they know what they do!
  • taekmyhand
    taekmyhand 1 month ago Omg same
    OLGUN ÖZGÜR 2 months ago @SkaterGirl same
  • kee28 8
    kee28 8 2 months ago SkaterGirl hi, youcan still adapt to it a little. I'm 17 so if I want to do it my parents won't really stop me aslong as i feel better on it and im not starving myself but you can wake up and do your breakfast when their not there. Have your eggs and tea and then pretend you had egg on toast or whatever. For dinner you can just ask for smaller portions, I understand that they don't want you eating just oatmeal for your dinner for 7 days lol. And then minimise your snacking at lunch to eggs and an apple. You know?
  • Anisha Brant
    Anisha Brant 2 months ago Kristen Gifford ooooo good for u girlieee :)
  • Kristen Gifford
    Kristen Gifford 2 months ago my parents are both over weight . they hated the fact that I was always skinny ( I'm. adopted) and that I was always into sports eating healthy. once my mom made me eat McDonald's because ..and in her words..... I was making them look bad i immediately threw it up. not on purpose but because my body literally couldn't take a cheeseburger. i would eat salads when we went out to eat and made my own dinner. I got a gymnastics scholarship and never looked back.
  • Anisha Brant
    Anisha Brant 2 months ago Bobabic h thank you this was helpful
  • Manda z
    Manda z 2 months ago Anisha Brant you need to eat more regularly to avoid a sugar crash! I used to go all day without eating, but then in the afternoon I would crash and overeat, especially on sugary foods. Now I eat about 3 meals a day with snacks in between, so like breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner. This keeps me from getting too hungry trough the day.
  • Anisha Brant
    Anisha Brant 3 months ago Denise Michelle is it normal that I can go hours without eating but as soon as I eat one thing I start to go non stop eating
  • Denise Michelle
    Denise Michelle 3 months ago Don't bother with crash diets love. Your parents know best. As a teen i developed a severe eating disorder that has never gone away because I wanted to try diets that my parents warned me not to. I am 31 now with 2 of my own kids and It would break my heart if my daughter resorted to having to lie and hide the fact she's doing diets. Just let your parents know you want to start having a more healthy lifestyle and maybe you can all practice eating healthy and keeping fit together. It benefits everyone. You will all feel great!
  • Anisha Brant
    Anisha Brant 3 months ago Thankyouuu!! Same my mum won’t approve of this and expects me to eat what I’m given and if I accidentally skip breakfast or lunch she would force me to fit a whole day of food into an afternoon ;/
  • selena cordeiro
    selena cordeiro 4 months ago That’s because it’s a stupid diet and you deserve an eye roll emoji for even wanting to try it. the weight you lose will come back with a vengeance when you eat normal again because your body will hoard every single bit of fat and other nutrients even worse than before. It’s because your body will be scared that it will start starving at any moment again.
  • Wicked Jester
    Wicked Jester 4 months ago Then just exercise
  • Gaea
    Gaea 4 months ago @Shills G If you don't mind me asking, why do you even want to do a diet around a food you're allergic to? Like it's hard as is without the allergy
  • Shills G
    Shills G 4 months ago I told my mom I wanna try it and she just said no. Also the fact that I'm slightly allergic to eggs.
  • Gaea
    Gaea 4 months ago Gee, I wonder why. Besides, crash diets only make you gain weight faster after you're done
  • Stllbn
    Stllbn 4 months ago And they would be right. This isn't healthy, nor is it sustainable on the long-term which is the key to get healthy. Please take care of yourself, don't try to lose weight fast because it will come back as fast as it left.
  • Ella Solo
    Ella Solo 4 months ago same bro
  • xXLaraXx
    xXLaraXx 4 months ago SkaterGirl same
  • Sam
    Sam 4 months ago (edited) There really is no need to hurry.
  • Susann Kristoffersen
    Susann Kristoffersen 4 months ago Same🙃
  • δεν γνωρίζω
    δεν γνωρίζω 4 months ago No need to do a diet. Just change your lifestyle, a healthier one. I'm pretty sure your parents will be ok with that.
  • svnflwer
    svnflwer 4 months ago no excuses
  • Shay C
    Shay C 1 month ago (edited) Day #1: ✅ Day #2: ✅ (it’s actually been really easy and I hate eggs) Day #3: (I kinda ate some chicken 😐but I think I’m gonna continue and just act like I didn’t) Day #4: ✅ day 4 was pretty good I’ve decided that since I ate some chicken I’m going to just add on a extra day (I’ve lost 7 pounds so far) Day #5: ✅ Day #6: ✅ Day #7: ✅ Day #8: ✅ I lost 18 pounds 😊 I gained back 2 pounds so far I worked out the last 4 days and I’ve been exercising since but I’ve been eating really unhealthy
  • ashlee m
    ashlee m 2 weeks ago sorry, another question. how much did you workout during this diet?? like what workouts did you do??
  • ashlee m
    ashlee m 2 weeks ago Shay C thank youu !! you did amazing !!
  • Shay C
    Shay C 2 weeks ago ashlee m I lost 1.5 pounds the first day
  • ashlee m
    ashlee m 2 weeks ago how many pounds did you lose on the first day??
  • Tori
    Tori 2 weeks ago Chandler Bing but the vids about losing 15 in 7.....
  • Chandler Bing
    Chandler Bing 2 weeks ago 18 pounds? In 8 days?? Lol Bullshit.
  • Enchantress me
    Enchantress me 2 weeks ago Pls update us....did u gain back the weight...?? Pls....
  • Ruby Harris
    Ruby Harris 2 weeks ago did you gain the weight back or nah?
  • Li Yuki
    Li Yuki 3 weeks ago Shay C did you workout during the week ?
  • Aria Fitz
    Aria Fitz 1 month ago Shay C update us !!!!
  • kayler m.
    kayler m. 3 weeks ago when she said: ).( and i said: ( . )
  • Nikiya Lester
    Nikiya Lester 3 days ago when she said: ).( ( ) i said: ( . )
  • Zoe Adams
    Zoe Adams 1 week ago The best thing I've found for easy weight loss is
  • Sophia B
    Sophia B 1 day ago Zoe Adams that’s because it’s a pill and it’s the worse weight loss mechanism ever. Stop glorifying it. “Best” my arse
  • kassy
    kassy 6 days ago I’m gonna start this diet and update you guys🦋 start weight: 72,8 kg day 1: -0,8kg day 2: -0,8kg
  • Bianca Galicia
    Bianca Galicia 1 day ago Where's the update?
  • Queenof everything
    Queenof everything 2 days ago ?Update?
  • S G
    S G 3 days ago Really?!
  • viv0o liang
    viv0o liang 3 days ago hope it goes well for you!!
  • Scout Leigh
    Scout Leigh 4 days ago kassy is it working??
  • Sameeha lawal
    Sameeha lawal 3 months ago I’m 160 and I look like shrek whattttt🥵😳
  • Montoya Memphis
    Montoya Memphis 1 day ago Sameeha lawal same
  • Bára
    Bára 2 days ago Me tooo
  • Kylee chungus
    Kylee chungus 2 weeks ago 🐸🐸🐸
  • Bellezza Gonzalez
    Bellezza Gonzalez 2 weeks ago OMG same I'm so over weight
  • Wendiline MV
    Wendiline MV 1 month ago Sameeha lawal meeeeeeee lol
  • Katerine Melissa Donado Santos
    Katerine Melissa Donado Santos 1 month ago Omg me tooo 'cause i weigh 165 pounds😭😭😭😭
  • Sameeha lawal
    Sameeha lawal 1 month ago Casey L I’m 5,4 :)
  • Casey L
    Casey L 1 month ago Im 156 and im 1.64m tall AND I LOOK FATISH
  • bussdown ciarra
    bussdown ciarra 1 month ago Yeah n she looks really tall
  • Sameeha lawal
    Sameeha lawal 1 month ago deadsticks aww thank u 🥰
  • Krista
    Krista 1 month ago Same but I'm pretty sure you're beautiful 💛
  • I know you're gonna say army's everywhere
    I know you're gonna say army's everywhere 1 month ago I mean shrek is handsome tho huhu
  • Amrit Kalsi
    Amrit Kalsi 1 month ago muscle mass
  • Aarmau ships 8D
    Aarmau ships 8D 1 month ago I AAAAAM SHREK
  • Hafsa Hussein
    Hafsa Hussein 2 months ago Sameeha lawal feel like height plays a huge role in weight. someone who’s the same weight as you could look a lot different because they’re either shorter or taller. so their weight is distributed differently and also appears differently than that of someone else who’s the same weight.
  • lizzy bellott
    lizzy bellott 6 hours ago (edited) i’ll keep y’all posted on my progress day one: 135.6lbs day two: