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The eye controlled me and cream... poor amy and sally.... Sally.exe CN EOT In-Sanity ending

Published on Sep 8, 2018 459,896 views

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  • Mastered UI Kostas
    Mastered UI Kostas 10 months ago Bravo my little bro
  • Lincoln Meyers
    Lincoln Meyers 2 weeks ago Master UI Kostas? why is he your little bro I don't know very much about him. I want to know why Brandon is your lil bro I guess just tell me why OK? Please.
  • Tbence3000
    Tbence3000 2 months ago Brandon Mile Prower you should never give up. we are beliveing in you.
  • Karla Contreras
    Karla Contreras 6 months ago As un vídeo de sonic vs sonic.exe
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    Lucas Pinho Nascimento 6 months ago @Flor De Crystal :3 mais um br
  • Lucas Pinho Nascimento
    Lucas Pinho Nascimento 6 months ago @Victor 08 iae br
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    Justin Richard EX 8 months ago Oh... I was about to say.
  • the cute kitty cat
    the cute kitty cat 8 months ago boi bravo is your liite bro just mewo T-T u l hate u ikr l hate myself then mastered here 1:32
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    nghia luc 8 months ago Mastered Ul Kostas jj
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    Flor De Crystal :3 8 months ago Ok muito
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    Victor 08 8 months ago Vamo
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    Beryl Kwan 9 months ago Your awesome
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    Chris James 9 months ago HyperBrandon PlaysGames oh and hi
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    Liam Q 9 months ago .
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    Michelle Hayley 9 months ago Yyyggty
  • Monika
    Monika 9 months ago τι? This is greek
  • MKX Jason Voorhees
    MKX Jason Voorhees 9 months ago The virus tho
  • Marcelo Floroo
    Marcelo Floroo 9 months ago Hello master UI kostas!
    ALEJANDRA LOPEZ 9 months ago Sonic
  • Alekssito
    Alekssito 9 months ago By bravo you mean thanks
  • Sotiris Kal
    Sotiris Kal 9 months ago HyperBrandon PlaysGames it is more like sonic and tails
  • Mastered UI John
    Mastered UI John 9 months ago @Jim Bim Bum are you tell this for me?
  • Jim Bim Bum
    Jim Bim Bum 10 months ago Kostas get a better computer. Seriously your videos had so much lag I actually thought the game have very sloppy coding cause of the shear amount of lag. Also low end computers seem to lag more running sonic 1 on an emulator than an Android phone which is kinda funny and pathetic at the same time.
  • Mastered UI John
    Mastered UI John 10 months ago RRRRRREEEEEEEEE.You write bravo.Its greek
  • Brandon Mile Prower
    Brandon Mile Prower 10 months ago Chris James he means that as a friendly way,We aren’t really brothers
  • Brandon Mile Prower
    Brandon Mile Prower 10 months ago Mastered Ul Kostas ^^❤️
  • Xsp
    Xsp 10 months ago Um... Bro is a way to say friend in a cool way. Tell me if I'm wrong
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    Chris James 10 months ago Mastered Ul Kostas wait you guys are brothers?
  • suomalainen meemi eli äitis
    suomalainen meemi eli äitis 10 months ago Noice can reply
  • kastiel elinor
    kastiel elinor 10 months ago (edited) Cream is Survival? Cream is Crazy :v :V :\/
  • Super Ethan The Hedgehog
    Super Ethan The Hedgehog 10 months ago #thecursedeyeofcreamtherabbitandbrandonthefox
  • el alienigena xd :v
    el alienigena xd :v 9 months ago (edited) 4:57 the best horror scene in the world :v :V xdxdxddddddddddd
  • Christopher Cervantes
    Christopher Cervantes 1 month ago How can't you tell
  • BlackSpirit_XB
    BlackSpirit_XB 10 months ago I sense a kostas intro around here......
  • Mario Fails And Wins
    Mario Fails And Wins 9 months ago (edited) Congratulation for 100K Views
  • Super Ethan The Hedgehog
    Super Ethan The Hedgehog 10 months ago #theeyemeseedupcreamsmind
  • feels the rabbit
    feels the rabbit 10 months ago cream did live see that outro XD
  • ay lmao
    ay lmao 10 months ago How the games sees is crap But the history is very good The gameplay is solid The characters are nice and some creppy and dark vibe The soundtrac is great Actually gre8 game
  • Tails Doll
    Tails Doll 4 months ago HEY it's me... but hyper!
  • Kittykat xoxo
    Kittykat xoxo 8 months ago Kawaii lil Brandon with that profile picture :3
  • AndréTTx
    AndréTTx 10 months ago I love this killer instinct song 0:15
  • Corey Square
    Corey Square 1 month ago Ikr?
  • Ismail_2K8 YT
    Ismail_2K8 YT 5 months ago T0P GaMeR It sounds like a call of duty theme
  • Ultimate light Star destruct
    Ultimate light Star destruct 8 months ago The eye makes things EVEN more weird
  • Cadmar
    Cadmar 1 month ago Ultimate light Star destruct I sense cancerous ocs ..
  • della the cat
    della the cat 10 months ago New subs♡
  • Floc Audouard
    Floc Audouard 4 months ago 18:33 "Fly away"
  • DarkShamilKhan
    DarkShamilKhan 10 months ago Rip both of them
  • adfindling & G. N studios
    adfindling & G. N studios 6 months ago Merely eye ending (NEW ENDING OR EASTER EGG)
  • xenoss jr x
    xenoss jr x 9 months ago M'y character is knukuls wihte glove red and eye basic
  • Jimmy Johnson
    Jimmy Johnson 2 months ago cream you use a saep as you can peaing x beuuning
  • Jim Bim Bum
    Jim Bim Bum 10 months ago I saw that continue time counter overflow back to 59.
  • Oof Roblox
    Oof Roblox 9 months ago Yep.