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5 techniques to speak any language | Sid Efromovich | TEDxUpperEastSide

Published on Aug 30, 2013 10,114,203 views

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Sid is our resident hyperpolyglot. He grew up in Brazil and after some journeying around the world, he now lives an exciting life in New York where he works as a Sugar Trader.

Teaching has always been one of his passions and he has led groups of young leaders since 2006. He has given workshops, talks and classes in 3 different continents and is currently a Master Teacher in Skillshare where he teaches classes on nurturing happiness and learning foreign languages.
Sid is also the founder of I Embrace You (formerly called Hug Don't Hate), based in Boston. After presiding over the organization and leading over 100 volunteers annually, he was recognized with the top leadership award in his graduating class at Boston University. He also holds an MBA from Purdue University and from Leibniz Universität.

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    Black Orchid 3 years ago He's eaten the smily emoticon
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    MaTriX_GeneSiS 6 days ago @Татьяна Мокиенко Больше не нашла, чем опозорить свою фамилию? )))
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    Lexi Hutton 6 days ago 🤣 - he is rather adorable!!!
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    Rachel's Class Videos 1 week ago hahaha :D He's so cute :D No wonder everyone asks him for his phone number :)
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    MIFTAHUL JANNAH 3 weeks ago @Sid Efromovich s
    MIFTAHUL JANNAH 3 weeks ago @Sid Efromovich z
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    Guto Knust 11 months ago (edited) +Black Orchid AND... is about to poop it out...
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    peneleapai 11 months ago +ester alexandrino Ah .... what a sweet way to say so. and you've a gift of the gab too! 😊😆😁 bless you 😃
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    Ester Alexandrino 1 year ago HAHAHAHAA
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    Undercover Hamster 1 year ago He's sweet!
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    David G 1 year ago Camila Florencio 😘
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    Татьяна Мокиенко 1 year ago да бесят эти неофиты
  • superlbc
    superlbc 1 year ago Seeing someone rejoicing irritates you? Then the problem is not with him, but with the way you focus. No offense intended. Once could try inverting the focus in order to learn to enjoy his enjoyment. It's truly blessing!
  • StrumT Strummer
    StrumT Strummer 1 year ago Laugh of the day. :))
  • Татьяна Мокиенко
    Татьяна Мокиенко 1 year ago joyful idiot
  • Wyatt J. Holland
    Wyatt J. Holland 1 year ago There are several factors in learning Spanish online . One place I found which succeeds in merging these is the Fergs spanish blueprint (look for it on google) definately the most incredible treatment that I've found. Check out the super information .
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    YouzTube99 1 year ago @Black Orchid: Well he is the ''. I think he also ate the self-branding advice. And here we are.
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    Homo König 2 years ago a bit overexcited at the beginning, but great performance all over as soon as he gets into it :)
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    Isabella Serna 2 years ago ahahahhahahahahahahhaha
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    Camila Florencio 2 years ago ahahhah best comment!
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    Thomas Williams 2 years ago Now THAT made me lol!!
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    ElizaLanga 2 years ago I WISH I knew someone so positive and upbeat! my dad is but I mean a friend haha
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    Erling Kristiansen 2 years ago It's in his facial database
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    Luciensegura Segura 2 years ago nah he's just GAY
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    Truc Mai 2 years ago +Sid Efromovich: you brought me a funny talk show. I really enjoy it.
  • Black Orchid
    Black Orchid 3 years ago @Sid Efromovich Haha yes, nice talk of course!
  • Sid Efromovich
    Sid Efromovich 3 years ago This made me laugh out loud. Hope you enjoyed the talk! 😀 – I had to...
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    Ali Farhat 3 years ago i just had this comment on mind :D
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    demonight2 6 months ago Ok... I'm alone here at my room watching this, and for some reason, I applauded in the end.
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    R.M AL-z 3 weeks ago Lol I did so
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    Juan I Mendoza 1 month ago I am alone in my apartment and watching this 🤷‍♂️
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    Sarah Mostalah 1 month ago Edulcoran
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    TheSmooveMoove 3 months ago Same
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    MyLinda1983 4 months ago Lol
  • Dominik
    Dominik 5 months ago we all did
  • b0zina
    b0zina 9 months ago I can speak a lot languages too 😁 1.Serbian 2.Croatian 3.Bosnian 4.Montenegrin 5.Russian 6.Spanish 7.English Ben de Türkçe öğrenmek istiyorum 😎
  • Atsuko Watanabe
    Atsuko Watanabe 1 hour ago Ааа, круто! пожалуйста учить меня 😂😂😂
  • Ümit Sancaklı
    Ümit Sancaklı 12 hours ago I have relatives from Montenegro, Bosnia and Serbia and living in Turkey. I speak little Bosnian. As I know In Bosnia and Croatia, they speak same language right? They were one country in the history.
    IDOL TV 2 days ago I am from vietnamese and i want lean english!! But it't very difficul with me!
  • James
    James 3 days ago 😂👏
  • Emre
    Emre 6 days ago Öğrendin mi kral :D
  • CAN
    CAN 1 week ago @Martin Boss Eşin ile birlikte Türkiye ' ye gel İzmir ' e 1 yıl dil eğitimi alın konuşursunuz. 6 Ay bile yeterli olur eşinize bu mesajı okutun o benim ne demek istediğimi anlar
  • Eda Aslan
    Eda Aslan 1 week ago @Hatice nur Tunç ielts e girdin mi. Bende inşallah giricem. Bana öneri verir misin? İelts ile ilgili
  • DeLo
    DeLo 1 week ago te felicito campeon
  • Hendy vazquez
    Hendy vazquez 1 week ago Nice bro !
  • Ata Temur Dynamics
    Ata Temur Dynamics 1 week ago kolay gelsin
  • Sbh //
    Sbh // 1 week ago It's been 8 months did you learn Turkish??? Btw i'm Turkish it's a very beautiful language :)
  • Alip Firmansah
    Alip Firmansah 2 weeks ago @Ecem yürek How I can learn Turkish from you abla?
  • Carantes Gaming
    Carantes Gaming 2 weeks ago You Balkan?
  • Jota Frank
    Jota Frank 1 month ago The 1st four aren't the same?
  • Marlon  Moncrieffe
    Marlon Moncrieffe 1 month ago Croatian women are beautiful! Lucky you!
  • Emre Demirel
    Emre Demirel 1 month ago and i wonder whats your mother tongue ?
  • Emre Demirel
    Emre Demirel 1 month ago So after 8 months, how far you could go on Turkish ? Can you speak fluently ?
  • Marto
    Marto 1 month ago Puedes entender lo que te estoy diciendo?
  • Dima Kim
    Dima Kim 1 month ago Здорово! Я рад за тебя))
  • יונתן ריינשטיין
    יונתן ריינשטיין 2 months ago LOL you mean three DIFFERENT languages and four practically identical languages : )
  • Emre Malcok
    Emre Malcok 2 months ago Dil takası yapabiliriz
  • Ruben Gheraw
    Ruben Gheraw 2 months ago c0m0 estan?
  • Michelle
    Michelle 2 months ago @Диана Леви How is Spanish useless language? In certain places in the U.S., there are more Spanish speakers than people who speak the English language.
  • Kooya Min
    Kooya Min 3 months ago spanish? ¿como te va con los idiomas?
  • Sheika Aj Garcia
    Sheika Aj Garcia 3 months ago @Carl Singson Filipino* :)
  • Sheika Aj Garcia
    Sheika Aj Garcia 3 months ago Wow :) that's amazing, could you please share some tips on how you learned Spanish because i am currently studying it. Thank you 😊
  • Antonio Corea
    Antonio Corea 3 months ago Me parese genial pero siempre, tendrás un problema con respecto a modismos y dialecto.
  • sabri şimşek
    sabri şimşek 3 months ago Hi @b0zina.. I'm Turkish. I'm learning English. Would you like to practice English and Turkish.
  • AllthingsDiana&Beauty
    AllthingsDiana&Beauty 3 months ago b0zina how my dear am struggling to know italian
  • Ömer Piştav
    Ömer Piştav 4 months ago How's it going to learn Turkish?
  • b0zina
    b0zina 4 months ago @Сергей Молоканов Именно, Я пошутил, только что Русский немного отличается,но нам славянам легко научиться.
  • b0zina
    b0zina 4 months ago @Никнейм опять никнейм Русский знаем,но не хорошо,понимаю много,но не очень хорошо говорю. :)
    ASDASDLP ŞKWLECKŞEWQ 4 months ago @b0zina amınoğlu bugda kaldım
  • LeBronzeOlaf
    LeBronzeOlaf 4 months ago Hahahah to stari
  • No Name anonymous
    No Name anonymous 4 months ago Первые пять можно считать за один язык, так как все славянские языки почти одинаковые.
  • Никнейм опять никнейм
    Никнейм опять никнейм 4 months ago (edited) Ну и как тебе русский ?) So how do you feel about russian ?)
  • [ KE ] [ MAL ]
    [ KE ] [ MAL ] 4 months ago @Ecem yürek yanlış bilmiyorsam classes değil lesson olacak :)
  • The Game Library
    The Game Library 4 months ago Hey b0zina! I want to learn English. I'm trying to learn it. If you want to learn us language, I can speak Turkish with you. But you too, speak English with me if u want :)) for example: You: Hi dude how are you Today? Me: İyiyim dostum, teşekkürler. Sen nasılsın?
  • TheArmchairrocker
    TheArmchairrocker 4 months ago (edited) Well the first 3 are pretty much all the same, not to mention Monte Negrin. It's like saying I speak Australian, Canadian and American.
  • Atila Bicici
    Atila Bicici 5 months ago @Angel B Sorry .
  • Angel B
    Angel B 5 months ago @Atila Bicici yaa butun sirri bozdun ama :((
  • Atila Bicici
    Atila Bicici 5 months ago @Angel B Türkler de "yazamıyo" diye yazmıyorlar.
  • Скам Ривердейл Очень странные дела
    Скам Ривердейл Очень странные дела 5 months ago Оооо
  • Em A.
    Em A. 5 months ago (edited) 4 of those languages are very similar to each other from former Yugoslavia. Doesn't count! 😂 *edit ok nevermind I see you were sarcastic
  • Carl Singson
    Carl Singson 5 months ago learn tagalog, it will be easy since you know spanish
  • Nikoleta Cude
    Nikoleta Cude 5 months ago I can speak: 1.Serbian 2.Croatian 3.Bosnian 4.English 5.Japanese But first 3 are almost same 😂
  • sad hedgehog
    sad hedgehog 5 months ago ну, здравствуй, полиглот! у меня есть вопрос. если ты не против, можем вместе порассуждать. я пишу проект о методах изучения английского языка. и мне хочется сделать ссылку на речь этого прекрасного человека. как правильно написать его имя и фамилию на русском языке? я уже это сделала, но мне нужен совет. "Сид Эфромович" - правильно или есть аргументы против этого?
  • Quintillion
    Quintillion 5 months ago how long did it take you to learn all of those?
  • ZaneZ
    ZaneZ 5 months ago Me la pelas puñetas, puedes saber Español ;pero no controlarlo completamente.
  • Alex
    Alex 5 months ago b0zina damn. i feel left out
  • itsme
    itsme 6 months ago OMG i know just Turkish and so little little english. But you know 7 language OMG. This is So so so cool
  • taskforce juanforjuan
    taskforce juanforjuan 6 months ago Hola como estae
  • Ретард
    Ретард 6 months ago о здарова , я бык ты корова
  • Happy-Go-Nessa
    Happy-Go-Nessa 6 months ago Haha what about Bulgarian? When I was in Serbia my Bulgarian friend could communicate with other Serbian speakers because the languages are quite similar. I was told if you speak a Balkan language, you basically speak 7 languages because they're so similar- do you agree with that? :)
  • Pootis Hoovy
    Pootis Hoovy 6 months ago Mary Grace Iradukunda hi my number is +905356091509 you can pm in WhatsApp
  • Раиса Рахимбаева
    Раиса Рахимбаева 6 months ago Оу, правда?
  • A Katsuki-Nikiforov
    A Katsuki-Nikiforov 6 months ago ayyyy thats dope
  • b0zina
    b0zina 6 months ago @marium javved I know only basic things. :)
  • b0zina
    b0zina 6 months ago @锦涛 冉 Oh man,that would be hard to learn,but I would love to learn of course.
  • b0zina
    b0zina 6 months ago @Andjela Tasic Mala stvarno grmiiii :)
  • b0zina
    b0zina 6 months ago @ǝʇɐןǝɹ ʇuɐɔ That's true.
  • b0zina
    b0zina 6 months ago @Nastya Gorbenko Exacly ! Thanks ! :)
  • 卜非
    卜非 6 months ago learn Chinese then we could have a talk😄
  • Mary Grace Iradukunda
    Mary Grace Iradukunda 6 months ago @Pootis Hoovy I need your help
  • Maestro
    Maestro 6 months ago Srpski,Hrvatski i Bosanski , stvarno? To je skoro isto sve...ako znas jedan znas sve
  • Shawn Gamemania
    Shawn Gamemania 6 months ago Здравствуйте^^
  • Yt Yt
    Yt Yt 6 months ago Lol Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian, Montenegran are all the same language. That’s like saying I can speak British English and American English and counting them as two different languages.
  • Levent Güler
    Levent Güler 6 months ago If you want ı can help you to teach turkish
  • t a
    t a 6 months ago I only know Portuguese and English.... I'm learning Arabic though but my vocabulary is way too small
  • beyza is coming lol xd
    beyza is coming lol xd 6 months ago Lol : sesli gülmek
  • beyza is coming lol xd
    beyza is coming lol xd 6 months ago Merhaba adin nedir naber ? Lol xd
  • حبيبة شاهر
    حبيبة شاهر 6 months ago b0zina Hahha anyone I know from these countries they be like you 😂😂 I know Bosnian Croatian Serbian I can understand Russian and Montenegrin Firstly I was amazed and I was like maşallah 😮 Then I realized that they are mostly the same 😅 But still maşallah it's a dobro thing 😸
  • sabda awal
    sabda awal 6 months ago Turk is similar to Azerbaijan Language. Mən Azerbaycan dilini öyrənmək isteyirəm. i can understand what u say in Turk...
  • 7Blade Sky
    7Blade Sky 6 months ago i speak Ukrainian, English, Russian, Spanish and the next goal is German, wish me luck!
  • Purple Aki
    Purple Aki 6 months ago No-one cares
  • Faisal Jabour
    Faisal Jabour 7 months ago @b0zina yeah
  • b0zina
    b0zina 7 months ago Faisal Jabour Arabic is good to know but it’s very hard I think.
  • Faisal Jabour
    Faisal Jabour 7 months ago What about Arabic.
  • Abdur Rakib
    Abdur Rakib 7 months ago If you are looking for a partner to practice English then you can add me on Skype to practice English Skype - live:abdurrakib038
  • Joe Me
    Joe Me 7 months ago How do you say that in sebian croatian and bosnian? I was told how to say it for what region i was in. I was at Camp Mcgovern.
  • Joe Me
    Joe Me 7 months ago b0zina I was staioned in Bosnia and only thing i learned to say was Stop or i will shoot. Had to use sentence several times actually but learned i probably wasnt saying it right lol
  • Bob
    Bob 7 months ago I speak a lot of languages too 😁 1. English 2. American 3. Australian 4. New Zealandish 5. Russian 6. Spanish 7. Polish
  • Pootis Hoovy
    Pootis Hoovy 7 months ago I can help you dude i am russian but I live in Turkey and I speak different ones as well, if you are using WhatsApp or VK please reply me thank you
  • Šta reći? Koju posluku porat?
    Šta reći? Koju posluku porat? 7 months ago @Диана Леви your language is globally spread ?! your cyrillic script ?! ;-)))
  • Šta reći? Koju posluku porat?
    Šta reći? Koju posluku porat? 7 months ago (edited) bosanski, a ... hercegovački ?!?! kakav je to bosnian, to ne postoji ?!?! islamizirano stanovništvo iz bih svoj arhaični jezik pun turcizama (znam, znam da islamizama ima i drugdje, ali ima drugdje i germanizama i latinizama ... !;-) nasilno nazivaju "bosanski" time želeći drugim i DRUGAČIJIM nacijama u protektoratu bih negirati pravo na njihov vlastiti jezik koji nije "bosanski". to su prljava posla islamističkog, terorističkog bratstva koje stoji iza reislamizacije i reosmanizacije poturčenog življa bih ... neoosmanlijski hirovi, ali srbi i hrvati ih ne zarezuju ni 2% !
  • marium javved
    marium javved 7 months ago Martin Boss turkce biliyor gibisin zaten
  • 锦涛 冉
    锦涛 冉 7 months ago how about chinese?,中文呢
  • Andjela Tasic
    Andjela Tasic 7 months ago @Robin Mangala stop. Get some help
  • Andjela Tasic
    Andjela Tasic 7 months ago TA MALA GRMI
  • ǝʇɐןǝɹ ʇuɐɔ
    ǝʇɐןǝɹ ʇuɐɔ 7 months ago Bosnian, serbian, croatian & montenegrin are the same languages but with different accents which natives can understand. Example: a Bosnian can understand serbian, montenegrin or croatian. Same goes for people from montenegro, serbia & croatia. Let’s not forget that these countries were one country for a very long time. I know this cause I’m a native speaker of Bosnian but can understand all of the other languages like my own. Why? Cause there aren’t any differences.
  • Azirar Brahim
    Azirar Brahim 7 months ago Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian and Montenegrin are dialects of one language
  • Nastya Gorbenko
    Nastya Gorbenko 7 months ago ​@Диана Левиmaybe that will surprise you but... people don't usually decide to learn a language just considering its "usefulness". Moreover, if you count only on the usefulness of a language with no more interest behind it, you'll not manage to actually become good at any language. Good luck
  • b0zina
    b0zina 8 months ago Ömer Yiğit Selçuk Yea,I’m just joking 🙃
  • Ömer Yiğit Selçuk
    Ömer Yiğit Selçuk 8 months ago Serbian same bosnian
  • b0zina
    b0zina 8 months ago Anastasija Masalusic Učiš turski ili već znaš ?
  • Anastasija Masalusic
    Anastasija Masalusic 8 months ago @b0zina Razume see
  • b0zina
    b0zina 8 months ago Anastasija Masalusic Haha iste aaa ? 😄
  • Anastasija Masalusic
    Anastasija Masalusic 8 months ago Okay,so we know the same languages(- Turkish).Also,smooth move😹😹😹😹
  • b0zina
    b0zina 8 months ago mlthr That’s nice,muy bien,I would like to help you learn,just need to figure out how.
  • mlthr
    mlthr 8 months ago @b0zina I'm mexican
  • b0zina
    b0zina 8 months ago mlthr Those two are my native languages,where are you from ?
  • mlthr
    mlthr 8 months ago Someone help me too learn serbian/croatian please. Hvala!!
  • b0zina
    b0zina 8 months ago @Robin Mangala True, I was being ironic.
  • Robin Mangala
    Robin Mangala 8 months ago Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian & Montenegrin are all the same language.
  • Hatice nur Tunç
    Hatice nur Tunç 8 months ago @b0zina Can you give an idea about learning and speaking more easily in a more professional way?
  • b0zina
    b0zina 8 months ago @Skyresh Yea they are,I was being ironic 😁
  • b0zina
    b0zina 8 months ago @Hatice nur Tunç I like the language and the people,that's why,I already know English pretty good.
  • b0zina
    b0zina 8 months ago @Eyüp Ünal Teşekkürler :)
  • b0zina
    b0zina 8 months ago @Диана Леви No language is useless ;)
  • b0zina
    b0zina 8 months ago @Lil Pipi Yes,there are many Turkish words in our language, I would like to learn Turkish yea,thru conversations.
  • b0zina
    b0zina 8 months ago @yağ hücresi Ben :D
  • b0zina
    b0zina 8 months ago @Enes Güler Merhaba arkadaş.
  • Florent Gallois
    Florent Gallois 8 months ago u re a cheater ahhha
  • b0zina
    b0zina 8 months ago Betül Yılmaz Ne demek istiyorsun? 😊
  • b0zina
    b0zina 8 months ago Hatice nur Tunç Çünkü I love to learn new languages,and I like Turkish. :)
  • b0zina
    b0zina 8 months ago mala mina 😆
  • Enes Güler
    Enes Güler 8 months ago I can help you, if you reply my comment
  • Eyüp Ünal
    Eyüp Ünal 8 months ago well done and congrats ,continue ))))
  • Skyresh
    Skyresh 8 months ago serbian and croatian are the same language, and bosnian and montenegrin too :)
  • yağ hücresi
    yağ hücresi 8 months ago oha türkçe öğrenmek isteyen de varmış.
  • Angel B
    Angel B 8 months ago @Pride Stalkerlol yukarda türkçe öğrenmek istiyorum diyen arkadaşa (=
  • Pride Stalkerlol
    Pride Stalkerlol 8 months ago kime yazdınız :)
  • Angel B
    Angel B 8 months ago öğrenmişsin zaten 👏👏👏👏 Türkler o -de'yi ayrı yazamıyo 😂😂😂😂
  • Hatice nur Tunç
    Hatice nur Tunç 8 months ago @Pride Stalkerlol Video eğitim adlı youtube kanalında ingilizce konu anlatımı kısmında 400 küsür önemli fiiler sıfatlar deyimler rutin hayatta kullanılan kelimeleri ingilizce söyleyerek yarım saatlik videolar var işe yarıyor baya bi,birde ben gramer olarak genel selahattin hoca çok iyi anlatıyor tabi çok tercih edilen hocarda var video eğitim ingilizce youtubeyi tavsiye ederim googlede ingilizce gen tr.ingilizce dersler sitesi çok faydalı işte listenin in ileri ise cable gibi siteler var bunlar playstoreden indiriliyor işte. İlk üye olursan 10 dk bedava farklı ülkelerdeki ingilizce dahil dil hocalarıyla canlı konuşuluyor götüntülü abonelik paket şeklinde satın alırsan başlar.Ben daha çok toefl,ıelts gibi üniversite kapsamlı çalışıyorum😊ama en başta bir çok merak ettiğim konuları devamlı ingilizce metin makale işte haberler okuyarak geliştirmeye çalışıyorum alt yazılar listening için önemli👍
  • Pride Stalkerlol
    Pride Stalkerlol 8 months ago @hatice nur Tunç ingilizce öğrenmeye çalışıyorum bende 1 hafta oldu çok eğlenceli bana tüyo verirmisin.Tecrübelerin varmı bu konuda :)
  • Hatice nur Tunç
    Hatice nur Tunç 8 months ago Neden Türkçe öğrenmek istiyorsun? Bende ingilizceyi öğrenmek çok istiyorum üniversite için😊
  • Pride Stalkerlol
    Pride Stalkerlol 8 months ago ne kadar
  • Lil Pipi
    Lil Pipi 8 months ago As I know there are so many Turkish vocabularies in Serbian language. So that would be easy for you to learn. I'm Turkish and I can help you if you want practice your language with someone
  • mala mina
    mala mina 8 months ago b0zina znači 3 + taj četvrti
  • Диана Леви
    Диана Леви 8 months ago lol mostly useless languages. Congrats)
  • Ecem yürek
    Ecem yürek 9 months ago Evet. İlgileniyorsanız adımı facebookta aratıp ulaşabilirsiniz.
  • Ecem yürek
    Ecem yürek 9 months ago Yes, over skype.
  • b0zina
    b0zina 9 months ago Ecem yürek İlgilenirim,how do you do it,online ?
  • Martin Boss
    Martin Boss 9 months ago Yabancilar icin türkce ögretmeni misin?
  • Ecem yürek
    Ecem yürek 9 months ago Türkçe dersleri veriyorum. I give Turkish classes, if you are interested, pls respond this comment.
  • b0zina
    b0zina 9 months ago Martin Boss Çok teşekkürler, :) I will watch that video,this summer I met some Turkish people and one girl and that inspired me to learn it also :) Also I want to come to Istanbul to visit .
  • Martin Boss
    Martin Boss 9 months ago (edited) Elit egitim diye bir set var, onunla türkce ögrenebilirsin. There is a tutorial thats called "Elit Egitim" which you can learn (Turkish). Turkish language comes from Ural-Altaic language family and turkish is from the Altaic part. the languages in this part are: turkish, japanese, mongolian, korean. If you would come from one these countries, you could learn easily and even if you would come from Ural part such as finnish, hungarian or estonien, you could also learn a bit easier. So it will bw tough for you but you can make it. My swiss wife is learning turkish and she is quite good and her level is around B1. I heard that many people learn turkish by watching turkish serial or TV.. Unfortunately turks do not publish so much video tutorial for learning turkish or podcast for foreigns.. I dont know why but it will be difficult for you to find some basic sources.. hope it helps..
  • Denise  Parungao
    Denise Parungao 5 months ago He's so happy I wanna hug him
  • Chucky Bananaz
    Chucky Bananaz 3 months ago Its actually the sad people you should be hugging.
  • Flora Knowledge
    Flora Knowledge 2 months ago 5 Skills/ techniques - deep breath, relax, make mistakes - scrap the foreign alphabet - find a stickler (feel comfortable) - practice (shower conversations with yourself: both sides of conversation) - use language: buddy formula
  • David Gregory
    David Gregory 1 week ago Mange tak
  • Yi Rivera A
    Yi Rivera A 3 weeks ago Resumiste todo, thanks...
  • Esther Jesintha
    Esther Jesintha 2 years ago I know seven languages too...C, C++, Python, SQL, Javascript, HTML, and what did I miss? Oh yes, English!
  • watherby29
    watherby29 3 days ago All of them conversational?
  • watherby29
    watherby29 3 days ago @Jacob Lancostellard No no no, C is old but it is used among the ancients
  • SABA saba
    SABA saba 4 days ago Haha
  • Yogesha DM
    Yogesha DM 3 weeks ago Amazing.. Definitely great victory....
  • dannylover321
    dannylover321 2 months ago Best comment lol
  • Hellena•Marangos
    Hellena•Marangos 3 months ago 😂
  • huan mao
    huan mao 3 months ago We can communicate by C 😉
  • classi fied
    classi fied 3 months ago @J Lezama similarly structured, but different both in syntax and at their cores
  • Luthando Gushman
    Luthando Gushman 4 months ago Hahahahah!!! Good shot!
  • Mateus C. Silva
    Mateus C. Silva 6 months ago Lol
  • Vio LoliPOP
    Vio LoliPOP 7 months ago Programming language 😍😍❤❤
  • Frosty Clamori
    Frosty Clamori 8 months ago Html isn't a language
  • John Cena
    John Cena 1 year ago (edited) He never said it was a programming language, but it IS a language
  • Wiam Haouzia
    Wiam Haouzia 1 year ago Esther Jesintha hhhh programmers goals
  • zainab
    zainab 1 year ago Esther Jesintha looolll
  • Rafael Mejia
    Rafael Mejia 1 year ago Problem is that by definition, the word language is within HTML: HyperText Markup Language, hence people always will talk about it as one
  • Merwis Ochoa
    Merwis Ochoa 1 year ago I'm from Venezuela as I do to learn that programming languages ​​friend
  • Merwis Ochoa
    Merwis Ochoa 1 year ago soy de venezuela como hago para aprender eso lenguajes de programacion amigo
  • Quang Vương
    Quang Vương 1 year ago Really, It's only not programming language. It's a language :D
  • Yago Gehres
    Yago Gehres 1 year ago HTML is not a language
  • Peppe Ddu
    Peppe Ddu 1 year ago You don't know seven languages, you know one that have seven variations of grammar. All programming languages use english-ish keywords and as such they are easy to learn. Imagine a programming language where all keywords are frensh-ish or chinese-ish... good luck with that.
  • william qi
    william qi 1 year ago Html is an TAG Language
  • Daniel Camarena
    Daniel Camarena 1 year ago Html is not a language.
  • william qi
    william qi 1 year ago PHP is the best language!!!!Ahahahaha~
  • Patrick Santos
    Patrick Santos 1 year ago hahahahha
  • willieboy
    willieboy 1 year ago no he doesnt it is digital formating entirely.....try to tell somebody MOV bx 0xEA ADD Cx 0xFD SLD ss 0xACEF
  • Jesus Jimenez
    Jesus Jimenez 1 year ago Give me five 👊lol
  • GoodvibeGreg
    GoodvibeGreg 1 year ago godly
  • DeluxeTux5249
    DeluxeTux5249 1 year ago I know an archaic tongue, one of which I've learned and shall bare in the hope I will never pass it on.... B.A.S.I.C. ...
  • Fake Name
    Fake Name 1 year ago [@Jacob Lancostellard] He does if he does any low level or back end programming.
  • aO aM
    aO aM 1 year ago Esther Jesintha Me too
  • Anthony Ramos
    Anthony Ramos 1 year ago I speak English, Spanish, and kinda HTML
  • Anthony Ramos
    Anthony Ramos 1 year ago <DOCTYPE! html>
  • Douglas Cândido
    Douglas Cândido 1 year ago Almost the same for me, but i'm not sure if we should call HTML a language. :)
  • Lương Nguyễn
    Lương Nguyễn 1 year ago actually, html not a programing language :))) you really wrong
  • Tricky Boy
    Tricky Boy 1 year ago Javascript isn't a language tho! Try another one xD
  • Smfanqing Wu
    Smfanqing Wu 1 year ago 火。 means "fire" in Chinese . 火力: fire power 火锅 : hot pot 飞火 : fevernova( worldcup official ball 2002) .火箭: rocket 。 so what can u see? Yes. in Chinese you cant judge any means by (in ) one single word(s) . and also change the position of two Chinese words will mean whole different . like 国中 just mean "highschool" and 中国 means the whole contry of (PRC)
  • Jerome Salinger
    Jerome Salinger 1 year ago Straight White Male как успехи?
  • willieboy
    willieboy 1 year ago no you dont, you know how to structure and organize and communicate to a digital system in seven formats. I can do the same thing bUT I can document the code in five languages directly and with google translator I can do it in fifty. If they have a vocabulary to handle techincal prose. You cant do that in Classical Latin can you huh!
  • Shekar Saminathan
    Shekar Saminathan 1 year ago ROFL
  • Simon Stain
    Simon Stain 1 year ago they are real languages... scripting languages ;P
  • monkeysHK
    monkeysHK 1 year ago Yeah you can communicate with me with all those!
  • Алина Kolomojceva
    Алина Kolomojceva 1 year ago Удачи,guy)
  • G Sacco
    G Sacco 1 year ago One is not a compiler.
  • Allyah
    Allyah 1 year ago Esther Jesintha woh hat off!
  • EagleOneoOne
    EagleOneoOne 1 year ago Nicely done!
  • Xphone
    Xphone 1 year ago J Lezama not necessarily. Very different
  • Venancio Garcia
    Venancio Garcia 1 year ago :)
  • Null Gaming
    Null Gaming 1 year ago ehm... almost identical huh?... ya right
  • Jim Slider
    Jim Slider 1 year ago Those are the most important in our day and age grats!
  • J Lezama
    J Lezama 1 year ago C,C++,python, and java are almost identical...
  • Wesley Barini
    Wesley Barini 1 year ago hey man could teach me english?
  • Kiswahili Kitukuzwe 254
    Kiswahili Kitukuzwe 254 1 year ago Esther Jesintha Well, you know C, C++, Python, SQL, Javascript, and HTML but languages but can you speak them?
  • Devil
    Devil 1 year ago yall dummies actin like html & n css a real language 💀
  • Jacob Lancostellard
    Jacob Lancostellard 1 year ago C is kinda old, come on, do not lie to us, you don't use it anymore. :P
  • Solanger s
    Solanger s 8 months ago Lmao I hate all the people in the comments, I just know Spanish and English and a lot of random words and phrases from a lot of different languages. People younger than me know like 8 languages and I'm just way too jealous lol
  • Dri Heart
    Dri Heart 3 days ago @Marcelo Santana Is your offer valid for other people? Lol. I would have liked to learn Portuguese :')
  • LV Panthers
    LV Panthers 1 week ago Spanish and English are great languages to learn. I'm currently going for German. Try apps on your phone and just practice for fun. It's easier to learn when not under pressure.
  • Denise Gandara
    Denise Gandara 2 weeks ago Não fique aborrecida.
  • Axrty
    Axrty 2 weeks ago Marcelo Santana I want to learn Portuguese one day. I'm learning Spanish now. Learning to speak English is very hard.
  • Marcelo Santana
    Marcelo Santana 2 weeks ago @Axrty if you want learn Portuguese I can help you I'm learning English 😁
  • Indigo Imouto
    Indigo Imouto 3 weeks ago Bruh I'm Hispanic and can't speak Spanish
  • Axrty
    Axrty 3 weeks ago But, I only know English.
  • Sofia Cristina
    Sofia Cristina 2 months ago why is this so relatable 😂
  • ShipText
    ShipText 5 months ago My cousin’s father is turkish and mother is spanish and they live in Italy so he knows 3 languages HE’S 3 YEARS OLD
  • NPC is triggered
    NPC is triggered 6 months ago I know English and a lot of French vocabulary (colours, animals, food etc) would love to know Chinese mandarin, French, Italian and maybe others.
  • Ivan Julio
    Ivan Julio 6 months ago @Pupola Yes, you're right.
  • Pupola
    Pupola 6 months ago @Excuse Me Wtf ? Question, did you say "It's very sad and desperate"? is so, I am so proud of myself! My Spanish lessons are paying off.
  • Elinor Jones
    Elinor Jones 6 months ago I am the same as you, well kind of, but I don't hate everyone who can speak more languages that me.
  • t a
    t a 6 months ago I only know english and portuguese rip
  • Arthur Ng
    Arthur Ng 7 months ago Ye I only know English and chinese
  • Solanger s
    Solanger s 7 months ago @Damian Murrieta 15
  • Damian Murrieta
    Damian Murrieta 7 months ago Solanger s. How old are you?
  • Brazhnikova Daria
    Brazhnikova Daria 7 months ago Damn, this is just what I wanted to say. Bro :(
  • chimi w
    chimi w 7 months ago Relatable..
  • Armontek
    Armontek 7 months ago 俺も
  • Excuse Me Wtf ?
    Excuse Me Wtf ? 7 months ago X2 es muy triste y desesperante :'''U
  • a person
    a person 7 months ago Ikr! I kind of drives me crazy
  • Yepperonie
    Yepperonie 8 months ago Solanger s omg I understand! And they keep saying their age and I’m like stop. Dude.
  • dinifroggy
    dinifroggy 6 months ago Those conversations between you and yourself really expose the lalnguage gaps. They are really useful.
  • Amarjeet Sharma
    Amarjeet Sharma 4 weeks ago Absolutely
  • Luthando Gushman
    Luthando Gushman 4 months ago I'm from South Africa and I speak Xhosa, Zulu, Sotho, Afrikaans, French and I'm, learning Lingala and Swahili
  • sevde K
    sevde K 1 week ago @Chrispin Godwyn it continues in Azerbaijan..
  • LvJonJon215 Tv
    LvJonJon215 Tv 2 weeks ago Luthando Gushman was Xhosa hard to learn???
  • Stefanos Mavromichalis
    Stefanos Mavromichalis 2 weeks ago my dad is from sudan but...............
  • TeeTauntYen
    TeeTauntYen 2 weeks ago Are you bragging? 🤔
  • giraffe.puth.walker
    giraffe.puth.walker 3 weeks ago could you teach me french? it would be awesome!
  • Lukas Ochola
    Lukas Ochola 2 months ago kiswahili is easy kiswahili ni rahisi utashika haraka
  • Sivapriya Saraswati
    Sivapriya Saraswati 2 months ago (edited) @Chrispin Godwyn IDK. I know of a few people who speak Swahili in Florida, USA. A lot more people speak Afrikaans than you would think too (Australia, Belgium, Botswana, Canada, Germany, Lesotho, Malawi, Namibia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the UK, the USA, Zambia and Zimbabwe). Of course, French is spoken in many places, including France, Canada, and Morocco.
  • Withy Octopus
    Withy Octopus 2 months ago ... and English
  • Withy Octopus
    Withy Octopus 2 months ago ... and English
  • abdulhalim yusuf mohamed
    abdulhalim yusuf mohamed 2 months ago @Luthando Gushman good luck guys.
  • Luthando Gushman
    Luthando Gushman 3 months ago @thanh pham yes, I am actually a tutor. Here is my phone number +27 81 484 169, we can talk on WhatsApp too
  • Chrispin Godwyn
    Chrispin Godwyn 3 months ago Am from Ghana too and lived some years in South Africa but you see the truth Ian.. those languages are only spoken and used in the SAID belt .. and that’s it .. it like Turkish once you leave Turkish the language ends there
  • thanh pham
    thanh pham 3 months ago contact me via sk trangpham-nb1 thanks very much .
  • thanh pham
    thanh pham 3 months ago Luthando Gushman You can teach me to learn English
  • iNciSion_Perplex
    iNciSion_Perplex 3 months ago Tu ne peux pas aussi parler anglais
  • Bhagvan Rabari
    Bhagvan Rabari 3 months ago Great dear..
  • Constanza Arroyo
    Constanza Arroyo 1 month ago This dude seems like the nicest person in the world. <3
  • M C
    M C 1 month ago @Constanza Arroyo Nice cuntish reply
  • Hasan Ali
    Hasan Ali 1 month ago Hello sweet girl . I was wondering if you can stay in touch 😉🌷?
  • Veni Vidi Amavi
    Veni Vidi Amavi 1 year ago I feel like this guy would be a great preschool teacher, he's so happy :)
  • Max Kassette
    Max Kassette 1 month ago He is happy BECAUSE he is not a preschool teacher XD
  • Eric Bland
    Eric Bland 1 month ago You're so right!
  • joanne Gower
    joanne Gower 1 month ago Veni Vidi Amavi cutest comment ever!
  • Everton David
    Everton David 5 months ago @Jane Ashley His name is Sid Efromovich. He's brazilian. 😀
  • QZ AU
    QZ AU 5 months ago HAHAHAH i was about to comment about his smile and this was the first comment i read
  • Michael J Freeman
    Michael J Freeman 6 months ago best to keep school out of the equazion they started the problems in the 1st place... lets keep to Home Education AT HOME Veni......
  • 卜非
    卜非 6 months ago ahh
  • Alex Vidu
    Alex Vidu 6 months ago Excellent Video clip! Excuse me for butting in, I would love your thoughts. Have you heard about - Chiveard Discovering Potential Framework (search on google)? It is a smashing exclusive product for finding your true calling and achieving success without the headache. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my GF at very last got excellent results with it.
  • Thiago Oliveira
    Thiago Oliveira 7 months ago Brazilians... That's how we are
  • Raimunda Oliveira
    Raimunda Oliveira 7 months ago @Clodoaldo Rodrigues Da Silva xrrrz
  • Clodoaldo Rodrigues Da Silva
    Clodoaldo Rodrigues Da Silva 7 months ago @Jane Ashley do you have free time study english with me ?
  • Jane Ashley
    Jane Ashley 7 months ago What is his name? Would love to get to know such a cheerful teacher.
  • Jane Ashley
    Jane Ashley 7 months ago Veni Vidi Amavi Agreed
  • Damir Komesarovic
    Damir Komesarovic 8 months ago Haha your so right 😃😃
  • Aisha Mamedova
    Aisha Mamedova 8 months ago Veni Vidi Amavi
  • alex433
    alex433 8 months ago There are a few components to learning Japanese easily . A place I found that successfully combines these is the Japanese Magic Method (look for it on google) definately the best remedy that I have ever found. Check out all the interesting info .
  • Jiawen Xiong
    Jiawen Xiong 9 months ago I'm Chinese.
  • Zhi Shan
    Zhi Shan 9 months ago OR it's that he USED to be a preschool teacher. And he hated that job every. single. day. Finally, he gets a gig explaining second-language aquisition at a TED talk and he's so deliriously happy that he's finally away from those kids that he can barely hide his joy!
  • Logan Logan
    Logan Logan 9 months ago Veni Vidi Amavi hahaha. Definitely.We shoud help him get rid of happiness by sending him to preschool.hahahha
  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams 9 months ago (edited) I'm just glad he never says "Learn to speak fluently in 30 days!"
  • Rasta Fonz
    Rasta Fonz 9 months ago i'm 'Like' #600! Who Cares! (me). olo
  • Mermaid ARMY
    Mermaid ARMY 9 months ago Yep! Wish he would teach me Chinese...
  • шынар ерхожа
    шынар ерхожа 10 months ago how much language you can speak?
  • Guto Knust
    Guto Knust 11 months ago ahahaha, you so damn right. Especially because what he has to say is so lame and basic. Techniques = tips, right? Actually very trivial tips...
  • Augusto Santos
    Augusto Santos 11 months ago He's brazilian
  • aesthetically Amanita
    aesthetically Amanita 11 months ago Veni Vidi Amavi heck I'd love to have him in my language classes and I'm in 8th grade
  • Vlasta Salmijak
    Vlasta Salmijak 2 days ago A conversation between me and myself really isn't that useful since I can't correct myself
  • Leonardo Feelckins
    Leonardo Feelckins 6 hours ago he speaks portuguese with PERFECTION in the end!
  • Rob Perez
    Rob Perez 19 hours ago I speak English , Spanish , understand some Italian, Portuguese , and some Asirian
  • Rafael Machado
    Rafael Machado 1 week ago Brazilian Portuguese is wonderful! You all should try this beautiful language! 💗
  • Viva Europa
    Viva Europa 3 days ago I'm American and Portuguese is the language I want to learn after Spanish, I like Portuguese more but have to finish my Spanish journey first. Motivation is the landscape, friendly people, beautiful girls and because I heard English teachers make great money like 25 dollars an hour starting.
  • Moisés Chaves
    Moisés Chaves 1 week ago Ele falou em português de uma maneira tão natural que parecia um nativo. It was perfect!!!
  • Raymand Doks
    Raymand Doks 1 week ago Like music... almost I think.
  • T. Luna Imhotep
    T. Luna Imhotep 1 week ago True! I'm learning now!
  • J Levan
    J Levan 1 week ago The first time I heard Portuguese, I was in a store. A mother and daughter were in the next aisle speaking a language I couldn't identify but it was beautiful! "Excuse me! What language are you speaking?" "Portuguese."
  • Just Messi
    Just Messi 2 years ago I will save you the time; 1) Make mistakes. 2) Scrap the foreign alphabet. 3) Find a stickler (helping buddy) 4) Shower conversations (like really, speak in the language and ask for directions) 5) Repeat number 3 😂😂😂
  • Kaegerumaru
    Kaegerumaru 2 months ago thanks !
  • janina873
    janina873 2 months ago Just Messi Thank you Gracias Merci !!
  • Yoreni
    Yoreni 2 months ago wow before the video someone uselay makes a comment like this so i whent and look for it but then i could not find it so i watched the video then i found this comment
  • Hannah Lopez
    Hannah Lopez 3 months ago Thank you!
  • ChampChamp Az
    ChampChamp Az 3 months ago Number 3 should be Labeling
  • Dr Michael Elinski
    Dr Michael Elinski 3 months ago Just Messi, thank you very much....
  • Alan Evangelista
    Alan Evangelista 4 months ago I understood the 2nd tip as learning how to pronounce words by listening them, focusing on their sound and associating them with known phonems. Using the International Phonetic Alphabet here helps more than using your native alphabet IMHO (for instance, your alphabet possibly has not some phonems of the target language).
  • April Wright
    April Wright 4 months ago Thanks, you saved me 7 minutes of my life I can use on something else.
  • special zamoo alawaly
    special zamoo alawaly 5 months ago (edited) Oh thank you so much I was looking for that
  • ILIA S.
    ILIA S. 5 months ago You Just Messi is sought. You're great!
  • Demilade Bamidele
    Demilade Bamidele 6 months ago Just Messi thanks for that
  • Elaine Belloc
    Elaine Belloc 11 months ago Thankyouuu
  • George.X Zhao
    George.X Zhao 1 year ago Just Messi thank you。谢谢。
  • loved012one
    loved012one 1 year ago I got midway through his presentation and wondered where he was going. Thanks much for the synopsis!!!
  • Heidi
    Heidi 1 year ago I'm the 666th like oh my god
  • fox hound
    fox hound 1 year ago Thanks goodness i didn't watch the video in that case. Thanks pal!
  • TheMasaoL
    TheMasaoL 1 year ago Thanks Messi!
  • Patrick Eberle
    Patrick Eberle 1 year ago Just Messi thank you!
  • blake
    blake 2 years ago Just Messi thanks!!!!!?
  • Pellazg
    Pellazg 2 years ago Just Messi you're the best 😂😂👍👍
  • Samer Mohamed
    Samer Mohamed 2 years ago Thank you. I was looking for this comment
  • German Leonardo Chicalla Rivera
    German Leonardo Chicalla Rivera 2 years ago I agree with Pablo Shalom
  • Jonoboyle English teacher and aspiring writer
    Jonoboyle English teacher and aspiring writer 2 years ago (edited) It's the natural first stage of acquiring and remembering the strange sound. 'who oh' allowed me to interpret pinyin huo. chun for example is not ch un; but chew won. So yes it's exactly what you need to aid pronunciation. Grammar is grammar a wholly different realm which you then acquire through practice and mistakes. As for reading and writing - they are a different skillset, requiring painstaking work - generally less necessary to ones needs. There are plenty of illiterate Chinese. Why crit an expert trying to help? 你说过了这是你的第一次方法;搜易为什么你想抱怨
  • Pablo Slalom
    Pablo Slalom 2 years ago i really dont agree with the number 2, i guess it may help you to pronunciate stuff, but how about the gramar, and reading? besides i think it hepls you to relate stuff better, for a learning propperly i belive is better to learn alphabet, i started time ago chinese, at first is ok help you but you would not understand rules of grammar and pronunciation
  • Hazelnut ice cream
    Hazelnut ice cream 2 years ago thanks dude
  • Taylor Sanders
    Taylor Sanders 2 years ago Just Messi thanks 😂
  • Linda Atieno
    Linda Atieno 2 years ago Just Messi thanks. phew!
  • 8233Eire
    8233Eire 8 hours ago This guy...multiple anguages or a nut-case!
  • Luana Batista
    Luana Batista 8 months ago (edited) When he started to speak I thought to myself "he must be brazilian, I feel like he has a brazilian accent while speaking english" and then when he started to show portuguese words like "mão, cocô" etc I was like I KNEW IT!!!!!! I'm not saying he's brazilian, because I don't know that, but he does have a brazilian accent! and yeah i'm proud of myself because i noticed it hahaha
  • leite maltado
    leite maltado 6 days ago I notice that too, he's (BR)Portuguese is way too perfect to be learned outside of Brazil
  • Fazlic Mehrija
    Fazlic Mehrija 2 weeks ago His surname is of Yugoslav origin
  • Driellen Joseph
    Driellen Joseph 3 weeks ago @kauan choreeeiii kkkkkkkkkk
  • Mari Marisia
    Mari Marisia 1 month ago @kauan LOL GRITO
  • Juan I Mendoza
    Juan I Mendoza 1 month ago He's American Puerto Rican
  • Gabriela Costa Albuquerque
    Gabriela Costa Albuquerque 1 month ago I had the same feeling! :) But I think it is the intonation, not the accent... I'm not sure why though...
  • One Nation
    One Nation 3 months ago I don't think he has a Brazilian accent. He has more American accent. I've dated Brazilian and meant plenty. All sound different.
  • Cassius Puodzius
    Cassius Puodzius 4 months ago I had the same impression, though he may well be son of Brazilian parents.
  • Gabrielly Gonçalves
    Gabrielly Gonçalves 6 months ago I’m from Brazil 🇧🇷
  • Nathan Xavier
    Nathan Xavier 6 months ago @kauan kkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  • kauan
    kauan 6 months ago I had the feeling that he was brazilian too haha... and I don't know why eu to respondendo em inglês sendo q somos brasileiros
  • José Henrique Ferreira de Sousa
    José Henrique Ferreira de Sousa 8 months ago According the description of the video, he grew up in Brazil
  • letticia13
    letticia13 8 months ago I also could tell right away he is a Brazilian Portuguese native speaker, regardless his amazing English.