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Legendary Boxing Highlights: Wilder vs Ortiz

Published on May 12, 2018 5,051,501 views

Deontay ''The Bronze Bomber'' Wilder vs Luis ''King Kong'' Ortiz at the Barclays Center, Brooklyn 2018-03-03.
All the 3 judges score the fight in favor of Wilder... 85-84
Soundtrack from Partners In Rhyme
Thanks you all to my 21 000 subscribers. I know I do not upload very often and I'm sorry for that. There is another highlights coming very soon.
I hope you will enjoy this video!
Joshua vs Wilder in 2018 ???

  • Legendary Boxing Highlights
    Legendary Boxing Highlights 1 year ago Joshua vs Wilder in 2018 ???
  • OfficialMufadzi
    OfficialMufadzi 3 weeks ago Hehe
  • DaRealBoxingFan
    DaRealBoxingFan 3 weeks ago @Cac Con What happened to Apple Juice You know You better Stay quiet Apple Juice was exposed LMAO🤣😴KTFO 🥊 No more Antoinette Judy Fanboys trolling around anymore 🤣
  • lohit raj
    lohit raj 3 weeks ago Joshua can fight Wilder or ortuz dick..
  • Gerçeği Gizleyemezsiniz !
    Gerçeği Gizleyemezsiniz ! 3 weeks ago Yarramı ye
  • jaggafeen
    jaggafeen 4 weeks ago joshua is a bum not fit to fight wilder
  • Camila Moreno Laguna
    Camila Moreno Laguna 4 weeks ago No yet no
  • John Harris
    John Harris 1 month ago @tubeaddict871 couldn't have been more wrong. lol
  • John Harris
    John Harris 1 month ago @2pac Jr. what ?
  • John Harris
    John Harris 1 month ago @Christopher Martinez Eddie just protecting his cash cow. he knows wilder or fury would beat AJ
  • Michal B.
    Michal B. 1 month ago Ruiz vs wilder
  • ???
    ??? 1 month ago @MR ruiz....
  • MR
    MR 1 month ago @Stevie Johnson37 truee
  • MR
    MR 1 month ago @hard recoil hahahahahahhahahahha Joshua or fury my ass Wilder the king
  • Makhulu
    Makhulu 1 month ago ricvai7 you people are honestly the scum of YouTube, not at all saying i’m a Joshua fan but he’s not a quitter lmfao, he lost one fight it’s boxing you morons.
  • Remmy Kabwai
    Remmy Kabwai 1 month ago Lol..... Maybe in twenty never
  • seventeen2260
    seventeen2260 1 month ago Joshua 2019???
  • Kani
    Kani 1 month ago Good bye AJ in 2019
  • ricvai7
    ricvai7 1 month ago Wilder is such a beast.. Fury is such a precise boxer.. Joshua is such a joke lol he surrender to fat taco guy what a quitter
  • Insecto Basico
    Insecto Basico 1 month ago wilder barely survive this fight. a.j loose with ortiz. but wilder still a bigger shit than joshua.
  • Dika Alfaridzi
    Dika Alfaridzi 1 month ago In ur dream, joshua is dead by ruiz
  • nasasecrets
    nasasecrets 1 month ago Nope lol
  • taliwakka27
    taliwakka27 1 month ago (edited) @Bam Margera why are you winking? Are you in on it?! How could you know the outcomes and not tell me you selfish bastard!
  • Bam Margera
    Bam Margera 1 month ago @taliwakka27 back yours words ;)
  • YoutubeTruth
    YoutubeTruth 1 month ago Lol not anymore...
  • 007 godfather michael bond
    007 godfather michael bond 1 month ago Joshua
  • Abdul Kayum
    Abdul Kayum 1 month ago @Chozus Makavelli 2020
  • Abdul Kayum
    Abdul Kayum 1 month ago 2020?
  • Gencay Orduhan
    Gencay Orduhan 1 month ago Joshua king
  • Yaman KaraHan
    Yaman KaraHan 1 month ago Wilder win
  • zezizarjaars
    zezizarjaars 1 month ago Wilder would never dare that
  • TheThenaturalhigh
    TheThenaturalhigh 1 month ago (edited) He's only beaten bums. Tyson Fury exposed how shit Wilder is.
  • Freddie Jones
    Freddie Jones 2 months ago No unfortunately wilder is still ducking him.
  • Matthew Vicendese
    Matthew Vicendese 2 months ago Wilder is still ducking Joshua.
  • Chozus Makavelli
    Chozus Makavelli 2 months ago 2019? 2020!!!
  • jorge fernandez
    jorge fernandez 2 months ago Legendary Boxing Highlights now I see why AJ is scared of Wilder
  • Oguz Gürses
    Oguz Gürses 2 months ago Sountrack name ?
    FUTUROSIS 2 months ago 3000 DC
  • bertrand petrozza
    bertrand petrozza 2 months ago Efe Ajagba vs Wilder in 2020
  • Rudi Mazza
    Rudi Mazza 3 months ago I play 50 .ok 21; 🐣🐘'? @pietro seazzu
  • Drpiratesgamer Drpirates
    Drpiratesgamer Drpirates 3 months ago Whats the name of the Soundtrack?
  • Fred Bates
    Fred Bates 3 months ago It's looking more and more likely that Wilder does not want that fight so I'm sorry but I don't think it's never going to happen.
  • Online Fighting Games
    Online Fighting Games 5 months ago 2019
  • Abd Halim
    Abd Halim 5 months ago Fight joshua vs wildel
  • TheMTofEL
    TheMTofEL 5 months ago Great great video, especially the end. Well done guys.
  • E-Genetics
    E-Genetics 6 months ago Legendary Boxing Highlights no😂
  • FOSS 444
    FOSS 444 7 months ago Wilder is ducking! see what he says now, I'm guessing the Americans here have seen ESPN witch is basically Wilders back yard. AJ has went to America on ESPN and basically said stop talking shit and fight me
  • Enigma 007
    Enigma 007 7 months ago Legendary Boxing Highlights winn wilder👑
  • 원재희
    원재희 7 months ago 2019
  • Sp33d Time
    Sp33d Time 7 months ago Sorry but there is one gypsy king who has something to say about that fight after he beat both one by one
  • Sviatoslav Taras
    Sviatoslav Taras 7 months ago Fury
  • Mr Moose
    Mr Moose 7 months ago Not this year mate. Next year April 13 it will haopn
  • Young Sinatra
    Young Sinatra 7 months ago Punches look so messy and technically bad, like watching those ghetto hood fights on world star lol
  • Sam Pape
    Sam Pape 7 months ago joshua would win 3 to 6 rounds. wilder and fury will be interesting though
  • Kondzio717
    Kondzio717 7 months ago @Anna Allen I dont know about endurance, maybe you are right, but anyone who says that Wilder hits better than Joshua must be blind, handicapped or both. Wilder sometimes hits himself while boxing for fucks sake.
  • Deki Vasic
    Deki Vasic 8 months ago Fuck you 👌👈👈👈👈
  • Deki Vasic
    Deki Vasic 8 months ago @Dan Thomas Woht mean Woht heppen woht the you like
  • Dan Thomas
    Dan Thomas 8 months ago Raymond Denno Wilder, the best puncher you’ve ever seen? hahaha give it a break
  • Deki Vasic
    Deki Vasic 8 months ago @Cac Con fuck you mean woht s app. .?.fuck you ....ol
  • Deki Vasic
    Deki Vasic 8 months ago Joshua 👎👎👎Wilder is the King one pansh Nokaut
  • Wonderful Life
    Wonderful Life 8 months ago No, he will be losing his ranking after the Fury fight.
  • John Slack
    John Slack 8 months ago @Rafael Mejia you will be too busy eating pizza fat boy.
  • John Slack
    John Slack 8 months ago @Marcus Thomas This wilder? Dont make me fucking laugh fan boy.
  • Paul Buttler
    Paul Buttler 8 months ago That won't happen because when fury beats wobley wilder on Dec 1st nobody will want anything to do with the biggest hype job in boxing and rightly so.
  • Rage Hammer
    Rage Hammer 8 months ago (edited) yes 2019
  • Fit Booty TV
    Fit Booty TV 8 months ago @Kim Rosenstam yes
  • Fit Booty TV
    Fit Booty TV 8 months ago AJ knock Wilder haha😀
  • Man Tran
    Man Tran 8 months ago joshua win
  • Arseniy Yorke
    Arseniy Yorke 9 months ago i think not
  • RCXD
    RCXD 9 months ago Legendary Boxing Highlights wilder to win
  • David Mason
    David Mason 9 months ago PepGarcilopez talk is cheap!
  • JB Kuz
    JB Kuz 9 months ago AJ vs wilder 2019, Wilder fights fury in December 1st
  • x33mmm
    x33mmm 9 months ago @Marcus Thomas joshua will knockout the bum wilder very easy
  • Frontpage Develoment
    Frontpage Develoment 9 months ago 2028
  • fito
    fito 9 months ago PepGarcilopez yeah i agree
  • fu ck
    fu ck 9 months ago Joshua is a pussy he wont fight wilder 😂
  • KilleR Aphexx
    KilleR Aphexx 9 months ago 2019
  • Tony England
    Tony England 9 months ago AJ will outbox Wilder throughout the entire fight.
  • Peaky Blinders
    Peaky Blinders 9 months ago Wilder = cardboard legacy 😎
  • agoraphobia
    agoraphobia 9 months ago Hury beats Wilder.
  • Albert stone
    Albert stone 9 months ago Wilder will finished aj
  • Albert stone
    Albert stone 9 months ago @Marcus Thomas agree with you
  • Tony England
    Tony England 9 months ago (edited) If he reads that he's going to say "He smiles too much? lol, is that guy for real?"
  • Juniper Wood Green
    Juniper Wood Green 9 months ago AJ will lose, he aint hungry enough and smiles too much, that's a recipe for disaster when you're at the very top. If he reads this then take heart, otherwise, good luck...
  • Tony England
    Tony England 9 months ago When AJ vs Wilder does happen, it will go the distance. AJ is streets ahead of Wilder in boxing skills
  • Arey Luiz Nazario
    Arey Luiz Nazario 9 months ago not Apple to apple.....sure jhosua win with KO
  • Baim Gaming
    Baim Gaming 9 months ago AJ
  • Pav L.
    Pav L. 9 months ago Wilder!
  • M O
    M O 9 months ago Joshua by K.O!!!
  • M O
    M O 9 months ago Looking at this Joshua wins!
  • lloydyherbal
    lloydyherbal 9 months ago APR 2019...If..If Wilder grows the balls to put ink on the waiting contract. Legacy not money Wilder said...prove it, he`s looking fake ass and a ducker to me.
  • WettyFap 84
    WettyFap 84 10 months ago Joshua will knock him clean out ... wilder 2 cocky and open.
  • Ay fwee TWENTY ONE
    Ay fwee TWENTY ONE 10 months ago 2019. Wilder Vs fury before the end of this year
  • Lord Hagar
    Lord Hagar 10 months ago Fury won't knock him out - he'll just work him for 12 rounds
  • rhythmgangsta
    rhythmgangsta 10 months ago wilder !
  • Oscar
    Oscar 10 months ago @Aaron Griffiths is that why he ducked wilder
  • Aaron Griffiths
    Aaron Griffiths 10 months ago Aj would kill wilder
  • Kieran Binch
    Kieran Binch 10 months ago Nah wilder vs fury
  • Make HipHop Great Again
    Make HipHop Great Again 10 months ago I'm English and fuck AJ and Wilder. The Gypsy King will outsmart both of those muscle heads.
  • Conor McGregor Official
    Conor McGregor Official 10 months ago Wilder
  • All
    All 11 months ago 5:33 song name?
  • David Hughes
    David Hughes 11 months ago Legendary Boxing Highlights windmill punches love it 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
  • rafath chowdury
    rafath chowdury 11 months ago Joshua a pussy he ain’t taking a fight with wilder
  • Jamie
    Jamie 11 months ago Joshua will slap wilder all over
  • Mark Ant
    Mark Ant 11 months ago I wouldn`t call Wilder the best because Usyk is moving up and is better than him, Wilder is dangerous but highly overrated.
  • tubeaddict871
    tubeaddict871 11 months ago Mark Ant You talk about it like AJ would actually fight Wilder lol.... he wouldn't fight Wilder or Ortiz.. that's proven now.. Fury took it instead
  • tubeaddict871
    tubeaddict871 11 months ago Mark Ant oh Anthony Joshua.. I was confused when u said AJ because I didn't think Anthony Joshua still boxed... I thought he was a professional ducker... why be a boxer if you dont wanna box the best. Just stupid
  • Mark Ant
    Mark Ant 11 months ago It seems you might be right but in the ring Wilder will do the running because AJ is more of a come forward fighter than Wilder who backed off a lot against Ortiz, AJ wouldn`t have backed off except to step back and slip punches.
  • Mark Ant
    Mark Ant 11 months ago Anthony Joshua.
  • tubeaddict871
    tubeaddict871 11 months ago HumanTank12 funny how you put yourself on a pedestal as this boxing expert and your man AJ ran from the fight lololol
  • tubeaddict871
    tubeaddict871 11 months ago Mark Ant who is AJ?
  • Mark Ant
    Mark Ant 11 months ago AJ is way quicker than Ortiz and Wilder didn`t outbox Ortiz he himself was being out boxed and nearly got stopped, Fury`s got much better reach than Ortiz had.
  • tubeaddict871
    tubeaddict871 11 months ago Yep fury is going to get knocked out clearly... Ortiz was an absolute animal and somehow Wilder beat him... Theres no way on earth Joshua would have boxed Ortiz and im not sure Fury would of either
  • Mark Ant
    Mark Ant 11 months ago It looks like it, I read that in my English newspaper.
  • Kim Rosenstam
    Kim Rosenstam 11 months ago Wilder vs Fury in december 2018?
  • Blake
    Blake 11 months ago Be patient
  • Mark Ant
    Mark Ant 11 months ago AJ will counter Wilder`s jab easily with his own jab like he did v Parker.
  • James Dewbrey
    James Dewbrey 11 months ago Legendary Boxing Highlights - Wilder!
  • Abner Jr. Paredes
    Abner Jr. Paredes 11 months ago Im no boxing wiz but from the matches ive seen between two guys I would agree with Gil Loon. AJ is more technical and definitely has power behind his punches. As for Wilder, i think hes the heavier puncher tho not very efficient with his punches thats why i'd pick AJ for the win coz i think he will out-box and out-class Wilder but if one of Wilder's right clips AJ then it'll be a great fight.
  • Gil Loon
    Gil Loon 11 months ago HAHAHA, you don't no anything about boxing do you? Wilder has the power but he lacks of skills. AJ has power and skills
  • Abner Jr. Paredes
    Abner Jr. Paredes 11 months ago I think AJ would outbox Wilder..tho Wilder has lots and lots of lucky shots that could definitely hurt AJ
  • zog noty
    zog noty 11 months ago paper champ will not last 6 rounds vs the brit
  • Tosbik Hayri
    Tosbik Hayri 11 months ago Haha josua win :) 💙
  • Juniper Wood Green
    Juniper Wood Green 11 months ago Wakey wakey!! They said that about Ali. Haven't you learned anything? ...
    NGGUYU SEK 11 months ago Joshua sleep
  • Juniper Wood Green
    Juniper Wood Green 11 months ago Be some scrap
  • Carson Wentz Fan
    Carson Wentz Fan 11 months ago Legendary Boxing Highlights 2019
  • filmz forever
    filmz forever 11 months ago Joshua much power, punch technique, but wilder right hand is tough, I think this match will be one of the best in history of boxing 🥊
  • Sully 111
    Sully 111 11 months ago Legendary Boxing Highlights watching this again I don’t think wilder would last very long
  • Raymond Denno
    Raymond Denno 11 months ago Legendary Boxing Highlights Scary thing is at 6'7 and 211Lbs Wilder has a frame to put on an easy 20 to 40lbs. He would be hitting even harder. The thing is would that weight slow his punches down. I say no. This Wilder has the potential to easily be the best heavyweight knock out artist in the history of boxing. 6'7 and only 211Lbs?? And he might be the best puncher that I've ever seen. Thats including Tyson and Foreman and Shavers and Marciano. If his technique was better he would be supernatural but no one is without weaknesses. The very best have weaknesses. I say Wilder kills Joshua within 5 or 6 rounds.
  • 2pac Jr.
    2pac Jr. 11 months ago Y'all see Joshua round 7 😂😂😂 Tired ass, Joshua will slump him. Any true boxer knows.
  • WeeD_Ja
    WeeD_Ja 11 months ago no 2019 !
  • Zack Steady
    Zack Steady 11 months ago Wilder punch like baby. Joshua smile😊
  • blessed 17
    blessed 17 11 months ago Rafael Mejia no.joshha win
  • Валентиныч
    Валентиныч 11 months ago Wilder
  • Eric Bankhead
    Eric Bankhead 1 year ago Best heavyweight fight in years should have been PPV if Wilder would have won by decision Joshua might of really wanted this fight Wilder is the only thing keeping Joshua from being great Don't matter how many tittles you have if one man holds the last key to success and he's all over the airways calling you out that strategy worked for Pac-Man whom seems to have money issues now if I was Joshua I'd fight Ortiz then come see the top of the division in Wilder don't even mention the past attempt you're exposed can't change that take the losses get your balls back Anthony it's not a good look
  • Deont6y Wild9r
    Deont6y Wild9r 1 year ago GayJ is a dUcKer.
  • *bout that time*
    *bout that time* 1 year ago Legendary Boxing Highlights WILDER
    YOUNG5 2PRODIGY 1 year ago Marcus Thomas anyone else know some one who's 6'6 260 pounds and can run 100 metters in 10 seconds stay woke breazele and Martin were victims to the Piston speed jab
  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter 1 year ago Legendary boxing. Wow wilder only boxer to not sit ring side. Call jogging running and would rather fight poor charlie than an 50 million Facebook likes will not get him out of this one
  • Alexander Carter
    Alexander Carter 1 year ago Legendary Boxing Highlights if wilder tries to fight joshua like that he will be knocked out
  • ros1tony
    ros1tony 1 year ago Joshua put his skirt on and stayed in Britain... typical soft coward.
  • Kevin  Gunn
    Kevin Gunn 1 year ago See Wilder Vs Fury first
  • M L
    M L 1 year ago Wilder displayed a chin, stamina, and solid defensive skills in his fight with Ortiz, who is no pushover himself. Haven't seen enough of these from Joshua yet. Wilder would beat Joshua within nine rounds.
  • ya mom said I could
    ya mom said I could 1 year ago #PUSSY@JOSHYATWOT.COM
  • Christopher Martinez
    Christopher Martinez 1 year ago nope eddie still a bitch
  • J Ketcham
    J Ketcham 1 year ago 22steve5150. Wilder has been shook a few times in fights. not sure specific ones. AJ did not look very good in last fight sure. But motivation would be very high for such a big fight. 50/50
  • Jefferson Chen
    Jefferson Chen 1 year ago AJ HEARN SCARED OF WILDER...
  • 22steve5150
    22steve5150 1 year ago (edited) Yes Wilder was shook an undefeated fighter who only one opponent had ever survived long enough to make it to the judges' scoring.....and it's the only time in 40 fights Wilder has been shaken up. I think Wilder's chin is just fine. And if we're talking about age and rust from having not fought recently, Joshua's only signature fight was barely getting a win against a fighter several years older than Ortiz, who hadn't fought in over a year and a half, and who was coming off of a loss and hadn't really looked in top form for several years. And that dude floored Joshua twice.
  • J Ketcham
    J Ketcham 1 year ago (edited) 22steve5150, Ortiz shook up Wilder, But had been out of ring too long and was old, I think your punch resistance can go in late 30's especially, no way to know, I think Wilders chin is bad, Joshua may have him down first anyway,
  • Rhys the flash osburn
    Rhys the flash osburn 1 year ago Legendary Boxing Highlights Joshua is going to outbox Wilder
  • 22steve5150
    22steve5150 1 year ago Wilder knocks Joshua out in 6 rounds. Ortiz was far more dangerous of an opponent to Wilder than Joshua will be.
  • Michał Dudek
    Michał Dudek 1 year ago What song did you use in this video?
  • HumanTank12
    HumanTank12 1 year ago Marcus Thomas US keyboard warriors think Wilder will win anyone else with any experience or money has said AJ. Funny how that works out
  • Weedy Guitar Studio
    Weedy Guitar Studio 1 year ago Cac Con Say that to his face lmfao!!
  • Weedy Guitar Studio
    Weedy Guitar Studio 1 year ago Legendary Boxing Highlights After this war AJ aint got a chance
  • edyram22
    edyram22 1 year ago This close.
  • Cedric William
    Cedric William 1 year ago We got it
  • ChezBigwa
    ChezBigwa 1 year ago stephen schneider dunno whether AJ will fight Fury this year either. Agree he won't fight DW this year. I think DW fights Breazeale, then maybe he'll have to fight Dillian Whyte. AJ fights Povetkin then maybe, while Fury is still warming up, AJ fights Jarell Miller? I think we've got a while to wait before we see a really big showdown.
  • Anna Allen
    Anna Allen 1 year ago Joshua overtrains and is too musculy like Klitschko which is terrible for endurance. Wilder is slimmer and can withstand a high paced fight and hits much better. OTOH Wilder does not have a champions skill and is no match skill wise for Joshua. It would be a very entertaining fight!
  • P.A. Playa
    P.A. Playa 1 year ago Joseph Pizarro please name the 5 major fights aj has had i give him 3 really 2 parker and klit who is the 5 names please
  • Patrik Novák
    Patrik Novák 1 year ago Nah cause Joshua is too scared and rather picks Povetkin. But he will kill him aswell.
  • bimo ariwiseso
    bimo ariwiseso 1 year ago Lack of skill wanna fight joshua? Wilder needs to rematch lord charlie before, and the winner deserve to fight joshua 😎
    YOYO GAMING 1 year ago Joshua vs vilder joushua vins by k.o
  • Stevie Johnson37
    Stevie Johnson37 1 year ago Fury is no knockout Artist for one, number 2 Ortiz is much better technical boxer than both of them, fury had a horrible fight with klitschko and people think he did something, I hope Briggs knocks his ass clean out when they fight in September.
  • Stevie Johnson37
    Stevie Johnson37 1 year ago Out of your mind if you think that,Ortiz couldn't get the job done and Ortiz is a fighter that AJ ducked!!
  • Stevie Johnson37
    Stevie Johnson37 1 year ago You giving AJ way too much credit, Nora single opponent AJ beat can fuck with ortiz.wulder by knockout if they fight you fan boys going to see.ortuz is a much better technical fighter than AJ is.
  • hard recoil
    hard recoil 1 year ago If Ortiz did this to him imagine Joshua or fury both knock him out easy
  • PepGarcilopez
    PepGarcilopez 1 year ago AJ will easy KO Wilder. Worst skills seen in years... Is he really a heavyweight champion? What a joke. Try to imagine this guy in front of Tyson, Ali, Foreman, Holyfield...
  • Dr. STEEL-FiST
    Dr. STEEL-FiST 1 year ago Legendary Boxing Highlights Hopefully.
  • Joseph Pizarro
    Joseph Pizarro 1 year ago LOL, deonte only had two major fights Stiverne and Ortiz. Everyone else sucked ass.... LMAO. Joshua had 5 mayor fights, he has more titles, he is a one of a kind proboxer. Ortiz/ wilder fight should have been stopped when wilder almost got KO'd by Ortiz, instead referee continued this fight and wilder got wild on the 10th round. He would have to get lucky with Joshua with those wild shots or he will be boxed by the pro.
  • Soviet AI
    Soviet AI 1 year ago I wouldn't say a big favorite, 2:1 seems fair.
  • pietro seazzu
    pietro seazzu 1 year ago Joshua broken wilder..😅😅😅
  • Rafael Mejia
    Rafael Mejia 1 year ago taliwakka27 ill come back here after Joshua loses.
  • taliwakka27
    taliwakka27 1 year ago Rafael Mejia put your money where your mouth is
  • Rafael Mejia
    Rafael Mejia 1 year ago Wilder wins.
  • taliwakka27
    taliwakka27 1 year ago Marcus Thomas you are definitely the one who is ignorant about boxing.. Anyway, I guarantee you that AJ will be the bookies' big favourite so why don't you place a big bet? If wilder wins you'll make a lot of money
  • Marcus Thomas
    Marcus Thomas 1 year ago Like I said ....Wilder puts joshua to sleep 😴 💤
  • Marcus Thomas
    Marcus Thomas 1 year ago And you sound like someone that doesn't know shit about boxing everybody that fought Deontay Wilder was beating him on points until he hit them no one takes that punch in boxing.
  • taliwakka27
    taliwakka27 1 year ago Marcus Thomas you hope* is what you mean, because the majority of impartial analysts disagree with you. You sound like somebody who has only watched wilder fights
  • Cac Con
    Cac Con 1 year ago Fuck you wilder
  • Marcus Thomas
    Marcus Thomas 1 year ago Wilder puts joshua to sleep 😴
  • stephen schneider
    stephen schneider 1 year ago Doubt it highly, Hearn is gonna put him in with Fury first and I don't blame him. But I hope it doesn't turn into Paquiao vs Mayweather taking 6 years.
  • Ray Rigg
    Ray Rigg 1 year ago yess bring it on!
  • Fortress22
    Fortress22 1 year ago Where is Crossfire funny moments? I’ve been waiting for years
  • Vitalij Melnichenko
    Vitalij Melnichenko 7 months ago (edited) Ortiz is a very good boxer!
  • Duguid Char
    Duguid Char 5 hours ago In rematch Ortiz will outbox Wilder.
  • Cris Bonilla
    Cris Bonilla 2 weeks ago yes but he too old to fight wilder, if he was younger i think he would beat wilder
  • Alex Gatti
    Alex Gatti 2 weeks ago Beautiful to watch,reminds me big george foreman on his return..
  • Robbie Tanker
    Robbie Tanker 4 weeks ago Ortiz was a really good contender
  • liakos savvidis
    liakos savvidis 1 month ago Guys is amazing not good this guy is 40 year old
  • John Harris
    John Harris 1 month ago @Nostalgia Yes I do.
  • Nostalgia
    Nostalgia 1 month ago @John Harris I do box actually lmao.. do you?
  • John Harris
    John Harris 1 month ago @Nostalgia well your comments speak for themselves. if you've ever boxed you'd understand. ironic indeed
  • Nostalgia
    Nostalgia 1 month ago @John Harris Ironic..
  • John Harris
    John Harris 1 month ago @Nostalgia If you don't understand or appreciate the art of boxing then yes you're only concerned with knockout punches. a skilled elusive boxer is far more amazing to watch. if you can understand what's going on.
  • John Harris
    John Harris 1 month ago a younger Ortiz would have demolished wilder.
  • marlon blackwood
    marlon blackwood 1 month ago @sanjay a p p y'all just haters
  • Mclee Avodroc
    Mclee Avodroc 1 month ago Yes, because Ortiz he never know how embrace Wilder...and Wilder knows to hug Ortiz..
  • The Greatest Nation On Earth
    The Greatest Nation On Earth 1 month ago Kenobi Style lets see in the next fight between the 2, but you don’t know much about boxing
  • The Greatest Nation On Earth
    The Greatest Nation On Earth 1 month ago Leonardo Biega and you need to learn English
  • The Greatest Nation On Earth
    The Greatest Nation On Earth 1 month ago sanjay a p p and he still kicked his ass
  • The Greatest Nation On Earth
    The Greatest Nation On Earth 1 month ago Vitalij Melnichenko he is ok
  • Kuti Kutat
    Kuti Kutat 1 month ago Vitalij Melnichenko hahahaha Wilder is King
  • Majola Umlazi
    Majola Umlazi 1 month ago Notable victory by Wilder. Lack of fitness was Ortiz's undoing.
  • Chevalier Baraka
    Chevalier Baraka 1 month ago Yes very good
  • Rich Boreman
    Rich Boreman 1 month ago past it now
  • Vivekananda. Madanmohan
    Vivekananda. Madanmohan 1 month ago Editing suited for Wilder fans.
  • Linny D
    Linny D 1 month ago Thats true, Ortiz is amazing. I would love to see Anthony vrs Ortiz.
  • chelovechishe
    chelovechishe 2 months ago но ваелдер лучше держит удар и он панчер одним словом физ данные у него выдающиеся, а так конечно Ортиз технарь
  • Nostalgia
    Nostalgia 2 months ago @Xperte Gamer2406 r/woosh
  • Xperte Gamer2406
    Xperte Gamer2406 2 months ago @Nostalgia but no I wouldn't let you smash my jaw, that would just be stupid
  • Xperte Gamer2406
    Xperte Gamer2406 2 months ago (edited) @Nostalgia I wouldn't usually smile. But there's been the occasion that I have in a match yes
  • Nostalgia
    Nostalgia 2 months ago @Xperte Gamer2406 so you'd let me smash your jaw and you'd still be smilling ? 😂
  • Xperte Gamer2406
    Xperte Gamer2406 2 months ago @Nostalgia yes, even when you're dazed
  • Nostalgia
    Nostalgia 2 months ago @Xperte Gamer2406 Oh nice , even when you're dazed?
  • Xperte Gamer2406
    Xperte Gamer2406 2 months ago @Nostalgia its not that hard to smile at someone
  • Xperte Gamer2406
    Xperte Gamer2406 2 months ago @Contrarian 😂
  • Kenobi Style
    Kenobi Style 2 months ago (edited) @Nostalgiahe waas not smiling while he was beaten up
  • Nostalgia
    Nostalgia 2 months ago @Kenobi Style he was smiling when he was up the ropes lol
  • Kenobi Style
    Kenobi Style 2 months ago @Nostalgia for real then that goes for you 2
  • Kenobi Style
    Kenobi Style 2 months ago @Nostalgia i did so many times
  • Nostalgia
    Nostalgia 2 months ago @Kenobi Style lol re watch the match.
  • Kenobi Style
    Kenobi Style 2 months ago he was smiling after he recovered oh yes thats for sure 100%
  • Nostalgia
    Nostalgia 2 months ago @Kenobi Style he wasn't punching for seconds, I know I'll be honest. But the ref didn't stop it cause he knew wilder would last the round. He's a world champion with a good chin. Also wilder was smiling at ortiz showing that he wasn't falling down anytime soon. And this is where it gets funny. Wilder had to hit ortiz once to stumble him down while ortiz had a chance and was throwing as powerful shots as he can and couldn't get him down. People want to see heavy hitters hit heavy hitters and knock outs. Just some dodging and jabbing. Tyson dancing like a clown in his fight isn't what people wanted. They want people to get knocked out. Don't get me wrong I respect ortiz so much for giving wilder such a good time. I just want to let you know what wilder can do when he is serious.
  • Kenobi Style
    Kenobi Style 2 months ago @Nostalgia oh yes i can first he didnt fight for so many seconds ref didnt stop the fight then again with his cut so Doc did good job there otherwise he will be Ko
  • Nostalgia
    Nostalgia 2 months ago @Kenobi Style you can't say "wayy" better otherwise he would have found a way to avoid wilder's punches in the final round that smashed his skull.
  • Kenobi Style
    Kenobi Style 2 months ago he is way better then wilder but ref gave him time to recover
  • Nostalgia
    Nostalgia 2 months ago @Contrarian that's to show what a champion wilder is.
  • N8 88
    N8 88 2 months ago Yea a little bit
  • Contrarian
    Contrarian 3 months ago Ortiz is great, that's why AJ, Fury, Whyte, Klitschko all avoided Ortiz.
  • Peter Shortland
    Peter Shortland 3 months ago Ortiz is great boxer but he hugely avoided due his lack of reward
  • Leonardo Biega
    Leonardo Biega 5 months ago Ortiz is more tecnic... Wilder has more punch only
  • Uğur Demirok
    Uğur Demirok 6 months ago Vilder avuç içi vuruyo
  • zwiedzający
    zwiedzający 7 months ago Ortiz is old school boxer! Love it!
  • sanjay a p p
    sanjay a p p 7 months ago Ortiz is a real trained boxer....while wilder plays like a street dog.....
  • K!NG Of K!NGS
    K!NG Of K!NGS 1 month ago Whose here after watching ruiz knock_out joshua 🤣
  • Usman Omeiza
    Usman Omeiza 5 days ago @Alexi Nitu style makes fights. He doesn't have Luiz hand speed and his punches are predictable.
  • James Abdullah Wang
    James Abdullah Wang 2 weeks ago He didnt knock him out u fucking idiot 🤣
  • johannes endjala
    johannes endjala 3 weeks ago Ofcourse wilder was in trouble but he didn't give up like Joshua. He really fights as a true champion of the world..
  • johannes endjala
    johannes endjala 3 weeks ago @James K Joshua can't beat Ortiz
  • Green Monkeyz
    Green Monkeyz 1 month ago @El Rompe Culos yeah u right but we'll see, I'm prettu sure Joshua will beat him in a rematch if he doesn't make Ruiz's game
  • El Rompe Culos
    El Rompe Culos 1 month ago (edited) @Green Monkeyz Wilder Is good only against 45 years old bums, he only has power and nothing more 😂 Ortiz almost Knock him out,, Wilder got His bum ass saved by the bell and the ref who give him Time to recover. Fury has no power, he only has a very good defense and schooled Wilder for ten rounds until he gets tired. Fury won that Fight. Andy Ruiz has the full package: speed, power, defense, chin, stamina, technique. Wilder Is easy work, and the Mexican Is gona make you eat your words again 😂😂
  • kayden 88
    kayden 88 1 month ago @Alexi Nitu wilder is always open. Aj would beat him. Andy probably would to
  • Jamie Maher
    Jamie Maher 1 month ago K!NG Of K!NGS he is the best fighter on the planet to watch amazing his power
  • Petmalu Lodi
    Petmalu Lodi 1 month ago Ruiz will kill this wilder
  • Erick Gonzalez
    Erick Gonzalez 1 month ago ruiz knockdown wilder easy, easy fight 😼
  • peterfish719
    peterfish719 1 month ago me
  • Kirill Kostiukov
    Kirill Kostiukov 1 month ago Ortiz would do the same to Joshua as Ruiz did. And would Wilder be in the same position as Joshua was, he would continue fighting and would finish the fight winning it.
  • James K
    James K 1 month ago Wait what if Ortiz beats wilder wins his belt then Joshua beats Ruiz then beats Ortiz he’s just finessed wilder
  • Dk Khongsai
    Dk Khongsai 1 month ago Yes m here
  • Grassy knoll
    Grassy knoll 1 month ago K!NG Of K!NGS meeeeee
  • Green Monkeyz
    Green Monkeyz 1 month ago @Hugo Parra yeah, I agree but I'm sure Wilder would've hammered him and ko him
  • ricvai7
    ricvai7 1 month ago AJ is too slow.. lack of stamina he needs more cardio. Hes great against slow or average boxer like him but against fast hand boxer hes in trouble. His durability is average
  • dream box
    dream box 1 month ago I
  • Hugo Parra
    Hugo Parra 1 month ago @Green Monkeyz After that knockdown, AJ threw many and landed 2 good punches on Ruiz's chin, but the kid just got his "chin hot" like we say on Mx....
  • Green Monkeyz
    Green Monkeyz 1 month ago Aj too slow and bad stamina IMO, here we see Wilder throwing those huge hands in 9 and 10 round while Aj gets tired in 5 th.Plus I don't know but Aj seems tense to me, he doesn't throw his hands with relaxed muscles, he is tense and that tires him and takes up from his speed and energy.I'm a Joshua fan but he gotta do smth, Wilder is too much at the moment for him. if Wilder would've been in Aj's place when he knocked down Ruiz, he would've thrown wild punches and finish him
  • Hugo Parra
    Hugo Parra 1 month ago Meeeeee
  • Alexi Nitu
    Alexi Nitu 1 month ago (edited) I love AJ i swear but Wilder is to much for him right know . It is fcking obvious
  • Geovanny  German
    Geovanny German 1 month ago Hahahahaha holy shit, that would be me
  • Operation turn them into sweets
    Operation turn them into sweets 1 month ago yh🤣🤣
  • Operation turn them into sweets
    Operation turn them into sweets 1 month ago yh 🤣🤣
  • collinzification
    collinzification 1 month ago (edited) These are not just punches they are flying refrigerators.. Landing cleanly on his temporal lobe. I thought he was going to kill him
  • Aslan
    Aslan 1 month ago KASH MONEY Goddamn you’re dumb
  • D.Newman
    D.Newman 1 month ago @KASH MONEY Did flying refrigerator ever land on your head?=)
  • Charles Abesi
    Charles Abesi 1 month ago Meeen... frost bite!!
  • Jenson Rajkumar
    Jenson Rajkumar 1 month ago And from weird angles as well. Scary
  • Elias
    Elias 1 month ago @KASH MONEY are u slow?
  • digbijay saikia
    digbijay saikia 1 month ago Ref saved Wilder on the 8th
  • big popalapa.
    big popalapa. 2 weeks ago @Moro he had his guards up you casual fag!
  • Moro
    Moro 2 weeks ago I thought it could have been stopped in the 7th, wilder didn't defend or fight back for ages
  • big popalapa.
    big popalapa. 3 weeks ago Stop it you homo!
  • Aldin Vejzovic
    Aldin Vejzovic 3 weeks ago @Chrissy Chris. UK No its not a fact since he got up in 8 seconds.
  • Aldin Vejzovic
    Aldin Vejzovic 3 weeks ago @Marcus Bingham Wilder was not fighting back for good 30+ seconds in rnd 7 and the ref did nothing.
  • Ansel KYLE
    Ansel KYLE 3 weeks ago @Goran Barbarić Yes it is depending on the individual.
  • Chrissy Chris. UK
    Chrissy Chris. UK 3 weeks ago Ortiz was saved by the bell in round 5. #facts
  • Ashley Sheriff
    Ashley Sheriff 3 weeks ago digbijay saikia I’m just saying he isn’t the only one saved by the ref
  • digbijay saikia
    digbijay saikia 3 weeks ago @Ashley Sheriff i am not a AJ fan moron
  • Marcus Bingham
    Marcus Bingham 3 weeks ago Bollocks, did he go down, nope. The if's, if the round was longer, lol what happened happened, facts not if's. He proved allot in that fight. He is great at giving it, but showed he can take it too. The 2nd fight, will be over quick.
  • Ashley Sheriff
    Ashley Sheriff 3 weeks ago (edited) digbijay saikia ref saves Joshua in the 3rd against Ruiz
  • Goran Barbarić
    Goran Barbarić 1 month ago @Jeuris Arias do you think 7-8 seconds is enough for recover? You clearly knows nothing about boxing.
  • Goran Barbarić
    Goran Barbarić 1 month ago Bell saved Ortiz's ass in round five. So what now?
  • Jeuris Arias
    Jeuris Arias 1 month ago the referee saved his life in the 8th, clearly let him recover
  • Unboxing Lab
    Unboxing Lab 8 months ago (edited) Most punches that knocked Ortiz down are illegal (punches at the back of the head)!! +extra time to recover at the start of the 8th round is disgusting.
  • O'God Whereartthou
    O'God Whereartthou 1 week ago Same I see.Wilder is a fraud
  • Cris Bonilla
    Cris Bonilla 2 weeks ago i agree ortiz almost ko wilder this the first time i see wilder really scared
  • Mohammed Abubakar
    Mohammed Abubakar 2 weeks ago very illegal weard but victory still counts in pro but wild is steel
  • astrol4b
    astrol4b 2 weeks ago Seems like a good third of punches given by Wilder land on the palm side, but pro boxing referees seems to don't care much of the sport rules, have you ever seen an official warning for things like that or for hugging or blocking opponent arms during clinch? Me neither.
    RIPZ LZZZ 3 weeks ago Loads of wannabe boxing experts OMG
  • marco antonio
    marco antonio 3 weeks ago andy ruiz do the same thing(punches at the back of the head)
  • Matias Tuominen
    Matias Tuominen 4 weeks ago lol someones salty
  • Saikou Suwareh
    Saikou Suwareh 1 month ago @Vincent G. right!
  • MR
    MR 1 month ago @johannes endjala agreed
  • johannes endjala
    johannes endjala 1 month ago Still while u complaining about illegal "hooks", go and watch GGG vs Steve Rolls,.. I haven't never seen illegal hooks
  • MR
    MR 1 month ago Your dumb
  • King Kong
    King Kong 1 month ago Wilder isn’t very technical but is fast powerful athletic strong has good stamina and durability when you have all those you dnt really need technique lol
  • budemirful
    budemirful 1 month ago @Ismail Elkhalloufi so what about your boxing knowledge?😟🤣
  • budemirful
    budemirful 1 month ago @Ismail Elkhalloufi I'm a national boxing referee and a boxer with 40 amateur fights you are funny🙄😟🤣
  • Ismail Elkhalloufi
    Ismail Elkhalloufi 1 month ago @budemirful so what? He got 41-0 and the reason why he is a pro boxer is cause of his amazing power! You must be a kid.
  • Ismail Elkhalloufi
    Ismail Elkhalloufi 1 month ago @Amos Okoth but one punch of him would have killed you!
  • Roo San
    Roo San 1 month ago @budemirful hahaha like an octopus thats a good one hahaha
  • Khaleel Bockle
    Khaleel Bockle 1 month ago Unboxing Lab so true am sure Ortiz can knock this idiots ass big time those are not professional punches all illegal kinda street girl fight technique and not boxing smh
  • The Greatest Nation On Earth
    The Greatest Nation On Earth 1 month ago Unboxing Lab and you are a crybaby
  • Siegrain
    Siegrain 1 month ago (edited) nvmffs How can he be unstoppable when Fury completely stomped him,just look at the points actually lol. Wilder was outclassed,not even close to Fury
  • Liam Smith
    Liam Smith 1 month ago Casual Comment😏
  • Stefanus Kuduva
    Stefanus Kuduva 1 month ago lies.
    CHAGARA AMISI 1 month ago @budemirful that's why he can't face AJ, it's a KO
    CHAGARA AMISI 1 month ago What do u expect,wilder covered by ref
  • Philip LaMotta
    Philip LaMotta 1 month ago I don't care if Wilder fans say it was all clean, or that whoever doesn't think like them, doesn't know boxing. hahaha, it's obvious that everyone pulls water for their mill. I am not a fan of any boxer today, but I am fan of a few old legends, who respected each other both before and after the match, and they fought with heart and seriousness, and not with infamy and contempt for the adversary. I followed closely the first-row viewer, in the 70s and 90s, and I was facilitated because I went with my grandfather, since I was a young boy, and a match that I was impressed with was "Sugar Ray Leonard VS Floid Mayweather Sr. " ,, and others to follow. It's not like watching it on TV, but live and close to the ring, you feel the blast of punches that strikes, and the brief shouts of outburst or pain between the boxers. other than staying behind a monitor and improvising as experts ... PS: the fists behind the head are forbidden because they cause bleeding and possible death, in addition to removing energy and lucidity .. and the infamous (as morderer) know it
  • nvmffs
    nvmffs 1 month ago Don't be a sore loser. He moves his head so that the already thrown punches hit behind the ear. That's his own fault. Wilder is unstoppable.
  • Vincent G.
    Vincent G. 1 month ago @Philip LaMotta what i see is ortiz try to closing distance but hook are coming from upstair (he is smaller) and instead of bend the knees he just bend the head and expose a well know part that every boxer have to protect at all cost. You never practicing boxe for sure... The puches who are landed taget just under the ears, there is stategy against that type of shots, but dont bend the head against a taller men...
  • Philip LaMotta
    Philip LaMotta 1 month ago @Vincent G. Very funny as Dark humor sentence.. whatch a bit here, how much professional is 4:27
  • MessiMania
    MessiMania 1 month ago 4:27 hit Ortiz three times at the back of his head.
  • johannes endjala
    johannes endjala 1 month ago Which punches are you talking about, is it a "hook " illegal? Ofcourse King Kong had a good fighter but he didn't throw powerful punches that would knock wilder, wilder can't go down to those chicken punches.. wilder have power, he knocked Ortiz twice
  • Zak Quinn
    Zak Quinn 1 month ago it's fucking disgusting the rabbit punches...I counted so fucking many and no one penalises him and you have people saying " as a nation let's get behind this man"...disgrace, he's gonna kill someone from rabbit punches one day if he keeps it up...fucking amerimorons....
  • Kira Man
    Kira Man 2 months ago Shut your mouth up big hater of wilder, u can't do anything about it. ..he still your champ
  • KsI DejI
    KsI DejI 2 months ago Gay inbred
  • thirdexodus2008
    thirdexodus2008 3 months ago Liar watch 2.10
  • joseph dixon
    joseph dixon 4 months ago Unboxing Lab the only thing what shocked me is the ref didn't give ortiz a punch or two to help Wilder a bit more
  • Jacelo Calitis
    Jacelo Calitis 6 months ago Wilder is so wild...he needs to learn to foot work and and combination...he have a reach advantage that he can use...just throw a jab then follow up with some combination...but in my opinion..wilder got saved by the referee...his totally in trouble in the start of come you check for a cut and give wilder mpre time to recover...need a rematch...
  • Akhil Vijayakumar
    Akhil Vijayakumar 6 months ago I don't think so...first one at 2:05 check it out !
  • budemirful
    budemirful 7 months ago @Dzudas BiH Mike Tyson was not throwing open hand illegal punches
  • C.H.A.D Bravo
    C.H.A.D Bravo 7 months ago @aaron pryor how come racially you have the lowest IQ LOLOL
  • Vincent G.
    Vincent G. 7 months ago @Serendipitous Bliss Of course, sometimes a little thing can change everything. It's juste like a early stoppage from a referee, frustrating and not pro.
  • Serendipitous Bliss
    Serendipitous Bliss 7 months ago (edited) What the ref did at the start of the 8th shows you the only way Ortiz could ever win was a KO. Ref was fixed .... Called a stoppage to inspect a cut that did not exist to give wilder more time to recover. Cant under estimate how much difference 30 seconds makes to a fighter who was about to be KOd. So blatant and obvious.
  • Vincent G.
    Vincent G. 7 months ago Dont know what the referee do in the 8th... But you wrong, he dont land any "illegal punch" like you said, his opponent dont defend well enough and exposed his back, who is very unprofessional in my advise.
  • NATHAN 22
    NATHAN 22 7 months ago (edited) @roryrory20 I like to call it "the equaliser"
  • mm.
    mm. 7 months ago No they weren't stop talking shit you don't know Jack about boxing watch it again slowly dumbass liar
  • Barry Ayers
    Barry Ayers 7 months ago This is why he will get beat Saturday, he’s too open, to counter shots ,he won’t get extra meal breaks at the end of rounds, and he won’t be throwing Tyson fury around like that
  • Amos Okoth
    Amos Okoth 7 months ago That is very true,Wilder is such a whack fighter
  • roryrory20
    roryrory20 7 months ago @Darren McDonald oh most corrupt sport in the world.. america rig boxing and NBA so damn much its not funny
  • Darren McDonald
    Darren McDonald 7 months ago @roryrory20 shows ya how corrupt boxing is if he was ahead
  • roryrory20
    roryrory20 7 months ago @Unboxing Lab yeah buddy. 1 point ahead on all 3 cards.. woulda been ahead by 3 points after round 10
  • Unboxing Lab
    Unboxing Lab 7 months ago @roryrory20 He was ahead on the scorecards???? We talk about the same fight???
  • roryrory20
    roryrory20 7 months ago He was ahead on the scorecards. And is 40-0 who cares about technique? Hes got the x factor.. much more rare
  • aaron pryor
    aaron pryor 7 months ago @budemirful How come your nation hasn't even got a heavyweight champion "LOLOL"
  • budemirful
    budemirful 7 months ago Wilder iş fighting like an octupus!! Shame for pro boxing how come this guy can be here without technique
  • aaron pryor
    aaron pryor 7 months ago stfu underachiever LMAO
  • B Hop
    B Hop 1 month ago Ortiz can be proud of his fight! Very active, almost put Wilder knockout! Respect 💪
  • Lugano Exaud
    Lugano Exaud 4 days ago Ortox can die to wilder
  • Arima The Reaper
    Arima The Reaper 4 weeks ago @vann tedd watch round 5 both of them got saved by the bell
  • vann tedd
    vann tedd 1 month ago Ortiz will have won that fight.. if it wasn't because the bell saved wilder .
  • Random S H I T
    Random S H I T 1 month ago Exactly
  • NoName Available
    NoName Available 1 month ago Who's here after the Breazealle fight?
  • NoName Available
    NoName Available 2 weeks ago @Johnson Juanich technically speaking bro Fury is just like a huge, moving sack of shit... The only reason this man wins the way he does, is cause of his size and awkwardness... If people consider Wilder boring then Fury is the same multiplied by ten... At least Wilder's got that deadly power...
  • toktik tok
    toktik tok 2 weeks ago you are the next man brother😁
  • Anush Mikael
    Anush Mikael 3 weeks ago Johnson Juanich yoir mum got schooled about how to make a real pussy fuck off
  • Johnson Juanich
    Johnson Juanich 4 weeks ago Im here bcoz of fury schooled wilder in their fight!!!
  • Aiwaz of Wallachia
    Aiwaz of Wallachia 1 month ago How in God's name did you know that?! HAHA
  • Charleone
    Charleone 1 month ago lol ortiz is a very skillful boxer no doubt.
  • Lord Shnookams
    Lord Shnookams 1 month ago @Krynica T. I'd rather wilder just fights joshua already but he's definitely going to fight ortiz next, there wasnt any talk of an ortiz rematch before the breazeale fight and then he was in the ring after the fight and the interviewer knew to talk to him because it was all planned. I think wilder has intended to fight ortiz for months now
  • Awaken The Greatness Within
    Awaken The Greatness Within 1 month ago 👍
  • Krynica T.
    Krynica T. 1 month ago I Hope they will find again this year
  • Munyaradzi Mandityira
    Munyaradzi Mandityira 1 month ago me too
  • Mikail Koyun
    Mikail Koyun 1 month ago Who's here after Wilder Ortiz 2 Announcement
  • Orange_Juice
    Orange_Juice 2 weeks ago @T10_4E KING! Sounds logical Time will tell tho . . Im usually on the underdog side but i hate to see a fighter lose his 0 as well