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The eye controlled me and cream... poor amy and sally.... Sally.exe CN EOT In-Sanity ending

Published on Sep 8, 2018 400,567 views

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  • Mastered Ul Kostas
    Mastered Ul Kostas 8 months ago Bravo my little bro
  • Äitis xd
    Äitis xd 8 months ago Noice can reply
  • Chris James
    Chris James 8 months ago Mastered Ul Kostas wait you guys are brothers?
  • Xsp
    Xsp 8 months ago Um... Bro is a way to say friend in a cool way. Tell me if I'm wrong
  • Brandon Mile Prower
    Brandon Mile Prower 8 months ago Mastered Ul Kostas ^^❤️
  • Brandon Mile Prower
    Brandon Mile Prower 8 months ago Chris James he means that as a friendly way,We aren’t really brothers
  • Mastered UI John
    Mastered UI John 8 months ago RRRRRREEEEEEEEE.You write bravo.Its greek
  • Jim Bim Bum
    Jim Bim Bum 8 months ago Kostas get a better computer. Seriously your videos had so much lag I actually thought the game have very sloppy coding cause of the shear amount of lag. Also low end computers seem to lag more running sonic 1 on an emulator than an Android phone which is kinda funny and pathetic at the same time.
  • Mastered UI John
    Mastered UI John 8 months ago @Jim Bim Bum are you tell this for me?
  • Sotiris Kal
    Sotiris Kal 8 months ago HyperBrandon PlaysGames it is more like sonic and tails
  • Alekssito
    Alekssito 8 months ago By bravo you mean thanks
    ALEJANDRA LOPEZ 8 months ago Sonic
  • Marcelo Floroo
    Marcelo Floroo 7 months ago Hello master UI kostas!
  • MKX Jason Voorhees
    MKX Jason Voorhees 7 months ago The virus tho
  • Monika
    Monika 7 months ago τι? This is greek
  • Michelle Hayley
    Michelle Hayley 7 months ago Yyyggty
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    Liam Q 7 months ago .
  • Chris James
    Chris James 7 months ago HyperBrandon PlaysGames oh and hi
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    Beryl Kwan 7 months ago Your awesome
    Pilu VIDEOSTARS 6 months ago Mastered Ul Kostas h mhnbnjjk
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    Victor 08 6 months ago Vamo
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    Flor De Cristal 6 months ago Ok muito
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    nghia luc 6 months ago Mastered Ul Kostas jj
  • the cute kitty cat
    the cute kitty cat 6 months ago boi bravo is your liite bro just mewo T-T u l hate u ikr l hate myself then mastered here 1:32
  • Justin Richard EX
    Justin Richard EX 6 months ago Oh... I was about to say.
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    Lucas Pinho Nascimento 4 months ago @Victor 08 iae br
  • Lucas Pinho Nascimento
    Lucas Pinho Nascimento 4 months ago @Flor De Cristal mais um br
  • Karla Contreras
    Karla Contreras 4 months ago As un vídeo de sonic vs sonic.exe
  • Tbence3000
    Tbence3000 5 days ago Brandon Mile Prower you should never give up. we are beliveing in you.
  • el alienigena xd :v
    el alienigena xd :v 8 months ago (edited) 4:57 the best horror scene in the world :v :V xdxdxddddddddddd
  • AndréTTx
    AndréTTx 8 months ago I love this killer instinct song 0:15
  • Ismail_2K8 YT
    Ismail_2K8 YT 3 months ago T0P GaMeR It sounds like a call of duty theme
  • techno Jenny
    techno Jenny 7 months ago 1 like - 1 green ring
  • AnimalLover Eaton
    AnimalLover Eaton 3 months ago techno Jenny what is a green ring
  • Christopher Baltodano
    Christopher Baltodano 3 months ago @AnimalLover Eaton a green ring is a ring used in Sonic exe spirits in hell to save you from the bad choices
  • Pepe The Clown
    Pepe The Clown 3 weeks ago wait tthere's a minus no plus so 1 like = my ring from getting stolen
  • Ultimate light Star destruct
    Ultimate light Star destruct 6 months ago The eye makes things EVEN more weird
  • kastiel elinor
    kastiel elinor 8 months ago (edited) Cream is Survival? Cream is Crazy :v :V :\/
  • Matrix Mario 865
    Matrix Mario 865 7 months ago (edited) Congratulation for 100K Views
  • Shantalan Davis
    Shantalan Davis 7 months ago your in the game?
  • feels the rabbit
    feels the rabbit 8 months ago cream did live see that outro XD
  • BlackSpirit_XB
    BlackSpirit_XB 8 months ago I sense a kostas intro around here......
  • Nick Kittale
    Nick Kittale 8 months ago Merely in sunky version? XD
  • della is died
    della is died 8 months ago New subs♡
  • Ethan The Hedgehog
    Ethan The Hedgehog 8 months ago #thecursedeyeofcreamtherabbitandbrandonthefox
  • Jimmy Johnson
    Jimmy Johnson 5 days ago cream you use a saep as you can peaing x beuuning
  • Jimmy Johnson
    Jimmy Johnson 2 weeks ago i saw sonic in real life and he turn in sonic.exe I can't kill sonic.exe near sonic and I look at him and I he's eye, s were he,s dyes were red and I run a way
  • Ethan The Hedgehog
    Ethan The Hedgehog 8 months ago #theeyemeseedupcreamsmind
  • Super Angelexe
    Super Angelexe 8 months ago Omg
  • Jimmy Johnson
    Jimmy Johnson 2 weeks ago and I till sonic.exe as I a way run a way run as proimbecan as
  • Tails Doll
    Tails Doll 2 months ago HEY it's me... but hyper!
  • AndréTTx
    AndréTTx 8 months ago (edited) 17:26 SPINDASH TIME
  • Emma / Nanna
    Emma / Nanna 8 months ago XD
  • Green Sonic
    Green Sonic 8 months ago Pera... VOCÊ E BR
  • Lorenzo Solla
    Lorenzo Solla 7 months ago NANI?!?!
  • AndréTTx
    AndréTTx 7 months ago sim
  • Jerie Jeronimo
    Jerie Jeronimo 7 months ago Cream: omaewa buy shideiru Amy.exe Nani!? Cream spindash
  • AndréTTx
    AndréTTx 7 months ago LOL LOL xD
  • greekgamer boy
    greekgamer boy 7 months ago looks like its a spindash time
  • Alessandra Vieira
    Alessandra Vieira 6 months ago @Lorenzo Solla tu tu Hug
  • Ash Ketchum
    Ash Ketchum 1 month ago @Jerie Jeronimo it's omae WA mou shindeiru