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I LOST 15 POUNDS IN 7 DAYS || lose weight fast || EGG DIET, || Versatile Vicky

Published on Jan 15, 2019 517,766 views

The detox tea I used to loose even more weight !

Hiiiii, I'm Cat, im 17 and i like food. I'm new to youtube so leave some love !

I felt a little chubby so i did the egg diet by Versatile Vicky and lost 15 pounds.

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The diet :

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  • Cat Rowan
    Cat Rowan 2 months ago I just wanted to say that this diet is a really unhealthy way of loosing weight. It is a starvation mode diet and you loose a lot of weight, but you will most likely gain it back if you go back to eating normally. I, myself, will never ever do this diet again because it was not worth it. Now it’s up to you what you want to put your body through. Thankyou!
  • Sequoya Williams
    Sequoya Williams 2 months ago (edited) Cat Rowan you should pin this comment so ppl can see it
  • A. Ism
    A. Ism 2 months ago Cat Rowan BUT U STILL HAVE ABS THO WOWWWW
  • tania nedeljkovic
    tania nedeljkovic 2 months ago I'm assuming U put it back on ?
  • Cat Rowan
    Cat Rowan 2 months ago No not at all! I actually lost another 10 pounds by just eating healthily after this diet. But I’m just saying that this diet is a really unhealthy way of loosing weight.
  • tania nedeljkovic
    tania nedeljkovic 2 months ago Oh ok you had me freaking out because I've been doing it for a couple of days and I've seen results but when I saw your comment I thought shitttt I'm going to put it all back on plus more haha I'll do it for 7 days then slowly go back into eating healthy
  • Sama Samreen
    Sama Samreen 2 months ago It awesome diet u will never get back i did it after my baby n i never get back weight again coz m doing exercise n portion control life style ..try this n its not unhealthy diet..
  • Terry CH
    Terry CH 2 months ago Probably tye nody used a bunch of muscle for energy so the weight loss diesnt look that effective. If your body is starving that much it isnt worth it
  • Nina Nima
    Nina Nima 2 months ago Thank you for sharing did you workout durning this diet?
  • Exothiick xox
    Exothiick xox 2 months ago Its because you’re already skinny, at your weight you should just workout to loose the weight. Your body dont have enough fat stored to burn while youre fasting 🙄🙄🙄
  • adilakshmi yamarti
    adilakshmi yamarti 1 month ago This is very bad you told, you are doing this diet and getting results and say negative comments, vicky is a nutritionist and she told as much as good
  • Beuil
    Beuil 1 month ago This diet is good to kick start your weight loss tho. It will also "reset" your taste buds, so healthy foods should taste better making it easier to stick to them. But a week of this diet won't kill you or do much harm, but I'm not encouraging anyone to do it.
  • Zana Mazreku
    Zana Mazreku 1 month ago Can I drink coffe while doing this diet?
  • adilakshmi yamarti
    adilakshmi yamarti 1 month ago (edited) @Zana Mazreku no, but u can skip dinner and take coffe
  • Wake up and Make up
    Wake up and Make up 1 month ago Hi cat. I just wanted to know if you worked out during this diet ?
  • Poet Victoria Hunter
    Poet Victoria Hunter 1 month ago No such thing. The body will eat the fat. You do not starve unless you go many weeks. Educated urself on what happens when you cut calories.
  • grammy lui
    grammy lui 1 month ago Cat Rowan its so true before l tried this diet i have had 60kg and than i tried this day for 4days and lost 3kg and when i start eating normally i gain 2kg -59kg now am eating healthy and i have again 57 with healthy food
  • Bebe Swt
    Bebe Swt 4 weeks ago There is no starvation mode unless you have 0% body fat. Please stop spreading false information.
  • Poet Victoria Hunter
    Poet Victoria Hunter 4 weeks ago I didn't gain it back so stop the nonsense.
  • Poet Victoria Hunter
    Poet Victoria Hunter 4 weeks ago You gain cause of your state of mind. You would of gained regardless if your mind is not in the right place
  • Ahsan Khan
    Ahsan Khan 3 weeks ago Cat Rowan did u do any exercise with this?
  • Lindo Loto
    Lindo Loto 3 weeks ago Like you said if you start eating NORMALLY you will gain the wait, but for people who need to do this diet is obvious they were not making healthy food choices, so as long as you change and cut the processed sugars and add more veggies to your meals and eat a proper amount, you can stay or lose even more weight. I've done this diet maybe 3 times and it helps me to start a good path but as soon as I carve into sugars and candy I of course gain the weight again. Only once I could keep it for longer because I was determined to be healthy but then social life happened and I ruined it. This time thou I want to make healthier choices everyday!
  • Poet Victoria Hunter
    Poet Victoria Hunter 3 weeks ago @Lindo Loto first off before you do the diet you should be ready to eat healthy for life.
  • Prissy Doll
    Prissy Doll 2 weeks ago Eating like a fat cow is unhealthy too sooooo?
  • Nikita Browne
    Nikita Browne 2 weeks ago Cat Rowan why do movie maker eres muy gracioso
  • Aliyah Adriana Mohammad
    Aliyah Adriana Mohammad 5 days ago do you work out?
  • Shine Patty
    Shine Patty 2 months ago (edited) You must be tall asf cause that does not look like 160 😱
  • tania nedeljkovic
    tania nedeljkovic 2 months ago That's exactly what I thought
  • Rozana A
    Rozana A 2 months ago I’m 165 cm and I look average tbh. Wish I was 170
  • Cheshire Cat
    Cheshire Cat 2 months ago Well she also looks very fit so its probably weight from muscle
  • rosegvnn
    rosegvnn 2 months ago I'm 170 cm and I probably weight 120 pounds but I never really understood that, it's so different it all the people
  • Maggie
    Maggie 2 months ago Muscle weighs more than fat, she’s really fit. I’m 5’10” and weigh 128-130 and I have absolutely no muscle but I do have fat
  • Kaitlyn Kennedy
    Kaitlyn Kennedy 2 months ago Shine Patty I was thinking that too
  • Savannah Sims
    Savannah Sims 2 months ago I’m 5 foot 9 and now I’m chubby thanks to marriage but before I weighed 150 lbs and people thought I didn’t eat. You could see my lower ribs and my spine prominently. I think it goes down to natural body structure and muscle mass.
  • Morgenna Temple
    Morgenna Temple 2 months ago THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT!
  • Diana L
    Diana L 2 months ago i'm 5'9 and 140 and i look fat love that for me anyways all bodies look different and weight is just a number
  • Scarlett Frausto
    Scarlett Frausto 2 months ago Shine Patty agreed lol
    JANETH MARTINEZ 2 months ago Yessssss
  • Ravin Janell
    Ravin Janell 2 months ago Shine Patty righttttttt i weigh 160 and im chubby so i was like whaa
  • L'amour Rosa
    L'amour Rosa 2 months ago I’m 5’7 (170 cm) and I got down to 150lbs (68kg) and I looked like I didn’t eat. Lol
  • Raquel Flores
    Raquel Flores 2 months ago I’m 5’8.5 and like 161 it does not look skinny lol I used to be 150 and I’m trying to lose the 10 pounds. At 150 I still didn’t feel like I looked very skinny I just liked it better because I still fit my clothes and looked better in them.
  • heidi4442
    heidi4442 2 months ago @Rozana A idiot.
  • Rozana A
    Rozana A 2 months ago heidi4442 good bye 👋🏻
  • vintageprincess 01
    vintageprincess 01 2 months ago To be fair though she looks like she works out a lot so a lot of it will be muscle
  • Natalie Pavone
    Natalie Pavone 2 months ago Shine Patty literally SAME i weigh 160 and i’ look huge but i’m really short lolllll
  • Karenagen
    Karenagen 1 month ago Its bone density and muscle. I'm 5' 10 and at 175 I look lean. People always guess my weight as 25lbs less that it actually is
  • Shine Patty
    Shine Patty 1 month ago It’s not that. Its just the fact that tall people can weight 160 and look skinny because they have more length to distribute the weight. Unlike a 5’0 person if she weight 160 she’s gonna look obese . Even if she works out and has muscle she will not look skinny. Height makes a difference
  • GDawg
    GDawg 1 month ago YEAH she makes me feel better about myself because i’m 160 as well but pure muscle so it doesn’t look like fat!!! :)
  • Eve Gandy
    Eve Gandy 1 month ago I'm 5'9 at 170 I start to look like skeletor 😂😂so I stick to 185
  • Cat Rowan
    Cat Rowan 1 month ago I have a huge body frame!! Literally like a man, So my bones are heavyyyy hahaha. That’s why I weight so much and don’t look bigger.
    KATHLEEN 1 month ago Everyone saying they are 5“10 & 170 lbs and looking like a skeleton and here I am 5”11 with 155 and I look like a whale lol.
  • Gripit L
    Gripit L 1 month ago L'amour Rosa I’m 5’6 medium build. I can’t get any lower than 145 or my ribs and neck bones stick out. My face also looks hollow. I think it depends on the persons build.
  • Jojoba M
    Jojoba M 1 month ago Maggie muscle does not weight more than fat tho. 1 kilo is 1 kilo. It’s just that 1kg of muscle take less space than 1 kilo of fat
  • Secret Santa
    Secret Santa 1 month ago (edited) Cat Rowan it’s weird when I started to weigh over 140 people still thought I was slim and I’m only 5’3” so I felt obese and now I’m down to 127 and noone has really noticed a difference, but I know, and that’s what I’m comfortable at LOL 😂
  • Sheyna Nutella
    Sheyna Nutella 3 weeks ago I’m 175 cm and 70 kg , I look like her
  • Fatma
    Fatma 3 weeks ago it's the body proportion that makes it different. i have a friend who is the same height as mine but people always say I look taller.
  • Dovahkin Dothraki
    Dovahkin Dothraki 3 weeks ago @Maggie oh wow didnt know that miscle weighs more than fat lb for lb
  • Milena Mejia
    Milena Mejia 2 weeks ago Shine Patty IKR
  • Zahra mosavi
    Zahra mosavi 3 weeks ago For the busy people: Morning : - 3 hardboiled/ scrambled (with no oil!) eggs and green tea Lunch: - 3 hard boiled/scrambled egg, 1 Apple and green tea Snack: - 1 Apple and green tea Dinner : - oatmeal (0,5 cup of oat, 0,5 milk, 0,5 cup water) with berries, and green tea X 7 days
  • Samantha Ziemienski
    Samantha Ziemienski 2 weeks ago Zahra mosavi thank you!
  • Leah M
    Leah M 2 weeks ago Thx I’ll screenshot this🙏
  • your daddy
    your daddy 2 weeks ago dont forget to also work out while doing this diet if you reallyyy wanna burn fat
  • Elif Cure
    Elif Cure 1 week ago thank you !!!!!!
  • Destiny Torres
    Destiny Torres 1 week ago your daddy & just running will do..
  • sca•red
    sca•red 2 days ago My pan is crying
  • SkaterGirl
    SkaterGirl 2 months ago I wanna do this but my parents won’t let me do it, I already know🙄
  • Dont
    Dont 2 months ago SkaterGirl arnt old enough to cook your own food now?
  • svnflwer
    svnflwer 2 months ago no excuses
  • δεν γνωρίζω
    δεν γνωρίζω 2 months ago No need to do a diet. Just change your lifestyle, a healthier one. I'm pretty sure your parents will be ok with that.
  • Susann Kristoffersen
    Susann Kristoffersen 2 months ago Same🙃
  • Sam
    Sam 2 months ago (edited) There really is no need to hurry.
  • xXLaraXx
    xXLaraXx 2 months ago SkaterGirl same
  • Ella Solo
    Ella Solo 2 months ago same bro
  • Stllbn
    Stllbn 2 months ago And they would be right. This isn't healthy, nor is it sustainable on the long-term which is the key to get healthy. Please take care of yourself, don't try to lose weight fast because it will come back as fast as it left.
  • Gaea
    Gaea 2 months ago Gee, I wonder why. Besides, crash diets only make you gain weight faster after you're done
  • Shills G
    Shills G 2 months ago I told my mom I wanna try it and she just said no. Also the fact that I'm slightly allergic to eggs.
  • Gaea
    Gaea 2 months ago @Shills G If you don't mind me asking, why do you even want to do a diet around a food you're allergic to? Like it's hard as is without the allergy
  • Wicked Jester
    Wicked Jester 2 months ago Then just exercise
  • selena cordeiro
    selena cordeiro 2 months ago That’s because it’s a stupid diet and you deserve an eye roll emoji for even wanting to try it. the weight you lose will come back with a vengeance when you eat normal again because your body will hoard every single bit of fat and other nutrients even worse than before. It’s because your body will be scared that it will start starving at any moment again.
  • Anisha Brant
    Anisha Brant 1 month ago Thankyouuu!! Same my mum won’t approve of this and expects me to eat what I’m given and if I accidentally skip breakfast or lunch she would force me to fit a whole day of food into an afternoon ;/
  • Denise Michelle
    Denise Michelle 1 month ago Don't bother with crash diets love. Your parents know best. As a teen i developed a severe eating disorder that has never gone away because I wanted to try diets that my parents warned me not to. I am 31 now with 2 of my own kids and It would break my heart if my daughter resorted to having to lie and hide the fact she's doing diets. Just let your parents know you want to start having a more healthy lifestyle and maybe you can all practice eating healthy and keeping fit together. It benefits everyone. You will all feel great!
  • Anisha Brant
    Anisha Brant 1 month ago Denise Michelle is it normal that I can go hours without eating but as soon as I eat one thing I start to go non stop eating
  • Mariel Mawile
    Mariel Mawile 4 weeks ago Same 😢
  • Bobabic h
    Bobabic h 1 week ago Anisha Brant you need to eat more regularly to avoid a sugar crash! I used to go all day without eating, but then in the afternoon I would crash and overeat, especially on sugary foods. Now I eat about 3 meals a day with snacks in between, so like breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner. This keeps me from getting too hungry trough the day.
  • Anisha Brant
    Anisha Brant 1 week ago Bobabic h thank you this was helpful
  • Kristen Gifford
    Kristen Gifford 1 week ago my parents are both over weight . they hated the fact that I was always skinny ( I'm. adopted) and that I was always into sports eating healthy. once my mom made me eat McDonald's because ..and in her words..... I was making them look bad i immediately threw it up. not on purpose but because my body literally couldn't take a cheeseburger. i would eat salads when we went out to eat and made my own dinner. I got a gymnastics scholarship and never looked back.
  • Anisha Brant
    Anisha Brant 6 days ago Kristen Gifford ooooo good for u girlieee :)
  • Nihel is dead
    Nihel is dead 2 months ago Are u sure that u weight 70 kg! Omg you look like 55kg ! You're so lucky !
    TEA TIME 2 months ago Nihel is dead she’s tall that’s why she weighs more
  • Rozana A
    Rozana A 2 months ago TEA TIME exactly.. weight doesnt instantly = body fats
  • So K
    So K 2 months ago I'm a chick. I'm 5"11 and when I used to weight 70kg I looked almost anorexique.
  • Nicole Manart
    Nicole Manart 2 months ago Nonamé San you don’t look “anorexic” u mean skinny
  • Yara Ezwai
    Yara Ezwai 2 months ago Nihel is dead I’m thirteen and 70 something kg. It’s possible. I guess I’m quite tall for my age
  • red
    red 2 months ago Nonamé San anorexia is a mental illness not a body type
  • hannah kerley
    hannah kerley 1 month ago @red anorexia isn't actually a mental illness. Anorexia nervosa or atypical anorexia is a mental illness. Animals can be diagnosed with anorexia as it is just a loss of appetite
  • TheRhythmicTale
    TheRhythmicTale 1 month ago Yara Ezwai how tall r u?
  • Jojoba M
    Jojoba M 1 month ago hannah kerley anorexia is not just a loss of appetite, you’re so stupid
  • lithium sweets
    lithium sweets 1 month ago Jojoba M don't call them stupid, i am diagnosed with anorexia nervosa which is a mental disorder. however, anorexia alone is a MEDICAL condition in which you lose your appetite (could happen because you're taking a new medication, for example). there's a difference.
  • Aminaboo
    Aminaboo 1 month ago Nihel is dead Height makes magic
  • tMariEll
    tMariEll 2 weeks ago Well I'm like 80kg and I look fat af even tho I'm 170🙃 dude
  • Romans 6:23
    Romans 6:23 2 months ago she looks like she could be james corden's daughter.
  • amelia xo
    amelia xo 1 month ago was literally just about to comment that lol
  • Adéla Bláhová
    Adéla Bláhová 2 months ago You look like Simplynailogical!
  • Aj Nehanda
    Aj Nehanda 2 months ago Adéla Bláhová wait she really does lol
  • Flower on Discord
    Flower on Discord 2 months ago She does lmao just noticed it
  • Autumn Anne
    Autumn Anne 1 month ago YES
  • misspanduhk
    misspanduhk 1 month ago She could pass as Christine's daughter, lmao.
  • J
    J 1 month ago I wanted to comment that lmao
  • X Gwenfish17
    X Gwenfish17 2 weeks ago Adéla Bláhová OMG YASSS 😂
  • Leah M
    Leah M 2 weeks ago Omg yes!
  • Reem Alzoughamy
    Reem Alzoughamy 5 days ago Adéla Bláhová I was looking for a comment about that!!
  • ItsYäärä
    ItsYäärä 2 months ago Ok I am do this diet starting tomorrow... I will update u as the days go by(can I pls get some motivation) I will update u guys tomorrow than😁
  • Anissa
    Anissa 2 months ago 👏
  • chris
    chris 2 months ago yeass pleasee!!
  • Tiana Drackett
    Tiana Drackett 2 months ago You’ve got this🙌🏾
  • Jordan Scott
    Jordan Scott 2 months ago Please!!!
  • Amber O
    Amber O 2 months ago Omg yesss please show results I might try this😁😁
  • ItsYäärä
    ItsYäärä 2 months ago (edited) Ok...first of all thank u guys for motivating me it means a lot😌 So today went well I guess. I had the eggs in the morning(around 7am) Since I went to school I didn’t end up eating anything for the entire day till 4PM when I came home(don’t try to have such a long gap between meals,I’m use to not eating for that period of time since I don’t enjoying having school lunch or taking lunch myself) so I drank water throughout the day. At 4PM I drank a green tea and now 7pm I ate my oatmeal which I added in some cranberry’s and almonds to. I’m really excited for tomorrow to see if any results occurred...I will update u guys tomorrow if anything!!(I also exercised for around 30 minutes to see if it gave me better results)
  • Rebekah Lucas
    Rebekah Lucas 2 months ago I know you’ve only done one day so far but are you feeling hungry at all? I want to try this but hate the feeling of hunger as it makes me want to eat loads when I don’t need to😩 hope it goes well
  • Kemya Viney
    Kemya Viney 2 months ago you definitely can do this !!!!
  • Its always Tegan
    Its always Tegan 2 months ago Yaireline pichardo yayyyyyy good for you!
  • Ariel Cox
    Ariel Cox 2 months ago I’m doing it too LOL
  • ItsYäärä
    ItsYäärä 2 months ago Rebekah Lucas i didn’t really feel hungry although by mid day I was but I just drank water because I didn’t had any other choice . But if u are feeling hungry u can snack on cucumber since they are low in calories(hope this helped)
  • ItsYäärä
    ItsYäärä 2 months ago Ariel Cox you got this girl!!!
  • libby lopez
    libby lopez 2 months ago good luck !
  • ItsYäärä
    ItsYäärä 2 months ago This morning I weighed in and....OMG!! I actually lost weight, although it was only 3 pounds I’m still proud of myself it’s more than I would of thought(for reference I’m 13 5’6 1/2 and I weighted 150lb now today I am weighing 147lb) today I definitely felt hungrier than yesterday but I still made it through..
  • Vasty Wonka
    Vasty Wonka 2 months ago Yaireline pichardo I’m doing it too 🙈
  • selena cordeiro
    selena cordeiro 2 months ago This stupid diet shouldn’t be supported by anyone
  • ItsYäärä
    ItsYäärä 2 months ago Vasty Wonka You got this!!!😌💯
  • xSavi B
    xSavi B 2 months ago You should definitely try low carb high fat
  • Aszhmiik
    Aszhmiik 2 months ago (edited) You can do it! 💕🙌🏻
  • Nina Nima
    Nina Nima 2 months ago Yeeeessssaaaaaa keep it up you Got this I’m going to start this to morrow
  • ItsYäärä
    ItsYäärä 2 months ago Ok so I finished off the week and I actually lost around 5 pounds. Mind you I did cheat a few times or I just didn’t eat for the day(don’t try this)
  • HatesSchoolBut LovesShakespeare
    HatesSchoolBut LovesShakespeare 1 month ago (edited) Yaireline pichardo also the weight you are loosing could be muscle
  • Maria Sanchez
    Maria Sanchez 4 weeks ago Anyone wanna start like a group chat on insta dm and we can motivate each other?
  • babygirl withoutdaddy
    babygirl withoutdaddy 3 weeks ago @Maria Sanchez yeah i really need to do it
  • Priyanka Rai
    Priyanka Rai 3 weeks ago Yaireline pichardo can you give us an update on your diet?
  • Fifi Girl
    Fifi Girl 3 weeks ago @ItsYäärä did you gain it back ??
  • ItsYäärä
    ItsYäärä 3 weeks ago @Fifi Girl yes I did gain the weight back, as a result i ended up giving up on it. I recommened this diet if you are willing to keep eating super small portions of food, but other than that it wont work. (for reference i lost 5 pounds in 3 days and ended up there because I wanted to loose the rest of the weight healthy by eating in a heathier lifestyle, as soon as i stared to give my body other foods i sarted to slowing gaining the weight back, which just brought me down and i went on to eating unhealthy again.) Iam going to start my weight lost journey on this channel and iam willing to show you guys other healthy options on how to loose the weight and actually keeping the weight lost. For any questions just Dm me on insta which is yarieline_pichardo.
  • Fifi Girl
    Fifi Girl 3 weeks ago @ItsYäärä thank you so much for the information unfortunately I am not allowed to have an insta account but will definitely follow you threw your journey here on YouTube so good luck 😻💜💜 btw sorry for my bad english 😅
  • ItsYäärä
    ItsYäärä 3 weeks ago Fifi Girl No problem, thank u so much for the support I will be uploading soon just waiting to get a few other things on track so first video can be up.
  • ItsYäärä
    ItsYäärä 3 weeks ago Fifi Girl my first video will be me trying this diet once agin for an entire week. Just to show you guys. But this time I will show you guys how to be able to keep the weight. If it doesn’t work I will show you an Alternative on how to keep a healthy lifestyle.
  • Curry TMS
    Curry TMS 3 weeks ago ItsYäärä it’s not a healthy diet you will gain all the weight back if you go back to eating what you eat
  • Bratayleystories6
    Bratayleystories6 3 weeks ago Ummmmm ok?
  • Bratayleystories6
    Bratayleystories6 3 weeks ago @ItsYäärä Ok Im trying it tom
  • Rene Shieala
    Rene Shieala 2 weeks ago How did it go??
  • chicken nuggets
    chicken nuggets 2 weeks ago @Maria Sanchez omg i would love to start a group chat, how are you going have you tried this diet, any results? x
  • Fifi Girl
    Fifi Girl 2 weeks ago @ItsYäärä thank you so much I definitely need that 😂😌😻
  • Logan Gaston
    Logan Gaston 2 weeks ago @Maria Sanchez yes please put me in it i need the motivation
  • mrs. buccinator
    mrs. buccinator 1 week ago Ko
  • Ariel Cox
    Ariel Cox 5 days ago ItsYäärä if u run out of apples do u think strawberries are okay
  • sam ara
    sam ara 5 days ago Ariel Cox i follow this diet and use any fruit that I have (bananas, strawberries, oranges, apple, etc)
  • Ariel Cox
    Ariel Cox 5 days ago sam ara thankyou :)
  • Cat Rowan
    Cat Rowan 1 month ago I also wanted to say sorry for the extreme editing, I was experimenting and went overboard lol
  • Salma louhichi
    Salma louhichi 1 month ago Just do what you like girl ♥️
  • N L
    N L 1 month ago Girl this is your video do what you want they can make their own if they dont like it
  • Cat Rowan
    Cat Rowan 1 month ago Thankyou ❤️
  • Pavithra Ravi
    Pavithra Ravi 3 weeks ago Cat Rowan I thought it was funny in a good way😁
  • NoTolerance
    NoTolerance 4 days ago Antonio Garza whO?
  • Sameeha lawal
    Sameeha lawal 3 weeks ago I’m 160 and I look like shrek whattttt🥵😳
  • ᴅᴀʏ ᴅʀᴇᴀᴍᴇʀ
    ᴅᴀʏ ᴅʀᴇᴀᴍᴇʀ 3 weeks ago Sameeha lawal shriek who??
  • dianaviv
    dianaviv 2 months ago (edited) The editing was toooooo much plssss, sometimes less is more but otherwise 👍
  • What's wrong with you
    What's wrong with you 2 months ago dianaviv it was funny
  • What's wrong with you
    What's wrong with you 2 months ago I liked it
  • Tiana Drackett
    Tiana Drackett 2 months ago Same
  • Katheryn Monera
    Katheryn Monera 2 months ago It actually made me pay attention bc after every little edit I was like “woah wtf” haha
  • annasimorin
    annasimorin 2 months ago I like it. You could tell she cares about her videos and wants you to be entertained
  • chrissyk416
    chrissyk416 2 months ago Agreed I felt super dizzy!
  • Sonia Martinez Saenz
    Sonia Martinez Saenz 1 month ago I actually enjoyed it don’t change it made me laugh and that’s why I subscribed and turned on the notifications. Just saying 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • untouchable peanut
    untouchable peanut 1 month ago I think her edits were funny
  • Chloe
    Chloe 3 weeks ago I agree it seemed like she was trying to force the video to be funny and it wasn’t.
  • Catti Rae
    Catti Rae 3 weeks ago How about you let her do what she wants since it’s HER YouTube channel. Thanks
  • josette saira verduguez
    josette saira verduguez 2 weeks ago agree. too much
  • Sergio Golden
    Sergio Golden 1 week ago If you are losing weight with the shark tank keto pills from give this a like
  • Carley Martin
    Carley Martin 2 months ago (edited) hey friends iʻm gonna do this diet and update it on here :) iʻm on my second day! day 1: my SW is 71.3 kg, I didnʻt really like eating the eggs but I stuck to it! also I donʻt mind drinking green tea and eating oatmeal:) day 2: CW: 69.5, I was shocked omg. instead of scrambling the eggs I just ate all of them boiled day 3: CW: 69 kg. i was sad :( but i’m still gonna keep going! i’m gonna make the eggs sunny-side up today day 3 pt.2: lmao i hate myself i ate a few reese’s and a few handfuls of popcorn so i won’t be surprised if i didn’t lose anything lmao. but i did go to the gym day 4: CW: 68 kg. lmao i was surprised i still lost, gonna go to the gym later tho. day 5: CW: 68 kg. not surprised because i’m on my period and i ended up not going to the gym because i had to go to the doctors. day 6: CW: 67 kg. my mom made malasadas and i ignored the temptation 😅 day 7: i’m convinced i’m gonna be stuck at 67 kg so i’m gonna go back to my normal diet which is the oatmeal diet so thank you for supporting me! so i lost around 3 kg which i think is alright:)
  • Katalina Gómez
    Katalina Gómez 2 months ago YOU CAN DO ITTTTT, I START TOMORROW
    BTSISMYLIFE V,CHIMCHIM,GOLDE MAKNAE 2 months ago Don't give up!!!
  • my wigg ?? ?
    my wigg ?? ? 2 months ago Do u put salt on the eggs ?
  • Anime Lover
    Anime Lover 2 months ago @my wigg ?? ? i do
  • Olivia Moore
    Olivia Moore 2 months ago I love how this video is literally promoting the same diets that led me into an eating disorder ... these are temporary results and your essentially killing your self slowly .. once you start eating more again it’s going to pack right back on faster than you lost it
  • Carley Martin
    Carley Martin 2 months ago my wigg ?? ? i don’t
  • Carley Martin
    Carley Martin 2 months ago Olivia Moore it’s only if you abuse the diet that it’ll lead to an disorder. i myself had, and still am recovering from, an eating disorder.
  • Anime Lover
    Anime Lover 2 months ago @Carley Martin also eating disorder is a mental illness and what is reflected of off this disorder is the disturbed eating. So... the mentality u approach food or diets is what makes the difference
  • twin cherry
    twin cherry 2 months ago Sorry what are the meals
  • KeepingupwithM
    KeepingupwithM 1 month ago Hello did you see a noticeable difference in your body?
  • Salma louhichi
    Salma louhichi 1 month ago I'm sorry I don't mean to disrespectful or something but how is it even possible to loose 1kg in one day (not even talking about the 2kg) , are you kidding me ? I watched once IU -the Korean idol , lost 4kg in 4 days and she was eating less than 500 calories and exercice 4 jours a day ! So if what u're saying is true , Girl you have the fastest metabolism on Earth !
  • Ashley Brittney Romero*Ratliff
    Ashley Brittney Romero*Ratliff 2 months ago So many graphics for me that take attention off the information your sharing. But thanks girl.
  • Cat Rowan
    Cat Rowan 2 months ago Sorry, I went a little overboard with the editing. Was in a weird humour that day 😂
  • sea
    sea 2 months ago @Cat Rowan nah i loved it
  • Emily Seymour
    Emily Seymour 2 months ago Cat Rowan I loved your editing. Carry on
  • Kate Publik
    Kate Publik 2 months ago Loved the editing. Keep doing u.
  • Joyce G.
    Joyce G. 3 months ago Am I the only one who noticed that she changed cups every meal? Hahha I love the Cat in the Hat mug tho
  • Cat Purshouse
    Cat Purshouse 2 months ago Joyce G. I love my mugs 😂😂
  • Tiffany Valentine-Ray
    Tiffany Valentine-Ray 2 months ago Cold sores are herpes.. just a different strain
  • Bre S
    Bre S 2 months ago HIPHOP SNITCH they come from the same strain that causes chicken pox. Def not the same as the genital strain
  • Hol
    Hol 2 months ago Glad someone caught that
  • Rebekah Lucas
    Rebekah Lucas 2 months ago Hol I don’t know if that was meant to be a pun or not but I liked it
  • Alysia Cogburn
    Alysia Cogburn 2 months ago Bre S yes is is lol
  • b lord
    b lord 2 months ago I was about to say the same thing lol.
  • ปิงปิง uwu
    ปิงปิง uwu 2 months ago Alysia Cogburn oral herpes is different from the genital strain. With the oral strain more that 50% of people will have it by adult hood, where as genital herpes only one in six people will have it. Oral herpes is transmitted through kissing or even just sharing the same cup which is why it’s more common.
  • Papa Smurf
    Papa Smurf 3 weeks ago Genital herpes is after oral herpes and genital herpes is the result of the mutation in the oral version of the
  • Destiny Torres
    Destiny Torres 1 week ago Tiffany Valentine-Ray girl shut up I got cold sores twice as a KID
  • Tiffany Valentine-Ray
    Tiffany Valentine-Ray 1 week ago (edited) @Destiny Torres your mom has herpes than...LOL!! passed it right to your dumbass...go educate yourself☺️
  • Tiffany Valentine-Ray
    Tiffany Valentine-Ray 1 week ago (edited) @Destiny Torres Thanks for sharing BTW.. now the whole world knows to stay away from your ass 😂🤣
  • Papa Smurf
    Papa Smurf 1 week ago (edited) @Destiny Torres kids can have herpes...herpes doesnt say "oop too young"...that just means someone close to you kissed you while they had an active cold sore....and now everyone under this video knows you and your family members have herpes🤮😂🤮
  • Tiffany Valentine-Ray
    Tiffany Valentine-Ray 1 week ago Papa Smurf 😂😂😂 that’s right!
  • Crystal Tiffany
    Crystal Tiffany 4 days ago cold sores are simplex virus 1 and genital herpes are simplex virus 2. u can get simplex 1 on ur genitals and simplex 2 on ur face. don't be fooled
  • Crystal Tiffany
    Crystal Tiffany 4 days ago also just LOVING the STD shaming going on here. 90% of Americans get cold sores and 1/5 Americans have genital herpes. it's just a virus. no one asks for herpes. and like u said u can get it as a kid from your parents.. QUIT SHAMING PEOPLE FOR SIMPLE ACCIDENTS IN THEIR LIVES.
  • Rosy Martinez
    Rosy Martinez 2 months ago Beautiful body! Also you look just like Simply Nailogical! ❤️
  • Selene Jimenez
    Selene Jimenez 2 months ago Rosy Martinez I was just thinking that 😂 they can be like sisters or family in general
  • SBR
    SBR 2 months ago The intro music though! Love Sam Cooke, and I love you!!!
  • jimins jams
    jimins jams 2 months ago I really want to do this diet but first I have to finish my Coke i left in the fridge
  • Ninialiindaaa08
    Ninialiindaaa08 1 month ago jimins jams same 😂😂😂
  • Jenifer Rodriguez
    Jenifer Rodriguez 2 weeks ago MEEEEEEE 😂
  • Suga Saprin
    Suga Saprin 2 months ago I remember when I did it. I lost a lot of weight but I got it all back. Guys, try intermitting fasting you will lose a lot of weight and it's a habit of eating not a diet!! Now I'm vegan for almost 2 weeks and I already lost so much weight...
  • smol sheep
    smol sheep 2 months ago how does intermitting fasting Work ? :0
  • Cat Rowan
    Cat Rowan 2 months ago (edited) I agree!!! Intermittent fasting is amazing and it’s really healthy for you! It’s a great way of loosing weight and changing your eating lifestyle !!!
  • Megan C
    Megan C 2 months ago Yes, I lost a lot of weight intermittent fasting. It was so fast and easy and made me feel good! But then I got pregnant so I stopped..but I'll definitely start back once I have my baby!
  • lolyenifer
    lolyenifer 2 months ago Do you not eat carbs in this diet? I’m doing it with low carbs but I’m dying lol 😩 it’s so hard.
  • Megan C
    Megan C 2 months ago @lolyenifer I like food with lots of carbs too much to not eat any. That's why I chose intermittent fasting.
  • lolyenifer
    lolyenifer 2 months ago Megan C oh okay. And it still worked for you?
  • Megan C
    Megan C 2 months ago @lolyenifer Yes it did. I did little workouts from Lucy Wyndham-Read and blogilates youtube videos and also the intermittent fasting and I lost 12 pounds in a little under 2 months. I didnt really change how I was eating. Just the time pattern of when I ate and exercised almost daily.
  • Dafina Koxha
    Dafina Koxha 2 months ago i lost weight with this diet, and u put it all back bc u start eating like crazy junk foods etc. but you have to be careful, and start eating healthy tho this diet will help u start including healthy eating habits. I WAS 78kg im 55kg now. For 4 years straight!!!
  • Exothiick xox
    Exothiick xox 2 months ago Cause you have to change your eating habits and workout afterwards not just lay around all day 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ its just a kick start
  • Cat Rowan
    Cat Rowan 2 months ago Exactly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The Gab Show
    The Gab Show 2 weeks ago Suga Saprin what do u eat in a day when u became vegan??? I’m 13 and weigh 138 lbs and I feel horribly abt myself. I have big thighs and a stomach. I might be thinking abt becoming vegan to help me loose weight.
  • Jana Khaled
    Jana Khaled 3 days ago Dafina Koxha you lost weight with the boiled eggs one or intermittent fasting please answer